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mano_hello, i have uploaded my pacakge to my ppa in launchpad,but it doesn't appear there?11:13
geserdid you got a email that it got accepted or rejected?11:15
gesersee also https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors11:16
wgrantmano_: That usually means that you haven't signed the changes file with a key associated with your Launchpad account.11:17
mano_ok, the problem was in the KEY, now he is telling me  that my key is pending validation , who shall do that?11:21
geseryou, if I'm not mistaken (I've registered my key long time ago) you should get an encrypted(?) mail from LP to the email address on your key11:23
mano_when verifying my key with the email the have been sent to me from launchpad, i got: There is 1 error.  Launchpad could not verify your signature: (7, 58, u'No data')11:24
mano_what shall i put in "Signed text: "?11:24
wgrantmano_: You need to decrypt the email with your key11:25
wgrantOr sign the provided text, if you have a signing-only key.11:26
mano_lets start from begian, i have  a Fingerprint and a Key type/ID in my email from launchpad, what shall i do now?11:31
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mano_what i only need to know now is what shall i put in the "Signed text: " when importing the Openpgp key to launchpad?11:43
wgrantmano_: Does the page not say "Please paste a clear-signed copy of the following paragraph into the box beneath it."?11:48
mano_i did that already, but because it is saying after that: There is 1 error.  Launchpad could not verify your signature: (7, 58, u'No data')11:50
mano_i am asking :)11:51
wgrantmano_: You need to paste the entire signature, including the "BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE" and "END PGP SIGNATURE" lines.11:51
mano_here: There is 1 error.  Launchpad could not verify your signature: No signatures found11:52
wgrantHow did you generate the signature?11:52
mano_how to make a secret key?11:57
wgrantDon't you already have one?11:57
wgrantYou entered the fingerprint earlier.11:57
wgrantHave you been following https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey?11:59
mano_ok, now i am at step 6, i have the email, there is a fingerprint and a key/id , and there is a link, what shall i do now?12:02
wgrantClick on the link.12:02
mano_it open a page :"Confirm sign-only OpenPGP key"12:03
mano_there is a big box, what shall i put in it?12:03
wgrantThe page tells you what to put it in, and there is a help link.12:04
mano_yes but i didn't understand from it, my english is bad,12:04
wgrantThe help link has an example, showing the commands you need to enter and what things should look like.12:05
wgrantClick the blue "How do I do that?" link.12:06
mano_the "Copy the confirmation text from the Launchpad page" is that 'Please register ABCDEF... to the Launchpad user joe 2005-04-01 10:30:42 UTC'?12:06
wgrantExcept with your fingerprint, username, and today's date.12:07
wgrantYou'll see it in a paragraph under the help link.12:08
mano_ok i did that, now i am at help step 2, when using the command it give: gpg: no default secret key: secret key not available gpg: key: clearsign failed: secret key not available12:08
wgrantUse "gpg -u XXXXXXX --clearsign FILENAME", where XXXXXXXX is the key ID or email address corresponding to the fingerprint that you gave to Launchpad earlier.12:10
mano_i did that many times, bue as i said the command  give: gpg: no default secret key: secret key not available gpg: key: clearsign failed: secret key not available12:12
wgrantDoes "gpg --list-secret-keys" show anything?12:13
MkaysiHow does one convert bug report as security issue?12:13
MkaysiAnd is "makes anyone able to crash the computer anywhere" enough reason for security issue?12:14
mano_wgrant: yes i give me12:14
mano_it give me*12:14
wgrantmano_: Have you tried specifying that email address as the XXXXXXX in the command above?12:15
wgrantMkaysi: You can click the edit icon to the right of the "This report is public" at the top right of the page.12:15
wgrantMkaysi: There you can set whether the bug is public, private, a security vulnerability, etc.12:16
MkaysiOh, I didn't look there. Thanks :)12:16
mano_yes i di12:16
mano_i did*12:16
MkaysiOh and is answer to that second question "yes"?12:16
wgrantMkaysi: Best to be safe.12:16
MkaysiDo I take that as yes?12:16
MkaysiOk :)12:17
wgrantmano_: In the --list-secret-keys output you'll see a line like "sec    1234A/12345678". Take the 8 letters and numbers from after the /, and put them in place of the XXXXXXXX above.12:19
mano_so it last is shall be like that?' gpg --clearsign 12345678 'or what?12:21
wgrantmano_: gpg -u 12345678 --clearsign FILENAME12:21
wgrantReplacing 12345678 and FILENAME with the correct values, of course12:21
mano_ok, now he say: You need a passphrase to unlock the secret key for .....12:23
wgrantEnter the passphrase you entered when you created the key.12:24
mano_it worked! :D :D :D :D :D :d12:24
mano_ok, now i have uploaded the package to the repo, but it is not showing there?12:28
wgrantmano_: It can take a few minutes to show up.12:31
mano_OK :D12:33
mano_back agian, i have uploaded a package to my ppa but it don'y appear in it13:00
geserhave you checked if you have signed the _source.changes files with the right key (the one you just activated)?13:11
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manohello, when launchpad try to build my package it give me an error, after doing some commands on my computer i got this after using dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 215:20
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RobinJ1995How do I create and maintain a PPA?16:36
RobinJ1995and what are its advantages over a classic debian repository?16:36
dobeyintegration with launchpad and ubuntu16:40
RobinJ1995dobey, what integration?16:46
RobinJ1995"Launchpad could not import your OpenPGP key"....16:46
dobeyRobinJ1995: your key has to be on keyserver.ubuntu.com for lp to find it16:58
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RobinJ1995dobey, what's with this encrypted email.... if there goal was to make it way too hard for the average user to perform, they've succeeded17:26
RobinJ1995honestly, what a mess17:27
dobeyRobinJ1995: what encrypted email?17:29
RobinJ1995dobey, the one you get after importing your pgp key17:32
RobinJ1995security's fine by me, but they're really exagurating now17:34
dobeymaking sure you are you doesn't seem too difficult for the average user17:34
RobinJ1995it is in launchpad's way17:34
RobinJ1995The confirmation instructions have been17:36
RobinJ1995encrypted with the OpenPGP key you have attempted to register. << great... no what? i'm not going to download and setup a special mail client just because they need to use some way too complicated encryption technology17:36
dobeyyou're using a mail client that doesn't do pgp?17:37
dobeythere's firefox extnsions to do encrypted mail on gmail17:38
RobinJ1995it also says that the project is discontinued and that it's likely not to work anymore17:38
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MkaysiWas there documentation about Launchpad email interface somewhere?18:09
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MkaysiRobinJ1995: I would suggest installing Thunderbird and Enigmail for easy encrypted message decryption if you don't want to use GPG directly.18:10
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RobinJ1995Mkaysi, not going to install anything because their security is impssibly stupid18:22
RobinJ1995security? fine. this? nah, i'll stick with a normal debian repo18:23
sorenI thought we didn't need GPG signatures when sending from gmail anymore?18:50
dapalwould someone please remove en_GB and en_CA from wicd on LP? TIA19:58
tbfis there a good way for using code repositories at launchpad with git?20:23
jelmertbf: you can have launchpad import git repositories into  bzr branches20:24
tbfjelmer, no. i really don't want to give up git20:29
tbfjelmer, actually canonical's tutorial quite nicely summarizes the reasons: http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/migration/en/survival/bzr-for-git-users.html#design-differences20:30
dapaltbf: (..not leaving LP is the only reason why I'm using bzr instead of git for wicd)20:33
dapalreally, I develop using git, then I do git → bzr locally, and push bzr over to LP20:33
dapal(and the git repo to github)20:33
tbfdapal, sounds error prone. do you have tools supporting you?20:34
dapaltbf: git bzr20:34
dapal(and bzr-git)20:34
dapaltbf: honestly, one could also have a .bzr and a .git in the same directory. The .git would be listed in the .bzrignore, and the other way around for .bzr20:35
dapalbut then, you have to double-commit each time20:35
dapal(yes, one could even write a wrapper to that, but sounds nasty at least)20:35
tbfdapal: well, guess you'd only have to update the .bzr folder when pushing changes20:36
tbfhmm... but keeping the .bzr folder and the .git folder at the same place sounds like an interesting approach to avoid some confusion20:36
tbfdapal, got something to play with20:36
dapalnice to hear^Wread :)20:37
jelmertbf: there is an open bug about supporting git on launchpad20:37
dapaljelmer: do you know the bug number? I was looking for it, but google didn't help :/20:38
tbfjelmer, after all github, bitbucket, ... seem to make a few bugs with git. wondering why canonical doesn't want that money20:38
dapaljelmer: (I remember someone there [in the bugreport] saying "if you want, go patch there")20:38
jelmerdapal: bug 65184420:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 651844 in Launchpad itself "Support for exposing Launchpad hosted bzr branches as git repositories" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65184420:39
dapalthanks jelmer, but this wasn't the bug I remembered :D20:40
dapalseems nice though, a git-bzr proxy hosted at LP-level20:40
dapalso LP keeps bzr, while the world outside can use bzr/git20:40
* dapal reads the report20:40
jelmerdapal: or perhaps you mean bug 648635?20:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 648635 in Launchpad itself "Cannot have Launchpad publish hosted bzr branches to external git repositories" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64863520:41
dapaljelmer: neither. I remember seeing a bug about "native" git hosting on LP20:42
dapalthanks for the pointers though!20:42
jelmerdapal: perhaps bug 292557 then ?20:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 292557 in Marabou "Missing git and/or hg (Mercurial) support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29255720:46
jelmerI don't see any other (historical) bugs related to git20:46
dapaljelmer: seems that one, thanks!20:47
tbf       git-remote-bzr - Git remote support for Bazaar repositories20:47
tbf       This command provides support for using bzr repositories as Git remotes, through the bzr-git plugin. At the moment it supports cloning from, fetching from and pushing into Bazaar repositories. Fetch support is still experimental, and may be slow.20:47
tbfdapal, have you tried this thing?20:47
dapaltbf: uh, no. I should :)20:47
dapal(maybe with some test project though, I don't want to break wicd for this)20:48
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jelmertbf, dapal: that is still experimental, it's not really ready for actual production use20:49
tbfjelmer, do you know what's missing?20:49
tbfactually this looks exactly like the tool for losing my griefs20:49
tbfok, one i found:20:50
tbf git branch -l20:50
tbf* (no branch)20:50
jelmertbf: that's correct, there is just a HEAD branch20:51
jelmertbf: wrt completeness, I mostly got git-remote-bzr working as a hack20:56
jelmerit works fine for basic operations, but can't handle a lot of (common) corner cases20:57
tbfjelmer, guess i am still going to test drive it.20:58
tbfjelmer, expect bug reports and patches.20:58
tbf(considering the idea itself has legs)20:59
tbfok. "git clone bzr::lp:unity" fails...21:02
tbfbzrlib.errors.NoSuchFile: No such file: 'unityutils.h-20091217140958-pnjcwi4blgy8odsl-1'21:02
jelmertbf: yep, that's one of the issues you can encounter21:07
tbfjelmer: "bzr fast-export | (cd /tmp/unity && git fast-import)" ?21:09
tbfah. no. this needs a local bzr repo21:10
jelmertbf: that also doesn't allow contributing back to bzr afaik21:15
tbfjelmer: still this maybe shows the algorithm needed for successfully importing a bzr repo21:15
jelmertbf: how do you mean?21:16
tbfjelmer: apparently this fast import/export format somewhat works for converting repos21:17
jelmertbf: for converting it works, but contributing back to bzr is harder I think21:18
tbfjelmer: so maybe this file format and the related tools show how to import bzr repos into git21:18
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