ptmanhi! I'm having problems with nvidia drivers on lucid07:32
ptmanit's a newer card, so I had to install nvidia-current from ubuntu-swat-x ppa07:32
ptmanbut nouveau is loading even though it is blacklisted, and so the nvidia binary driver doesn't end up in use07:32
ptmanjockey reports proprietary, enabled, but not in use07:33
ptmanbtw, has the jockey-name of the driver been renamed?07:35
ptmanI see some documentation referring to xorg:nvidia_current07:35
ptmanbut on my system it's kmod:nvidia_current07:35
ptmanok, I removed nouveau.ko, so it can't get loaded, but still jockey-text reports not in use07:40
toumboGoodmorning people! There are new nvidia drivers that fix some regressions with older cards! http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux-display-ia32-295.49-driver-all.html07:44
toumboIs there any possibility to deliver to us this update via ppa?07:44
tjaaltontoumbo: it's in precise-proposed already07:53
toumbotjaalton all I have to do is to install nvidia-current-updates instead of nvidia-current?08:02
tjaaltontoumbo: ..from the precise-proposed repository08:02
toumboAnd the ppa should I remove it?08:02
tjaaltonwhat ppa?08:02
tjaaltonyou should enable -proposed08:02
toumboppa:ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates this08:03
toumboIt not yours?08:03
tjaaltondon't think it matters08:03
toumboit is*08:03
toumboOk!Thanks tjaalton!I'll try it right away!08:04
ptmanhmm... I finally got it running by using nvidia-xconfig, shouldn't jockey take care of that?08:04
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tjaaltonyet another 4h night, gonna be an awesome session :)15:33
tjaaltonRAOF: ! :)16:00
erapplemanvery nice session16:56
tjaaltonwaiting for the phoronix article.. <bitingnails>17:00
erapplemantjaalton, even if we mail him the notes, the guy will still screw it up17:07
tjaaltonbtw, GL_ARB_robustness seems to be implemented in mesa 7.1117:38
tjaalton"They don't expect any level of hybrid graphics support for Ubuntu 12.10, but maybe for Ubuntu 13.04. They're not really looking to do any major upstream work, but just waiting for the work being done by David Airlie at Red Hat and others to get their work finished"17:51
tjaaltonyes, exactly..17:51
tjaaltonthough that was based on the plans session from yesterday17:52
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erapplemantjaalton, phoronix dude is reading the etherpad as we speak18:20
erapplemanprepare yourself18:21
tjaaltonerappleman: hehe, nice reply to the phoronix thread18:45
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