FloatingGoatholstein: yo02:39
FloatingGoatholstein: im buying an mxl 99002:42
FloatingGoatshould I?02:42
FloatingGoatyou'll probably say no02:42
holsteinFloatingGoat: depends03:43
holsteinhow good of a deal?03:44
holsteindo you need it?03:44
holsteinis this the only mic you will have?03:44
holsteindo you have a preamp?03:44
FloatingGoatno i will buy one with it03:44
FloatingGoatwell im trying to make an album with a friend of mine03:45
FloatingGoatand im recording on a crappy mic03:45
FloatingGoatwe are going to work all summer on getting our songs production quality03:45
FloatingGoator at least sorta there03:45
holsteinwell, thats still a crappy mic03:46
holsteinfor the record03:46
holsteinis it better than what you have?03:47
holsteinare you getting a good deal on it?03:47
holsteincan you try it and return it?03:47
holsteinif you think about what it would cost to go to a studio to make this project, and why03:48
holsteinmaybe you spend 3 days there... which would be very conservative03:49
holstein8 hour days...03:49
holsteinat $100 per hour, thats $320003:49
holsteinif you could scrape up $400 even.. or $600, you'd be quite surprised03:50
holsteinthats quite a bit cheaper than going in the studio03:50
FloatingGoatthats a lot of money03:50
holsteinFloatingGoat: which?03:51
holsteinits all relative really03:51
FloatingGoatyour saying buy a 400 dollar mic?03:51
holsteinFloatingGoat: im saying, you might need to get your wallet out if you want a nice mic03:51
FloatingGoatI want a decent mic03:51
FloatingGoatwe are going to run the vocals through a bunch of effects for the sound03:51
holsteinFloatingGoat: $400 is a decent mic03:52
FloatingGoatidk man03:53
holsteinFloatingGoat: i do03:53
FloatingGoatim barely willing to spend 7003:53
holsteinFloatingGoat: again, check out what they have in the studios you are trying to emulate03:53
holsteinsomething like a shure sm2703:54
holsteinthats really a decent mic... versitile and sturdy03:54
holsteinits like $30003:54
FloatingGoatwell maybe in the future04:09
acmeincanyone running a RAID setup in studio?  my raid is degraded on almost every reboot and I think it may have something to do with the lowlatency kernel.  Ideas?05:47
fidel_acmeinc: raid yes - but not on studio. is that a sw-raid using mdadm?06:25
fidel_or hw-raid using some kind of controller or similar06:26
acmeincoriginally i thought the problem was due to my frequent freezes, but i replaced the bad mobo and havnet had any problems since.  now, on almost every clean reboot or shutdown, when the os comes back up, one of the drives (different every time) is considered degraded.06:50
acmeincno data loss so far, knock on wood to that, but i'm afraid of rebooting before a clean sync, which takes nearly 14 hours.  i found another similar bug report for ubuntu, which suggests the problem may be further than the lowlat kernel, so i flagged the bug w/ 4 others as a problem06:52
destiriserHello, i have a question. I saw that ubuntu studio contains application called Pure Data. Can someone say which version is it? And is it Pd-extended or just Pure-Data? Can you check in repositories please?08:44
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ubuntu-studioHi.is there any soft for ubuntu studio that i can use with my piano.Thanks.>(12:54
fidel_ubuntu-studio: use what for? working with midi? add some infos - might help getting help ;)13:04
ubuntu-studioWell my maudio uno is recognized13:06
ubuntu-studioi need some kind of synthesizer13:06
ubuntu-studiolike ZynAddSubFX13:06
ubuntu-studiomy at2020 via xlr is recognized and sounds awesome13:07
ubuntu-studionow only piano is left13:07
ubuntu-studioalso senheiser 595 is also recognized13:07
ubuntu-studioas i understand i need to start first jack13:07
ubuntu-studioim a bit confused.:P13:07
ubuntu-studiook started qsysnt13:10
ubuntu-studiohmm sample format 16 bit or float13:11
ubuntu-studiois float 2413:11
ubuntu-studiook i have sound in zyn :D13:12
ubuntu-studionow midi13:12
shredHi all13:48
shredJust wanted to throw a question to see if anybody knows how to get around my problem13:48
shredI just installed Ubuntu Studio 12.04 on my machine and everything seems to go well, all hardware has been recognized and apparently correctly setup13:49
shredHowever, I have two soundcards, and I am not getting sound on the one I want13:49
shredI have the onboard intel card and an M-Audio 1010LT13:49
shredThe 1010 I cannot get any output on, it all goes to the Intel one13:50
shredHow can I get sound on the M-Audio?13:50
kbnI have the same (intel+1010LT), but haven't upgraded to ubuntu 12.04 yet13:55
shredWhat version are you?  Does your version recognize two cards?13:55
kbn10.10, and yes it does "recognize" both cards... however, I use the 1010 for only audio stuff via jack13:56
kbnso I just set up jack-control to use the "hw:2" interface13:56
kbnand the rest goes through the intel card13:57
shredThat's what I am doing, in my case hw:113:57
shredIn your Jack connections, what's your master output in the left (say Ardour) connected to in the right?  System out?13:58
kbnbut it isn't working? or you need everything else through the 1010 as well?13:58
kbnardour/out x --> system/playback_114:00
shredI just get nothing from my 1010LT speakers14:01
shredI am using Envy24 to mix volume through, but nothing14:01
kbnis the sound turned up in the mixer for the appropriate channel? i.e. alsamixer -c114:02
shredI get sound through my standard speakers14:02
kbnthe standard speakers connected to the intel card?14:05
kbnwhich output channels on the 1010 do you use? Cause you need to make sure the volume is up on those, I think they are all down to 0 by default.14:06
kbnI.e. to get sound from analog 1+2 to my monitors, I have turned up "DAC" and "DAC 1" in alsamixer14:07
kbnI guess in the envy24 mixer that is under "Analog Volume" DAC 0 + DAC 1?14:09
shredlet me try, but I have tried all of them already, I think14:10
kbnI have a faint recollection of struggling too to get sound out of it, but it's too long ago to remember exactly what I did :P14:12
kbnand after that it has just worked, which is partly why i haven't upgraded...14:14
shredI made it work, I believe it had to do with the default interface Ardour was on, which was defaulting to the Intel one14:34
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cariocahello galera....15:37
cariocaacabei de instalar o ubuntu studio 12 sendo que meu som não funcionou........ alguem tem um roteiro p instalar aquele plugins extras de audio e video....15:38
cariocalist *amigas*15:47
aboba_9Is anybody here have problem with jackd2 stop?16:27
Len-nbaboba_9, this is a known problem16:28
Len-nbit is a dbus communication problem. jack stops but qjackctl never gets the reply.16:30
aboba_9do you know when it will be decided? or some info about it?16:32
Len-nbthere is a bug report in and the developers have asked more info and we've sent it. I don't know where it has gone from there.16:33
Len-nbstopping and restarting qjackctl seems to work for now... ugly though.16:34
aboba_9yes, it works but a couple of times per session16:37
Len-nbaboba_9, the same thing happens using jack_control from the command line, but it seems to recover a bit better. Dbus with jack is relatively new and I guess still buggy. But other than that one problem I have seen no other problems.17:00
aboba_9oh, i tried ubuntu studio on VirtualBox17:01
Len-nbaboba_9, it's the same on a hardware install.17:02
aboba_9and all was ok, but only with AC97 soundcard emulation17:03
Len-nbaboba_9, AC97?  :P17:03
aboba_9with Intel HD Audio emulation the jackd is unable to start17:04
Len-nbaboba_9, what latency did you set?17:04
aboba_9I have Ubuntu Studio 12.04 on my laptop17:05
Len-nbaboba_9, that should be ok, I run -p 128 here on my netbook17:05
aboba_9and I tried it on virtual machine17:05
aboba_9on the*17:05
aboba_9the strange bug17:06
aboba_9why all was ok on ICH AC97 emu?17:06
Len-nbI have never done any testing on a vrtual machine... I have done all of mine on hardware with a second disk.17:07
Len-nbAnother way of saying I don't know.17:07
aboba_9I'm too :D17:08
aboba_9I hope this bug will be decided soon17:09
Len-nbaboba_9, is there a bug on that? put one in just to make sure. It sounds like a virtual box bug.17:11
aboba_9No no) I don't have this bug with Virtual Box, i have it on my laptop with Ubuntu Studio17:14
aboba_9I tried it with VirtualBox just for experiment17:15
aboba_9But problem is on real machine with Ubuntu Studio 12.0417:15
Len-nbOK, do you get sound at all? using pulse with say an mp3 playback?17:16
astraljavaaboba_9: Nonetheless, it needs to be reported. Has it been filed on LP?17:17
aboba_9yes, pulse ok17:17
aboba_9astraljava, yes i have reported17:17
astraljavaaboba_9: Ok, can we have the bug # please?17:18
aboba_9but my report was dublicat:)17:18
astraljavaAhh.. ok.17:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 956438 in jackd2 (Ubuntu) "qjackctl unable to stop jackd2" [Undecided,Triaged]17:18
aboba_9yes, it is17:19
astraljavaOh, don't mind ubottu. He's just a mindless bot. :)17:19
Len-nbThat does not say anything about not getting sound from an HD IF though17:19
astraljavaubottu: Right?17:19
ubottuastraljava: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:19
astraljavaSee? :)17:19
astraljavaOh, yeah true that.17:20
aboba_9oh, so many messages17:20
aboba_9My English is not good)17:20
Len-nbaboba_9, I use a HD sound interface and it works with jack and pulse both.17:21
Len-nbI was born english and mine isn't either you are doing fine.17:21
aboba_9On real machine I have two cards17:21
aboba_9One - HD Intel17:21
aboba_9Second - E-mu 0404 USB17:22
aboba_9and with both17:22
aboba_9The jackd starts ok17:22
aboba_9but on stop it shows error messages17:23
Len-nbYup, you can safetly ignore those. It just means you have to restart qjackctl.17:24
aboba_9It may to be on second or third start-stop17:24
Len-nbHow often do you need to stop jackd? I would think in normal use, jack is started and left running for the whole use time.17:25
aboba_9in addition to errors the start button still locked17:26
aboba_9after closing17:27
aboba_9i start the qjackctl17:28
aboba_9start button is locked17:28
Len-nbIf all else fails, open a terminal and "ps x". look for the PID of jackdbus and "kill -9 " that PID.17:29
aboba_9yes, i did it17:29
Len-nbThen restart qjackctl.17:29
aboba_9but after that I can't start jackd17:30
aboba_9It not connect to soundcard17:30
Len-nbin qjackctl on the setup page, what card does it point to?17:31
Len-nbaboba_9, it is labeled interface.17:32
aboba_9Cannot connect to server socket err= !@#!@#!#(some symbols like оеди); Cannot connect to server socket; jack server is not running or cannot be started17:32
Len-nbThats ok. qjackctl seems to say that by default when it starts.17:34
aboba_9i have this problem with both cards17:34
Len-nbis the start buttom green or grey?17:35
aboba_9but if i kill jackdbus daemon17:35
aboba_9it is green17:35
Len-nbYa that is where I thought we were, sorry.17:36
aboba_9and when i press the button it shows messages (Cannot connect to server socket.....)17:37
aboba_9can i start the jackdbusd after killing?17:37
Len-nbqjackctl should start it.17:37
Len-nbyou can do jack_control start17:38
Len-nbjack_control status17:38
aboba_9DBus exception: org.jackaudio.Error.Generic: Failed to open server17:39
aboba_9--- status stopped17:39
Len-nbaboba_9, from which command?17:39
aboba_9jack_control start;  DBus exception: org.jackaudio.Error.Generic: Failed to open server17:39
aboba_9jack_control status; --- status stopped17:39
Len-nbok. I think that is saying that the setup is wrong. That is what happens to me when I have my frames/period set to 6417:40
Len-nbMy HD interface is not able to handle any lower than 12817:41
aboba_9I have 2048 samples17:41
Len-nbWith qjackctl look at your settings. interface?17:42
Len-nbsample rate? (48000 is safest)17:43
aboba_9interface: alsa17:43
aboba_9sample rate: 4410017:44
aboba_9oh oh17:44
Len-nbdriver alsa? interface should be hw:0 or something17:44
aboba_9interface: hw:217:45
Len-nb2? You have three cards?17:45
aboba_9i don't shure17:45
aboba_9hw:0 is HD-Audio Generic17:46
Len-nbclick on the arrow beside and make sure there is a hw:217:46
aboba_9hw:0,3 is HDMI 017:46
Len-nbpart of the same card17:46
aboba_9hw:2 is HD-Audio Generic again17:47
Len-nbno hw:1?17:47
aboba_9hw:2,0 is ALC269VB Analog17:47
aboba_9Usually hw:1 is E-Mu17:47
aboba_9but now it is not connected17:48
Len-nbok. I would use hw:017:48
Len-nbif hw:1 is not connected then alsa has not updated properly. and hw:2 has maybe changed or moved.17:49
Len-nbYou may have a cable (or other problem) with the USB module.17:50
Len-nbdoes it work when you select hw:017:50
Len-nbno which?17:51
aboba_9no, i have17:51
aboba_9oohhh, shiii, i'm confused17:51
aboba_9Now i connect my usb card17:51
Len-nbthats ok, me too.17:51
aboba_9After that i have three interfaces17:52
aboba_9hw:0 HD-Audio Generic17:52
aboba_9hw:1 E-mu 0404 USB17:52
aboba_9hw:2 HD-Audio Generic17:52
Len-nbI'm going to have to go, I have an appointment in 15min.17:52
Len-nbcan you start jack now?17:53
aboba_9but hw:0 is digital part of HD-Sound Generic17:53
aboba_9i think17:53
aboba_9and hw:2 is analog part17:53
aboba_9No, i can not17:53
Len-nbOK, I do have to go. I'll be back in about 4 hours I think, but maybe someone else has some ideas17:55
aboba_9But i going to sleep soon17:55
aboba_9Thanks for hepl17:55
Len-nbyour welcome. It is 11am for me17:56
aboba_9I see one decision: start jackd one time per session and use it like main sound system. And don't stop it)18:03
len-dtaboba_9, Just thought of something.18:26
len-dtI would suggest you boot with your USB sound interface unplugged.18:27
len-dtand plug it in after you get to the login screen18:27
len-dtThat way both of your HD interfaces should be hw0 and hw118:27
len-dtand your usb will then be hw218:28
mbeierlSilly question - perhaps more of xfce, but I'm coming from a gnome background.  How do I bind a keystroke to an action.  For example, I use Super-X to launch an xterm and I'd like to do that in ubuntustudio18:36
Len-nbsettings manager->window manager  keyboard tab.18:41
mbeierllen-dt, thanks, but how do I add a new keystroke to that.  That appears only to control window actions like maximize, etc18:46
mbeierlAH!  Keyboard -> Application shortcuts.  got it, thanks!18:48
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len-dtmbeierl, That was the first one I looked at :P sorry, gl;ad you got it.21:16

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