AminosAmigosBOnjour :)11:17
elacheche_anissalut AminosAmigos11:23
AminosAmigoski na3ml apt-get autoremove yetnahaw l error failed to fetch ?11:24
AminosAmigoselacheche_anis  ?11:25
Tux-Tnc'est que le serveur est injoignable11:26
Tux-Tnt'as ajouté des dêpots offline ou t'es trompé en tapant l'url11:26
Tux-Tncheck ton /etc/apt/sources.list11:27
AminosAmigosSo i need to remove them ?11:27
elacheche_anisahla Tux-Tn :)11:28
Tux-Tnhey elacheche_anis11:28
AminosAmigosok thanks :) Tux-Tn11:31
AminosAmigoswhat is the function of autorremove then ?11:33
Tux-Tnremoving unuset packages11:35
AminosAmigosso it gives free space ?11:36
AminosAmigosany other commands to free more space ?11:38
Tux-Tntry apt-get autoclean11:40
AminosAmigoswho tried the new game C&C from EA ?11:57
Tux-Tni don't use flash player12:08

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