t0rx__anyone know how to drop to a busybox prompt from the "enter passphrase" prompt for an encrypted drive?00:01
alex__hello.  I'm trying to set up Xubuntu to resume for suspended mode by using the mouse or keyboard instead of using the power button, I couldn't find anything in power settings.01:20
craigbass1976I've gotten rid of unity with a "sudo apt-get remove unity unity-2d unity-2d-panel unity-2d-spread unity-asset-pool unity-services unity-lens-files unity-lens-music unity-lens-applications gir1.2-unity-5.0 unity-common indicator-sound indicator-power indicator-appmenu libindicator7 indicator-application indicator-datetime indicator-messages libnux-2.0-0 nux-tools libunity-misc4 unity-2d-common"  I still a unity-ish looki01:31
craigbass1976ng login screen.  I'm more apt to live with this than with the drum sound at the login.  How on earth do I get rid of that?01:31
Unit193dpkg -l |grep ubuntu-sounds  see if that comes up with anything.01:33
Unit193Also, the login is "unity-greeter" and Xubuntu uses something else.01:33
craigbass1976Unit193, something didn't make the transition then when I installed xubuntu-desktop01:33
Unit193Did you copy that into a terminal?01:36
craigbass1976ii  ubuntu-sounds01:37
Unit193sudo apt-get purge ubuntu-sounds   in a terminal.01:37
craigbass1976If I ever get hold of that drummer...01:38
craigbass1976Unit193, thanks; I've got to try it out01:39
p-cHANHello boys. MyXubuntu precise is very heavy on my machine. How I can solve it? My old pc is a atom with 1gb of ram with intel graphics card01:46
Unit193Disable any unwanted or needed services/programs on startup.01:47
p-cHANUnit193: give me suggestions. I use bluetooth and I not use screensaver. Can you borrow me ram memory. I live in brazil and can you send for me?01:48
p-cHANGnu community01:49
p-cHANshared  computer pieces01:49
Unit193Did you disable the screensaver then?01:50
Unit193Also, you could try #ubuntu-es or #xubuntu-es if you'd like support in Spanish better.01:50
p-cHANUnit193: I understand better engish01:51
p-cHANI think I go back to 10.04. Its have server support yet01:52
Unit193Would still be better to be on current though.01:53
p-cHAN|Slacker|: Why are you in xubuntu chat? You must support slackware01:58
|Slacker|p-cHAN, I used to use slackware but dropped it for ubuntu/xubuntu01:59
|Slacker|I'm too lazy to register another nick :p01:59
p-cHAN|Slacker|: Xubuntu is really easy, but, need offline installer from PCBSD01:59
|Slacker|why you say that? the installer seems good to me02:01
Unit193Alternate and desktop installers work for me™02:01
p-cHAN|Slacker|: I need puredata extended but I don't know compile. iT is very hard for me02:03
|Slacker|i see02:03
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REK_007is there any tool to monitor frequency of cpu and then change it on a fly ... like the one I had on GNOME ubuntu .02:37
red_hi installing latest xubuntu03:00
red_got a question about vmplayer03:01
red_anyone have any experience with it?03:01
red_youse guys enjoy your evening, or morning, or whatever the heck time it is wherever you are03:03
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xoolanderan OS for ants!03:18
xoolanderits got to be at least 3 times bigger03:18
xoolanderis there a way to refresh the list of wireless networks without rebooting?03:19
Cyberspaceloathe derek xoolander OS for kids who can't compute good?03:21
xubuntu817I installed xubuntu using the CD, but my computer still always boots into vista03:46
xubuntu817Though if I boot again with the CD in, it does detect that I had previously installed03:46
xubuntu817how can I get it to allow me to choose each time I boot03:46
Unit193Try holding left shift as the computer boots, or meybe grub didn't install?03:47
xubuntu817I'll try the left shift thing03:47
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:48
xubuntu817I believe though that grub didn't install03:48
xubuntu817can you think of any reason why it wouldn't install?03:48
xubuntu817I  just went with the default install options all the way03:49
xubuntu817thanks for the links though:)03:49
xubuntu817and I didn't install windows over it, or anything like that03:49
Unit193Not offhand, but there is a easy enough way to fix in one of the links.03:50
xubuntu817Ok I'll give it a shot, thanks.03:51
Unit193(First one recommends you install boot-repair)03:52
xubuntu277Ok so I'm trying to use boot repair so I can maybe boot into xubuntu and not just vista, and I encountered something04:04
xubuntu277it says:04:04
xubuntu277the sda2 (windows recovery environment) partition is nearly full04:04
xubuntu277and I should delete files04:04
xubuntu277however I am hesitant to do so04:04
xubuntu277what do you recommend?04:04
Unit193It's always nearly full, from what I remember.04:06
xubuntu277o in that case I guess I'll ignore the error?04:08
Unit193From what I remember.04:12
holsteini would go look, and if its not full, ignore the error04:16
xubuntu000Hi, I installed xubuntu (computer also has vista) but it wouldn't boot into xubuntu.  After running "boot repair", it does indeed boot into xubuntu, however I have lost the ability to boot into vista.04:34
xubuntu000I'm thinking of taking my machine to a computer repair shop but if anyone has any other suggestions I'd be open04:35
hmmmmwhat logon manager does xubuntu use?04:48
Unit193hmmmm: Lightdm.05:01
Unit193As of 11.10.05:02
hmmmmi like it05:02
hmmmmwait, how do i find my version of ubuntu?05:02
Unit193xubuntu000 needs to run something like update-grub, or os-prober.05:04
Unit193lsb_release -a05:05
hmmmmah yes, this is 11.1005:05
hmmmmhmm, so i think this lightdm might replace slim on my other systems05:05
Unit193The theme is better in 12.04. ;)05:05
warhelli am enjyoing xubuntu 12.04 my self, i do want xfce 4.10 tho05:06
hmmmmi believe that xubuntu is the closest thing to a unified, standard Linux desktop distribution05:07
hmmmmif there is such a thing05:07
hmmmmthis is the only Linux distro i'd use05:07
warhellits nice light weight and so forth, tho i used almost all the ubuntu's lubuntu is fast tho.05:08
warhellbut kinda lacks in easier options that xubuntu makes up for.05:08
hmmmmis this Lightdm something brand new?05:11
warhelli found a deb file for it05:11
hmmmmit seems to be Linux-only at this time05:11
warhelli gotta reboot05:13
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FableflameAnybody having sound issues with 12.04?08:23
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.08:24
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:24
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.08:25
warhellim not08:26
knomeFableflame, if you want to search the bot, please do it in query; /msg ubottu08:26
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Polls are highly discouraged to be taken on this channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, please ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:26
FableflameI seem to have lost all sound in Xubuntu 12.04. I was on YouTube with Chromium when it first happened, but I also have no sound in FireFox and Gmusicbrowser. I've tried looking in Alsamixer but everything seems fine there. I also tried looking in PulseAudio Volume Control but couldn't find any problems.08:42
linuxfreakerHi Guys08:58
linuxfreakerI need help regarding UEFI mode installation for Ubuntu 11.04 on Dell hardware08:58
linuxfreakerIts not able to get install and proceed after GRUB menu during the installation08:59
FableflameI seem to have lost all sound in Xubuntu 12.04. I was on YouTube with Chromium when it first happened, but I also have no sound in FireFox and Gmusicbrowser. I've tried looking in Alsamixer but everything seems fine there. I also tried looking in PulseAudio Volume Control but couldn't find any problems.09:13
ochosiFableflame: if it's not a software-problem then it's hard to help...09:52
Fableflameochosi, it has to be a software problem, I didn't have any sound issues until today after installing Xubuntu.09:52
ochosiFableflame: if all channels are unmuted and you see the progress-bar in pavucontrol jumping up and down while you play back stuff, then i'm not sure i can help09:54
ochosihave you set the port in output-device to the correct output in pavucontrol?09:54
FableflameRight now the port is set to headphones, since I have a set plugged in09:55
ochosiyeah, that should be fine09:55
FableflameOdd, I now have sound again, even though I haven't changed anything.09:57
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xwalk_Is there no sudo auth needed for package updates any longer through the package manager?11:59
xwalk_I haven't had to authenticate since the initial install for updates.12:00
xxxx8888hi folks13:17
xxxx8888trying to upgrade to 12.04 from 11.1013:18
xxxx8888running into some issues13:18
xxxx8888bit a noobie to linux13:18
ochosiwhat's the problem?13:18
xxxx8888first a message saying need tostop or restart xscreensaver and xlockmore13:19
xxxx8888opened terminal and "sudo killall xscreensaver"13:19
xxxx8888seemed to work13:20
xxxx8888but no such process found was the message from "sudo killall xlockmore"13:20
xxxx8888seems common bug but no fix yet13:20
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ochosixxxx8888: no that's fine, no need to kill xlockmore i think13:21
xxxx8888you think?13:21
xxxx8888everything is on this machine and the warning says i might affect the login systems13:22
xxxx8888really dont want to brick it13:22
xxxx8888but im a gambler so have clicked forward13:22
ochosiyou can test whether xlockmore is running easily: "ps -A | grep lock"13:22
ochosiif yuo don't get xlockmore there, then it's not running13:23
ochosiso no need/possibility to kill it ;)13:23
xxxx8888kk will check that13:23
xxxx8888next im getting this window that is telling me everything using nss needs killing13:24
xxxx8888i dont know what that is13:24
ochosiubottu also doesn't know anything about it13:25
ubottuochosi: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:25
xxxx8888have an input box :services to restart GNU libc library upgrade13:26
ochosixxxx8888: mind to simply post a screenshto?13:26
xxxx8888i assume its secure sign in libraries13:26
xxxx8888where would you like me to post said screenshot?13:27
ochosiit's some network security service libraries13:27
xxxx8888thought so13:27
ochosie.g. imagebin.org13:27
xxxx8888have i got a built innscrengrabber on this xubuntu thingammy then13:27
GapeHello, how do I change back touchpad two finger tap to middle click13:27
Gape(in 11.10 tapping the touchpad with two fingers meant middle click, in 12.04 it changed to right click. I want it back to middle click)13:28
xxxx8888yes found it13:29
ochosiGape: have you looked at the mouse settings dialog?13:29
GapeYes, it doesn't seem to have any setting related to it. (Hold on,13:30
GapeI'll check again in a minute, I'm on my desktop computer atm)13:30
ochosiGape: if not, you might have to install a programme like tpconfig13:30
GapeOk, you probably mean settings manager -> Mouse and Touchpad. That has no settings regarding tapping with multiple fingers (only option to disable 'Tap touchpad to click')13:32
ochosiGape: right, i couldnt test whether that setting exists because i don't have a multi-touch-enabled touchpad13:34
xxxx8888right then the images are up on imagebin13:34
xxxx8888latest set "groitswitch"13:35
xxxx8888one of terminal -one of help/ message thinagmmy13:35
GapeI just checked tpconfig in ubuntu software center, from the comments it seems it's only command line program to configure other programs, which doesn't seem much use. Do you know if xubuntu uses synaptics touchpad driver?13:38
xxxx8888was trying to test if xlockmore was running and the command is confusing me13:40
ochosixxxx8888: i need a link to that image, thousands of people post images on imagebin every day...13:40
xxxx8888its the first one on the page labelled groitswitch13:41
xxxx8888but will link it13:41
ochosiGape: that depends on your touchpad. if it's a synaptics touchpad, then yes (drivers go via kernel and xorg, nothing xubuntu-specific)13:41
xxxx8888and http://imagebin.org/21166013:42
xxxx8888second one shows terminal13:42
ochosixxxx8888: right, but what's the specific problem? are you actively using rsync, cups or cron at the moment?13:43
xxxx8888absolutely no idea13:44
xxxx8888wouldnt know what they were if they jumped up and slapped me13:44
xxxx8888the issue was mainly the xlockmore one13:44
xxxx8888and i dont understand the check command that was indicated13:44
xxxx8888ps -A"vertical line" ...13:45
xxxx8888what is the vertical line13:45
xxxx8888i am cluelessas far as linux goes13:46
xxxx8888you are doing very well if i can make it work because im a fucking idiot13:47
Gapeochosi: Thanks, I was able to change it easily via synclient [command]13:47
xxxx8888???? still wouldlike to check whether xlockmore is running tobe sure13:49
xxxx8888alt win doesnt workas my third evel key chooser13:50
REK_007this is the vertical line13:50
REK_007xxxx8888: <command> | <command>13:51
xxxx8888yes i can see the key but dont now te third evle key chooser13:51
xxxx8888on linux13:52
xxxx8888what is it default in buntu?13:52
xxxx8888see i am idiot13:52
REK_007can you tell me what are you trying to achieve13:53
REK_007i see you trying to look at the process list13:53
REK_007if you are trying to highlight out one particular process then13:54
xxxx8888i want to check if xloxkmore is still running- but allcombinations i can remember wont give me the 3rd level key choser13:54
REK_007ps -A | grep <name>13:54
xxxx8888so i cant type the vertical line thigammy13:54
ochosixxxx8888: copy-paste?13:54
xxxx8888it would benice to have it working13:55
REK_007shift+key where it has it13:55
xxxx8888that would workif copy paste worked in this chat program13:55
xxxx8888it dont13:55
REK_007ohh 3rd level.. then sorry I dont know13:55
xxxx8888not u13:55
xxxx8888just swearing13:56
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:56
REK_007what program are you using which doesnt let copying?13:56
ochosiok, gotta leave now, good luck xxxx888813:56
penreturns<xxxx8888> xchat13:57
REK_007xxxx8888:  just select the part you want to copy and right click and copy iy13:57
penreturnsworks fine ;)13:57
REK_007ctrl+c wont work AFAIK13:57
REK_007yeah it works penreturns .. I too use xchat and irssi extensively :) both support copy pasting13:57
xxxx8888done, saved text option located nd deployed13:58
REK_007good :)13:58
xxxx8888but that isnt copy paste is it?13:58
penreturnshello from malaysia :)13:58
REK_007hello penreturns ...13:58
nicklas__can you install dropbox in xubuntu/xfce from package manager without getting nautilus/gnome desktop pulled?13:59
REK_007xxxx8888: yeah its controversial ;)13:59
xxxx8888everything in linux always is14:00
xxxx8888so desperate to not be windows.....14:00
xxxx8888dont get me wrong i hate windows14:00
xxxx8888but linux has ientity complex14:01
astraljavaOk ok, this is well outside of the topic for this channel. Take it to -offtopic, please.14:01
xxxx8888yes mum14:01
penreturnsim using xubuntu voyager, n looks like dropbox hv an issue... theres no option to get publick link14:02
magnushi - how do I change the theme in Xubuntu? Can't see a shortcut?14:02
REK_007xxxx8888: put in a suggestion to developers :)14:02
REK_007magnus: Menu>Settings>settings manager>apperance14:02
magnusREK_007: thank you14:02
nicklas__i need dropbox14:03
xxxx8888this is the output from terminal fromthe "ps -A grep lock" command14:03
xxxx888818 ?        00:00:00 kblockd14:03
REK_007magnus: You are welcome14:03
xxxx8888is that stopped?14:03
REK_007if it shows up on ps list then its running xxxx888814:03
REK_007you can do "top" to check it on real time14:03
REK_007check process list*14:03
xxxx8888where is that?14:04
nicklas__penreturns: or what is xubuntu manager?14:04
xxxx8888please remember i am idiot14:04
nicklas__sorry, meant voyager penreturns14:04
laitenicklas__: you can, just install package 'nautilus-dropbox' - despite its name it only suggests nautilus to be installed, not require it14:04
xxxx8888the suggested command doesnt give me a list it just outputs the above line14:05
xxxx888818 ?        00:00:00 kblockd14:05
penreturnsits still xubuntu, maybe it just a theme, complete with all installed apps,..14:06
penreturnscan found it here http://voyager.legtux.org/14:06
xxxx8888ho hum14:06
REK_007xxxx8888: if the process shows up on "ps" command then its active14:06
xxxx8888right then jow do i kill it?14:07
REK_007kill <PID>14:07
xxxx8888just type that?14:07
nicklas__laite: you are sure? and the same for kubuntu?14:07
xxxx8888this is from the upgrade manager that i got here asking...14:08
xxxx8888not my fault im an idiot14:08
nicklas__laite: it doesnt pull nautilus and gnome desktop automatically?14:08
REK_007xxxx8888: yeah just type in that should work14:08
nicklas__laite: and it will work?14:09
laitenicklas__: don't know for kubuntu, but at least on xubuntu you can install without gnome/nautilus14:09
laiteworks for me :)14:09
REK_007xxxx8888: well am a beginner as well :) got on Xubuntu yesterday itself14:09
xxxx8888bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'14:09
nicklas__laite: then it should work in kubuntu though, logically14:09
laiteyeah, I guess so14:09
xxxx8888thats what i get from kill <PID>14:09
nicklas__laite: thank you very much14:10
laitenicklas__: np14:10
REK_007xxxx8888: you have to replace <PID> with the number ID of the process you want to kill14:10
nicklas__laite: well then, how exactly did you install it? you chose the package, and chose not to pull nautilus or what?14:10
xxxx8888what about a taskmanager gui? where i can just lidst the processes and kill what i want?14:10
REK_007xxxx8888: thats also ther14:11
xxxx8888thats not what you said14:11
xxxx8888so the process number is 18?14:11
REK_007Menu>System>System monitor >process tab14:11
REK_007yeah process ID is 1814:11
laitenicklas__: you can install it from synaptic package manager, 'nautilus-dropbox', and for me it installed some python-libraries (total of ~1.5Mb) and that's it - however, dropbox has its own 'installer/setup' you have to run, but xubuntu will inform you about that14:13
xxxx8888xxxx8888@xxxx8888-Milano:~/Desktop$ kill <P18>14:13
xxxx8888bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'14:13
xxxx8888xxxx8888@xxxx8888-Milano:~/Desktop$ kill <18>14:13
xxxx8888bash: syntax error near unexpected token `18'14:13
xxxx8888doesnt work14:13
REK_007xxxx8888: kill 1814:13
REK_007this is the command14:13
xxxx8888hy put the box round it14:14
REK_007when its written <value> means replace the "<value>" with your required stuff14:14
xxxx8888you guys have your own language to identify what your trying to tellme- without the phrasebook14:14
xxxx8888this is why linux is not taking off14:14
xxxx8888as it should14:15
xxxx8888to much inspeak or knowledge of programming rquired14:15
REK_007xxxx8888: well am sorry.These are general conventions .14:15
REK_007xxxx8888: try  "kill 18"14:15
xxxx8888bash: kill: (18) - Operation not permitted14:15
REK_007xxxx8888: "sudo kill 18"14:16
xxxx8888general conventions in the programming community....14:16
xxxx8888seems to have worked14:16
xxxx8888thanks sorry for the communication issues14:17
REK_007hmm not an issue with that xxxx888814:17
REK_007your welcome14:17
xxxx8888we sahll see when i finish the upgrade- and i amlearning the conventions as i go14:18
REK_007xxxx8888: am suer you will pick them up on the way :)14:18
xxxx8888ty have a good day14:18
laitenot really an support issue, but where I could get information about what effects to xubuntu (in long run) I should expect for installing newer kernel than official14:19
laiteSince my graphics gard needed kernel 3.3 for HDMI-audio I installed 3.3.5 from kernel.ubuntu.com14:20
nicklas__laite: ok14:25
REK_007laite: didnt the drivers of the card work ?14:25
laiteREK_007: proprietary drivers? Not really, they seemed to work really randomly and mostly not at all :/14:26
REK_007laite: yeah which make you using?14:26
REK_007I have not tested on xubuntu but on ubuntu they used to work fine for me14:26
laiteREK_007: make?14:27
REK_007ati or nvidia?14:27
laiteoh, sorry - ATI14:27
REK_007ohh then cant help now .. sold my ATI about a month back :P14:28
laiteHDMI audio worked if my TV was on during boot, but not if I switched TV on when xubuntu was already running - unless I took the cable off and put it back in again14:29
laitebut I thought it was too much of a trouble, and tried a lot of things during couple of days until finally switched to newer kernel14:29
REK_007well from my experience so far on xubuntu .. audio depatment needs serious tweaking14:29
REK_007well I am noob ... so i really cant say how to fix it or tweak it :P14:30
laiteyeah, I'm not too much of a pro myself =D14:31
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baizonlaite: what model?14:47
laitebaizon: It's ATI Radeon HD6250, on Acer Aspire One 722 laptop15:04
laiteIt worked perfectly with proprietary drivers on Linux Mint 12, but unfortunately I have no idea of program versions etc.15:06
xubuntu206anyone here?15:17
holsteinxubuntu206: just ask :)15:17
xubuntu206wow)) just wanted to ask, if anybody had an experience of using xubuntu on samsung netbooks, such as n148?15:19
holsteinxubuntu206: i would try it live.. that'll give you an idea of the support... you can look at the hardware (which is likely intel) and is usually well supporte out of the box15:20
xubuntu206i've already almost installed it, now trying to google-out the Fn-button problem, to make screen brightness control etc possible  :)15:23
xubuntu206as for hw support, everything seems to work just out-of-box. it's amazing (:15:24
manueeahoy everyone15:25
manueeis there any partition editor program in xubuntu?15:25
manueesomething like gparted15:25
holsteinmanuee: gparted is "in" xubuntu15:25
manueeyou mean you can install it holstein right15:26
manueei didnt get it on a fresh install15:26
holsteinmanuee: if you want it... otherwise, just open the package manger of your choice and search for a partition manager15:26
manueewell, im install ing it now15:26
manueethnx =)15:26
holsteinmanuee: i just have it.. and i dont remember if its default, or if i insatlled it15:26
xubuntu206live-usb image has gparted, afaik15:27
manueei always get freaked out when i have to install something bult for gnome15:29
manueenot entirely sure if i should at all but anyway15:29
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aquix manuee  anything in the repos is free to install and is most likely an gnome app.15:38
manueei get confused with window managers compatibility and perfomance implications15:39
manueetotaly loving xubuntu thouhg15:39
manueeim actualy going to install it onmy wife's laptop instead of ubuntu15:40
manueeshe'll probably notice a good performance improvement15:40
aquixyeah. I'm new to xfce too. Came from mint 11. And very happy with xubuntu.15:45
midisahelp me set up the window sticky. When I turn on compiz, the window title is not active.16:18
aquixyou have to enable window decoration, window resize and window move in ccsm16:18
midisaш иу еуыештп16:19
midisasory. i be testing16:20
midisathank you16:20
aquixno worries16:20
midisaplease get me picture, i have other labguage and not foun this option16:21
aquixbtw. if compiz don't start after boot you have to use the command:      compiz --replace &16:22
babblewhat do you mean "get picture?" Do you want to take a screenshot?16:22
midisano, please get me screenshot16:23
midisai have other language and not found this option16:23
aquixmidisa  press the PrtSc   or print screen button16:23
babbleno, I think he's confused where the window decoration and window resize options are in his (russian?) localization of ccsm16:24
aquixthen use google translate16:24
midisayes yes russia16:24
aquixI always recommend people using english language on their computer to avoid issues like this.16:25
midisanot found this : window resize and window move16:26
Marzataaquix: me too, but sometimes ppl can't change it.16:27
midisaplease help me16:28
Marzataaquix: working in the public administration in non-english speaking country for example :)16:28
Marzatamidisa: what do you need help for?16:28
aquixmidisa   декор окна   ?16:29
aquixMarzata fair enough :)16:29
aquixbrb smokes16:29
midisaпомогите пожалуйста16:29
midisaне могу найти эти опции16:29
Marzataкакие опции?16:29
midisaможет через командную строку как то можно16:30
Marzataах, а у его интефейс по русский, да?16:30
midisawindow resize and window move16:30
Marzataне надо16:30
midisaизменение размера окна16:30
Marzataтолько английски блин, тема лебедев не читал?16:30
midisaя когда включаю компиз заголовки не акимвные и сразу уходят по верхнюю панель16:31
Marzataэто в каждая програма?16:31
midisaне все16:31
Marzataмне было это только в Стеллариум.16:31
midisaнекоторые отображаются по середине но заголовок все равно не активный16:32
Marzataа когда нет компиз?16:32
Marzataвсё в порядке?16:32
foobArrrmidisa: http://s3.imgimg.de/uploads/ccsm9a55b6b4png.png16:32
midisaно окна не вязкие16:32
midisaпо картинке нашел16:34
midisaсчас буду пробовать16:34
AyaneForeverWhy is Update Manager asking me to update Compiz when I don't use Compiz at all? Same goes with some random GNOME games? Do I have a dependency I need to get rid of somewhere?16:36
midisafoobArrr thank you !!!!16:36
midisawork fine!16:36
babbleAyaneForever: have you installed something like Ubuntu Tweak?16:37
aquixfoobArrr smart :)          is that dock on the right the panel?16:37
AyaneForeverYes, I do have UbuntuTweak, I use it to remove cruft16:37
midisaхе хе рано радовался16:37
AyaneForeverIs that why?16:37
babbleUbuntu Tweak depends on Compiz16:37
babble(so it can configure the compiz bits it knows to config)16:37
midisaокна работают а окно настроек нет16:38
midisaпомогите пожалуйста разобраться16:38
midisaplease help me16:38
midisasetup windows not active16:38
midisaother windows work fine16:39
AyaneForeverOK that makes sense. I don't use it for anything except cruft, really. I don't think apt-get autoremove does that fully does it?16:39
AyaneForeverI might just get rid of UbuntuTweak I'm tired of telling me I have updates when I don't.16:39
foobArrraquix: that's avant-window-navigator16:40
aquixok. I have to try that again. I'm running cairo16:41
babbleautoremove won't remove compiz in this case.16:41
babblebecause it's marked as a dependency of Tweak16:41
AyaneForeverwell I don't have compiz16:41
AyaneForeverI just removed tweak and I'm doing apt-get update16:41
babbleyou do, you just aren't running it16:41
AyaneForeverI'm going to see if update manager still wants to install it for some reason16:42
babbleif you're nuking tweak that's overkill16:42
babblebut you do what works for you16:42
babbleit'll be a few megs for some plugins you won't have to run - is that worth sacrificing Tweak for? If so, fair enough.16:42
babbleIf you just let it *install* the bits of compiz that Tweak depends on, it'll stop asking for you to update.16:43
babbleagain, there's no requirement that you run any of it16:43
AyaneForeverI somehow missed compiz as a dependency. Just purged it, I don't want it.16:44
babbleYou don't want tweak or you don't want Compiz?16:45
babbleIf you're unwilling to install compiz at all, even without running it, okay, go ahead and get rid of Tweak16:46
babblebut that still seems like overkill if Tweak is convenieent for you16:46
AyaneForeveryay it's gone and not asking me to update it, thank you a ton :D I didn't want compiz and I can remove tweak since I only used it to remove cruft. I should learn how to do that via commandline anyway16:46
AyaneForeverTweak is overkill for one function I think16:46
babbleyou don't have to do everything Tweak does from the commandline.16:47
babble(you can do most of it in Synaptic, for one thing)16:47
aquixI find ubuntu-tweak overrated to be honest16:47
babbleTweak can be handy in that it collects a bunch of maintenance tasks in one place.16:48
babblebut again, I'm completely not saying anybody *ought* to use it16:48
babblejust that it *can* be useful, and that killing compiz in this case may be overkill.16:48
AyaneForeverCompiz was the reason I moved to xfce, honestly. I know I'm being overkill but I just don't want it, even if it's not in use.16:49
babble*shrugs* like I said, you do what works best for you.16:49
AyaneForeverthanks a ton though. and I believe that's why we're linux users, we like doing what works best for us ;)16:50
aquixchoise ftw \o/16:51
foobArrrare there alternatives to compiz scale? scale is the only reason I'm using compiz.16:51
aquixsame here16:51
AyaneForeverI've been looking for one, too.16:51
aquixThink compiz is the only thing offering a scale feature. Or at least last time I searched for it16:54
babbleso, I've got an installation of 10.04 on a second partition (for Secondlife; Xorg crashes in 12.04 for now unless I install Xorg updates from xorg-edgers which are hideously slow on my hardware.)16:54
babbleWhen do the 10.04 repos go offline? Do I have a mirror or something I can use when that happens?16:55
aquixunless you want to use kwin, but then you have to use kde. so the bloat you save  :p16:55
AyaneForeverUm... I think April 2013? I think it's 2013 for Ubuntu, but I'm not sure if it's the same for Xubuntu.16:55
AyaneForeverAlthough I like scale a lot, I still get everything done with a dock, kupfer, and the window list in my panel. Might not be as pretty but still very usable.16:56
aguitelbabble, april 201316:56
babbleah, if they're still up for a year, I should have enough time for Xorg issues to work out then.16:57
AyaneForeverAnyone else worried that as soon as X.org gets "fixed" Wayland will become the new standard with a new charlie foxtrot of issues lol16:58
babblenow then: assuming Linden Lab drags their feets (this is likely), and it's something in LL16:58
babbleLL's code (any Secondlife viewer I try crashes), do I have to worry about this come next april? Heh.16:58
aquixwayland had been on it's way since 1857 :)16:58
babbleI'm fine with maintenance releases stopping as long as I can still pull stuff from a frozen repo mirror someplace.16:59
foobArrrhow far along is wayland? ready for prime time soon?16:59
AyaneForeverShuttleworth thinks it's pretty close.17:02
babble(completely unreleated, it's been fun setting up Gnome 2 in 10.04 again. heh)17:02
=== tyler is now known as Guest62034
aquixwayland reminds me of duke nukem. but don't get me wrong, I look forward to the day it's stable and released17:03
babbleit will transform 3d gaming, er GUI infrastructure as we know it!17:04
aquixit's time to kick ass and install linux17:05
crondI've lost a lot of faith in Ubuntu due to Unity17:08
crondI find it atrocious17:08
crondbut that's just $0.0217:08
aquixunity and gnome-shells, don't get me started17:09
babbleI've been living in Gnome Shell since 12.0417:12
babbleI keep trying everything.17:12
astraljavaSorry to step in here and ruin all the fun, but please refrain from deviating this far from support issues. Chit-chat can be done on -offtopic. Thanks for understanding!17:13
crondoh sorry17:13
aquixoh sorry. I didn't know about offtopic. On my way17:13
AyaneForeverDoes anyone have any themes they'd recommend besides Greybird? I like greybird a lot, something simple and elementary-ish to try out?17:31
knomeAyaneForever, not many support gtk3 well yet17:39
ochosiAyaneForever: and especially for gtk3.4 there aren't that many themes yet that have been ported. you can try zukitwo though17:58
Unit193I can open file-roller and get no error messages in the terminal with zuk<tab>17:59
AyaneForeverBummer. I just wish that Firefox had scrollbars sans up and down arrows like every other app. I guess I'll deal with it :P It's trivial, really.18:00
aquixI use an addon called Smoothwheel that makes scrolling a lot easier.18:03
aquixor smoother :)18:03
AyaneForeverThe smooth scrolling isn't an issue, I just use FF's built in smooth scrolling, I'm saying I wish the scroll bars wouldn't have the up and down arrow like other GTK3 apps. It could be solved with a theme but afaik no themes are available for FF 12 that look good with Greybird. It's fine, really.18:41
ReleedFolgendes... ich will auf meinem frischen xubuntu xmbc installieren. schon geschehen.. nur wenn ich es starte wird der Bildschirm einfach schwarz und bleibt schwarz, dann hilft nur noch Strom weg und neustarten... selbst wenn ich es via das Terminal starte "xmbc > ~/output.log steht NICHTS in dem logfile drinnen.. noch wer ne idee? :D18:46
AyaneForeverSorry, I don't speak German so I had to use Google Translate, which is gramatically terrible. I hope this translates right. Anyway, What video drivers if any are you using?18:50
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:50
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t0rx__anyone know how I can drop to a busy box prompt at the splash screen?19:00
t0rx__after boot?19:01
t0rx__I'm working with an encrypted drive so it is at the passphrase prompt that I want a busybox shell.19:02
Marzatawhy one can't change the current user name in 12.04.? It was posible in 11.10 .19:14
Releedthe Standard-Driver?19:15
ReleedIs that wron?19:15
ReleedI have two video cards, onboard and a external graphics card...19:16
Releedat the moment the cable is connected to the onboard card!19:16
Releedshould i remove the external card and try again?19:16
warhellI'm wondering since my desktop only has 2 gigs of ram and mobo really only supports 4 gigs which i gotta get certain type to upgrade which is lame, any way would it be fine running 64bit xubuntu or i386 with 2 gigs of ram?19:17
AyaneForeverOMG sorry19:20
doda1hi folks19:21
doda1where can i find an official 4.10 ppa?19:21
AyaneForeverI was going to say if you have propietary drivers perhaps xbmc doesn't like them, but it sounds like you already have the open source ones. Try on board video? If that isn't working try the card.19:21
=== koegs_ is now known as koegs
AyaneForeverI don't have a whole lot of experience with xbmc so those are just educated guesses if you're having video issues. I assume everything else works, right? You can load into x and other DEs?19:22
Releedjeah x works19:23
AyaneForeverAlso if you are using on board video, remove the external card you might confuse xbmc what you're trying to use.19:23
Releeda okay19:23
Releedill try this19:23
AyaneForevertry that19:23
Releedill be back soon :D19:23
AyaneForeverGood luck hope that's it19:23
Releedtried it19:39
Releedstill black screen :D19:39
Releedcant i get an output to any logfile? to see where the problem is19:39
AyaneForeverUnfortunately that would not be my area of expertise19:39
AyaneForeverAnyone else??19:39
astraljavaGraphics are logged in /var/log/Xorg.0.log, or something like that. Not on a linux machine right now.19:41
n-iCeYou like my desktop? http://www.zimagez.com/zimage/screenshot-05092012-030016pm.php20:02
Marzatan-iCe: wow20:06
n-iCeyou like it? :D20:06
doda1n-iCe, simple and tidy with a nice wallpaper, cool20:11
guest-6iYN6lhaving an issue where i login and it automatically takes me back to the login screen any help would be appreciated i've tried deleting .ICEauthority with no luck20:13
n-iCeI did not get you20:15
n-iCeNot sure If I can help you though, but would like to try20:15
n-iCeAfter you log in, the system returns you to the login menu?20:15
holsteinguest-6iYN6l: i would try as a different user20:16
n-iCeI would try removing the password at boot and setting to boot auto20:16
holsteinlogin in tty and see if there are errors about permissions20:17
guest-6iYN6li can login as guest20:28
Unit193Good for you?20:29
guest-6iYN6lsomeone asked if i could login as a different user20:30
guest-6iYN6li can't seem to login with my main user it logs in and then takes me right back to the login screen after i enter the password20:30
guest-6iYN6lit works to login the tty but how do i check for errors?20:31
Dindon_Hi , there is a startupmanager or similar  in the repos of xubuntu pangolin 12.04?20:32
holsteinguest-6iYN6l: you know its something with theuser config now20:33
guest-6iYN6li deleted ICEauthority20:33
holsteinguest-6iYN6l: cool... it'll be soemthing else then20:33
guest-6iYN6lok thanks20:33
holsteinif it were me, on my skill level i would just move things from /home til it worked20:33
guest-6iYN6li'll be back i will try some things20:34
guest-6iYN6lthanks again20:34
Dindon_startup manager  or similar for the new  xubuntu 12.04 , there is???20:35
holsteinDindon_: yup.. should be actually in the menu somewhere called "startup" or "sessions"20:36
Dindon_the app is startupmanager not session manager20:37
holsteinDindon_: cool! enjoy its functionality :)20:37
xubuntu709I am using xunbuntu 10.420:38
xubuntu709I was expecting the package manager to propose me to update to 12.0420:39
xubuntu709But it tell me I am up to date20:39
aquixxubuntu709  that would be a bad idea no matter what the manager say20:39
Dindon_and im using xubuntu 12.04 and hasnt the old app startupmanager20:39
holsteini would prefer a fresh insatll, but you can go from 10.04 to 12.04 xubuntu70920:40
xubuntu709aquix, how should the update be perform?20:40
astraljavaxubuntu709: It will suggest you to do that when the first point release is out.20:40
holsteinxubuntu709: there are settings in synaptic you can change... "show lts release" something like that20:40
aquixxubuntu709 I wouldn't do an update. I would do a fresh install over the old one20:40
* holstein +1 on fresh install20:40
xubuntu709yes, the setting say show lts20:40
astraljavaxubuntu709: But of course you don't have to. It's a good idea, though, when lucid faces EOL.20:40
xubuntu709EOL is in one year on the desktop20:41
xubuntu709And there won't be any other LTS in that time20:42
holsteinxubuntu709: 3 years in 10.04... 5 years in 12.0420:42
aquixyeah, install 12.04 now since it's lts. Refreshing new packages comes with it :)20:42
Dindon_could i install the old app startupmanager for xubuntu oneric in xubuntu 12.04 or is a risk?20:42
astraljavaxubuntu709: Yes, it'll suggest you to update to 12.04.20:42
holsteinDindon_: try it.. its a risk20:42
aquixDindon_  what are you trying to do?20:44
holsteini see no reason to revert a startup manager20:44
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
Releedit works! :D20:47
AyaneForeverYay! What was it??20:47
Releedits a 6150 se geforce, had to pick the 3d experimental driver20:47
Releedu were right20:47
Releedand! now the best is coming20:47
Releedxmbc can play even 720p files with it!20:47
Releedwhat the hell :D onboard stoneage chip :D20:47
Releedi LOVE xmbc! damn shit20:47
warhellit allways crashed on me20:48
warhellor never ran right.20:48
warhellso i quit using it.20:48
warhelland just used ushare20:48
gcoteI was kick out of the when chat as xubuntu70920:50
gcoteI was discuting updating from 10.04 to 12.04  versu a fresh install20:53
gcoteA lot of people where recommanding a fresh install20:53
gcoteI asked why and I did not get your answer20:53
holsteingcote: the speed20:54
holsteingcote: you should not do anything like that anyways without backing up your data.. at that point, i think its about 5 hours faster in my experience to do a fresh install20:54
gcoteholstein: why is a fresh install faster?20:54
holsteingcote: takes me about 12 minutes to install ubuntu on a modern machine.. best case, it takes an update manager less than 7 hours to upgrade20:55
gcoteholstein: I have a lot of configuration, I was expecting a update to kept them, but a fresh install to erase them all20:55
holsteingcote: try them both and see for yourself20:55
gcoteIt would take me a lot more that 5 hours to reconfigure everything20:56
holsteingcote: you backup your /home, and put it back in place20:56
holsteingcote: as i said, try both20:56
Releeddso going to bed20:57
Releeddnight! thx a lot everybody.20:57
aquixgcote  if you get troubles after an update, you can spend way more time fixing it than a fresh install would. I know it's a pain, but a fresh install forces you to make backups of your data, and that is a goos thing. Once you have a system, a fresh install can take no more than 2 hours including all settings.20:57
gcotemy /home is 800m, I don't have anuthing to back it up20:57
aquix*goos means good20:57
holsteingcote: go for it!20:58
holsteingcote: i have dont both, and id rather put a stick in my eye than do an upgrade, but you'll need to learn for yourself20:58
holsteinupgrades work fine (usually)20:58
aquixgcote  Don't mean backing up using a program or anything like that. Just keeping important files and paswords/bookmars and stuff copied to another disk, partition or dropbox/ubuntuone.20:59
holsteingcote: if you dnt have your data backed up, you *will* have problems at some point.. you might as well deal with that now21:00
gcoteI have the most important data backup, but all the stuff that can be redownload is not21:01
gcoteI backup about 16G on several location21:02
holsteingcote: that hard drive *will* fail21:02
holsteinthey all do..21:02
gcoteYes, but usually, by the time they fail, I moved data to another one21:03
gcoteI got three copy of the important stuff21:03
holsteingcote: its not my data, so do what you like.. if you are saying to me "i canr reinstall because my data is not backed up" then you are asking for trouble21:03
gcoteI am ok redoneloading a few thing when the hard drive fail21:03
holsteinif your dats is backed up, then its backed up21:04
gcoteBut I was not expecting to have to do it just to do a upgrade21:04
holsteingcote: sure, and you can and should, and are AFAIK21:05
holsteingcote: if you are asking a quesiont, the answer is i and others feel a fresh install is worth it21:05
gcoteIf I try to upgrade, what is the procedure21:05
holsteingcote: i you are going to upgrade, go for it :)21:05
aquixremember passwords/bookmarks from the browser, your aliases in .bashrc ,    podcast opml,  conkys, scripts, icons  and maybe make a file with commands you use.21:05
aquixit's well worth getting it done :)21:06
gcoteI was expecting the upgrade would just change the list of package it points to and install the latest one21:07
holsteingcote: all the latest ones are different21:08
holsteingcote: you will be downloading the new ubuntu basically and putting it in place21:08
gcotethanks for your feedback21:14
bodobobwhy is no easy way for  a peristence file in LiveCD22:25
holsteinbodobob: i just install to USB22:26
bodobobwhy should by an stick, when iwill only test?!22:30
bodobobso my text: why is no easy way for a peristence file in LiveCD distro. and why does the "handmade" (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCD/Persistence) peristence file will not wil find alone at booting ubuntu, like puppy linux *.2fs file or like salix and so on? itś angry to lose after some hour "setup" this and not able to realy work with the distro!22:30
holsteinbodobob: i have set up persistence before22:31
bodoboband how?22:31
holsteini dont personally see any advantage to it22:31
bodobobuare german?22:31
holsteini just install to the USB stick like normal... maybe without swap22:31
holsteinbodobob: ?22:31
holsteinim in the states22:31
bodobobsorry, means >"holstein" it easyer in germany for me22:32
holsteinbodobob: its a german last name, and i live in the states, and i prefer an install to persistence22:33
bodobobi tested so 5 distros22:33
bodoboband ubunto & co is the only one with out option to save the first works22:34
holsteinbodobob: maybe you'll contribute it22:34
holsteinbodobob: i dont think its something that is on the radar as important22:34
holsteinno one will care if you make an ISO with it in there and distribute22:34
holsteinbodobob: its not the focus of the project be default22:35
bodobobiám only a symple user22:35
holsteinlike i said, i set it up with persistence22:35
holsteinbut i prefer just installing22:36
holsteini see only persistence and other benifits to an acutal install22:36
bodobobi dont will risk my installed systems bevor i seen what is the right distro22:37
holsteinbodobob: install to the USB stick22:37
holsteinbodobob: will be no risk22:37
holsteinbodobob: install GRUB on the usb as well22:37
holsteinbodobob: or, use the usb creator to make a persistant area22:38
bodobobi readed must be a ext2 or mor on the falsh stick?22:38
holsteinbodobob: i remember letting the usb creator do what it needed to do22:39
holsteinbodobob: i think it was fat22:39
holsteinbodobob: when i do the normal install, then i can choose whatever i like22:39
bodobobit is enable only to make a persi. without to install on usb flash?22:39
holsteinbodobob: its enable to do what you like.. literally anything22:40
bodobob...with the usb creator?22:40
holsteinbodobob: for me, i use whatever tools i want to accomplish the goal22:41
n-iCeHow come xubuntu uses the same resources as Ubuntu22:41
n-iCe700MB ram22:41
n-iCeshould not be less?22:41
holsteinbodobob: check out http://www.pendrivelinux.com/put-ubuntu-10-04-on-flash-drive-using-windows/ .. this should be relevant22:42
bodobobi type 4 hour today for the shi.. persid.. and at the end, nothing22:42
bodobobi readed this page today too22:43
holsteinbodobob: how did it fail?22:45
holsteinbodobob: what are the errors?22:45
holsteinfor me, if i want ubuntu on a USB stick, i just install it there.. takes like 12 mintues, and im done.. and its persistent22:45
bodobobi have now not a empty usb stick22:46
holsteinbodobob: cool... i say just install ubuntu there and you'll have persistence22:46
bodobobhey, i only want test xubuntu and ot buy!22:47
holsteinbodobob: cool22:47
holsteinbodobob: you can temporariliy actually install it to the USB stcik22:48
holsteinbodobob: the end result is the same22:48
holsteinxubuntu is on a usb stick with persistence22:48
holsteini just find it not only easier, but with more features22:48
bodobobyes, and the installation will kill my stick, delet my salix22:49
holsteinbodobob: you can install it beside it22:50
holsteinbodobob: you can use a different stick22:50
holsteinbodobob: to make a persistent live USB, you'll need to have some free space on a USB stick anyways22:50
bodobobo.k., i forget xubuntu or vi invest in some usb sticks (kubuntu, xubuntu, ubuntu, slick etc.22:50
bodobobi dont thrust the installer! an a message: usb will be formated..22:52
bodobobso, bedtime and thank for ur help22:53

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