hrjoeydoes anybody know a method to fix the failed shutdown issue with ubuntu 12.04?04:04
holsteinhrjoey: what hardware? what issue?04:04
holsteinhrjoey: i would check for updates, and try maybe some different kernels04:04
hrjoeycustom build. the issue is that no matter how i attempt to shut down my system, the system begins the shutdown procedure, but then fails at the shutdown screen with the loading bar04:05
hrjoeyit only happens if i use the computer for a few minutes. if i turn it on and turn it off right away its fine. if i open one application though and then try to shutdown, the shtudown fails04:06
hrjoeyi also have installed all available updates through the update manager04:07
holsteinhrjoey: i would say, go to stock ubuntu and see how its working04:08
YosI'd try the live cd, see if the same thing happens on it04:10
holsteinyup.. the live CD would be easy04:11
hrjoeyi have tried the live cd previously, and it seemed to work a little more often, but the shutdown problem seems to still exist04:12
hrjoeycould it be a driver issue?04:12
holsteinhrjoey: more often?04:15
holsteinhrjoey: the drivers are in the kernel, so thats waht i was poposing. but im not sure about your customizations04:15
hrjoeywhen i booted up the live cd it shutdown properly about 1 in every 5 times i used applications and then shut down the computer04:16
holsteinhrjoey: i would shutdown from the terminal.. and report errors04:17
hrjoeyim sorry, didnt realize the drivers are in the kernel. my knowledge is fairly novice when it comes to linux. i just built my first computer and am installing linux because i am an IT student and realize Linux is vital to my future career.04:18
hrjoeyi have tried to shutdown using commands such as shutdown now and shutdown -h now, with no success04:20
holsteinhrjoey: ok.. but what are the errors?04:20
holsteinsudo shutdown -h now04:21
hrjoeyi honestly dont know how to check for the errors, its just fails at the gui screen for the shutdown process, and i dont know how to read the log files from there04:22
holsteinhrjoey: there should be no GUI screen04:22
holsteinhrjoey: you should be in a terminal, and type "sudo shutdown -h now"04:22
holsteinthen, it'll either shutdown, or it should spit out an error04:22
holsteinor hang somewhere04:22
hrjoeyoh okay, yes. when i tried before it went into a never ending loop04:23
holsteinhrjoey: a loop of what?04:23
hrjoeyi tried to read the information it displayed, but it kept scrolling through too fast for me to read the errors04:23
holsteinhrjoey: i would test the hardware too04:23
holsteinthe ram and the hard drive04:23
hrjoeyif you would like i could provide you with the make a model of my hardware?04:24
holsteini would just dump it in a search ... but feel free04:25
hrjoeyAMD FX-6200 Six Core 3.8 GHz Processor ASUS M5A99X EVO Motherboard ASUS Radeon HD 6850 EAH6850 DC/2DIS/1GD5/V2 Video Card CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX650 V2 650W Power Supply Western Digital Carviar WD1002FAEX 1TB 64MB Cache 7200RPM  G.SKILL Sniper Series 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900)04:27
holsteinhrjoey: i was thinking more like from the terminal.. lspci04:29
holsteinbut, i would still just search that in the forums.. see if anyone is having the same issues04:30
hrjoeyok thank you for all the help, hopefully i can use your help and fix these problems in the next few days.04:31
holsteinhrjoey: i bet you'll probably find you actually dont have any operating system issues at all04:31
hrjoeyok, so youre saying focus on the kernel and hardware?04:32
holsteinhrjoey: it wont hurt to test the ram and the hard drive04:32
hrjoeyok thanks again04:32
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s-foxHello :)07:59
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irkinosorhi there,12:24
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irkinosorI just install U12.04 and I can connect to the internet event with the correct proxy setting12:25
irkinosoron firefox and chronium12:25
irkinosorI can download packages however very well12:26
irkinosorWhat should I do?12:26
Yoswell, you are connected to the internet with it now, right ?12:26
irkinosorOr you can see I can connect on the IRC so I don't understand why Firefox and Chronium are not working!!12:27
Yosare you using a proxy ?12:27
YosThen it must be something with your proxy/proxy settings12:28
irkinosorwhat do you mean. If I can use the IRC channels or the U software Center it means that my proxy is set-up correctly right???12:29
irkinosorA note: I was using U11.10 yesterday and my internet connection with the same setting worked perfectly... when I upgraded to U12.04 that's when I couldn't connect any more with the previous working proxy setting12:33
geirhairkinosor: Try switching to the guest account and see if you can connect with firefox/chromium there12:38
irkinosorok. Is my IRC connection gonna be closed?12:39
Yoswhen you log out, yes12:40
geirhaClick your name in the upper right corner, then click guest session. And no, the irc session will not be closed. You can switch back and forth between users.12:40
irkinosorhey @geirha it is working there and I notice that not network systemis set-up though, just set it on firefox12:47
irkinosorSo what now?12:47
geirhaNot sure I understand the last bit you said, but it sounds like the problem is with your firefox and chromium settings12:48
irkinosorBtw ubuntu had a internal error when I switch back to my personal session12:48
geirhaOh? did it say which program failed?12:48
irkinosorI don't know , I try to submit the error but it satrt asking to go to support over the internet or some... I just cancel after one trial failed12:49
irkinosorI was saying that I used the same proxy setting on the guest session and it work.12:50
geirhaOh. Odd.12:50
irkinosorbut I check if the Admin/network setting was set-up and I there is not setting there12:51
geirhaYeah, the guest user has very limited privileges12:52
irkinosorI do I make it work where I have all the privileges then?12:53
geirhaDo you have a lot of bookmarks and stuff? it could be useful to try and wipe the browser settings12:53
geirhaok, if you run the following in a terminal, chromium's settings should be reset to default:   mv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium.backup12:55
geirhamake sure chromium is closed first though12:55
geirhathe mv command will be silent if it succeeded12:56
irkinosorwhat's mv?12:56
geirhashort for "move". It is used to move and/or rename files and folders12:57
irkinosorshould I start with sudo?12:57
geirhaNo sudo12:57
geirhaIn this case we just rename the chromium folder to chromium.backup12:57
irkinosorall that is in one line right?12:58
irkinosor separated with space??12:58
geirhamv ~/.config/chromium ~/.config/chromium.backup12:58
geirhayou can copy/paste it12:58
geirhayou can of course do it with the regular file browser too12:59
irkinosorI guess I have a back-up now!12:59
geirhastart chromium and see if you can access the internets13:02
irkinosornot working!13:04
geirhaHm. Odd that it works for the guest user, but not your admin user :/13:06
irkinosorodd indeed!13:11
irkinosor@gerha: are you still giving a thought to my problem???13:23
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SidewinderMornin' BlindedCannibal15:38
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deper29is there a way to share folders between users on a machine?17:51
bioterror!samba | deper2917:51
ubot2deper29: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.17:51
s-foxisn't that a little overkill?17:52
s-foxsamba i mean17:52
bioterrorsamba is easier than nfs17:53
bioterroroh sorry17:54
s-foxI've always used nfs ;)17:54
bioterrorusers on a machine :D17:54
deper29yeah, haha17:54
deper29use nfs then?17:55
bioterrorI was thinking about network17:55
deper29oh, yeah, just machine :P17:55
deper29network couldn't I just sshfs?17:55
bioterrorfor example17:55
Unit193The only time I used NFS was in XP. :P17:55
bioterrorI've mostly done a folder or something like that to / for accessing files between users on same computer17:56
deper29i'm not familiar with NFS17:56
bioterrorand then made a symlink/shortcut on desktop17:56
deper29bioterror, I can do that with NFS/17:56
bioterrordeper29, NFS = Network File System17:56
bioterrorforget it17:56
bioterrorI made a mistake17:56
bioterroras I didnt read well your question17:56
bioterrormake /Share or something like that folder17:57
bioterrorand give it correct rights that everyone can read and write17:57
Unit193Should already have a ~/Public, no?17:57
deper29Unit193, I do, but I have a bunch of stuff already set to go to a certain folder, and I don't really want to move all of that to a different folder and reconfigure17:58
deper29bioterror, so could I just make my music folder have read permissions for all users?17:59
deper29I only want write permissions to myself17:59
bioterrorif you let them access your ~/, then yes18:00
deper29bioterror, how would I do that?18:00
bioterroryou can so to their account and try if they can read your home folder18:01
bioterroryou can "su"18:01
deper29gotcha, I got it working :)18:02
deper29thanks :D18:02
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TheStuffyou dont really need20:12
TheStuffyou could just update it nomally20:12
TheStuffbut of course you could do a complete reinstall20:12
TheStuffjust remember to bckup your files20:13
TheStuffyour files have already been deleted20:14
TheStuffif youve parted your disk20:15
Unit193...Are you talking in the wrong channel? :P20:18
TheStuffGape: you could just do a complete re-install20:18
holstein"if you have reached this channel in error..."20:19
Unit193TheStuff: Hello?20:19
TheStuffunit: woot20:19
holsteinTheStuff: one easy trick is to use the tab complete for nicknames :)20:19
TheStuffUnit193: aha!20:19
holsteintype "g" and hit the tab key a few times and you'll see there is no "Gape"20:20
Unit193But there is a holstein.20:20
holsteinand a Unit193 !!20:20
TheStuffUnit193: what is a "holstein"20:20
Unit193It's someone's irc nick.20:20
* holstein 's nickname :)20:21
TheStuffericP: be more specific on your problem, please20:22
TheStuffneokya: Youre just gonna have to wait it out, sorry, no better solution.20:22
holsteinTheStuff: those folks are not in this channel20:23
TheStuffholstein: what..20:23
holsteinTheStuff: if you use tab to complete the nicknames, you'll see that they are not here... maybe they are in #ubuntu?20:23
holsteinTheStuff: there are no nicknames "ericP" or "neokya" here in this channel20:23
TheStuffholstein: why doesnt someone write a script to filter it out, am i gonna have to do it20:24
holsteinTheStuff: ?20:24
holsteinTheStuff: you can look at the /names list20:24
TheStuffholstein: thats slow, now does irssi support python-plugins20:24
holsteinTheStuff: im using irssi20:25
holsteinTheStuff: tab complete works great20:25
holsteinTheStuff: i use a few plugins, but not for a names list20:25
TheStuffholstein: hmm, gonna have to read into that...20:26
holsteinTheStuff: maybe you dropped and got reconnected in the same window in a different channel20:26
TheStuffholstein: ?, only been using irssi for a while. how could that happen20:26
holsteinTheStuff: i just trying to come up with a scenario thats not your fault ;)20:27
holsteinyou are likely just typing in the wrong window20:27
TheStuffholstein: lol.. i probably did something20:27
holsteinTheStuff: i started on weechat because it was the one that auto-connected to freenode for me20:28
TheStuffholstein: how do you install a plugin, is it just like in vim where all you have to do is "drop it there"20:28
holsteinTheStuff: i didnt understand how to even /connect irssi for a long time20:28
holsteinTheStuff: i put them in a /dir in ~/.irssi i think20:28
Unit193/run script.pl  as long as it's in ~/.irssi/scripts or the global scripts dir.20:28
holsteinyeah... what Unit193 says ^^20:29
Unit193One more dir down in "autorun" for it to run on starting.20:29
TheStuffholstein: is it usually this quiet on the channel?20:29
TheStuffholstein: maybe irc is finally going dead...20:30
Unit193Well then...20:31
bACktRaCk5hello to all. i`m beginner on linux.. and i want to ask if is possible to see a crypted file..23:24
bACktRaCk5can some one tell me how can i decrypt a file pls ?23:33

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