odaPull the hatch forward!, what year is it good sir?02:58
paultagoda: Hail! Oda!03:07
paultag← bed03:08
paultagoda: come back soon, miss you03:08
odapaultag, night03:12
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paultaggood morning folks13:47
thafreakso, what'd I miss...15:02
thafreakbeen afk since thursday...i think...not really sure...15:03
thafreakAnyone chat about remote ubuntu desktops?15:04
gilbertheyhey ohio!17:31
paultagheyya gilbert17:33
gilbertwe need to get more activity on this chan ;)17:38
Unit193I could say something, but that wouldn't help in the way of good activity.17:40
paultaggilbert: for sure17:44
paultaggilbert: it's better then it was pre-dictator-paultag -- that was like 2 of us not talking for weeks17:45
paultagso I mean, we're still "ahead"17:45
paultagbut I agree17:45
paultagwe should do another membership push17:46
gilbertpaultag: definately17:55
thafreakcanthus13: you work for buckeye?18:05
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thafreakcanthus13: saw a post on /b about something about buckey cable...it 404'd a while a go tho22:22
canthus13Prolly someone bitching about the caps.22:23
thafreakit was actually something on reddit that got posted there22:23

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