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antdilloncjohnston, Ping12:49
cjohnstonantdillon: pong13:12
antdilloncjohnston, Hi Chris, have you had time to take a look at my merge proposal?13:21
cjohnstonantdillon: 2 things... I'm not entirely sure why the key signing party is being put on the site and not left on the wiki13:22
cjohnstonI read it the mp but wouldn't say that I reviewed it13:23
cjohnstonafaik mhall119  is responsible for the site so I was leaving it for him13:23
antdilloncjohnston, I was asked by the Event Organiser here at Canonical to add it13:23
cjohnstonworks for me13:24
antdilloncjohnston, Ah ok I'll ask him, I wasnt sure who was in change and you were the creator of the project so added you13:24
cjohnstonnp.. ya, the project was created for a somewhat different reason and changed to allow the site so we don't have 700 projects, just 69913:26
antdilloncjohnston, Cool thanks, I've re-assigned the mp to Michael Hall13:26
cjohnstonantdillon: i just read it more closely and I'm fine with it as it is13:27
antdilloncjohnston, I just need to merged in as im not a member of the team13:27
cjohnstonwhen I get out of bed ill work on that13:28
antdilloncjohnston, Jezz your in bed lol ... ok ill leave ya to get ready :)13:28
cjohnstonlol. its only 63013:29
nigelbcjohnston: only 699. I think you forgot a few :D13:37
cjohnstonthat isnt a valid time13:53
cjohnstonantdillon: https://code.launchpad.net/~uds-organizers/uds-project/wordpress-theme13:56
antdilloncjohnston, Awesome thanks Chris13:58
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