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grantbowpleia2: looks like the g575 is more than $100 more than it was when on sale at Fry's. Were you looking at the s205?17:41
pleia2grantbow: nah, the X120e17:44
Faqtotumchecking out netbooks?17:45
gua-udshmm gotta make a key19:29
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grantbowFaqtotum: yes, laptops for $300-$400 ish that support kvm like the sale ones Fry's used to have. I should look for cheap or donated desktops that support kvm for testing too.19:47
Faqtotumwill there be a list of them posted somewhere?19:48
grantbowjust kicking around ideas. The ones we talked about so far are the Lenovo models G575, X120 and S20519:49
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grantbowprices change so fast a list gets outdated fast19:49
grantbowprice competition is brutal and lots of LUGers are quite price sensitive20:42

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