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geofftSo I'm trying to run upstart in an schroot on a non-upstart (Debian) system 01:51
geofftis there a documented right way to make this work? 01:51
geofftwell s/documented/recommended/ 01:52
geofftshould I be using LXC or somesuch to force this into being pid 1? 01:55
jsonperlim trying to run upstart on debian, just uninstalled sysvinit and installed upstart and seems to work fine19:55
jsonperlbut i can seem to tell my script to run only after the network is up19:56
jsonperl"start on local-filesystems and net-device-up IFACE!=lo" doesn't seem to work19:56
jsonperlim assuming because networking etc… are all controlled by old sysv init scripts19:56
jsonperlany suggestions?19:56
jsonperlanyone around?22:19
jsonperltrying to figure out a debian / upstart boot issue22:20

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