shakes808rick_h_: You want me to get the Pyramid framework right?01:48
Blazeix_shakes808: knowing rick_h_, yes.02:26
shakes808Thank you sir.02:26
shakes808Did you go to dinner with them?\02:27
Blazeix_yep, rick_h_ should be back on in 20-30 minutes, probably02:27
shakes808How was it?02:28
shakes808Did the speaker join you?02:28
Blazeix_yeah, it was good. one of the larger groups. maybe around 12 people02:29
shakes808Hope fully I will have money next time and join you all02:29
Blazeix_had some good conversation about wacky IT problems and network architecture02:29
Blazeix_cool, i hope so too02:29
shakes808I am looking at the Pyramid site and it is telling me to install a virtual environment and work out of there.02:35
shakes808Will it not work if I just install it?02:35
Blazeix_i think that will work if you just install it, but it will be easier in the long run if you use virtualenv02:37
Blazeix_i recommend reading this if you're getting started with python dev http://mirnazim.org/writings/python-ecosystem-introduction/02:38
shakes808Why is that02:38
Blazeix_there's a section on virtualenv in that link02:38
shakes808Do you dev in Python?02:40
Blazeix_not as my main job, no. but its one of the things i play around with02:40
shakes808What is your main job?02:41
Blazeix_mostly c#/java/web consulting02:42
Blazeix_sometimes other technologies as clients have need02:43
Blazeix_what do you do?02:43
Blazeix_no, for a smaller consulting company02:44
shakes808I work with Craig at Morpace. I work in JavaScript on a Proprietary software making dashboards02:44
shakes808for clients02:44
shakes808If I remember correctly, you are the one that sat down to my left, correct?02:45
Blazeix_oh cool, a morpace guy :)02:45
shakes808Yeah, I have been there since the beginning of March. Before that I was working briefly at an insurance software firm02:46
shakes808working in C#02:46
Blazeix_i do love modern c#02:46
shakes808My only exposure was the few months I was at that firm. I liked it. I got my associates in C++02:47
shakes808Wasn't horribly difficult to pick up02:47
shakes808For the VM, PyPy?02:53
shakes808and am I going to have to download Python again into the VM?02:55
Blazeix_you probably already have python on your system, but i think virtualenv may also download a version of python, not sure.02:56
Blazeix_you can just walk through the steps on pyramid's website to get you going02:56
rick_h_yea, the virtualenv will just symlink/copy the ptyhon on your system by default03:03
rick_h_don't mess with pypy yet, just something to confuse you03:03
rick_h_shakes808: so bring it to CHC tomorrow and I'll get you a project setup right03:12
shakes808sounds good. I am tying to get what I can on here so I can spend more time fiddling with code03:13
rick_h_sure thing, just realize that there are different 'templates' for apps and picking the right one to start out with will help make life easier03:14
shakes808Want to give me a quick run down on what I should install03:14
rick_h_maybe start with: http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_tutorials/en/latest/humans/setup.html03:14
rick_h_I've not run through it, but seems like a good start03:15
rick_h_some other tutorials there as well: http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_tutorials/en/latest/index.html03:15
shakes808Does it matter where I set up my directory layout?03:21
shakes808Where I am not going to have issues like my www/var at the moment and will still be able to serve them to test them out03:21
rick_h_shakes808: no, what I do is create a dir named 'src' in my home directory and put all my code stuff there03:32
rick_h_so I'd have /home/xxxx/src/tutorial1 or what not03:32
widoxtwitter fail. http://www.airdemon.net/hacker107.html03:33
rick_h_phew, don't appear to be in the list03:36
snap-lGreat. Looks like my old LG monitor bit the dirt.03:38
widoxanyone using Prismatic?03:40
rick_h_nope raw rss ftw03:40
shakes808I am on step 6 and it says: "bad interpreter: No such file or directory03:41
widoxI'm trying it out, interesting to just poke around at specific topics03:41
Blazeix_one of my friends swears by prismatic now03:43
greg-g you know, sometimes it doesn't hurt to just ask03:49
greg-gnon sequitor03:49
snap-lgreg-g: What are we asking?03:49
Blazeix_when are we asking them!?03:57
Blazeix_...you all would make terrible protesters.04:03
greg-gBlazeix_: lol04:05
greg-gor maybe tomorrow04:05
greg-gwe'll see04:05
greg-gyou know, it depends04:06
greg-gI have this bowl to smoke first04:06
shakes808I have been looking through documentation and can't find any trouble shooting for the install of Pyramid04:07
shakes808Where would I be able to grab 6. $ easy_install pyramid WebTest nose04:07
Blazeix_shakes808: i would follow this guide: http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid/en/1.3-branch/narr/install.html04:13
Blazeix_that goes more in depth04:14
Blazeix_looks like running ez_setup.py will give you easy_install04:14
snap-lYep, bloody LG monitor is toasty04:14
shakes808I have easy_install but not the file that it wants to use04:14
snap-lrick_h_: Thank you. I think you helped save me from a monitor that was about ready fo go on the fritz.04:14
Blazeix_shakes808: are you getting an error?04:15
shakes808aaron@Aaron:~/src/tutorial_workspace$ easy_install pyramid WebTest nose04:16
shakes808bash: /home/aaron/src/tutorial_workspace/venv/bin/easy_install: /home/aaron/tutorial_workspace/venv/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory04:16
snap-lshakes808: It looks like your virtualenv isn't set up properly.04:19
shakes808snap-l: would that be step 4 in this tut? http://docs.pylonsproject.org/projects/pyramid_tutorials/en/latest/humans/setup.html04:20
shakes808I put: aaron@Aaron:~/src/tutorial_workspace$ export PATH=/home/aaron/src/tutorial_workspace/venv/bin:$PATH04:20
Blazeix_looks like you forgot the 'src' directory in that step, maybe?04:20
snap-lBlazeix_: I think that's it.04:21
shakes808what should I have put?04:21
Blazeix_in that line you posted, you have one as "/home/aaron/src/tutorial_workspace" and the other is "/home/aaron/tutorial_workspace"04:21
snap-lalso, you can check what is your current path by typing "env | grep PATH"04:22
shakes808probably because I made it in my home dir (tutorial_workspace) and then moved it to src after rick told me04:22
snap-lYou might have several of them in there04:22
snap-lat which point you'll want to bring up a new shell, and try step 4+ again04:22
shakes808aaron@Aaron:~/src/tutorial_workspace$ env | grep PATH04:23
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, start a new shell, and run step 4+ again04:23
snap-lI think you're working against yourself.04:23
shakes808getting the same thing04:25
snap-lWhat does `which easy_install` say?04:25
shakes808$ which easy_install04:25
snap-lalso, did you make sure virtualenv was run with --no-site-packages?04:25
shakes808aaron@Aaron:~/src/tutorial_workspace$ easy_install pyramid WebTest nose04:25
shakes808bash: /home/aaron/src/tutorial_workspace/venv/bin/easy_install: /home/aaron/tutorial_workspace/venv/bin/python: bad interpreter: No such file or directory04:25
shakes808did it how it was on the site04:26
shakes808the install part doesn't have src still04:26
shakes808should I delete the folder and restart terminal and try again?04:26
snap-ltry starting from scratch (delete virtualenv-create directory, follow steps, etc)04:27
shakes808Or is it not that easy?04:27
Blazeix_maybe it got messed up when you moved the directory. there's probably some config somewhere that's pointing to the old location04:27
shakes808alright. To delete that is going to be: rm virtualenv04:27
Blazeix_maybe inside easy_install, check the first line of that file04:28
Blazeix_i bet it has a hard-coded path04:28
Blazeix_yeah, or just rm -r the directory, and start again, your choice04:28
snap-lOh, it was moved? I missed that04:28
Blazeix_00:22:29 by my clock04:29
snap-lBlazeix_: You're assuming I didn't skim right past that. :)04:29
shakes808what is the easiest way to save the file in vi? instead of sav! [filename]04:29
snap-l:w filename04:30
snap-lor just :w after opening the file04:30
shakes808the first line in there didn't have the /src/04:30
shakes808I am going to put it in and see what happens04:30
shakes808working now04:31
snap-lwIt worked?04:31
shakes808installing a bunch of stuff04:31
snap-lThat would be a yes, then04:32
=== Chat7924 is now known as lazeras
shakes808Thank you for the help04:32
lazerasWhat's good people's?04:33
lazerasLa de da04:33
shakes808lol YAY!04:42
shakes808Thank you again for helping me set it up04:43
snap-l  np, glad it's working.04:47
shakes808Alright, logging off. See some of you tomorrow night.05:05
snap-lGOod morning11:25
rick_h_snap-l: so your old display went boom?11:26
snap-lYeah, I'm not sure what happened11:28
snap-lit won't even power on11:28
snap-lI think it had performance anxiety.11:29
snap-l"Oh shit. Now he's going to know I've been slacking this whole time."11:29
snap-lAnd it committed monitor seppuku11:30
shakes808Good morning all11:31
shakes808So the monitor is ded?11:34
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, no biggie, though11:50
snap-lJust kinda strange how it was working one moment, then suddenly went kaput the next.11:51
brouschi see some conversation from last night. you cannot move a virtualenv11:57
brouschthere is a "portable" virtualenv, but i don't think it's stable11:57
rick_h_you can, but it's not advised11:57
rick_h_it requires renaming/updating magic paths11:57
rick_h_john has a script to help him do that when they used to (hope they stopped) syncying venv's around as a deploy setup11:58
snap-lThere's a few deployment practices that I would do differently. :)12:00
snap-lI understand why they're there, but man...12:00
shakes808snap-l: Oh well, just take Diana's when she isn't looking ;)12:01
snap-lshakes808: You keep thinking that Diana is someone to be trifled with12:02
shakes808brousch: That was the problem. I went in and fixed the PATH for it12:02
rick_h_I can assure you this is not true12:02
shakes808snap-l: rick_h_: ha ha, we will see.12:02
snap-lshakes808: It was nice knowing you.12:03
shakes808HA HA12:03
shakes808rick_h_: I got to the second tutorial on that page last night and it was blowing up on me. It probably is something stupid, was late when I was doing it, but was the same code as tutorial 1 that was blowing up. Tut 2 was showing unit testing. :D12:13
shakes808was blowing up at the ('', 8080, app) on the 808012:14
brouschdo you have something already running on 8080?12:15
brouschtry a different port, like 808112:15
shakes808I will try that tonight. And nothing should have been running on 8080. In tut1  it was running on 8080 and I stopped it to run tut 212:16
shakes808unless it was just hung up12:16
brouschoh wow, wtf. this tab in chromium shows it as using 2.5GB of RAM right now http://www.tedxgrandrapids.org/event-details-2/2012-schedule/12:23
brouschheh, for some definition of "good:12:51
brouschjacobian : Data point: Ubuntu has gotten good enough that I now know several people who've used it for a year+ without ever touching the terminal.12:51
snap-lI'm not sure they're exclusive of one another, but that's good to hear.12:59
snap-lI know my dad has come to prefer Ubuntu12:59
shakes808At the end of the meeting last night, I heard a lot of complaining about the task bar on the top. I don't understand why that would be an issue, I like that any active window's task bar is on the top of the screen; makes things more unified13:23
rick_h_MUG has a lot of old school linux'ers in there13:24
rick_h_so you'll hear a lot of griping of new/changed things13:24
shakes808How many people in the MUG group are DEV?13:25
snap-lThat and some folks held their nose long enough to get used to GNOME13:25
snap-lshakes808: I think you'll find more admins than developers13:25
snap-lMaybe 3:1 admins to developers?13:26
shakes808So maybe a small handfull?13:26
snap-lI don't know what some folks do, though, so it may be a better radio than I realize13:27
shakes808Do you ever do MUG dev projects? Maybe make an OS? MUG-nux :D13:27
rick_h_we're the dev crowd :)13:27
shakes808HA HA13:27
rick_h_well Jim is all dev/business13:27
jrwrenhow was the LTSP presentation last night?13:30
jrwrenwtf is Mr. Powers doing with it?13:30
rick_h_running a school13:30
jrwreni love that ASCAP is an anagram for ASPCA13:30
shakes808snap-l: what was that sound? Did you bring your drumset in? Sounded like a symbol lol13:34
snap-lshakes808: I'm at home, so NFC.13:34
jrwreni dev in python as my main job now. YAY13:34
jrwrenand C too.13:34
jrwrenno more PHP for me :)13:34
rick_h_I bought django books last night :(13:35
snap-lrick_h_: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.bluegaspode.squeezeplayer13:35
jrwrenwhat books?13:35
jrwrenI've only read The Definitive Guide "Holovaty and Kaplan-Moss"13:36
shakes808Why not this one? http://www.amazon.com/Python-Web-Development-Django-ebook/dp/B001ANYCGO/ref=pd_sim_kstore_5?ie=UTF8&m=AG56TWVU5XWC213:37
shakes808while you were at it :D13:37
brouschrick_h_: good to have onboard!13:37
rick_h_2008 and not a fan of the publisher13:37
rick_h_shakes808: ^13:37
brouschyou need your old ones back?13:37
jrwrenoh, $0.99 kindle, but i want dead trees13:38
rick_h_jrwren: yea, they're small quick things13:38
rick_h_free for prime members13:38
rick_h_so bonus13:38
jrwren27 pages, 77 pages.13:38
jrwrenI'm loving this revolution.13:38
brouschi hadn't seen those last 2. good find13:38
rick_h_right, just small tip after tip13:38
rick_h_kind of hard to read, but good info for me13:38
shakes808Are Amazon's books DRM-free?13:39
rick_h_no, orielly ones are I think13:40
shakes808I have a bunch of books13:40
shakes808if you want to go through them, you are more than welcome to them13:40
shakes808I haven't really had a chance to go through them myself. I have GBs worth of books13:41
jrwrenborrow for free with prime.13:43
jrwrenGAH!!! must have amazon prime!13:43
rick_h_prime ftw!13:43
brouschalso coming some day: http://pragprog.com/book/rvrdj/solid-django13:45
rick_h_well I need to start writing django next week so 'some day' won't due for now :P13:54
brouschi'm glad you've finally come to your senses13:59
jrwrenthe greatest strength of django is its simplicity14:02
jrwrenthe greatest weakness of django is its simplicity14:02
brouschi thought the greatest strength of django was it's large community14:07
shakes808Thought that it was too big?14:07
ColonelPanic001the greatest weakness of django is pronouncing its name.14:14
shakes808HA HA14:14
jrwrenDeeJay Ango14:15
jrwrenhow else would you say it?14:15
jrwrenyo yo yo dJ ango in the house!  getting funky on the microfone!14:16
shakes808Drop the D because we are not Aussie lol14:16
waldo323_jay and go?14:16
snap-lApparently rick_h_ REALLY wants to use Google Hangouts for Lococast14:17
shakes808I never got a response from my comment earlier about having a MUG Dev Project of MUG-nux14:21
shakes808I am guessing that is a negative?14:21
snap-lI'm not sure what that even means.14:21
shakes808Make a Linux distro14:22
snap-lUm, that's a negative. :)14:22
shakes808lol :( ok14:22
snap-lI'll support you doing it, but making a distro is a lot of work14:22
jrwrenthe last thing the linux world needs is another distro14:23
shakes808I imagine, it wouldn't be over night or what not. My buddy and his dad were making an OS from Assembly. Not sure how far they got in that project, but I think they got the starts of it to work.14:23
greg-gbut I have this reeeeaaaly great idea!!!14:24
rick_h_snap-l: :)14:24
greg-g(g'morning, btw)14:24
jrwren"an OS from Assembly" can mean a lot of things. Its pretty easy to write some code that x86 or x64 will boot.14:24
jjessegood morning greg-g14:24
snap-lrick_h_: Thank you. :)14:24
jrwrenwriting your own full TCP/IP stack on top of that and making it run other existing software is something else :)14:24
shakes808greg-g: morning14:24
shakes808I will have to see how far they got. I know he got the USB to work and some other stuffs14:25
rick_h_snap-l: np, that's the one I have <3 it14:26
snap-lshakes808: I think the main thing about writing a Linux distro is it isn't a one-time even14:26
snap-lit's a commitment14:26
snap-lshakes808: You heard Jim talking about how he started the LTSP project14:27
rick_h_what, stop talking about doing a distro14:27
rick_h_enough insanity today14:27
snap-lrick_h_: I'll never tell someone they can't do something14:27
shakes808snap-l: yeah that it got big quick when Ubuntu and whoever else got on board14:27
snap-lIf people listened to me, there wouldn't ahve been GNOME or KDE14:27
shakes808and that it is too big for him now and he just checks in from time to time14:27
snap-lEveryone has their own insanity to pursue14:28
jrwrensnap-l: really? you were anti-gnome, even in the 0.30-pre time ?14:28
snap-lIt's not up to the naysayers to tell them what they can't work on14:28
rick_h_hah, ok definitely don't take me seriously14:28
snap-ljrwren: I figured nobody needed another CDE clone14:28
jrwreni was happy to have anything that wasn't CDE14:29
shakes808I am not suggesting to be the next Ubuntu or major distro. Just something for the club to work on collectively and see where it goes.14:29
snap-ljrwren: But that's just it. GNOME and KDE grew to be so much more than just CDE14:29
snap-lshakes808: Definitely bring it up if you're interested14:29
jrwrenshakes808: sounds like that is where your interest lies, I say go for it. Other folks are probably interested in other things.14:29
snap-lthere may be some takers.14:29
shakes808snap-l: lol I am not that seasoned a developer or know how to start something like that, but just thought that it might be something that would be cool to do for the experience and get people thinking outside the box and get some creativity going.14:31
snap-lshakes808: If you want to do it, you'll probably have to spearhead it14:32
shakes808I am always looking to try something to expand what I could know.14:32
snap-lThere are some projects for building distros14:32
shakes808If that is the case, let me get some other projects of mine started first :D14:32
shakes808Like Jim said, "Life happened" and he had to step back from it because "it wasn't making him any money"14:33
shakes808Let me focus on that first and then I will look more into it ;)14:33
shakes808TY for the link. I will look at it later on14:36
brouschdamnit. C# won't let me do a switch on a Double. come on, VBA let's me do it15:16
rick_h_widox Blazeix_: http://cssarrowplease.com/ kind of cool15:20
rick_h_widox: you coming to CHC? get a chance to try the colorhug?15:20
widoxrick_h_: that's pretty slick15:22
widoxno CHC tonight; have an awards thing to go to for my wife15:22
rick_h_ah, party on!15:22
rick_h_awards ftw15:22
widoxI did get my laptop colorhuged though15:22
rick_h_how did it go?15:23
widoxseems ok, I got used to the difference in about a day15:23
widoxonly thing that's goofy, is the brightness. it seems dimmer all around then it used to15:23
rick_h_yea, I think that's intentional15:24
rick_h_I think it's more the muted colors15:24
rick_h_than physical brightness, but seen the same thing15:24
widoxyeah, maybe so15:24
shakes808CSS stuff is cool :D15:24
widoxbut I like to turn my brightness down like 3 notches, helps battery life15:25
widoxnow, that's a bit to dim15:25
shakes808I am logging, see you at CHC if you are going15:25
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rick_h_greg-g: help!15:29
Blazeixrick_h_: ah, useful15:38
snap-lWow, Jamendo is really broken16:11
=== jedney is now known as JonEdney
greg-grick_h_: what?! :)17:28
jrwrenbrousch: technically you can't use == on a float or double type. Any language that lets you is asking for trouble or had better have defined a default epsilon for comparison17:42
greg-gsnap-l: so, they fixed much of my concerns with the redesign vis a vis CC licneses17:48
greg-gI haven't checked search yet, though17:48
greg-gsnap-l: by "much" I mean they responded to a few specific concerns from CC even though there are a couple more niggles17:50
snap-lgreg-g: Yeah, I saw that.17:51
snap-lUNfortunately, you can't search on anything anymore.17:51
greg-g:( :(17:52
snap-lThey really busted it17:52
rick_h_greg-g: so I've got a technical question for you, I'm wrapping some code in a file that's Copyright Google, and trying to split what's ours/theirs. http://paste.mitechie.com/show/aDxVm412A0JupwXeqliP/17:52
rick_h_greg-g: is there some particular way I should know to do that? mark it derivative work somehow or something?17:53
rick_h_and people out there in the world just need to fall over dead...faith in humanity destroyed in the last hour17:53
greg-gsnap-l: wait, what? I see the option to search by license17:53
snap-lgreg-g: Try searching for latest releases in Metal17:54
snap-lor search on a band's name.17:54
snap-lterritory, for instance.17:54
snap-lAh, I think something was broken eaerlier.17:54
snap-lYeah, it's working now17:55
greg-gsnap-l: I can't find genres easily (if at all)17:55
greg-grick_h_: looking/thinking17:55
rick_h_greg-g: end of the day it was brought up to email the issue to legal, not used to that idea17:55
snap-lClick on the search box17:55
rick_h_greg-g: so I'll wait for the official word, but started out thinking you might have an idea on the right way to denote that kind of inter-mixing17:56
greg-grick_h_: so.. you're just wrapping the like 5 line google analytics drop in code?17:56
rick_h_greg-g: well it's 100+ lines with 5 lines of my own17:56
rick_h_the ... just so you get the idea, it goes on for a while17:57
greg-gcan I ask what that google code is/came from?17:57
rick_h_google analytics, we got permissionto pull it and serve it from our servers since we have a policy of not loading 3rd party JS17:58
rick_h_now because we're serving it, I want to wrap it in a YUI module so our JS combination systems can effeciently serve that out to users17:58
greg-ghuh, uhhh, well, I assume legal told them that LP is AGPL :)17:58
rick_h_we got permission from Google17:58
greg-gmaybe now google analytics is AGPL :)17:58
snap-lgreg-g: Probably just that little bit of javascript17:59
rick_h_so not sure what that involved, but know that we got permission and that's why it's noted that it's Google copyright in the original file I'm wrapping17:59
greg-gsnap-l: doesn't sound like it, sounds like the part that is loaded from google's servers17:59
snap-lgreg-g: Was being clueless / facetious. :)17:59
greg-gyeah, if they MIT/BSD license that code, or AGPL it, then all is kosher. but it probably can't stay All Rights Reserved18:00
greg-gsnap-l: :)18:00
snap-lgreg-g: I think All Rights Reserved is copyright's 'sincerely'18:00
greg-grick_h_: can you send me Canonical Legal's response when you get it? :)18:00
* greg-g is just curious18:00
snap-lhave seen that in instances where it clearly isn't 'all rights reserved'18:00
greg-gor, what bzr repo should I watch to see the outcome? :)18:01
rick_h_greg-g: k18:01
snap-lrick_h_: Can we at least wait until 12/21/2012 before humanity drops dead?18:01
greg-gyeah, what was that about?18:01
snap-lI want to give props to the mayans if they call it.18:01
rick_h_just on the road and had two different idiots try to kill me, both flipped me off and got agressive on me18:02
greg-g:( ugh18:02
greg-gsorry man18:02
snap-lrick_h_: bike-rage?18:02
rick_h_and of course Lowes being a bunch of dips...order a mower "7-14 days"18:02
rick_h_no, this was in a car18:02
snap-lrick_h_: Ah, that's inexcusable18:02
greg-gif it makes you feel any better, a minivan got within 6 inches of me on my ride home the other day. I punched it 4 times. They stopped and looked at me dumbfounded18:02
rick_h_so go in today to pick up my mower since I've got a long lawn..."oh, didn't they call you? It's on backorder until the 23rd"18:02
snap-l(not that bike-rage is excusable)18:02
rick_h_so canceled the order and amazon will have it here friday via Prime free shipping18:03
greg-gok, maybe 10 inches. either way, much less than the 3 feet required by law18:03
rick_h_should have done that to start with...but hey...support the local cool Lowes store and all that crap18:03
rick_h_taking 29 days what Amz can get to me in 2...not going to work there Lowes18:03
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greg-gwow, yeah, no way18:05
rick_h_what sucks is I had to go in there to get this info. They could have at least called to say "hey, your 7-14 day ordered is bumped to a month now"18:06
rick_h_bah, I'm fired up and cranky now.../me pulls back and gets a drink18:06
snap-lrick_h_: So you'll get hte fun of having the UPS guy hand you a lawnmower18:15
snap-llike we just did with a sewing machine18:15
snap-l(Amazon gold box deal)18:15
rick_h_snap-l: yea, at least I'll have a mowed lawn this weekend18:16
snap-ltrue dat18:16
snap-lhttps://shinyplasticbag.com/dragondrop/ <- Linux users got this for free whenever X crashed.18:28
nixternalgreg-g: i wear the sidi toe spikes on my mtb shoes when out on my cross bike. i taught one driver not to fuck with me when I have those shoes on. punched a total of 9 perfect holes into their door & kept going18:46
nixternalwonder how long it took them to realize they had holes on the right side of their car18:46
nixternali didn't mean to, but after the 3rd kick to the side, i noticed what i was doing, so i kept going, just with more aggression18:47
greg-gnixternal: wow18:58
greg-ghey, if I can reach you, you're too close, right? :)18:58
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nixternalgreg-g: that's the way I feel. now most of the time I just ignore it, unless i can catch them at a light19:05
nixternalif i am cruising and not training and they do it, i will yell as an attempt to get them to stop & get out of their car. it works from time-to-time19:06
snap-lApparently today is delivery day.19:28
waldo323_thats good i hope19:29
snap-lGot JoDee's anniverary gift, a replacement power adapter for her computer,19:29
snap-land a camera so rick_h_ can peek at me in my undies.19:29
nixternali just threw up a little in my mouth19:31
nixternaloh hell, who am i kidding....i just puked everywhere bastard!19:31
greg-gnixternal: hey, at least you didn't have to share a room with nixternal at penguicon, oh wait....19:32
nixternalhey hey now19:33
nixternalif you didn't break into that room, we wouldn't have shared it in the first place19:33
greg-gthat was fun19:34
greg-g"here, hold my beer"19:34
snap-lYay, and VirtualBox works on thislaptop19:36
devinheitmuellersnap-l: can I make a constructive suggestion?  Never get your significant other computer parts as an anniversary gift.19:36
snap-ldevinheitmueller: It's a marriage-saver when she can power her laptop agai19:37
waldo323_what about christmas and birthdays? :)19:37
snap-lwaldo323_: so many ways to go completely wrong with that19:38
devinheitmuellerwaldo323_: I wouldn't recommend it for birthdays either - I found that one out the hard way.19:38
snap-ldevinheitmueller: You're supposed to keep it in the package, not put it on the package.19:38
* snap-l gives myself a 5 minute time-out19:38
snap-lbtw: if anyone wants to save $25 off on a Ting.com phone, please use this offer code: https://z6oc11q87.ting.com/19:42
snap-lSo far I'm pretty happy with it, although the phone that I got has limited wifi range.19:44
brouschdamn i hate windows20:27
brouschyou cannot copy a dll from anetwork drive to the program files and have it work20:27
brouschyou have to copy it to the desktop, then move it to program files20:27
snap-lbrousch: THere's probably some behind-the-scenes registering that goes on when you do it that way20:36
brouschit is idiotic20:37
brouschonly cost me 30mins of my day20:38
brouschi have a version of my c# project in the hands of a user now, so that's going well20:38
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shakes808Good day all21:58
shakes808can anyone see this?22:27
shakes808I registered my name and it wants to do some NickServ thing and it says I need to log in23:09
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JonEdneyshakes808, did you get your NickServ thing fixed?23:45
JonEdneyYou registered your name?23:45
JonEdneyYou should be able to type /msg NickServ identify PASSWORD23:46
JonEdneyAnd that will "log you in"23:46
shakes808I do that and it says...23:46
shakes808invalid password23:48
shakes808but i know it is the pass i set it up with23:49
shakes808going to ask for a pass reset23:52

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