JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: still downstairs?06:20
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: ofc06:20
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: ask philip if he wants one of those nice keyrings06:21
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: he is not down here.... no idea where he is06:22
bkerensamaybe sleeping?06:22
JoseeAntonioRbkerensa: when you get upstairs :)06:22
bkerensaJoseeAntonioR: I will ask him and let u know06:22
Silverlionhi every114:10
=== holstein_ is now known as holstein
Silverlionhey holstein14:41
holsteinSilverlion: \o/14:41
silverlionhey there!17:29

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