bkerensawhats up tgm488301:02
tgm4883bkerensa, just debugging some mysql issues01:38
tgm4883having fun at UDS?01:39
bkerensahey nathwill04:45
bkerensanathwill: ping05:03
bkerensahi sbeattie05:31
sbeattiehey bkerensa05:31
sbeattieenjoying UDS so far?05:32
bkerensasbeattie: yes it has been enjoyable... lots of work items but still fun :)05:33
bkerensasbeattie: are you here too?05:33
nathwillhey bkerensa05:36
bkerensasbeattie: cool well would love to meet you before the end05:36
bkerensanathwill: sup05:36
nathwillnot much. got all those utilities updated for the new deps finally.05:37
bkerensanathwill: they dropped fiber in for UDS and ripped out all the hotels infrastructure05:37
bkerensaso if I sit in the convention center area I am getting amazing speeds :)05:38
nathwillthat is fantastic05:38
nathwillsend 'em to my house when they're done packing up05:38
bkerensanathwill: uhh so you should apply for membership btw :)05:38
nathwillyeah... i know05:38
bkerensaand next cycle it might be cool for you to apply to come here... I think it would be up your alley05:38
nathwillyeah i'm sure it is.05:39
bkerensanathwill: I got you a android keychain at the google party05:39
nathwillbkerensa: thanks! i will throw it next to my powells bottle opener :D05:40
nathwillso have the google people said anything about the Ubuntu for Android project?05:41
bkerensathe only google people who were really there were the Goobuntu people05:44
bkerensaand yes they still use Puppet05:44
bkerensaone of my cousins college buddies was here and he used to work at Yahoo and apparently is a Googler05:44
bkerensahe was only at Y for a year05:44
nathwillin what department?05:44
bkerensaSysadmin for Search05:45
bkerensaand now he is a Engineer on the Goobuntu team05:45
bkerensabig hop :P05:45
nathwillyeah, i bet he left when the MS deal came down05:45
bkerensafunny thing is he used Fedora when he was at Y05:45
nathwillyeah. it's pretty popular05:46
nathwillthere's an internal fedora mirror05:46
bkerensabut now he uses Goobuntu exclusively05:46
nathwillthat the devs in india host05:46
bkerensathe Edubuntu guy did a really good plenary05:46
bkerensaand I liked the plenary by Bdale Garbee05:46
nathwillyeah, edubuntu is a great project05:46
nathwillwhat'd Garbee do?05:47
bkerensanathwill: well he spoke about HP's projects05:47
nathwillah. ok. he an HP rep? or working with HP from the Canonical side?05:47
nathwillack... think i just broke unity...05:48
bkerensanathwill: he is their Linux Chief Architect05:48
sbeattiebkerensa: there's also a few ChromeOS people here.05:51
bkerensasbeattie: oh yeah kees and others too05:52
* bkerensa remembers the days of his chromebook05:52
* sbeattie was surprised that multcolib will loan out chromebooks for 2 hours05:52
* nathwill is also surprised05:53
* sbeattie falls over and calls it a semi-early night.05:54
bkerensasbeattie: hopefully you didnt fall over in the bar :)05:55
nathwillyeah... i've got to be heading to bed as well...05:55
bkerensanathwill: peh05:55
nathwillhave fun down there guys! see ya tomorrow05:55
* bkerensa has been rocking it till 2am daily05:56
nathwillearly morning mang05:56
bkerensaand waking at 6am05:56
bkerensayeah ^05:56
nathwilland that is why you're tired05:56
bkerensabacon in morning though!05:56
nathwillthe hell05:56
bkerensauh huh05:56
bkerensaand shrimp omelletes05:56
nathwillso every time i try to install this damned EA game, my launcher gets stuck open05:56
nathwilland quits hiding05:56
nathwillwell that's just lovely05:57
nathwillok. g'night all05:57
bkerensaits just a desktop file anyways05:57
bkerensaMarkDude: sup06:19
MarkDudeUh not much06:20
MarkDudeSo I heard that some folks were not stoked with the party06:20
keesit was ...06:43
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shirgallnathwill: the software center is installing a bookmark to fire up your default browser and go to the game online (it's an online HTML5-based thing). If you have fiddled with your default browser settings in a weird way, like I have, you may have to make sure your browser is up before you click the launcher icon.14:24
shirgallnathwill: or is it that the launcher itself is getting hosed on install?14:25
nathwillyeah, the launcher itself is getting hosed14:25
nathwillit stops auto-hiding, and is missing the installer icon14:25
shirgallweird, I haven't seen that, definitely file a bug14:25
nathwillyeah, i shall be. gonna experiment with it some more when i get home.14:25
shirgallMy autohide settings got reset when unity 5.10 was updated this week... might be that? In fact, I have some pieces of unity 5.12 now.14:26
nathwillso 5.10 is the official in-repos version, yeah?14:36
nathwilli mean... i went and tried toggling the autohide on and off while it was stuck14:36
nathwilland it wasn't making a difference14:36
nathwilli had to restart unity to get it to straighten out14:37
shirgallWeird, definitely file a bug14:40
shirgallI'm tracking ubuntu-updates, and what I'm getting is 5.10 although there's a couple of libs that went 5.1214:41
nathwillthought maybe you were tracking upstream nightly ppa or something14:43
shirgallnot anymore, before 12.04 was GA I was tracking the pre-release PPA14:44
shirgallAt some point I'm going to change a machine to track proposed, but I usually wait a couple weeks after UDS before I turn that on :)14:45
nathwilli'm gonna start running +1, but i've decided to wait until the alpha release14:49
* nathwill yawns16:19
nathwillUbuntu Hour tomorrow in Beaverton. anybody coming?16:19
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