EssobiTY for creating a v7 distro.  There's hope yet my v4 will run something current yet. :D01:33
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it-39sorry for my english I'm an Italian user, there is a live distro for ARM11?11:58
LetoThe2ndit-39: not in terms of ubuntu. namely for the raspberry pi, there is none :P12:03
it-39 LetoThe2nd  tank's12:06
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travalasis there a meta package for ubuntu server on arm?15:00
GrueMastertravalas: Yes.  "apt-get install server^".15:14
GrueMasterOr if you are running on omap/omap4, use the ubuntu-12.04-preinstalled-server image.15:15
GrueMasterIf you want to install to a usb drive, use the netboot image.  The task list will have Ubuntu server as an option.15:16
travalasGrueMaster: thanks!15:20
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gildeani was given a galaxy tab 8.9 at work19:07
gildeananyone have any idea if someone has tried ubuntu on it?19:08
gildeanseems to be running on tegra219:08
gildeandidn't know samsung even made tegra2-devices19:09
ogra_gildean, yes, there should be images somewhere on the internet ...19:10
ogra_gildean, asl lilstevie once he is around, i suppose he knows where to find them19:10
gildeanok, cool19:11
gildeanit's always fun to break new devices just after getting them19:11
gildeani'm running a ics-beta on it now, doesn't actually feel too bad on the tablet19:12
gildeanand almost certainly i'm going to install it back, but i want to try ubuntu out too19:12
TofeHi !19:33
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