burligood morning :)10:47
burliIs it true, that Unity 2D will be dumped in 12.10?10:47
dandraderbregma, ping16:43
bregma'sup, dandrader?16:43
dandraderdo you have plans on adding API in utouch-geis to expose this "construction finished" property from grail?16:44
bregmawell, it needs to be done16:44
bregmaI'm not sure what the best approach is, though16:44
bregmait could either be an attribute of an event, or a special event itself16:45
dandraderwhy not doing the same way grail does16:46
dandraderbregma, because I won't get a working implementation of gestures in unity using the regular recognizer until this new API is in place. Should I start looking into it myself?16:48
bregmawhat's the use case?  Is it something an app really needs to poll every time, or is it something that should be checked once? that determines the best way to report the information16:49
dandraderbregma, where are you physically located16:50
dandradermaybe we could just chat16:50
dandrader(for real, that is)16:51
bregmaI'm going to get a coffee on the second floor....16:52
dandraderok, will be there.16:53

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