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EpikVisionfor the bazaar 5-minutes tutorial, is it ok to create a team and project for the sample, despite it being an example?01:30
tumbleweedbdrung: btw, I did a bunch of random u-d-t bugfixing on the plane on the way here01:43
tumbleweeddon't know if you want to look over any of it or I should just push it to trunk... lp:~stefanor/ubuntu-dev-tools/uds-flight01:44
* ScottK waves to Laney.02:28
bobweaverHello there I am trying to make a debconf password box and am running into some troubles. I have made the config and templates file located here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills/zpanelcp/zpanelcp/files/head:/debian/          but How do I test them locally ? so I know that they work just run the configs script ? if so what do I put for the path and what not. Thanks again for your time.03:00
jdstrandAmoz: ack, I've assigned ubuntu-security-sponsors as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures which will allow a member of the security to pick this up. I should note that we will need a debdiff rather than a new upstream version for the security update05:16
jdstrandAmoz: if you are able and interested, feel free to follow the SecurityTeam/UpdateProcedures wiki page to submit a debdiff05:16
jdstrandAmoz: otherwise, a member of the security team will provide an update at some point05:17
jdstrand(I can't see when atm as I have not fully triaged it)05:17
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bdrungtumbleweed: the changes look good. go ahead and push it to trunk08:16
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Rhondageser: Seems the 500 went away?11:48
* Rhonda likes bugs that solve themself. :)11:49
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geserRhonda: thanks for fixing it :)12:11
geserI saw someone "reporting" that problem in #launchpad too yesterday12:11
RhondaYep, Spads did also query me about it.12:17
RhondaI guess there might have been some dbd file issue which fixed itself during the next cronjob.12:18
verwilstopenvpn doesnt seem to be starting by default on 12.0413:38
verwilstanyone encountered the same thing?13:38
verwilsti always have to start openvpn manually13:38
verwilsteven when i've put the config in auto13:38
jpdsverwilst: Works for me.13:55
verwilstalways have to do service openstart start manually for it to come up13:57
dupondjeverwilst: something in errors? Always the case? Or does it work sometimes? :)14:02
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broderbah. forgot to set an alarm and overslept. will probably be late for part 2 of motu bof15:59
tumbleweedoops. The curse of not having jetlag :)16:00
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highvoltagetumbleweed, broder, Laney, ajmitch: are you doing the debian thing tonight or the touristy thingy?17:29
highvoltage(and also, anyone else here going to debian/BAD?)17:29
broderprobably touristy thing17:29
tumbleweedhighvoltage: I wanted to do the BAD thing, but pretty sure I can't make it17:30
ajmitchhighvoltage: not sure yet17:35
ajmitchbroder: I tracked down that patch you had for LP, finally17:36
ajmitchit'll need some changes since that part of the code was changed for -proposed, but should be possible :)17:37
EvilResistanceam i correct that an Ubuntu-specific modification that makes it distinctively different than the Debian package would need versioning of -#ubuntu1 where # is the debian package revision number?17:54
tumbleweedEvilResistance: where "distinctively different" means any change at all. Yes18:01
EvilResistancetumbleweed, you mean any change not already implemented in the Debian package? (say a patch is released on the Debian package, and then included in the Ubuntu package)18:01
tumbleweedEvilResistance: I mean a change compared to the debian package18:02
EvilResistancegood, just wanted to make sure that was the case18:02
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dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/937522 clipboard patch for quantal added, if somebody could review :)18:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937522 in remmina (Ubuntu) "rdp clipboard sync doesn't work anymore." [Undecided,Confirmed]18:59
EvilResistancefor SRUs, does a change in the current release package (and hence the reason for filing the SRU) also have to be reflected in the development version of Ubuntu (Quantal) if the source(s) for precise and quantal are identical?19:05
geserdupondje: is the g_printf() call in remmina_rdp_receive_channel_data() for debugging? and should it stay even for normal use?19:06
geserEvilResistance: yes, first fix in quantal (if not already fixed) then SRU19:06
EvilResistancethought so19:07
dupondjegeser: that g_printf() should be removed indeed :(19:07
dupondjemissed that19:08
EvilResistancein which case this bug isnt able to be fixed until the current version builds/runs in Quantal: LP Bug 991179  (I'll have to modify my response in that bug)19:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 991179 in boinc (Ubuntu) "7.0.24 "computation error" bug" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99117919:08
geserEvilResistance: do you have a summary what needs to get changed for this but? I try to find a good summary in those 80 comments but didn't find yet19:11
gesera comment number with a summary would be enough19:11
EvilResistancegeser, a fix was found for Precise, but the package doesnt build in any circumstances in Quantal19:11
EvilResistanceand the solution was sent via bugsquad mailing list19:11
* EvilResistance is on the bug squad19:12
EvilResistanceso my response was that it'd need fixed in Quantal then SRU'd for Precise19:12
dupondjegeser: you can upload, or do I fix a new debdiff ? :)19:12
EvilResistancethe subsequent response was that the package doesn't build in Quantal, so...19:12
EvilResistancethey have to fix that first19:13
geserEvilResistance: is there a new upstream version that includes that fix and builds in quantal? (that counts as fix for quantal too, once the package is there)19:13
EvilResistancegeser, untested yet, i could try and figure it out, but since its not my bug... :P19:14
* EvilResistance didnt report it, nor does he use boinc, he only got involved because it was sent across the bugsquad mailing list19:14
EvilResistanceand, they asked for a fix to be posted ;P19:15
geserdupondje: I'm currently not on my Ubuntu, so I can't upload right now. Did you sent it already upstream?19:15
EvilResistancei have a debdiff for Precise, and that builds, but the same package doesnt work in Quantal (explodes)19:15
EvilResistancegood luck in asking me where that issue is, i dont have the logs locally19:15
* EvilResistance isnt in his primary dev environment for packaging19:15
geserEvilResistance: "and so it begins" :)19:16
EvilResistancegeser, as soon as a solution comes out for Quantal, i'll be poking the MOTUs19:16
EvilResistancegeser, indeed.19:16
dupondjegeser: its already commited in the Remmina git19:16
geserEvilResistance: you might need to ask a SRU member what to in this case, but if quantal doesn't get a fix there is a risk that it gets forgotten and quantal ships a broken package again19:16
EvilResistancei agree19:17
EvilResistancebut considering that quantal's dev cycle is, what, about two weeks old?  i fully expect at this stage there to be broken packages19:17
EvilResistancegeser, i agree it needs to work in quantal first :P19:17
EvilResistanceand i'll poke the SRU team later19:17
* EvilResistance has to finish something else that is more important19:17
geserEvilResistance: we have packages in precise that got last uploaded in oneiric or even older19:18
EvilResistancethis package in question was synced from Debian for Precise ;P19:19
* EvilResistance checked that19:19
geserand such things tend to get easily forgotten in a few months (who will check in 5 months if this got fixed?)19:19
EvilResistance(it was newer in Sid than Oneiric, during the Precise dev cycle)19:19
EvilResistancegeser, probably the guy who pinged the bugsquad, or the person who's assigned to that bug, its unlikely i'll care in about a week19:20
* EvilResistance has enough to deal with :P19:20
geserbug reporters don't care anymore either once it got fixed for them (usually the current release)19:20
geserbut talk to SRU members what to do in this case here19:21
EvilResistanceany of them here, or can you point me to the mailing list19:21
geserEvilResistance: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sru/+members#active but I guess all of them are currently at UDS19:22
EvilResistanceyeah, well its not a high priority on my list19:23
* EvilResistance is busy with more important things19:23
geserI don't know of any mailing list, but you could try to contact them through the LP mail feature19:23
geserdupondje: I guess your debdiff will get sponsored once all patch pilots are back from UDS19:25
dupondjeok :)19:26
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bobweaverwhat is this ?23:31
bobweaverwrong room sorry23:31
broderugh. just tried to write an "unless" block in python. halp the ruby is getting to me :-P23:33
micahgbroder: that seems very perlish23:34
brodermicahg: yeah, ruby picked up a lot of perl23:34
broderit also got the "foo if/unless bar" postfix operator23:37
broderand it has a handful of $* special variables23:37
micahgright, like I said, perlish :)23:38
lifelesspython has that too23:39
lifelessa if test else b23:39
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