cob-olpI switched to older LInaro 11.10 to try Ubuntu TV08:21
cob-olphowever, now I'm stuck on "cmake ."08:21
cob-olpit seems that I do not have Qt408:22
cob-olpdo I have to install some special version (I try on pandaboard)08:22
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mhall119cob-olp2: all the TV developers are at UDS this week, your best bet is to file a bug or email the ML so they can reply when they have time17:23
jhodappmhall119: did cob-olp have a specific question?17:44
mhall119jhodapp: just stuck trying to compilie things I think17:45
jhodappah ok, that was good to direct him to the mailing list for now17:45
jhodappcob-olp: if I'm in this chatroom and you're still having issues, ping me…I'll see if I can help you through your problem17:46
cob-olp2I'm here18:17
cob-olp2thank you both for your interest18:17
cob-olp2jhodapp left... :(18:18

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