jelknermaco, are you here?17:45
jelkneri was wondering if you are active with pyladies?17:46
macoi went to one of their coffee meetups...17:46
jelknerbut your not a core member or anything, then?17:47
jelkneri'm asking because i'm working on pulling a weekend django workshop together in august17:47
jelkneran intro to django we are calling "Djentle Django"17:48
macojelkner: i only just got back into python when i started contracting with popvox.com17:48
macoso now i can know how to django17:48
macoseems like the rest of dc pyladies are all djangstas17:48
jelknerthat's what i heere17:48
jelknerand djangocon is in arlington this september17:49
jelknerso it's a good time to be one17:49
jelkneri've been working with nova python17:49
jelknerbut i hear the pyladies are involved too17:49
jelknerthat's why i was asking17:49
jelknermy other motivation was to start putting some recorded chatter on our channel logs17:50
jelknerto use as data for reactivating our loco17:50
jelknerand of course its always good to talk to you! ;-)17:51
jelknerbut in all seriousness, the loco organization apparently wants to see more on our irc channel17:52
jelknerkjcole told them we do things mostly through the mailing list17:52
jelknerbut that apparently doesn't give us as much cred17:52
macothats silly17:53
macoevery college student has heard of a listserv17:53
macofew people under age 40 have heard of irc17:53
macojust the "hax0rz"17:53
jelkneri don't want to misstate things17:53
maco(those under 40 who have heard of irc, know it as the place to get warez)17:53
jelknerbut i do know they were going to deactivate us17:54
jelknerand kjcole has been working to keep that from happening17:54
macoi wouldnt be surprised, and i wouldnt say we dont deserve it17:54
jelknerso what would you say we need to do to deserve to keep active status?17:55
macotpff is a nice hting, but its one day a year17:55
macoi know vancouver loco has a table weekly at a farmers market17:55
jelknerok, that's one thing a group could do17:56
jelknerbut we actually do a lot also17:56
jelknerwe just don't do it explicitly as the loco17:56
macohaving intallfests/tweakfests again would be good. gwu's not hosting anymore, and several releases have come and gone with little fanfare around here. i think last week was the first release party in 2 years17:57
macoyeah, i think they'd want to see more group activities or at least attaching the loco to the individual activities17:57
jelknerso the latter is what we discussed17:57
macolike going to a thing *representing the loco* and maybe having cards or little handouts about the loco17:57
jelkneri run an ubuntu lab in a public school here17:57
jelknerand i constantly do "install fests"17:58
jelknerin the sense i'm putting ubuntu on anyone's computer who will let me ;-)17:58
jelkneri do it a lot17:58
jelknerbut it doesn't register on the loco17:58
jelknerit should17:58
jelkneri'm a member17:58
jelknerand i'm doing ubuntu promotion in my community17:58
jelknerin an ongoing basis17:58
jelknerwe need an easy way to capture activity like that17:59
jelknerthere is a lot of it among our members17:59
jelknerwe just are not "getting it down"17:59
macoim not sure, even if you write it down, that it would count for the group, though. you as an individual, sure, but i have the impression locos are supposed to be a litlte more group-focused18:00
maconow, what with good google and easier OSes today, i think the days of LUGs have pretty much passed us by18:00
macoso there's that18:00
macowhich is where the tpff type stuff comes in as being where i think locos are focusing18:01
macotakoma park folk festival18:01
jelknerok, cool18:01
macobtw, takoma park has a big street festival too apparently18:01
macoi saw barry's band play there18:02
macoi think it was during that thing we sort of call winter18:02
macowhere it's rainy and cold18:02
jelknerstreet in winter18:02
macobut not april18:02
jelkneri'm not sure i agree that the day of lugs is passed, though18:03
macoi went to the takoma park friends meeting that day and i remember it was cold18:03
jelkneronly that there character should change18:03
macomaybe november?18:03
jelknernot so hard core geeky18:03
jelknermore mass and about what to do with computers running ubuntu18:03
jelknerrather than how to install it18:03
jelknersince like you said18:03
jelknerthat is becoming pretty easy18:04
jelkneri would also argue that if i invite some folks from my local community to come to my school so i can show them how to get ubuntu running on their laptop18:05
jelknerthat *is* a loco event18:05
jelknerwhy not?18:05
jelknerexcept that i didn't put it on our webpage18:05
jelknerthat's the problem18:05
jelknerwe are doing things18:05
macoi think in that case it should at least be emailed to the list18:05
macoso there's an open invitation for others to join in the helping18:05
macothen it can be called a loco event18:06
jelknerso i told kjcole i would try to do that more18:06
jelknerand i offered to try to get meeting going on this channel18:06
jelknerand then i totally forgot about the first one18:06
jelknerso i messed that up18:06
jelknerwhat are your thoughts on that?18:07
jelknershould we hold regular irc meetings?18:07
jelknermaybe monthly?18:07
macosounds more likely to work than merge's place18:08
jelknerit works for me18:08
jelknerwe are spread all over the dc area18:08
jelknergetting to a physical location is tough18:08
jelknerbut irc is easy18:08
jelknersince you're the first person i'm asking, do you have a preferred day / time?18:09
jelknerweekends vs. weekdays18:09
jelknerevenings vs. mornings18:09
macoim probably not going to be very involved18:09
macoive mostly quit ubuntu18:09
macoexcept for using kubuntu maverick18:10
jelknerand being one of the few folks to log on to our irc channel ;-)18:10
macoi have ops. someone's gotta kick trolls :P18:10
jelknerok, good talking to you... teaching duties call18:11
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