Azelphurthis is becoming frustrating, setting up a SFTP only account seems to be difficult :(00:06
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TheOpenSourcererlo popey07:00
TheOpenSourcererhow's sunny and warm california07:00
popeysunny and warm07:00
TheOpenSourcererwarm(ish) and damp here :-(07:01
DJonesMorning all07:05
matttmorning morning07:45
MooDoomorning all07:48
MooDooyay i've got a weekend pass out to OGGCAMP :)07:58
s-foxGood morning =)07:59
MooDoomorning s-fox08:00
s-foxHello MooDoo , how are you doing ?08:00
diploMorning all08:02
MooDoos-fox: got my pass out to oggcamp so i'm a happy bunny, just hope i'm not working that weekend lol08:02
s-foxMooDoo,  woot :-)08:03
s-foxHi diplo08:03
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MooDoomorning diplo08:04
diploAnyone heard of Zentyal ?08:05
diplozentyal.org ?08:05
MooDoocan't say i have, looks interesting though08:05
diploAnd if so, the community project seems to be all GPL'd, does anyone who understands this more than me know that If I rebranded the web interface with my companies logos etc that I would be in any violations ?08:06
diploMy understanding of licensing is awful at it's best, with windows licensing I used to get someone in it used to confuse me so much :D08:06
diploBasically the boss wants us to replace a revenue stream but doesnt want our customers to know what projects we use for the software08:07
MooDoodiplo: probably best to drop them a quick email, see what they thing08:08
diploYeah, jumped on irc channel but is rather empty :( so will try that aswell, want to make sure it does everything we want first08:09
diploUse SME Server at the mo, and it sucks.. well I don't like it which is good enough for me08:09
s-foxI would encourage an email, but also perhaps ring them?08:09
diploLooks like they are spanish based so email is a good start for me, my spanish goes to the extent of ordering some beer :)08:11
MooDoos-fox: got enough testimonials yet?08:11
s-foxMooDoo,  I would welcome any support from different areas of the community :)08:12
diploCheers guys, found some posts as well about it from the CEO of Zentyal on their forums08:21
diploPerfectly fine to as it's GPL, but he thinks it's unethical and that you should become a partner08:21
TheOpenSourcererdiplo we use Zentyal08:21
TheOpenSourcererWorks well.08:21
TheOpenSourcererI've had lunch with the CEO too ;-)08:22
diploI've been debating it fro  months, now been asked by the MD to officially look at it08:22
diploYou guys partners TheOpenSourcerer ?08:22
TheOpenSourcererThe next one (3) should really kick arse. Full AD replacement ussing Samba 408:22
diploJust downloading beta version right now :)08:23
diploAlso VM/2.208:23
TheOpenSourcererOur email system has been running happily on 2.1 for a couple of years now.08:23
TheOpenSourcererNo issues to report - it just works.08:23
diploGreat, thanks for the input. First person that i sort of know that has used it so makes me feel more confident08:24
oimonTheOpenSourcerer, what were you doing up @ 4am?08:25
oimonah, my irc time stamps have gone wrong08:26
oimonsays that it is 5:26 now.08:26
TheOpenSourcerersays 09:26 here08:26
oimonwhat was popey doing up at 8am UK time?08:26
TheOpenSourcererNeed to get on the phone. New OpenERP prospect awaits! :-D08:26
* oimon notices that xchat is very proactive at updating timestamps if you change time zone08:27
oimonclinton cards is in trouble. tbh i wonder how they made money, since i could never find a decent card in there08:28
oimondevops_borat has wisdom today: You know open source product is impossible of use when creator is start consultancy around it.08:29
DJonesoimon: He was probably going to bed after partying the night away08:41
oimoni don't think i can make it past 11pm nowadays08:41
oimon10.30 would be a push08:41
DJonesI know that feeling08:43
s-foxAnyone else think that the new EU directive is confusing as hell and that some clarity should be added for Google Analytics users?08:43
s-fox^ cookie directive08:43
MooDooisn't it, "if you cause a user to download a cookied to their machine, they need to agree to it first" ?08:44
s-foxwell, that is my rough take on it but i am not certain08:45
MooDooyeah i think that's pretty much it, there are exceptions for shopping carts etx08:46
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:48
MooDoomorning brobostigon08:49
brobostigonmorning MooDoo08:50
shaunois there an exception for a cookie remembering their cookie preference?08:51
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hoovermorning all09:25
hoovercan somebody help me configuring the wall of desktops in ubuntu 2d?09:25
hooverI'm using 2d when connecting to my work desktop via nomachine09:25
hooverusually I have six desktops without previews / slide aligned horiz.09:26
hooverusing 2d, it turns into 2 rows of 3 desktops each09:26
hooverIs it possible to change that somehow?09:26
oimonhas anyone read and understood what changes paypal are applying to the user agreement?09:51
awilkinsNot read it yet09:53
hooverhaven't read it yet either09:54
diploSeen it, skimmed it and forgot about it.09:54
diploI'll wait for G+/Twitter from everyone else :)09:54
oimoni notice that cross border fees are much higher if you pay on ccard10:02
davmor2morning all10:11
oimonv quiet again today10:17
hoovermorning davmor210:17
hoovercan somebody help me with ubuntu 2d via nomachine?10:17
davmor2I can't no10:17
oimoni use nomachine but with a SL server10:18
MooDoohello davmor2 how are you this fine day10:27
davmor2MooDoo: half asleep I fear10:27
MooDoodavmor2: coffee?10:28
davmor2MooDoo: beside me cooling down as we type10:29
MooDoodavmor2: good man!10:29
MooDoodavmor2: got my passout to oggcamp stamped :)10:29
davmor2MooDoo: What did you have to promise to get that dude :D10:30
MooDoodavmor2: she hasn't decided yet lol10:30
oimonnow that they are making underwear bombs..do we have to take those off @ security too?10:34
davmor2MooDoo: Oh that's never a good thing now it gets held over your head like the sword of damaclees or however it's spelt10:35
awilkinsDamocles. Was also a cool game from the 8-bit era10:38
awilkinsOh, ok, 16-bit era10:38
MooDoodavmor2: it was the only way she'd let me go on a jolly :)10:39
hoovercompulsory string tanga garments for all air passengers10:39
hooveror make'em fly nekkit, should be fun10:39
oimoni don't even own a passport anymore10:40
oimonprefer to be treated like a human being when i travel10:40
* awilkins MUST NOT DOWNLOAD the modern port of Mercenary, Damocles, and the third game he didn't know about10:44
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oimonawilkins, where mustn't you download them from?10:49
awilkinshttp://mercenarysite.free.fr/mddclone.htm <- here10:49
oimonreminds me of ixion for the archimedes10:49
awilkinsThe puzzles were involved10:50
awilkinsAnd you  could fly around and blow up planets10:50
oimonhave you played machinarium? thats a sweet puzzle game10:50
awilkinsI played a demo10:50
awilkinsI think I may even have it in a Humble bundle somewhere10:50
oimonit was part of indie bundle10:50
awilkinsI have INdeie 210:51
awilkinsAnd Frozen Synapse10:51
awilkinsAh, there is is10:51
awilkinsI never got Braid working properly10:52
oimonworks fine for me10:52
awilkinsMaybe it was a peculiarity of the setup10:52
oimonjust realised i bought some cool games10:52
awilkins64-bit Linux10:52
oimonand yet it mvoes.10:52
oimonsuper meat boy...10:52
awilkinsI've not played a lot of these10:53
awilkinsNot completed most of the ones I have played10:53
awilkinsOsmos is nice to relax with10:53
oimonnever even knew i had gratuitous space battles10:53
awilkinsI was tempted by that10:53
davmor2awilkins: works here on 64bit and on intel gfx too10:54
awilkinsI got very frustrated with Revenge of the Titans10:54
oimonthey must have sneakily added a load more after i purchased10:54
oimonwhat's this nightsky thing?10:54
awilkinsOoh, Trine10:55
* awilkins beats his hand with a steel ruler until he gets back to configuring Redmine10:56
* oimon uses redmine10:56
awilkinsDo you use the Mylyn plugin?10:56
awilkinsIt seems to work, huzzah10:56
oimonno, what's that?10:56
awilkinsMylyn is this integrated task tracker for Eclipse10:57
awilkinsIt does freakishly useful stuff like remembering all the source files you had open when you last touched that task10:57
oimoni use redmine for helpdesk issues :P10:57
awilkinsSo you push it's purple button and *zap* everything is back where you left it10:57
awilkinsWe have HPOV. We hates it *spit*10:58
oimonhmm i had a folder in dropbox which has been deleted.10:58
oimonah..was using my other dropbox acct ..phew10:59
oimonneed to face facts that i don't have enough time to play games11:01
oimonno more buying bundles for me11:02
oimonshank looks like double dragon on steroids11:04
* awilkins just had a scary moment when he thought he'd shanked a production server11:06
hooverI've bought two bundles so far and only tried "crayon physics deluxe" a few weeks ago ;-D11:12
oimonhoover, i tried that, seemed fun.11:16
oimoni don't have staying power anymore11:16
hooveroimon: yep, the kids love it11:16
oimoni really should carry on with world of goo11:16
hooverneither have I, a bit of simracing and Falcon BMS here and there, the occasional nethack session, but that's it11:16
oimoncogs looks fun too11:17
yothsoggothI bought the bundle with Frozen Synapse, that's a pretty awesome game11:20
hooverTrine also looks great, but my HW can't handle it11:20
oimonmy graphics were not powerful enough for those...11:20
hoovermy linux desktop has become dog-slow since the latest LMDE update11:20
* hoover ponders installing precise on it again11:20
oimonmy battery life increased by 50% from 11.10->12.0411:23
oimonwell, the battery indicator suggests a 50% longer life..11:24
hooveryep it runs great on my netbook even through upgrading11:28
hooverI had massive stability problems with anything beyond 10.04 on my desktop though11:28
hooverI think I'll give the live usb stick a try again soon11:29
hooverI'm not happy with LMDE anymore11:29
MooDoohmmm i need to get rid of windows 7 and put precise on it11:29
hooverwin7 is a great game launcher ;-)11:32
zleaphoover,  LMDE, i read something about that somewhere11:36
zleapin relation to lubuntu11:36
oimonheh samorost 2 is cute11:37
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hoovercheers all12:36
moviebunAny users of movie editing software within Ubuntu on here at the moment?13:19
* MartijnVdS points in the general direction of popey 13:21
moviebunAh - thanks. I think he's off at UDS at the moment.13:22
moviebunMovie editing was the main thing that attracted me to Ubuntu - hopefully there will be a few others with similar backgrounds and interests popping up in due course.13:25
moviebun... and if not, I'll try again later! :-)13:25
DJonesmoviebun: Might be worth asking in #ubuntu as well, bigger channel so maybe more chance of a response, if not, as you say, try again later13:27
BigRedSWhat's the currently fashionable way to extract movie files from DVDs?13:27
MooDooBigRedS: install wine, and use dvdshrink is the way i do it13:28
moviebunThanks DJones - this is my first foray into ubuntu-uk though have been listining to the podcast for a good while.13:28
DJonesBigRedS: Last time I did any, I used https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DVD%3A%3ARip13:28
awilkinsBigRedS, Use Handbrake13:28
BigRedSyeah, I checked DVD::Rip but saw the instructions date from 7.04...13:30
BigRedSI'll try handbrake13:30
oimonBigRedS, raw extraction or re-encoding?13:30
BigRedSI just want a video file I can watch on my laptop with now DVD drive13:30
oimonbeware it takes a while and the laptop will try to cook your lap13:30
BigRedSI'll be ripping it on my PC here13:31
BigRedSand I've got twice the length of the film to do it in13:31
oimonwhich film btw?13:31
BigRedScaptain america13:33
oimoni notice playing of dvds is still non-trivial, even after installing restricted-extras, you have to run a script hiding somewhere that downloads and installs a deb file. i have to google this every time i watch a dvd on a new PC13:33
BigRedSI was goaded into watching the rest of the run-ups to the avengers film beforeseeing it13:33
BigRedSbut missed this one, and only afterwards do I find out this is the one with nazis in it13:34
ali1234it's also supposed to be the worst one13:34
awilkinsThey used to sell codec packs in the store, but they stopped13:34
BigRedSali1234: that's probably fine, I have famously low standards :)13:34
awilkinsI liked Captain America13:35
awilkinsMore than I used to like his comics13:35
moviebunBigRedS: My interest is centered around non-commercial dvds that aren't protected and where I have permission to excerpt and edit the video, so it's a matter of extracting the vobs into a folder. I tend to take them from there into a NLE.13:36
oimonjust seen EA's screenshot of lord of ultima...ermm13:36
awilkinsNot seen Hulk13:37
awilkinsSaw Thor on a transatlantic flight13:37
ali1234moviebun: does using a real video editor in windows running inside virtualbox with ubuntu as host OS count?13:37
oimonawilkins, was he going on holiday?13:37
DJonesI think its disappointing that Avengers Assemble doesn't have Patrick McNee, Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman in it13:38
moviebunali1234: Which editor?13:38
ali1234premier mostly13:38
moviebunI'm using Kdenlive and OpenShot - not sure which I like most.13:38
awilkinsYegods, I have a powerful urge to drink right now. It's not even 150013:39
moviebunKdenlive has a stack of features, but OpenShot seems to be catching up.13:39
awilkinsI am livening up the tedium by naming projects "CODPIECE"13:39
ali1234they're both horribly buggy13:40
awilkins(with a proper acronym to justify it)13:40
ali1234and that's compared to premier, which is famously buggy to start with13:41
ali1234i've never successfully done anything with openshot without hitting at least one bug13:41
moviebun I think it's why I can't decide between them right now. If it's anything complex, I tend to use Kdenlive - but I like some of the rendering options in OpenShot, especially for the web. Don't have any experience of Premier.13:41
yothsoggothyeah, whichever video editor you use just make sure you save very, very often.  Like ali1234 said they're all really buggy13:41
ali1234oh you don't want to use openshot default exports, they don't work properly at all13:42
ali1234they will either cut off the first or last second of video13:42
ali1234or the picture comes out upside down, or reversed YUV13:42
moviebunyothsoggoth: Been caught out there a few times, I have!13:42
ali1234also please note that blu-ray authoring is currently impossible on linux13:44
moviebunStill good to see some Linux alternatives to proprietary software. I read a good comparison of the field in a copy of Linux Format a couple of years back. One of the few magazines I saved rather than recycling after reading!13:44
yothsoggothmoviebun: and me. I remember spending about an hour editing some footage that needed sounds syncing to match some scenes, to lost the entire thing due to OpenShot crashing13:44
oimoni have zillions of linux magazines i keep , but should really recycle13:45
moviebunyothsoggoth: Heck yes - nowadays I save the project in Kdenlive about every 5 minutes while adding clips and editing them. And if I make a title clip, I always save after doing it as having to start again gets really irritating.13:46
oimonwhy so crashy?13:47
moviebunoimin: Have you come across Full Circle Magazine?13:47
oimonit's worrying that linux used to be known for rock solid apps13:47
oimonmoviebun, yes, i read it occasionally13:47
ali1234it's not just that they are crashy13:47
oimoni subscribe to linux magazine13:47
ali1234they also miss basic features so everything takes 10 times longer than it would in a real editor13:47
ali1234so you're likely to get 10x as many crashes on the same project, even if they were equally buggy13:48
oimonhowever, linux used to be solid (even fedora) before KDE , Gmone and unity decided to re-write everything,just crashier13:48
ali1234there's too much IPC now13:48
ali1234just encourages deadlocks13:49
oimonnew 12.04 users will experience many bugs and crashes that were an alien concept a few years ago13:49
moviebunDunno why - maybe it's the complexity of the tasks? When a project has 10 clips of different sources, title clips, transitions, compositing and then rendering it all to one format, maybe that introduces a lot of points where a crash can happen?13:49
oimonmovie maker didn't have this issue in 200213:49
oimonor the pinnacle app i was using13:49
ali1234all the backend in both openshot and kdenlive is done by melt13:50
ali1234melt is like an even more buggy and crashy version of gstreamer13:50
oimonwhy don't they fix it?13:51
ali1234it's a script based system13:51
ali1234and if you make 1 typo in the script it segfaults13:51
ali1234it has zero error checking13:51
davmor2oimon: there your next project13:51
moviebunoimin: the Kdenlive forum has a post or two from people trying it in Ubuntu 12.04 and discussing their experiences. Not entirely smooth, But then again, when I first tried Kdenlive in Ubuntu 10.04 from the Software Center, I was missing a bunch of greyed out profiles.13:51
oimondavmor2, doesn't sound like something you can easily "dip into"...13:51
davmor2oimon: that's the point you can't assume that unless you know how codecs etc work that you can work on it with any ease13:52
oimonhowever ali1234 sounds knowledgeable..:)13:52
ali1234the reason nobody fixes it is because everyone with any sense is perfectly happy using something else13:52
gordheh, the idea that the open source ecosystem didn't used to be buggy, funny13:52
ali1234same reason why nobody fixes unity really13:52
oimongord, been using since '99 , and never experienced bugs as much as ubuntu in 2012.13:53
oimondebian stable seems happy to work properly13:53
oimonyesterday i got a bluetooth crash even though bluetooth isn't enabled on the laptop, then it asked me to run hcidump which isn't installed13:54
oimonall i wanted to do was quickly check my bank balance.13:54
oimonthere's a lot more papercuts, like not being able to shutdown from the lightdm screen if another user is logged into a session13:55
gordubuntu 12.04 seems to work properly for me, so by the same logic the open source ecosystem has never been more bug free13:56
ali1234yes but there's two of use and one of you, which means you;re wrong13:56
ali1234specifically, it means your assertion is unsupported annecdote13:57
jpdsoimon: It would be most rude to shutdown the system with someone else in.13:57
moviebunstability is so important - I'd rather have stability than the very latest features any day13:57
MooDoomoviebun: switch to debian ;) :p13:58
oimonjpds, it lets me when i'm logged in to the session13:59
oimonso either it should ask me to authenticate or give a helpful error13:59
oimonrather than do nothing13:59
Guest87126Is there a global menu-bar for Eclipse?13:59
ali1234none helpful errors.. yes, ubuntu is full of them14:00
ali1234like the one you get from mythtv14:00
jpdsoimon: Are you a sudo user?14:01
oimonbug 68117114:01
lubotu3Launchpad bug 681171 in Internet Archive - Tech Support "items not online; last action was regress.php in item history" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/68117114:01
oimonbug 86117114:01
lubotu3Launchpad bug 861171 in indicator-session (Ubuntu) "Shutdown from greeter does nothing when multiple accounts open" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86117114:01
moviebunMooDoo: :-) I've tried AVLinux - that's Debian-based. Has a stack of (logically) audio-visual programs including Kdenlive and OpenShot.14:01
oimon", everybody agrees that the issue is annoying, but the bug is not fixed yet is due to lack of manpower (and the fact that the bug is not that trivial to fix), not because the settings were not set higher, setting to High but it's not going to automagically resolve the issue..."14:02
oimonthere's a point where you are drowning in bugs if all you do is make software with more bugs14:03
ali1234yeah. this software is too buggy14:03
ali1234clearly we should throw it out and just start over14:03
hamitronthere's an idea ;)14:03
MooDooif your spotting bugs i hope you're logging bug reports :)14:03
oimonMooDoo, if not already reported and not a design "feature" i collect them to the end of the week and report them14:04
ali1234aka the bogus approach to software design14:04
MooDooawesome :D14:04
davmor2A new android popey has been created it seems http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151006799790499&set=a.231853995498.181285.121867580498&type=114:33
oimonmaybe we should bomb their comments and say popey?14:33
davmor2I was thinking about it :D14:34
oimonlooking at the t-shirts on threadless.com, i would buy them, except for the horrible hipster types they have wearing them stops me at the last minute. if they just showed the tshirt i would buy.14:37
matttoimon: ha14:41
matttoimon: goofy reason to not buy a cool tee :)14:41
ali1234being a hipster is so mainstream now14:41
ali1234*flicks hair*14:41
oimonalways wary about buying from the states as their sizes are weird14:46
oimonfound a weird bug with my phone (htc desire)15:08
oimonpower off phone. charge the phone, then unplug from charger and press power-on within a few seconds of removing cable.15:08
* DJones passes oimon a can of raid15:08
oimonthen cannot power on phone unless battery is removed15:09
oimondo t-mobile charge for calling 150?15:16
MooDoooimon: don't think so as they are owned by orange, well i hope not as i rang them the other day lol15:17
oimoni've disocvered i can't login to their site15:17
oimonsince they never sent me an email to confirm, and i've lost the username :-\15:17
diploAfternoon, That was a horrible drive back from Nottingham15:17
MooDoodiplo: rain?15:18
diployah, and complete ahems on the M515:18
MooDoodiplo: crappy weather15:18
diploOne guy in a merc doing 80/90 touching his breaks every 5 seconds, never knowing if he was going to break or not.15:18
oimonwhat is it about mercs/bmw and audi?15:19
oimonthe indicators don't work on those cars15:19
diploYeah, and switching the bloomin lights on when it;s torrential rain!15:19
oimoni even see learners not using indicators15:19
diploCouldn't see half of them15:19
MooDooi'm on a motorbike so i have to be tripply careful15:20
oimoni just broke t-mobile automated sstem15:21
diplonot replaced my bike yet15:21
diploDo I try and upgrade my VPS tonight, or am I too tired :D15:24
MooDoodiplo: how easy to upgrade?  does it need anything thinking?15:25
andylockrananyone on fasthosts in here and using their API ?15:25
diplonot looked yet MooDoo, BitFolk if you have tried15:26
MooDoodiplo: no not got a vps with them.15:29
diploBit of light reading for a few minutes and backup afew config files and then give it a go I guess.15:30
MooDooreading?  pah leave it then ;)15:31
oimonwhy do phone companies need 30 days to cancel a 24 months contract?15:32
oimonwhat a scam15:32
oimonwe all know when it finishes15:32
diploI'm tired, better not make to many mistakes :D15:32
oimonanyone on giffgaff?15:34
oimonis their unltd internet actually unltd?15:35
diploYup, to a fairly large extreme oimon15:35
oimont-mobie didn't really want to hang on to me15:35
diploThey have had a few users who have abused it to the likes of 15-20gb a month i think15:36
diploWho had been warned15:36
diploIf you check on the forums ( I did when I signed up ) and there was details on the limits15:36
shaunofind it a bit odd that 15-20gb is abuse on a smartphone, but it's what I'm contracted on a dongle15:36
diplotbh though, I rarely hit more than a gb a month15:37
oimonwhich price plan you on diplo ?15:37
diploI don't think it's abuse shauno, it's just mobiles aren't thought/designed to use that amount so they havent allowed for it.15:37
diplo£10, 250mins/Unlimited text/Unlimited Data15:38
oimonyep, looking at that one15:38
oimoni can cancel at any time?15:38
diploThey keep recommending me the £515:38
diploYep, monthly15:38
oimonwhat's the £5 ?15:38
diploCan't remember, but I think for £5 a month extra I'd rather have plenty of mins15:38
diploI'd rather have enough and not get caught out for £5 :)15:39
oimoni don't use minutes15:39
oimonand 20 text per month max15:39
oimoni might start on £10 though15:39
oimont-mob were 10.50 for a 12-month15:39
oimonand "unlimited internet" is 250mb15:39
diploMe either normally, but this month I've used over 150 because I went to a customer site and there phones weren't working, so I had to use my phone... would have been charged a fair bit if i wasn't on it15:40
oimonif my wife were on giffgaff too, i could use £5 one15:40
diploheh, my friends still on T-Mobile when they had the umlimited proper and still gets it15:40
oimoni do too15:40
oimonwell, android is 3gb.15:40
diployeah I've bought my kids that so we can text/chat for free15:40
oimongiffgaff is o2 right?15:41
diploOnly had 1 issue recently. Had a huge outing  a month or two ago and it took out there network for a few hours, flooding I think.15:41
oimonhappens to anyone15:41
diploBut they have / are resolving it so it doesn't happen again15:41
diploExactly my thoughts15:41
oimono2 are quite expensive though15:41
diploExcept they did have all there eggs in one basket15:42
diploBloody expensive yeah, it's why I didnt use them again15:42
diploSimplicity deal was ok for mins/texts but no data15:42
diploSo giffGaff won out15:42
diploExplicit no tethering though on GiffGaff ( Not sure how they detect ? )15:42
oimon3 mobile are cheap too15:42
oimondiplo, i would tether on holiday hmm15:43
diployeah, get fairly bad reception in my house on three where I receive most calls/texts so they were out15:43
diploI have tethered, and nowts been said15:43
diploNot sure how they detect apart from network traffic headers maybe15:44
DJonesdiplo: I'm thinking about changing to giffgaff so I can connect my tablet via the wifi hotspot on my phone15:45
diploDJones, I guess they wouldn't know the tablet is tethered, could be a tablet with a sim card15:46
diploI'd like to know how they detect it tbh15:46
awilkinsThey've not detected me tethering15:47
awilkinsI'd imagine my phone has very similar traffic to my laptop though, it's an N90015:47
DJonesPLus they're both android, both have the same login's etc and wouldn't be silly use downloading ubuntu iso's etc, just normal browsing, email etc, I doub't that would be noticed15:47
oimondiplo, how did you do the PAC code with giffgaff?15:47
oimoni've ordered the sim already, but bought nothing on it15:48
diploI didn't I'm afraid, I decided with the wife leaving me etc I'd start out all fresh with a new number, but PAC code process is very simple online from what I have heard from Friends15:48
oimondo you wanna earn referrer points?15:48
shaunoI'm still trying to find a carrier that has data roaming nailed.  some of the prices are obscene15:48
diploooh yeah, I always forget :D15:49
diplotwo secs thanks!15:49
oimondo you need my mob number?15:49
jpdsshauno: £10 a month if obscene?15:49
diploJust checking15:49
jpdsshauno: is*15:50
jpdsoimon: Should just need your giffgaff username.15:50
shaunojpds: that'd include roaming to other countries?15:50
jpdsshauno: Ah, right; best to go local then.15:51
diplooimon, already got your sim ?15:51
oimonit's in the post15:51
oimoni haven't requested PAC from tmob yet , so will have to wait 30 days before activating15:52
diploOoh ok, hmm so basicaly 500 points if you order sim via my sim page15:52
diplo200 points if you use my username15:52
oimonso we missed it already?15:52
oimonis voice mail free btw?15:53
diploIf and when you register just say partiuk reffered you15:53
diploI'll get 200 points15:53
diploDo you know what, I haven't had to retrieve one since being on and hadn't check prior15:53
oimondiplo, will do15:53
diploI'll check now15:53
diploIf you don't receive your SIM, re-order via that15:54
oimonwhat are points anyway?15:54
diplomoney, 500 points = £515:54
DJonesCould you just not order another sim anyway?15:54
diploFor every person you recruit you'll earn payback cash.1 recruit (1 activated SIM)= 500 pts / £515:54
DJonesAnd just activate that one, not the original one ordered15:54
diploYeah DJones he could, I think i did that with popey15:54
diplooimon : dial 443 for voicemail. it costs 8p or 1minute of goodybag.15:55
diplofrom the forums15:55
oimon1minute from minutes is fine15:56
oimont-mob was ripoff, i used hullomail mp3 voicemail instead15:56
diploI think the same thing, not a big talker :D15:56
oimonso you enter the PAC code when you activate the SIM/15:58
diploIt says make sure it's activated first16:00
oimondiplo FTW16:00
moviebuncurrently sipping a cold drink while installing 12.04 to a spare drive16:14
moviebun....an experience that would be more enjoyable had I not come home to a dead bird brought in by the cat. Yuk!16:16
MartijnVdSmoviebun: remember: it's not a gift, it's a warning16:28
moviebunMartiijnVdS: That's not what I told the cat! :-)16:32
MartijnVdSmoviebun: but it is what it's telling you :)16:33
moviebunMakes sense. It's been eyeing me up in a funny way for a week or so. Could be cabin fever from all the wet weather. Time I cut him out of my will, I think...16:34
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BigRedSNono! It'll dislike you even more!16:48
currymonsterHi all, anybody recommend a vps provider for running a small mail server?17:41
MartijnVdSalso.. why run your own mail?17:50
currymonsterMartijnVds: thanks17:51
currymonsterwho else am i gonna get to run my mail server?17:53
MartijnVdSGoogle :)17:53
MartijnVdScurrymonster: http://www.google.com/enterprise/apps/business/pricing.html -> the free plan17:55
currymonsterthanks again17:55
MartijnVdS\o/ gmail, imho :)17:56
currymonsterhmm basic website hosting too, bonus !!17:57
MartijnVdSthey have that?17:58
MartijnVdSUsing Google Site no doubt?17:58
MartijnVdSVPS is still useful though18:02
MartijnVdSfor IRC ;)18:02
currymonsterI would only need the vps to host email, but a basic website is a extra bonus, cheers for the google suggestion18:03
ubuntuuk-planet[Ubuntu UK Podcast] S05E06  What I Saw in California - http://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org/2012/05/09/s05e06-what-i-saw-in-california/19:03
zleaprhythm box auto downloads em,.19:05
MartijnVdSso does banshee19:12
MartijnVdSWhere would I go to buy a cheap phone charger? (store names? :)19:13
zleapi got one from amazon19:15
MartijnVdSzleap: yes, except I'm flying to Gatwick tomorrow and I need a charger with a UK plug :)19:15
MartijnVdS+between landing a[Dnd sleep19:16
popeyMartijnVdS: airport19:16
MartijnVdSpopey: won't they cost £50 or something there?19:17
MartijnVdSAirports are known for that kind of stuff19:17
* popey shrugs19:17
MartijnVdSAren't there dedicated high-street mobile phone stores?19:18
popeyyes, loads19:18
popeyon most high streets19:18
popeywhere you staying?19:18
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: laptop...?19:18
popeydoes your phone not charge over usb?19:18
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: what kind of plug has your charger got?19:18
MartijnVdSpopey: Flying to Gatwick, so train ends up at Victoria, but sleep is somewhere south of the river19:19
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: micro usb19:19
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: not bringing my laptop :)19:19
gordonjcpMartijnVdS: no, for mains19:19
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: EU19:19
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: I know I can jam those in UK sockets with help of a screwdriver, but that's not very nice :)19:19
MartijnVdSpopey: learned that trick at a UDS once  ;)19:20
gordonjcpnot MK sockets with the rotating shutter19:20
gordonjcpbut the ones with the earth pin slider do19:20
MartijnVdSgordonjcp: in that case, you could use the screwdriver to disassemble the socket and use the bare wires :P19:21
MartijnVdSI used to have a UK charger for my phone .. because I ordered from there19:22
MartijnVdSbut I thought "Meh, not needed." and threw it away :|19:22
MartijnVdS<-- id10t19:22
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: if you have a USB cable, perhaps get a mains USB adapter, or better yet bring a 4-way mains adapter with USB ports and just get a UK->Eur mains adapter19:29
diploevening ladies!19:32
Azelphurwith Linux, suspend is "off" right?19:32
Azelphuras in, the hardware is shutdown, it just stores the ram state on the HDD and pulls it back again19:33
=== daubers_ is now known as daubers
popeyAzelphur: no19:37
popeyAzelphur: suspend = suspend to ram = using power to keep ram alive19:37
popeyAzelphur: hibernate = suspend to disk = no power used, state held on disk19:37
AzelphurI wonder why debian only offers you suspend, especially on a laptop, that seems bad19:38
popeyso does ubuntu19:38
popeybecause hibernate is in general broken and slow19:38
popeysuspend is in general worky and fast19:39
AzelphurI mean, Debian has no shutdown button19:39
popeydo you not mean "GNOME Shell" rather than Debian?19:39
popeythere is a power button on your computer19:39
popeytap it19:39
Azelphuryea, I tap that and it suspends19:39
popeywhat desktop you using?19:40
Azelphurand in the GUI there's only suspend option xD19:40
Azelphurgnome shell lol19:40
popeyhold alt19:40
popeyor install that19:40
popeyor use a decent desktop19:40
Azelphurjust kinda doing a roam around different distros on my netbook19:41
Azelphursorta tempted to switch to sid since I like shiny new things19:41
brobostigongnome is not a decent desktop, no? short of haiku's, ?19:41
popeybrobostigon: don't feed the troll19:41
brobostigonpopey: ok,19:41
* brobostigon shuts up.19:41
Azelphurpopey: happen to know roughly how long a laptop would last in suspend mode?19:53
Azelphurhours? days? o.O19:53
jacobwtest it ;)19:54
MartijnVdSmine lasts about 4 days19:56
MartijnVdSand then I have ~10 minutes of use left before it dies19:56
MartijnVdSOooooohhhh http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1593273916/19:57
Azelphurhow rude, microsoft dmca'd the skypeopensource project19:58
MartijnVdSand that's why you use Google Talk :P19:58
jacobwempathy is awesome19:59
ubuntuuk-planet[Alan Pope] Why not contribute to Ubuntu Manual - http://popey.com/blog/2012/05/09/why-not-contribute-to-ubuntu-manual/20:03
matttwhat happened to the #ubuntu-uk meetings ?20:10
YaManicKillanyone had an issue with a recent php update on ubuntu server?20:14
dogmatic69YaManicKill: what issue?20:23
dogmatic69and what version20:23
YaManicKillbasically, it has stopped actually calling php when it gets asked for a php file20:25
YaManicKillso its just basically sending you the php file20:25
YaManicKillI'm starting to think its an issue that I've created as I downgraded it and it didn't fix it20:25
andrewebdevIs there a way to see what app is requesting my system password? As I'm going about my business on my ubuntu, every so often the password dialog will pop up asking for my password, even though I'm not trying to do anything that would require it20:25
andrewebdevof course I cancel it20:25
andrewebdevbut it kinda bothers me now20:25
dogmatic69YaManicKill: that is nothing to do with php, php does not handle web requests.20:30
YaManicKillhmmm yeah20:31
dogmatic69your web server is not initiating php properly and serving the file direct.20:31
dogmatic69sounds like you updated apache and it killed your config20:31
YaManicKillphp is def enabled in apache though20:32
dogmatic69good time to switch to cherokee ;)20:32
matttcherokee :-/20:33
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dogmatic69anyone know about SPF records? I am trying to set one up but not sure how to do it right.21:00
dogmatic69I have added TXT record with 'v=spf1 a mx ~all' but that causes a soft fail as the IP is wrong.21:01
dogmatic69using google apps mail to send21:01
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brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.21:27
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