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sagacihi aussies20:24
head_victimsagaci: does the ubuntu manual have a different content goal than the official help manual? I was just curious if the goal of the content of the documentation was different or if the the goal of the format was different.20:32
sagacimainly format is different20:47
sagaciubuntu manual > help.ubuntu.com > man page20:48
head_victimThe manual is one of those things I always meant to learn more about but never did. Would it be better to try and just try and format the official help document into a printable format?20:48
sagacinot really, it's a different targe20:53
head_victimAh ok, just curious as to where it fit :)20:55
head_victimIf I recall rightly nisshh had a bit to do with it back in the day.20:56
sagacistill does20:56
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sagacihead_victim: I wouldn't recommend help.ubuntu.com21:52
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