jvargasrockets: found a solution in: http://wiki.debian.org/NetworkConfiguration#Bringing_up_an_interface_without_an_IP_address00:02
rocketsjvargas, it's working fine for me *right now* just using auto eth100:10
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tkeithAfter upgrading to Ubuntu 12.04, all my MySQL servers have an empty "test" database. Is that normal?01:27
fosterdvThat don't sound normal to me....01:40
fosterdvAre you missing anything else?01:40
cowboyanyone there pls point me to specific ubuntu server talking specific top pls?02:16
cowboyI like to talk about webpage development that can access Ubuntu server02:16
cowboyanyone there?02:25
cowboyany expert ubuntu server help solve problems here...FORUM???02:26
jsmith-argoteccowboy: best off asking your question and waiting a bit and see if anyone responds02:27
cowboyokie..thanx jsmith02:28
cowboybeside install applications on chat ircd..is there a forum that help me step by steps from webpage to server...pls help02:29
twbcowboy: I don't understand your question.02:40
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sparc_Hey hey.  Is reprepro still the way to manage your own apt-repositories?02:55
sparc_or maybe there are better tools now ...02:55
mgwsparc_: you just want a few .debs in a repo?02:56
sparc_yeah, there will probably be 20 to 30 of components of our in-house apps02:57
sparc_some perl modulse converted to packages, some whole web apps, some standalone python daemons02:57
mgwlet me paste something for you02:57
sparc_i'm not trying to mirror any of ubuntu's major repos02:57
sparc_ok cool, thanks for the input!02:58
mgwthen just use apache to serve that directory03:01
sparc_interesting, it's using dpkg to operate on an existing repo ...03:01
mgwyeah… but you don't need the whole dpkg-devel pacakge03:01
mgwone sec03:01
sparc_yeah, that makes sense.  you make the repo and then serve it over http03:01
sparc_creating it initially and then modifying the contents, are the processes that probably need management03:02
sparc_reprepro did that i think ...03:02
qman__that's what his script does03:02
qman__just dump the .debs in that directory and run it03:02
mgwyeah, exactly, what qman_ said03:03
qman__it generates the repository based on what debs it finds03:03
mgwyou can of course script that too03:03
qman__yeah, could cron it or automate it some other way03:03
mgwYou'll have to set up gpg, or comment out that part and deal with an unauthenticated repo03:03
sparc_no problem, this looks pretty cool03:04
mgwI'm going to use ansible to script upload & run (could also use fabric or some such)03:04
sparc_thsi blows away the repo every time?  i guess i should read the script03:04
mgwsparc_: just the Release and Packages files03:04
sparc_aah okie03:04
qman__it overwrites it with what's there03:05
mgwfor 20 or 30 debs that shouldn't matter03:05
twbdpkg-scanpackages should not be used in that script; the apt-ftparchive script should simply be called multiple times03:05
mgwtwb: thanks, I'll update it03:06
twbhttp://paste.debian.net/167967/ is mine, I run it in cron.hourly.  A beginner should stick to reprepro.  The apt-ftparchive technique is useful only if you are supporting a single release.  if you have >1 release it becomes unpleasant quickly.03:06
twbI also strongly recommend adding NotAutomatic: yes to your Release until you're confident it's production-ready.03:07
twbThat attribute will cause it to be pinned to -1, the same as Debian's experimental repo.  IOW stuff from it won't accidentally be installed.03:07
sparc_thanks much for the input and background you all.  it's much appreciated.03:10
twbNo worries.03:10
pmp6nlHey everyone.  I am looking to backup my server to my home computer.  What are good folders to rsync, what is not needed? Thanks03:14
twbpmp6nl: /03:17
pmp6nltwb, that was my initial thought.  But thought I would check03:18
twbpmp6nl: if you care about user data, you want /home and maybe some things like /var/mail, depending on what services you're using.03:18
twbpmp6nl: for the OS itself, /etc is critical, and databases and things generally live in /var.  But if you have the space, back it all up.03:18
qman__it depends on what's important to you03:18
twbpmp6nl: recommend you use -xdev and list filesystems explicitly, to avoid backing up things like /proc/kcore which is 16TB03:18
qman__ /etc and a list of installed packages are needed to rebuild a lost server, /var is usually a good idea03:19
qman__but if you want everything, / is it03:19
twb-xdev is more reliable than --exclude, although -xdev leads to false negatives instead of false positives.  YMMV etc.03:19
twbAlso strongly recommend you deploy rsnapshot or similar, so you get incremental backups for free.03:19
pmp6nltwb and qman__ ok thanks.  Right now I am rsyncing / .... so I should skip /proc?03:20
twbAnd probably some other things like /sys and /dev and /run03:20
qman__and /dev, and all the other virtual and temporary filesystems03:20
twbWhich is why I said just use -xdev03:20
pmp6nlso -xdev will skip /dev and /proc03:20
twbxdev limits it to the specified filesystem03:21
twbSo e.g. if / and /home are separate and you rsync -xdev /, it will skip /proc but it will also skip /home03:21
qman__yeah, you limit it to one filesystem, and configure a backup for each filesystem you want backed up03:21
twbRTFM is advisable, too :-)03:21
pmp6nlah ok. So I should do separate for each filesystem ... /home /var etc03:22
qman__if you have those as separate filesystems, yeah03:22
linociscoI want to have myname@ubuntu.com03:22
qman__IMO it's easier to do it that way then to attempt to exclude all the other filesystems and locations you don't need03:22
qman__because there's only a few filesystems to back up (sometimes just one) while there's dozens of things to exclude03:23
pmp6nlok, html/php files etc. are in /home    databases are in /var  ... what is in all of the other random folders?  Anything else important to backup?03:24
qman__no, user data is in /home, which may or may not contain html and php files depending on your configuration03:25
qman__ /etc is crucial, it contains all the config for the server, otherwise you'll be reconfiguring from scratch03:25
twbqman__: if /home contains a web app, you screwed up03:26
twbpmp6nl: note that you cannot rsync RDBMS databases, because they are not guaranteed coherent/quiescent03:26
qman__it shouldn't, but I was referring to userdir config03:26
twbpmp6nl: to back up a db correctly you must dump it to .sql and rsync that03:26
pmp6nlqman__, twb I have public_html in home  I will add /etc.  Any others?  RDBMS?03:26
twbI also strongly recommend etckeeper03:27
qman__yeah, etckeeper is cool03:27
qman__I haven't actually tried to restore anything from it, but auto saving everything at the right times is great03:27
twbqman__: it's not about restore, it's about blame03:28
qman__having a nice list of everything that changed after updating is nice too03:30
linociscoI want to have myname@ubuntu.com03:41
pmp6nltwb, and qman__ ok. thanks. :)03:43
pmp6nlHello, is it possible to rename a site in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled ?  If so how?  Thanks03:43
twbGo edit the file?03:44
pmp6nlI mean the name of it.  Its called example.com03:45
twbSo rename the file?03:45
pmp6nltwb, its that easy.  Is the command just rename?03:47
twbNo mv03:49
twbYou probably want to a2dissite first, edit the master version in sites-available, then a2ensite it03:49
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linociscohi all04:53
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weallknowitmorgen :)05:23
linociscoI want to have myname@ubuntu.com06:41
linociscoi have two VSAT networks on each office. according to Teleport's ISP infrastrure, we can ping each other with ping time 2000ms. I would like to know how to establish VPN between it06:42
linociscoi have two VSAT networks on each office. according to Teleport's ISP infrastrure, we can ping each other with ping time 2000ms. I would like to know how to establish VPN between it07:09
owhlinocisco: With great patience - having done it myself.07:10
owhlinocisco: You need to make sure that the VSAT isn't blocking VPN traffic which some do. I ended up using an ssh tunnel.07:10
linociscoowh, really? where is your country?07:11
owhlinocisco: AUS07:11
linociscoowh, how can I make sure or check if VSAT or ISP is blocking VPN traffic?07:11
owhIn my experience the quickest way is to ask them.07:11
owhNormally the IP range is internal to the VSAT operator. If both VSAT terminals are from the same provider. If not, you generally have a problem because they generally don't expose the IP address to the outside world.07:12
linociscoowh, here it is not legal to ask official. but according to their struture, ping is ok and some org said they can establish VPN between two VSAT sites07:12
owhI'd start with attempting to ssh to the other end.07:13
owhWhat traffic are you hoping to share?07:13
linociscoowh, boths sites are from the same ISP07:13
linociscoowh, web, mail, telephony07:14
owhYeah, that's really not going to work well.07:14
linociscoowh, the priority is web and mail.07:14
owhWhat is happening for most VSAT traffic is that it goes from your terminal to the satellite, then down to the ground station, then back up to the satellite, then to the other terminal. Gilat offers VSAT to VSAT functionality, but most countries block that because it prevents monitoring.07:15
owh(Which is why you're seeing 2 second ping times)07:17
linociscoowh, yes07:34
omeDoes ubuntu comes with a preinstalled alternative to 'sysv-rc-conf or sysvconfig' ?08:11
ikoniaome: it uses upstart, so it works different08:13
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railsraiderwhat should i check for if a 8 servers on rackspace went down all on the same time? can it be d-dos attack?09:50
railsraideri see a lot of AIF:PRIV connect attempt: on th elogs09:52
ikoniarailsraider: contact rackspace and ask them what happened10:08
sonnewhat is the ubuntu equivalent of debian's "locales-all"?10:15
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sonneand.. anyone knows why cron is started when building a chroot?11:34
sonnei think it has something to do with upstart not respecting policy-rc.d11:35
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sonnei think i got it11:44
brainysmurfWhat sort of tools are available if I want to modify headers of emails sent to particular addresses. My ubuntu server is using postfix11:57
sonneto anyone that might be interested in what i was tlaking about: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-tools/+bug/99706311:57
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 997063 in xen-tools "xen-create-image fails to effectively prevent daemon startup on roles execution" [Undecided,New]11:57
mardraumbrainysmurf: modify them how?11:58
mardraumyour mua can modify the usual things. otherwise people will generally assume you are a spamming dick.11:59
brainysmurfMy boss wants "to: group@" changed to "to: undisclosed"12:00
mardraumjust send to bcc12:01
brainysmurfmardram: I know...12:01
brainysmurfWe don't want this group's addy publicized, and users have been known to avoid the bcc like the plague12:02
brainysmurfJust wondering if there is some sort of filtering tool that can be used (and that wouldn't make you look like a spamming dick)12:03
mardraumyou want to give users your address, but then hide it from them?12:03
brainysmurf(I work at a very busy school)12:03
brainysmurfThis address is actually an alias, not a human account12:04
mardrauman address is an address. if the mta accepts mail, it's all the same thing.12:04
mardraumI guess I don't really have a clue what you are trying to do that bcc doesn't already do.12:05
brainysmurfhehe I share your frustration :) I'm trying to make it so that if I send to group@ (which is an alias to several people) when the indiviuals get it they don't see the address12:06
brainysmurfI know that bcc is what we're supposed to use, but my users keep insisting on using to12:07
mardraumthey won't see it, the MTA expands it12:07
mardraumthey'll see you address, and their address12:07
brainysmurfI tested this. I see the group address though.12:08
mardraumright now I suspect you want #postfix12:08
mardraumif that's the MTA you are choosing to handle the mail12:09
brainysmurfI am using postfix12:09
brainysmurfthey said that postfix doesn't touch the content of the email, I need something else12:09
mardraumyou're probably going to have the most luck telling your boss that your MUAs need to be configured to send from a "donotreply" address12:11
mardraumotherwise you'll need to use some sort of custom software that can do the expansion itself12:11
brainysmurfOkay thanks mardraum that's what I thought12:12
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mardraumfind a new job :p12:13
sanderj_Is there any known prodecure to follow.. to upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04?12:26
sanderj_? upgrade12:27
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade12:29
rocketsPsi-Jack, So, I have my old virtual machine imported and booted via kvm now, and I have it set up with a bridged interface, but for the life of me I cannot get networking working properly. Also, virt-manager doesn't actually show the "br0" I set up as an available interface, it still only shows "Default". I had to enter it manually.15:06
rocketsI can ping the bridge, but nothing using it is reachable.15:07
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Psi-Jackrockets: YOu can ping the host's endpoint IP?15:17
rocketsPsi-Jack, I can ping the ip I assigned to the bridge interface15:17
Psi-JackWhich is on the host OS?15:18
Psi-JackOkay, then it's likely a networking or firewall issue in your guest.15:18
rocketsbut i cannot reach the IP assigned internally to the guest15:18
Psi-JackOr possibly even host if you're running firewall there.15:18
rocketsno firewall15:18
Psi-JackOKay, so what exactly did you do, network-wise?15:19
rocketsI did this:15:19
Psi-JackOKay. That tells me literally nothing.15:20
rocketsAnd the guest is set to use br015:20
rocketswhich I set by using virt-manager15:20
rocketsand then inside the guest I assigned an IP to eth0 as I would normally and to eth1 as i would normally15:21
rocketsand neither are reachable15:21
rocketsAs I would in any normal ubuntu linux host, via /etc/network/interface15:21
rocketsauto eth0, iface etc etc15:21
Psi-JackUh huh.15:21
Psi-JackThink of me as a blind man.15:21
rocketsinside the guest there is a standard interfaces file describing the network config15:22
rocketsjust like this: http://pastie.org/388476215:22
Psi-JackI only see eth0 in this.15:22
rocketsThat's correct, I'm just giving you an example15:23
rocketshold on15:23
* Psi-Jack closes that "Example." Don't give me examples. I'm a blind man.15:23
Psi-JackI know what a Debian interfaces file is. :p15:23
rocketsI know you do!15:24
rocketsHold on, I'll get the guest's interfaces file15:24
Psi-JackWelp, taking too long, and it's lunch time. Though I will be back afterwards.15:29
rocketsPsi-Jack, sorry heh. I really do appreciate your time. I'm going to try a few things and come back in a bit.15:36
rocketsPsi-Jack, ok, so here's something more concrete for you. I'm attempting to set up a brand new virtual machine. I set it up using virt-manager to use the br0 bridge for the guest's ethernet cards. E.g. http://i.imgur.com/Hn6vC.png15:40
rocketsAnd yet the guest vm (which is running the ubuntu 12.04 server installer) cannot get an IP via dhcp. This is during the install process, no actual OS installed yet. My network definitely has a DHCP server, we're all using it.15:41
rocketsSo I'm sure I have the bridge set up wrong somehow, I just don't know how.15:41
billybigrhey all, anyone alive? just need to talk to someone about the serverguide and openvpn15:43
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* Psi-Jack sighs/.16:41
Psi-JackSeriously wish people would stop giving their "status" away through nick changes.16:41
patdk-wkchanges nick to patdk-wk-away-from-psi-jack16:42
billybigrcan someone here help me with an openvpn install problem?16:54
billybigrtrying to follow the serverguide and i hit a wall16:54
billybigrtrying to contact someone on the -doc team isn't working either16:55
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bananapieI have a server running ntpd. The clock is currently 4 seconds out of alignment. I want to see a status from ntpd to make sure that ntpd knows about the descrepancy and how long it will take before the clock is resynchronized18:07
RoyKbananapie: first, check the logs18:10
bananapieI checked both debug, boot.log, syslog and dmesg. I don't see anything of used in there18:11
bananapieother than max descriptors, but that's not useful18:11
bananapieI uncommented the statsdir line18:15
bananapieI can see that my server is now aware of the 4 second difference18:15
bananapieBut I don't see where it says how long it takes to resynch18:18
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Picibananapie: ntpdc -p and ntpq -p  should be helpful.18:30
PiciIts been forever since I needed to fix that on my server, but I remember those outputs being very handy.18:31
bananapieit's the first time it's happened to me in about 3 years18:32
cultavixwhat are you trying to do18:33
RamJettIf I have 4 ethernet interfaces and I want one to be set to dhcp but not change the, name servers, default gateway, ntp.conf, etc. How would I do that? Basically I just want it to set the IP address only18:34
patdk-wkRamJett, edit dhclient.conf18:34
RamJettThere is no way to do it per interface. Like in the interfaces file? It has to be a global dhcpclient ?18:37
rocketsWhat's a good way of backing up live kvm VMs?18:38
pdtpatrickRamJett, you just want one interface to be dhcp right?18:41
pdtpatrickRamJett, in /etc/network/interfaces - just set that interface to something like "iface ethX inet dhcp"18:42
pdtpatrickRamJett, or you can do "dhclient ethX"18:42
patdk-wkpdtpatrick, one interface with dhcp, for IP only, no dns/ntp/....18:42
patdk-wkno gateway even18:42
pdtpatrickpatdk-wk, good catch. Thanks18:44
RamJettRight. I want to pick which interface does the degalt gateway etc .. Like in Gentoo you just do eth0_dhcp="nodns,nogateway". I think I understabd how to do in in the dhclient.conf file. But is I use dhcp on eth1 but want it to use the gateway .. I just globally disabled that18:47
pdtpatricki don't understand that last sentence18:47
pdtpatricknvm s/is/if18:48
RamJettif I do it in the dhcpclient.conf. I'm doing it on all interfaces, right ?18:49
RamJettSorry bout the typing18:49
PiciRamJett: Per the manpage use: interface "name" { declarations ...  }18:50
patdk-wkthat depends on *how* you modify dhclient.conf18:50
pdtpatrickis it possible to use post-up if u use inet dhcp?18:50
Piciman 5 dhclient.conf18:50
RamJettok. Didn't see you could do it per interface. Thanks18:50
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axisyshow to clean up /boot ? it is 86% now19:47
axisyswhat's the recom way to remove old kernels?19:48
axisysi want to remove all but last 3 kernels19:48
axisysi think i have 10+ of them now19:48
ogra_dpkg -l|grep linux-image ....19:49
ogra_and remove the old versioned packages you dont need19:50
axisyswhats the one without numbers?19:58
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jmedinahi there20:26
jmedinaanyone is able to use vmbuilder in precise with lvm storage?20:26
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resnois 10x1 fast enough to run a few sites?21:10
jmedinaI cant create machines with file images21:20
jmedinabut not with lvm :S21:20
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jmedinaanyone here using kvm in 12.04 server?21:43
StevenRjmedina: yes21:46
jmedinaStevenR: do you use lvm for vm storage?21:46
jmedinaIn trying to create a vm using vmbuilder with --raw=/dev/vg/lvx and fails21:46
jmedinawith image files works fine, it only fails with lvm21:47
jmedinaI have seen a few bugs with similar errors21:47
jmedinaIm using this command:21:50
jmedinavmbuilder kvm ubuntu --hostname server5 --suite precise --flavour server --arch i386  -o --libvirt qemu:///system --raw=/dev/poolb2/storage5 --addpkg=acpid --addpkg=openssh-server --user=administrador --pass=123456 --tmpfs=-21:50
StevenRjmedina: sorry, I don't use LVM with it.21:55
jmedinaStevenR: thanks, I just tried the same in a second machine and same result21:55
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