gary_posterhey bac.  what do you want to do about bug 994777?  I took off the paralleltest tag, but we should still do something about it IMO.12:08
gary_posterfrankban, bac, call in 212:08
gary_posterfrankban, I approved the change.  Looks good.13:23
frankbangary_poster: cool thanks13:23
bacgary_poster: can i r=gary for the spurious test failure landing14:18
gary_posterbac, that's just disabling?  if so, sure?14:18
gary_posteruh, I mean, confidently, "sure" :-)14:19
* bac landing via pqm-submit now seems hard and archaic14:21
gary_posterheh, yeah14:21
bacgary_poster: 2pm today good for you for review call?  (just added it to calendar)14:56
gary_posterbac, yes, cool14:56
bacgary_poster: so shall i take one of the new bugs (like bug 996773) or is there work on the metatask?15:09
gary_posterbac, not metatask.15:10
gary_posterI marked the only subtask as blocked; frankban please correct if wrong15:10
bacok, i'll look at that bug then15:11
gary_postercool, thanks bac15:11
frankbangary_poster: you're right15:11
gary_posterthat one is happening more frequently than any others right now for me, bac.  I've wondered if a relatively new change is involved.15:12
gary_posterfrankban, ok, cool, thanks for confirmation/15:12
gary_posterbac or frankban, I'm having a seg fault when I try to dupe bug 996720.  It says a core is dumped, but it is not in working directory, and indeed I don't see anything pertinent named "core" in my home directory.  I have "ulimit -c unlimited" both in the lxc container and (when that didn't seem to do anything) in the host.  Any ideas on how to get the core dump?  I'd like to at least see what is falling over.15:40
frankbangary_poster: just an idea... do you get sigsegv also using ssh -X?15:43
bacgary_poster: no idea, since you've set ulimit.  can you reproduce on the host?15:44
gary_posterfrankban, no idea but will investigate.  bac, my host is not set up as a dev environment15:44
gary_posterI could try to set up a vm15:45
benjigary_poster: look at /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern; apport may be eating the core file15:45
gary_poster(that failed last time I tried :-P but it would be nice to have15:45
gary_posterbenji, hi thanks.  it is "|/usr/share/apport/apport %p %s %c" which does look a bit like it might be eating15:46
benjimmmm... nummy core files15:46
gary_posterbenji, interesting, in host and container, root does not have permission to move or edit that file.  weird.15:54
benjiI guess they really want apport to know about crashes.15:54
gary_posterfor reference, apparently the only acceptable way to change the file is on the order of `echo "core" > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern`16:11
gary_posterand there it is!16:11
gary_posterall that and it was just because I forgot to use xvfb, I think.  :-(  Lunch, then will return.16:14
gary_posterbac, Julia (our baby) is awake from her nap earlier than expected and Karyn is getting her mom from the airport.  she should be back soon.  I'm leaving the baby in her crib for as long as she is willing to stay there.  She's ok for now.  If you are ok with playing it by ear, I'm fine with being optimistic and starting at 2; otherwise we can wait till Karyn returns.  Which would you prefer?17:55
bacwe can start and then delay if the screaming gets too bad17:56
gary_postercool thanks17:56
bacgary_poster: normal hangout?18:00
gary_posterbac, https://talkgadget.google.com/hangouts/_/extras/canonical.com/goldenhordeoneonone18:00
gary_posternot sure that is normal or not :-)18:01
bacuh-oh, power flickeriness20:01
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