pleia2based on xubuntu, they give out CDs and stuff at conferences :)05:24
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muzzolhow do you avoid first login panel message? i've been playing with xdg settings without luck15:55
mr_pouitmuzzol: you need to patch the panel16:23
muzzolmr_pouit: which file?16:24
mr_pouithttp://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/xfce4-panel/quantal/view/head:/debian/patches/xubuntu_support-multiple-vendor-default-configs.patch for example16:24
mr_pouitthat's the patch we use16:24
mr_pouitit will hide the migration dialog and directly use settings from xubuntu/mythbuntu/ubuntu-studio when no previous config exists16:25
muzzolok, i can see that the file it searches is default.xml in XDG_CONFIG_DIRS, right?16:26
mr_pouitwith the patch, yes16:27
mr_pouitwithout the patch, it only uses /etc/xdg/xfce4/panel/default.xml16:27
muzzolok, the patch is in xfce4-panel so it applies even if there's no xubuntu* package installed, right?16:27
muzzolim using 12.04, by the way16:28
micahgmr_pouit: session in #ubuntu-uds-grand-ballroom-b for infrastructure for Ubuntu flavors, pad here: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20809/other-q-ubuntu-flavors/16:28
muzzoli've read that i can force specific config with XFCE_PANEL_MIGRATE_DEFAULT, is that correct in 12.04?16:28
mr_pouitmuzzol: no, it was only implemented in git master, and dropped before 4.1016:32
muzzolah, i see16:32
muzzolso how can i force specific config?16:33
mr_pouit(afaik, someone needs to check the git log for a more accurate thing ;-)16:33
mr_pouitmuzzol: if it's with the xfce4-panel package from ubuntu, set xdg_config_dirs correctly, and drop your file in it16:33
muzzolwhere must i set xdg_config_dirs?16:34
mr_pouitfrom startxfce4 for example, or if you use lightdm, it builds it from the session name16:36
muzzolah, i see, so if i create a desktop file in /usr/share/xsessions it uses it's name to look for confs16:38
muzzolfor example /etc/xdg/xdg-school16:38
muzzolso it's lightdm that set xdg_config_dirs befor calling whatever session script...16:41
muzzolthat's what i missed totally16:41
muzzolthanks a lot mr_pouit 16:41
muzzolhelped me a lot16:41
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knomepleia2, just wrote a plugin that stores the page uploads in a separate directory20:50
knomepleia2, https://github.com/knomepasi/WordPress-plugins/blob/master/separate-page-attachments/separate-page-attachments.php <-- and there it is :)20:59
knomei know, it's hardcoded... but for next version then ;)20:59

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