cyberplopAs I can sync contacts ubuntu one with thunderbird in  ubuntu 12.04?00:11
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gatoxgood morning11:04
mandelgatox, morning!11:08
gatoxmandel, hi! how are you?11:09
mandelgatox, good, done with some of the reseach about the fs events.. do you know why we have never considered kqueue?11:09
gatoxmandel, no idea... i saw that long time ago when i was researching fs events for ninja.... but only a quick peek11:11
mandelgatox, hm.. ok I'm sending a long email to ubunet-discuss, canonical-tech and us (as in people working on the mac) with all the things I have looked at11:12
gatoxmandel, good11:12
gatoxmandel, i talk with alecu yesterday.... as soon as i have something to show here, i'm going to send you (alecu, you and mmcc) the branch, with the explanation of why i did everything, so we can discuss how to improve it, what need to be changed, and so....11:13
mandelgatox, how is he doing?11:14
mandelgatox, I mean alecu :)11:14
gatoxmandel, he seems fine.... he went to google circus yesterday :P11:14
gatoxmandel,  and he was really excited with qml11:15
mandelgatox, hahaha lucky him!11:15
mandelgatox, boring email sent, can you take a look at it and let me know if I forgot anything?11:26
gatoxmandel, ack..... reading.....11:26
mandelgatox, I have a feeling that kernel qs is a better idea that reading from the fsevents io.. but I'm not sure..11:28
mandelgatox, I'm off to have lunch12:34
* mandel lunch12:35
gatoxmandel, ack12:37
ralsinagood morning12:54
gatoxralsina, hi12:54
ralsinahi gatox, how are you?12:54
gatoxralsina, fine.... trying to fix some api things in fs-notif.... to see if i can start with the tests (it's a lot of codeee... i need to test it)12:54
ralsinagatox: cool12:55
gatoxralsina, you?12:55
ralsinagatox: fine, finally slept 7 hours last night, so better than the last few days12:55
ralsinagatox: for one reason or another I have been sleeping 3-4 hours since saturday12:55
gatoxralsina, why weren't you able to sleep?12:56
ralsinagatox: well, on saturday I arrived hone at 3:30 from the pyday :-)12:56
gatoxralsina, the excitment of the pyday :P12:56
ralsinathen a family thing on sunday, then my sleep patters were just gone to hell12:56
gatoxralsina, i hate when that happens...... because you TRY to sleep.... and it's even worse!12:57
ralsinaso I spent all yesterday trying not to sleep and crashed at 10PM, and woke up today at 5:30, so not that bad12:58
ralsinaand tonight it should be ok12:58
gatoxralsina, the next time you can't sleep, you should go to the hoyts in DOT... it's like be sitting in heaven! jeejjeee so relaxing!13:00
ralsinait's an expensive nap, though ;-)13:01
gatoxor buy a chair like that!13:01
ralsinaI would need to buy another living room13:18
mmccmorning folks…13:42
gatoxmmcc, hi13:42
* mandel back13:42
mmcchey, my schedule this morning is a little weird - I need to take lunch a little early so I'm popping in early13:42
mmcchi mandel, I saw your note earlier about kqueue - it's good for small things, but you need an open file descriptor for each file you need to monitor, so for our purposes we'd run out of file descriptors13:43
mandelmmcc, ralsina, gatox, so, what do we use for fs events? (did you read the mail?13:43
mmccI haven't read the mail yet, sorry13:43
mandelmmcc, yes, that is a problem we currently have with inotify too13:44
gatoxmandel, i vote to give it a try to kqueue.....13:44
* mmcc fires up his VM to read the email13:44
mmcc…and the VM crashed13:44
ralsinamandel: did13:45
ralsinammcc: no, we don't run out of file descriptors on inotify we run out of watches13:45
ralsinaanyone: I am getting a test failure on ussoc trunk on test_after_timeout_cache_expires13:45
mmccralsina, what's the limit on watches?13:45
ralsinammcc: like 2048 IIRC13:46
ralsinathis seems familiar to anyone ? https://pastebin.canonical.com/65732/13:46
mandelralsina, which is similar in the way that you need one per directory13:47
mmccralsina: interesting. that's really low…13:47
ralsinammcc: ha, mine are set to 524288 I suspect I will not run out ;-)13:47
ralsinammcc: if you have an ubuntu near, read /proc/sys/fs/inotify/max_user_watches13:47
mmccI just checked 'ulimit -n' on my osx box and got 'unlimited'13:47
mandelralsina, I have seen that problem before, why is it happening?13:47
ralsinamandel: not the slightlest idea, I am fixing a completely unrelated thing13:48
ralsinamandel: I intend to submit and not care unless tarmac tells me to13:48
mandelmmcc, in mine I get ulimit -n: 25613:48
ralsinammcc: ulimit -n is 1024 on ubuntu by default, it seems13:48
mandelralsina, which distro, and what bug? if you changed something in weblcient it might be the reasons13:49
mmccmy 12.04 ubuntu has  8192 for max watches13:49
ralsinamandel: ubuntu, I am just tweaking QApplication parameters to add a -testability for elopio13:49
mandelralsina, weird.. if you want I can try in mine13:49
ralsinammcc: I suspect I may have ran into the limit and kicked it a bit higher13:49
ralsinamandel: please13:49
ralsinamandel: if it's just my box, I will ignore it13:50
mandelmmcc, ralsina, match number of watches in mine is 819213:50
mandelralsina, that is why I offered a diff machine :)13:50
ralsinamandel: my branch:  lp:~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/testability13:50
mmccralsina: interesting. so what do we do now when we run out of inotify watches?13:51
mmccif the answer is read the email, ok13:51
ralsinammcc: we get a support request ;-)13:51
ralsinammcc: but in order to get that, you need to be syncing 2000 folders, which is unusual13:51
mandelmmcc, ralsina, we can ask facundobatista, what happens when we run out of watches?13:51
ralsinamandel: it logs an error13:51
facundobatistamandel, we stop watching13:52
ralsinahmmmm ubuntu doesn't have a useful "man ulimit" and I ever remember what option is what.13:52
mmccoh, the watches are only for directories… ok. what about the files? I was under the impression that inotify gave us per-file events?13:52
mmcchttp://ss64.com/bash/ulimit.html ralsina13:52
ralsinammcc: yes, but you only set watches on folders13:52
mmccI had the dame problem13:52
ralsinaI had dame problems but then I got married13:53
mandelralsina, mmcc, I'm inclined towards kqs just to avoid the need to run a daemon with root that does that stuff13:53
mandelif not, we can do the idea of make the daemon listen to a unix domain per user to ensure that we do not let people be evil13:53
ralsinamandel: using a lot of FDs is evil13:53
ralsinamandel: we may make the session crash if we starve other processes that need them13:53
mmccralsina: is there really a global pool of fds? this kind of thing is different on different systems13:54
* mandel is surprised that file systems are not better written.. they seemed easy at uni13:54
mmccover on solaris I once wrote a program that opened many tens of thousands of files, that was ok13:54
ralsinammcc: at least on ubuntu, IIRC there is a limit per-user13:54
ralsinammcc: no idea on OSX13:54
mmccralsina: ok, I'll look into that13:54
ralsinaok, no it's per process13:54
ralsinaand there is a per-system limit "in some operating systems". Thanks for nothing internet!13:55
mmccone thought I had a while ago was using kqueue to watch the N files in the most recently changed folders, and fsevents for the rest13:56
mmcca little complicated but might be the best of both worlds - speed for people with small folders or lots of unused data, and just runs slower if you abuse it with lots of files that change a lot13:57
mmccit is appealing to avoid a root daemon. the amount of work to do that the officially recommended OS X way is kind of high. I have an email drafted about this that I'll send in a bit13:58
ralsinammcc: kqueue doesn't require root?13:58
mmccralsina: uh, maybe it does13:59
* mmcc goes to check13:59
mandelralsina, mmcc, no, they don't I've tested that already13:59
mandelralsina, mmcc, I downloaded and ran the example app (one of the links in the email) and worked straight away13:59
mandelthat is the only thing I have towards them, not root needed13:59
mmccmandel ralsina, I thought so - I wrote a hacky program to use kqueue to run tests when source changed once, years ago: http://michael-mccracken.net/2009/09/stakeout-info/ I didn't think it required root14:00
ralsinammcc: cool then14:00
mandelmmcc, how hard is it to tell launchd (by the way ralsina, is a much better way to launch user daemons/activities over our current approach in sso) to use several unix domain sockets?14:02
mmccmandel, not hard, you give it a list14:02
mmcca launchd daemon is an executable and a .plist metadata file that tells the launchd daemon how & when to start (and optionally kill) it14:03
ralsinamandel: there are tons of things we do that could be done better if we had an infinite amount of time ;-)14:03
mmccso I meant you give it a list in the metadata file14:03
mandelmmcc, so, my idea would be, using the root daemon, to use a domain socket per user and update that list per new user that wants to use u114:04
mandelmmcc, that way when we get a whitelist we know where it is coming from and can do some security checks, what do you think?14:04
mmccmandel, I'm not sure if we need one named socket per user. If doing that means we need to change the metadata for the launchd daemon, then it won't work with code signing14:06
mmccthe metadata gets signed with the executable, so if you change it afterwards, launchd will refuse to run it14:06
mandelmmcc, dammed.. cause I read and read about launchd and if is is a daemon and not an activity (that is a user daemon, right) there is no way lauchd can help us with that.. :(14:07
mmccright, a "launchd activity" would be appropriate for eg. the SSO stuff, but the fsevents daemon needs to run in system context, as a "launchd daemon"14:08
mmccthere's a way to do this, I'm sure… a root daemon that needs to know which user it's talking to can't be an unexpected use case14:09
mandelmmcc, I cannot find any docs about it..14:09
mmccmandel, at this level, there's a gap in the docs. sometimes you need to read through their code samples14:10
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mandelmmcc, I'll be reading the entire daemon docs and hope I missed something14:11
mmccand in some cases if it's well-documented stuff in BSD or POSIX, apple won't have bothered to write new docs about it, or even really point you to the right stuff14:11
mmccso if the answer is "oh yeah, it's the same on all unixes, just read the man page for accept() or socket() or whatever," then you won't find that in Apple's docs.14:12
mmccthe man pages are all there, but their tech writers assume that if you need to look at them, you already have. or something14:12
mmccmandel, we need to read over 'man 2 accept' and the SEE ALSOs in there :)14:16
mandellets see..14:17
* mandel looks14:17
briancurtinralsina: windows 3.0.0 release is live14:18
ralsina\o/ |o| /o/ /o\14:18
ralsinaThat was the YMCA dance14:18
* ralsina is happy14:19
mmccok guys, I have to duck out for a bit, call it an early lunch.14:20
mmccI think I will probably miss the standup, so :14:20
mmccDONE: lots of research on launchd, code signing, IPC protocols, etc14:20
mmccTODO: more of the same14:20
mmccBLCK: no14:20
mandelmmcc, ralsina, from the apple docs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/977950/14:25
mandelgatox, ^14:25
* gatox reading...14:26
mandelralsina, running your branch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/977952/14:26
mmccmandel, just read that. that's OK because we don't need to use the window server14:28
mmccthe 'dedicated user' thing is still a good idea, but since that makes it hard to do drag-to-install, apple made the SMJobBless API that interacts with code signing and launchd14:29
mmcclook at this readme from the relevant sample code: https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/#samplecode/SMJobBless/Listings/ReadMe_txt.html14:31
mmccand now I am going again…14:31
* gatox starts with filesystem_notifications tests.....14:31
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ralsinateam, standup in 2'14:58
ralsinamandel: oops, forgot to push14:59
mandelralsina, np14:59
ralsinamandel: could you try now?14:59
ralsinathisfred: standup15:01
ralsinamandel: stndup15:02
ralsinaok, mandel is last15:02
ralsinagatox: go15:02
gatoxFinish with filesystem_notifications/darwin.py, some reviews, starting with tests for filesystem_notifications on MAC OS.15:02
gatoxCheck filesystem notifications implementation in MAC OS (tests), Fix: Bug #995146, Bug #996025. Include run-mac-tests on u1-client15:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 995146 in Ubuntu One Control Panel "File sync status is incorrect: it reports "File Sync Disabled" but syncdaemon is happy and IDLE" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99514615:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 996025 in Ubuntu Single Sign On Client "NetworkDetectionPage is not being used" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99602515:02
gatoxralsina, go15:02
ralsinaDONE: canonicaladmin sweep, couple of 1-1s, working on a bug for elopio TODO: finish that bug, start another one, doctor's appointment BLOCKED: no NEXT  briancurtin15:02
briancurtinDONE: installer automation, 1-1, pushed on the installer upload and it was completed this morning15:02
briancurtinTODO: switch to embed our own copy of the CRT rather than including and running vcredist.exe15:02
briancurtinBLOCKED: None15:02
briancurtinNEXT: thisfred15:02
briancurtinalso TODO: dr. appt at 1300 my time15:02
thisfredDONE: get u1todo ready for workshop15:03
thisfredTODO: last minute fixes if any15:03
thisfredBLOCKED: no15:03
thisfredNEXT: mandel15:03
mandelDONE: research, think about fs events and the diff approaches.15:03
mandelTODO: Do a small demo of how we could deal with using a root daemon.15:03
mandelBLOCKED: no, but problem is hard.15:03
gatoxalecu, buenas15:07
alecugatox: did I just missed the standup?15:08
* alecu should go downstairs to get a better internet connection.15:09
gatoxalecu, yep15:11
ralsinaalecu: yes you did, but you are exempt15:11
ralsinaalecu: rule is, you are in UDS, be in UDS15:11
* gatox lunch...15:11
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alecugatox, ralsina: I know I'm except, but I really wanted to listen to it.15:12
alecuralsina, mandel's mail from this morning is awesome.15:12
ralsinaalecu: I can pastebin if you want15:12
alecu(my morning at least)15:12
ralsinaalecu: yeah, when he thinks before writing stuff, it usually is :-)15:12
alecuralsina, don't worry: I'll get it from irclogs.ubuntu.com15:12
alecuralsina, lols15:12
* alecu should also get some breakfast before sessions begin.15:13
alecuralsina, gatox: I'll try to be in tomorrow's mumble15:13
mandelralsina, you mean when I have time to think ;)15:14
alecumandel, oh, hi!15:14
mandelalecu, hola! how was the circus?15:14
* mandel misses one uds in 2 years and they get a circus, wtf?!15:15
alecumandel, my gripe with kqueue is that afaik we have to keep an open file descriptor per file and folder that we are watching.15:15
alecumandel, it was circus + minigolf.15:15
mandelalecu, yes, that is an issue.. which is a problem if we reach the limit and if that limit is set for the user15:16
alecumandel, you would have loved the circus. They had a really tall guy in a tight blue latex bunny suit.15:16
mandelalecu, lol15:17
alecumandel, there were also a lot of nice ladies in oldish outfits, but you'd really liked the bunny man.15:17
mandelalecu, I would have loved it indeed, the bunny man I mean.. hehe15:17
alecumandel, I'm pretty sure pictures will pop up of geeks playing minigolf while circus ladies distracted them.15:18
mandelalecu, the concern I have with the unix domain socket is the security, one thing we could do is to ask the connecting client to give us a token/cookie that we can only acquire15:18
mandelalecu, lol dmedia posted a number, well jason15:18
alecucool :-)15:19
alecumandel, so, a cookie sounds interesting, and we do that for tcp connections in the proxy tunnel, since there's no other way to do it.15:20
alecumandel, but for unix domain sockets there are other ways...15:20
mandelalecu, tell me, tell me15:20
alecumandel, like having the root daemon creating the socket in a directory owned by the user with 0600 permissions15:20
alecumandel, perhaps in the user's .cache folder.15:21
alecumandel, oh, and back to kqueue15:21
mandelalecu, and we create on for each user? that was my idea wondering if we can use launchd.plist to provide a list of users, but it is not the case15:21
mandelalecu, we would have to create them per user, which is a little ugly15:22
alecumandel, I've no idea about launchd, but I love the fact that you now do :-)15:22
alecumandel, per user is fine, I think.15:22
mandelalecu, he, give me a circus with a guy dressed as a bunny and I'd happily forget it15:23
mandelalecu, well, per user is not ubber terrible since we do not expect to have 20 users in a laptop or imac15:23
alecumandel, right15:23
mandelalecu, ok, I'll try to write a small example that does that and see what happens15:24
alecumandel, and in any case, users that are not logged in will not get any packets in those UDSs, since their files won't be touched. right?15:24
alecumandel, also: I think the root daemon should send no packets at all until it's requested by one syncdaemon to start watching a given folder.15:25
mandelalecu, yes, unless we start supporting things out of $HOME, but that is someones problem atm15:25
alecu(or recursive folder, even better)15:25
alecumandel, well.... right. But we probably want to support stuff out of HOME only when that stuff is owned by the user that started syncdaemon.15:25
mandelalecu, yes.. I'll do a quick mock and we can see how well it works with several users, might be ready by late tom for us to test15:26
alecuI'm getting ahead of my head. We should first of it all define what we want to do with out of HOME stuff, and then see how we fit it for all OSs15:26
alecumandel, so, let's not worry about out of HOME for the mac port until we are worrying about that for every OS.15:27
alecumandel, one last thing.15:27
ralsinaalecu: we need to have a design meeting or that when yu are back from UDS15:27
alecumandel, regarding kqueue:15:27
alecumandel, I'm not saying we should rule out kqueue: we should run some experiments with it too15:27
alecumandel, afaik, there's a kqueue reactor that runs ok on mac, so it might be an easier solution.15:28
mandelalecu, yes, I've seen that in the twisted docs, but we need to test it, it might happen the same as the IOCPReactor15:28
alecumandel, I only gave it a quick look, but we surely should look at it in a more deeper way.15:29
mandelis there, doesn't work15:29
mmccguyas, launchd creates the socket for you - our root daemon doesn't call socket(), it gets the file descriptor for an already open socket from launchd when it does a "checkin" through launchd's api15:40
mmccso, we tell launchd ahead of time in an info.plist (that we have to code-sign with our certificate) which sockets to creatte15:41
mmccso, I don't think one per user will work with launchd.15:41
mmccbut you *can* get a connection per user, on the single socket.15:41
mmccmight want to look at how mysql does it - it has a single socket at /tmp/mysql.sock, but I'm guessing it manages to do so securely15:42
ralsinammcc: it uses its own auth system internally15:43
ralsinammcc: you have to send/get credentials over that socket15:43
mmcc_phoneAh ok.15:44
ralsinammcc: so, we may do something like a cookie system. The user has to create a cookie file in his $HOME and send the right data over the socket, then the daemon verifies that the user got it from that (secure) file15:44
mandelralsina, mmcc, the other idea is to let our daemon to create several sockets, one per user under xdg cache.. I wonder if lancudh allows to do that..15:54
mmcc_phoneMandel I dont think it will. It wants to create all our sockets for us.16:01
mandelmmcc, greedy launchd...16:01
mmcc_phoneSo it can start us on demand and kill us at will16:01
mandelmmcc_phone, can he? uh..16:03
ralsinarevert the socket. Make the client start one and just send a message 'connect to user blah's socket'16:05
ralsinaa-la ftp active mode16:06
mmcc_phonewe can inhibit killing. I only mentioned it because it it one reason launchd wants control pf your sockets16:07
mmcc_phoneRalsina hmmm interesting. But it seems like it shouldnt be this hard right? We ought to be able16:08
ralsinammcc: yes16:08
mmcc_phoneTo find out what user we connected to when we accept()16:08
mmcc_phoneThats all we need16:09
* mmcc_phone is sure its in the manpages somewhere but they are not on his phone16:09
mandelmmcc_phone, ralsina, yes the server can try to connect and request the whitelist of dirs intead of the otherway around16:09
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ralsinadobey: ping whenever you have a moment, did you get a chance to think/ask about the aptdaemon problem in installer?16:20
dobeyralsina: sort of. mvo was going to look at the installer code. will ping him again today before he leaves16:22
ralsinadobey: ack16:23
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* briancurtin lunch+doctor17:20
mandelok, EOD for me laters!17:25
ralsinagatox, thisfred: may I get a couple of easy reviews? https://code.launchpad.net/~ralsina/ubuntu-sso-client/testability/+merge/10523217:30
thisfredsure, after u1db workshop17:30
ralsinathisfred: thanks117:32
gatoxralsina, on it17:33
gatoxralsina, the line 27 of the diff is it necessary?? i'm only looking at the diff, not the whole file17:35
ralsinagatox: looking...17:35
ralsinagatox: the "import os"? Yes17:36
ralsinagatox: or else I can't see os.environ17:36
gatoxralsina, i was asking because it's the only thing new in that file17:36
ralsinagatox: nope it's not. Line 47 of the diff is in the same file17:36
ralsinaoh, wait17:37
ralsinano it's not.17:37
ralsinaagreed, let me remove it17:37
gatoxralsina, ack17:37
ralsinagatox: fixed and pushed17:39
* gatox looking....17:39
duanedes1gngatox: ralsina i just got a response from windows user runing -- "echo %USERPROFILE%" and I got17:43
duanedes1gnthe response "C:\Users\Adam""echo %USERPROFILE%" and I got17:43
duanedes1gnUbuntu One is askinh fim Please choose a folder inside your "C:\SPB_Data" directory17:44
gatoxduanedes1gn, mmmm that's weird.... why is returning another path then.....17:44
ralsinaduanedes1gn: is that with 2.0.3?17:45
ralsinaduanedes1gn: we had a case a long time ago about if the user had %HOME% set, then we got confused. It *may* be that, but that's fixed in 2.0.3 IIRC17:45
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gatoxralsina, everything is ok with the branch, just a minor fix about a lint issue..... i paste it in the MP17:47
ralsinagatox: thanks, my pylint is kinda broken for some reason :-/17:47
duanedesigni can ask him for logs for more info. does not look like our conversation includes version number17:47
ralsinagatox: OTOH, I am on windows ;-)17:47
gatoxralsina, ahhhhhhh17:47
ralsinaduanedesign: you can tell him to update to 3.0.0 which is out today :-)17:47
ralsinagatox: thanks!17:47
duanedesignok :)17:47
ralsinagatox: pushed with lint fix17:48
gatoxralsina, great17:49
gatoxralsina, +117:53
ralsinagatox: gracias!17:53
thisfredralsina: I don't understand the branch: when the env variable is *not* there you add the argument?17:58
ralsinathisfred: no, when the variable *is* there17:58
thisfred+ if os.environ.get('TESTABILITY', False) and \17:58
thisfred48+ 'testability' not in sys.argv:17:58
thisfred49+ sys.argv.append('-testability')17:58
ralsinathisfred: ok, when the variable is set and is not already in argv17:59
ralsinathisfred: just to not put it twice17:59
thisfredralsina: brainfart. I sort of forgot how get worked17:59
thisfredralsina: C is rotting my brain17:59
ralsinathisfred: also, that's wrong17:59
mmccthisfred: C is good for you! C is a vitamin!18:00
ralsinamissing - in the second line18:00
thisfredsee, I knew there was something wrong!18:00
ralsinathisfred: I wrote it, it *must* have something wrong :-)18:00
thisfredmmcc: I actually liked doing C more than I expected. Or hated it less, if you will ;)18:00
ralsinathisfred: pushed the change18:01
thisfredralsina: cool18:01
mmccbtw I'm back for good now, sorry about being around intermittently this morning… now making sure I really understand bsd sockets api18:01
mmccthisfred, C really has its charms. a featureful standard library isn't one of them, but that's OK18:02
thisfredralsina: also the win32 path does not do that check at all, if that matters18:02
ralsinathisfred: I did it because on the tests I ended with -testability thrice and that looked ugly. IRL it doesn't matter, rally18:02
ralsinathisfred: also could be argued that the tests for main suck but what's new ;-)18:03
thisfredralsina:  +118:03
ralsinathisfred: thanks!18:03
thisfredon the review. The tests sucking I am +0 no idea18:03
thisfredtldr: tldr18:04
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* gatox finds out..... that in order to test filesystem_notifications in mac, he is going to need some other packages....18:10
* gatox starts writing a branch for os_helper18:10
ralsinaI have to go to a doctor's appointment, should be back in 90' or so18:14
gatoxralsina, ack18:14
mmccgatox, I have a darwin version of os_helper that I hacked together a while ago, are you interested?18:15
gatoxmmcc, ok!! i was just starting to write a branch for that18:16
mmccit's a short diff, just a sec I'll paste it18:17
dobeywhy don't i get this bug?18:21
ralsinadobey: what bug?18:21
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dobeythe installer bug18:21
mmccgatox, here is what I did, diffed against a recent os_helper/linux.py18:22
Captain_ProtonHave a stupid problem. I install ubuntu one music app for android, but I can not figure out how to login to my account18:22
mmccgatox, I didn't push it anywhere because tests weren't working so I haven't tested it, but hopefully it's a little useful for you :) let me know if anything doesn't make sense18:23
gatoxmmcc, thanks, i'll grab that and make the tests..... thanks!18:23
ralsinadobey: you need to have out-of-date data in apt18:25
ralsinadobey: like, disable nightlies, remove u1, enable nightlies again18:25
dobeywhat sort of out of date data?18:25
ralsinadobey: the kind that needs an apt-get update18:26
ralsinaand now I am really off18:26
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Captain_ProtonNo one has any idea how to login to ubuntu one music app? Should I contact support?18:32
dobeyi don't have android18:34
dobeyduanedesign: can you help Captain_Proton ?18:34
duanedesignCaptain_Proton: do you have Ubuntu One Files installed?18:35
Captain_Protoni thought it would use that key, but all it show in the music app is the demo songs18:37
duanedesignCaptain_Proton: it should use that key18:37
duanedesignCaptain_Proton: can you select 'Demo' at the top of he screen and change the mode?18:38
Captain_ProtonOpps, something went wrong... maybe it just my crappy phone :)18:40
Captain_Protonduanedesign, thanks atlest I know how I will play with it see if I can get it to work18:50
Captain_Protonuninstalled it  & reinstalled it and it work now :D18:52
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ralsinablah, doctor cancelled19:07
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ralsinammcc: based on the nicks you used today I am guessing you have emacs on your phone.19:14
mmccralsina: heh, I wonder if that's possible. no, I was on the phone, now I'm using emacs19:17
ralsinammcc: http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/guile-user/2011-06/msg00024.html19:17
mmccI had a scheme REPL on a Palm III once, so that's something...19:17
ralsinammcc: http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsOnAndroid19:18
ralsinammcc: you first have to install a ROM... with Debian ;-)19:18
mmccheh. Well, maybe if there's ever an Ubuntu phone, then I can get my emacs there too19:19
gatoxmmcc, do you know how to set the application name in mac for a python application?19:21
mmccgatox, that's a big question - that's why I punted on the function in os_helper19:21
gatoxyep..... i'm trying to figure it how to do it, but i can't find it19:22
mmccThere isn't really API to do that programmatically19:22
mmccit's a packaging thing. The app name is a value you set in the Info.plist that's inside your .app bundle19:22
gatoxmmcc, yep..... that's what i'm seeing19:22
mmccif you don't have a .app bundle, well then you're not an "Application" that should have a name, as far as os x is concerned19:22
mmccthat's one reason why our SSO client has a default python icon - there's a bug for that assigned to me now19:23
mmccso I think the right thing to do with that os-helper function is to make it a noop19:23
mmccand we'll take care of it if necessary during packaging19:24
mmccgatox, does that sound OK to you? should make testing it easy :)19:27
gatoxmmcc, yes..... it sounds right19:27
mmccgatox: cool19:27
mmccI knew there had to be an easier way - on BSD, you can call get20:08
* mmcc getting used to emacs relay chat20:08
mmccBSD has getpeereid, which tells you the effective user/group ID of the process on the other end of a connected UNIX domain socket20:09
mmccthere's a similar but not exactly compatible linux mechanism using an ancillary message of type "SCM_CREDENTIALS"20:10
mmccthe manpage tells me this is reliable, and a common use is for a server to verify the credentials of its client, so this is the way to go :)20:10
gatoxeod here! bye people!20:24
mmccbye gatox o/20:24
gatoxmmcc, bye20:24
joshuahooverralsina: support keeps getting reports from turkish users who can't connect, all of them that have tried nightlies report back the same so i filed bug #99732620:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 997326 in Ubuntu One Client "Users in Turkey can't connect due to invalid Vericert certificate" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99732620:48
ralsinajoshuahoover: ack, let's try to find a workaround tomorrow (I am EOD in 10 minutes)20:49
ralsinajoshuahoover: let me find something to try20:49
joshuahooverralsina: you can't figure out in 10 minutes?20:49
ralsinajoshuahoover: well, I do have something, but I would need windows to verify it ;-)20:49
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ralsinajoshuahoover: on windows control panel, look for certificates, and then would have to look for the valicert certificate and enable it for all purposes20:50
ralsinajoshuahoover: that would make the symptom go away at least20:50
ralsinajoshuahoover: there is a good chance this is caused by the government firewall of Turkey20:50
* ralsina remembers internet in turkey: not fun20:50
joshuahooverralsina: this is on ubuntu, precise (using nightlies to get the debug info)20:51
ralsinaoh :-(20:51
ralsinajoshuahoover: then we need to find how to install the valicert certificate in ubuntu20:52
ralsinajoshuahoover: I can ask, but not in 8 minutes ;-)20:52
ralsinajoshuahoover: cp /usr/share/ca-certificates/mozilla/ValiCert_Class_2_VA.crt /etc/ssl/certs20:53
ralsinajoshuahoover: with all due caveats ;-)20:54
ralsinajoshuahoover: and probably a reboot20:54
joshuahooverheh, k...i can have them try that20:55
ralsinajoshuahoover: wait, on my system those two are the same file20:55
ralsinajoshuahoover: maybe in theirs it's not20:55
joshuahooverralsina: right, it's in mine too20:55
joshuahooverralsina: i'll have them try and let us know one way or the other20:56
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* mmcc goes to play some hockey. 23:54

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