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wormmdAnyone have a reliable method to access a Lubuntu box remotely via Windows RDC?02:09
wormmdOr any way, really.02:10
Unit193Do you need GUi?02:10
wormmdUnit193: yes.02:10
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:10
wormmdTried xrdp and NX, both with issues.02:10
wormmdVNC brings its own issues: I usually access my box from a machine with a lower native resolution, making navigating even the screen difficult.02:11
Unit193Scale the image, and those are going to be your best options really.02:12
Unit193VNC works quite well too.02:12
wormmdbrb, changing a diaper :)02:12
wormmdIf I scale I lose some screen real estate locally because the resolution ratios are different, but that may be something I have to deal with.02:16
wormmdI got an error with NX before: Xsession: unable to launch "gnome-session" X session === "gnome-session not found; falling back to default session.02:16
wormmdAfter which the NX client quit.02:17
Unit193I normally just use SSH, but if it's a single window you need, you can use ssh with X forwarding.02:17
wormmdI could deal with a single window.02:17
wormmdBoth would be nice, but single would be fine.02:17
Unit193And it's been a while since I last poked at NX, but it should have session selection.02:17
Unit193Lookup Xming02:17
Unit193And now I'll be afk a bit.02:18
wormmdThanks for the help :)02:18
wormmdNow that you mention it, I did just use an NX shortcut on the local machine that was probably for an old configuration on the remote machine, I'll have to check that tommorow.02:19
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windbuntuhmm it seems like this would be better than buying a chroembook07:28
windbuntuthey want 400-500 for a chromebook and i can take an old laptop and put lubuntu on it and essentially have the same thing...right?07:28
pungi-manwindbuntu, chromebook just has internet facility and u will not be able to use most of ur applications except from the chrome store!07:39
pungi-manwhat is its cost windbuntu ??07:40
windbuntuexcellent observation pungi-man07:40
windbuntui would like to create the equivalent...buy pay nothing07:44
linuxfreakerI need help regarding UEFI mode installation for Ubuntu 11.04 on Dell hardware09:00
linuxfreakerIts not able to get install and proceed after GRUB menu during the installation09:00
JohnDoe_71Rusubutnu 10.04, install lxde-common. Change gdm to lxdm and now i can't mount flash drive. Not permissions09:26
bioterrordbus is loaded?09:27
JohnDoe_71Rusdbus-daemon and dbus-launch09:28
bioterroris that flash drive okay?09:28
bioterrorcan you mount it from the terminal?09:29
JohnDoe_71Rusyes ok. I can mount them run gksu pcmanfm09:29
JohnDoe_71Rusby root09:30
JohnDoe_71Rusit's old problem. Think is polkit09:30
bioterrorseems like someone fixed his connection ;)09:32
bioterror10.04 such an old release nowdays ;)09:35
bioterrorlots of things has happened09:35
bioterrorhal has vanished and other small things too09:35
JohnDoe_71Rusyes. I planed update to 12.04 but not solved some problem09:35
JohnDoe_71RusThis bug affecting to me on 12.04 to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/oneiric/+source/insserv/+bug/85812209:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in insserv (Ubuntu Oneiric) "incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Fix committed]09:41
mi3hello ubottu you smart bot xD09:41
JohnDoe_71RusAnd I'm looking for a way how to easily change the ubuntu 10.04 on lubutnu 12.04. After saving the settings. Perhaps should be removed gnome, update from the console, then install lubutnu-minimal09:44
pungi-manmy cairo-dock and conky are not working properly in lubuntu. But it works properly in unity,gnome and KDE. Can anyone suggest me a way to overcome this??09:45
bioterrorconfigure your conky09:45
pungi-manit shows a black box around it09:46
MrChrisDruifbug 85812209:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in insserv (Ubuntu Oneiric) "incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812209:47
JohnDoe_71Ruspungi-man: it all work for me. Ubuntu 10.04 + lxde-common. You should setup vodeocard09:47
MrChrisDruifJohnDoe_71Rus; he's smarter then you think ;-)09:47
pungi-mankk. I will try09:47
JohnDoe_71RusMrChrisDruif: Can the bot fix beg? Then they smart :)09:48
MrChrisDruifJohnDoe_71Rus; I meant that you only need to say bug <id> to get that response09:52
JohnDoe_71RusMrChrisDruif: i copy link from иклцыук09:52
dove_gone help needed: please try to open in Google Chromium this site http://www.youtube.com/xl10:12
dove_gthen select and start to play any video10:12
dove_gdoes it works?10:12
MrChrisDruifdove_g; for me on gnome-shell it does10:14
drlabandove_g: Not for me. It actually screws Chromium up pretty bad on my netbook.10:14
dove_gyes, it works on gnome, not on LXDE10:15
jakob_lworks for me10:15
dove_gon LXDE?10:16
dove_gjakob_l, im using 64bit? you?10:16
drlabandoesn't work well in openbox10:16
dove_gdrlaban, 64bit?10:16
dove_gwhere top submit this bug10:16
dove_gwhere to submit this bug10:17
drlabanI'll test it on my not-so-netbooky other box I got, gimme a sec10:17
MrChrisDruifP.s. I do use chromium10:17
MrChrisDruifDid you try turning on html5 on youtube?10:17
drlabanSame horrible experience on my regular desktop, same Lubuntu-setup apart from hardware. The page becomes unresponsive and wants to crash10:18
dove_gok tnx drlaban10:19
drlabanI had, however, not enabled html5. Dunno if it'll make a difference.10:19
drlabanNah, crashes horribly10:19
dove_ghow to enable html5?10:20
dove_gthis bug is only on youtube.com/xl10:21
dove_git works normally on youtube.com10:21
dove_gand youtube.com/html10:21
dove_gdrlaban you can also submit here your comment10:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 997037 in Lubuntu Software Center "Chromium freezes on play at youtube.com/xl on LXDE" [Undecided,New]10:27
Guest2520hi all10:32
drlabandove_g: I added myself to the affected list10:32
jakob_lcould it be sound related?10:34
Guest2520im severly stuck, i just installed lubuntu and my window text is tiny but text in a web browser is fine10:34
jakob_lI use pulseaudio on my lubuntu10:35
Guest2520i have an nvidia card and the resolution is set ok there10:35
MrChrisDruifbug 99703710:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 997037 in Lubuntu Software Center "Chromium freezes on play at youtube.com/xl on LXDE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99703710:36
MrChrisDruifAh, I thought it said unconfirmed...10:37
MrChrisDruifGuest2520; what "Window text" is tiny? Title bar, field text?10:37
Guest2520all of it, the title, the menu options, even my firefox plugins,10:38
Guest2520even my taskbar is tiny10:38
Guest2520but the resolution is set right in xserver10:39
Guest2520any any webpage inside firefox is rendered fine10:39
Guest2520but anything else, i have to be an inch away form the tv too see it10:39
bioterrornormal stuff with TV10:40
bioterroryou can lift up the fonts10:40
Guest2520it works perfect on ubuntu and xubuntu10:40
bioterrorgrow the size10:40
Guest2520tried that, didn't change anything10:40
Guest2520i set it to 48 and it dint move an inch10:40
bioterrorjust a moment10:40
Guest2520thank you10:41
bioterrorGuest2520, http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/204-solved-nvidia-drivers-and-fonts-size/page__view__findpost__p__103510:42
bioterrorone guy had same kind of problem if I remember right10:43
ChesterXhey everyone, where can i find the ubuntu start disc creator?11:00
Len2805hi again11:01
Len2805it didnt work11:01
bioterrortweaking the nvidia settings?11:02
Len2805yeah, didnt change anything11:02
Len2805ive been on google all morning looking at this, i think it may have something to do with the dpi settings11:03
Len2805its just strange how it is only in lubuntu11:03
Len2805where is the best place to dump a screenshot for you11:03
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:04
bioterrorsmall that is :D11:05
bioterroris text on the menu too small?11:06
Len2805ill add another with a  few other apps open11:07
Len2805the menu failed to stay open while i took a screenshot11:09
bioterroryou can use "scrot -d 5 shot.png"11:10
bioterrorwhere -d 5 is "delay 5 seconds"11:10
Len2805you can see there how working in the terminal can be hgard11:10
bioterroryou have enough time to open menu or do what every you want and it will then snap the shot11:10
Len2805or even typing11:10
bioterrorLen2805, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Xorg#Display_Size_and_DPI11:12
Len2805thank you will look at that now11:12
bioterrorso you have to change DPI to 96x96 or something like that11:14
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MkaysiShutter can have delay too11:29
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bodhi_zazenWhat is the default editor on Lubuntu ?17:38
Unit193Thought it was nano or vi ;)17:41
bioterrorI know bodhi, he wants GUI stuff17:42
theluckymikemy laptop wakes up immediately after going in suspend. ideas?19:53
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windbuntuhow long does it take to boot lubuntu?21:23
windbuntufrom a turned off computer?21:23
holsteinwindbuntu: depends21:25
holsteinwindbuntu: i would choose lubuntu for LXDE.. for something light, but not too light if you know what i mean21:25
AngelForgetI trying to fully quantal Quetzal Ubuntu 12.10 and gives me a good impression even if else is still much work21:26
holsteinwindbuntu: for fast boot, i would just not reboot..21:26
holsteinjust suspend or leave it running21:26
dove_gwindbuntu: about 20-30 sek21:27
dove_gfor ubuntu: 30-40 sek21:27
windbuntui may attempt to create a machine that has similar charicteristics to a chromebook...but use lubuntu instead.21:27
dove_gif you have SSD then you get for sure cca 10sec21:27
dove_gjust buy SSD21:27
windbuntuwhat about lubuntu on a flash drive21:27
AngelForgetssd is  more fast21:28
dove_gbuy SSD21:28
MrChrisDruifAngelForget; 12.10 will practically only be updated kernel and updated core packages from 12.0421:28
dove_gabout 100$21:28
AngelForgetyes MrChrisDruif21:28
windbuntua hundred bucks is a lotta dough21:28
MrChrisDruifHmm, dough ^_^21:28
windbuntui have an empty 8 gig flash drive21:29
windbuntuthat is staring at me21:29
AngelForgetMrChrisDruif,  but still is not very stable as Lubuntu 12:0421:29
MrChrisDruifAngelForget; that's to be expected from a pre-alpha release21:30
windbuntuare you saying 12.10 is out already?21:31
MrChrisDruifwindbuntu; PRE-ALPHA!!21:32
windbuntuomg 12.04 is just out21:32
MrChrisDruifwindbuntu; we start working on the next release right after the previous...we've only got about 5 months21:33
AngelForgetMrChrisDruif, this is the fact I'm testing, but some packages are completely new21:33
gordonjcp12.10 is "out" but it's still basically on fire21:33
gordonjcpaw man, spamassassin, why are you not learning from this spam corpus?21:34
AngelForgetgordonjcp, is true21:35
gordonjcpI'm awfully tempted just to write some naive pattern matching21:35
gordonjcpanything that mentions "prescriptions" and has a dollar sign in it, 100% spam21:35
MrChrisDruifBut to conclude, 12.04 is the current release for 6 more month, after that (20)12.10(October) will be the new release21:36
gordonjcpthe spammers are going apeshit at the moment with "FLOWERS FOR MOM! BUY NOW FOR MOTHERS DAY"21:36
gordonjcpwtf, mother's day was months ago21:36
holsteinthe 13th21:36
holsteinit was 11 months ago ;)21:36
gordonjcpif I buy them now they'll be all wilted by the time it rolls around again21:36
gordonjcpthat's a stupid idea21:36
windbuntui do not see all this mothers day stuff? where is it?21:37
holsteinregardless... dont forget mom... 4 more days!21:39
gordonjcpholstein: four more days until...?21:50
holsteingordonjcp: mothers day21:50
gordonjcpwindbuntu: I'm getting insane amounts of spam at the moment, spamassassin *is* looking at it but not classifying it21:50
gordonjcpholstein: that was two months ago21:50
holsteingordonjcp: i dont think so21:51
holsteingordonjcp: may 13th21:51
gordonjcpnope, it was in march21:51
gordonjcpI even took a long weekend so I could travel up to visit my mum21:51
gordonjcpand not have to rush off at sunday teatime21:51
holsteingordonjcp: cool.. in the US, its may 13th21:52
holsteingordonjcp: thats why im saying its coming up, and explains the spam21:52
Unit193May want #ubuntu-offtopic.21:52
holsteini thought this was it since i say the cursing21:53
gordonjcpholstein: aha, maybe it's a US thing then21:53
HoNgOuRuhow do I remove all different sound systems and their configuration files?22:42
holsteinHoNgOuRu: what systems? JACK? pulse?22:44
HoNgOuRuI removed alsa-common alsa pulse esound etc...22:45
HoNgOuRujust wanna get rid of everything to install only pulse or whatever that handles right the 5.122:45
holsteinHoNgOuRu: pulse uses alsa AFAIK22:45
holsteinHoNgOuRu: how about this.. what are you trying to do?22:46
HoNgOuRujust play the 5.1 right.22:46
HoNgOuRuI config something last time that enabled me the 5.1 but just for the first song after starting the service22:47
holsteinHoNgOuRu: sometimes that just cant happen... you can try newer alsa revs, or different kernels.. i usually try that with live CD's22:47
HoNgOuRuthe second one only played in the front spks22:47
HoNgOuRu... I have 2 soundcards22:47
HoNgOuRuone onboard, and the other one is a audigy sound blaster22:48
HoNgOuRuIm really pissed off on how it is so hard to get a stable configuration22:48
HoNgOuRufrom ubuntu 7.04 to now22:48
holsteinHoNgOuRu: yeah. i sucks.. you should be sure to complain to the hardware vendor22:49
holsteinHoNgOuRu: i usually try live CD"s.. i would also look at pulse with pavucontrol.. and consider going down to only one card22:49
HoNgOuRuI have headphones attached to the front panel of my box, that's the onboard one. but 5.1 plugged to the second soundcard22:50
HoNgOuRuIm following a guide over here, I'll tell you after robooting22:54

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