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CyberKnettgm4883: wow man. I seriously did not mean to say anything like how that was taken.16:13
CyberKnetI really value and appreciate everyone's work associated with this.16:13
tgm4883CyberKnet, it's fine. It's just a lot of people take this to mean we don't care. and it just gets tiring16:13
CyberKnetOf course you guys care.16:14
CyberKnetIf you didn't, we wouldn't have mythbuntu.16:14
CyberKnetIf there are two people on all of freenode I don't want to annoy, it's tgm4883 and wagnerrp :)16:15
CyberKnetyou guys are 80% of my mythtv support network :)16:15
tgm4883unfortunately I'm at work and not UDS right now :(16:16
UForgottenbtw I figured out what my problem with hanging was17:46
UForgottenthe hd pvr lirc_zilog driver is buggy17:46
UForgottenthere's a parameter tx_only=1 you can pass to the module when loading it, it appears to cut down on it freezing the box17:46
UForgottenI managed to watch live tv and switched channels quite a bit, then recorded a show and it was fine.  so the next big thing I gotta do is tune down the bitrates and/or do some transcoding17:47
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