highvoltage"Proprietary operating systems that are more popular, drive the cost of computers up and are not nearly as easy to use as Edubuntu."04:32
highvoltage"The truth is, you wont know how great Edubuntu is until you try it. Download Edubuntu and try it on your computer. "04:32
highvoltageNice 12.04 feedback ^^^ http://blog.peeweepc.com/2012/05/what-is-edubuntu.html04:32
highvoltagestgraber: regarding the wetab, kubuntu is planning to do much of the hard lifting, I'm optimistic about it.16:04
vmlintu__highvoltage: how's uds?16:33
highvoltagevmlintu__: it's great. I saw your nick on the channel a few days ago and wondered how it was going. things well?16:45
vmlintu__highvoltage: it's all good here.. I had a long break from work and now I'm full of ideas..16:49
highvoltagevmlintu__: yep, breaks are dangerous like that :)16:51
vmlintu__highvoltage: yep.. after some months you are actually eager to get back16:54
vmlintu__highvoltage: I just noticed your "ipads in education" text.. it all sounded familiar16:54
highvoltagevmlintu__: it's happening there too?17:04
highvoltagevmlintu__: this is looking somewhat promising: http://zareason.com/shop/zatab.html17:04
vmlintu__highvoltage: I just attended an IT in Education conference here in Finland (http://itk.fi/2012/info/english) and it looked like everyone was rushing to get ipads17:07
vmlintu__well, some wanted "a samsung" because "those support flash"17:08
vmlintu__I've never heard of ZaTab17:09
highvoltageit's soon to be released17:09
vmlintu__now everyone's rushing to get wlans in schools to support tablets17:11
vmlintu__the zatab looks promising17:13
boospyWe rolled out ubuntu 12.04 64bit at Customers with LTSP.19:42
boospyIt works great :)19:42
boospyAnybody here?19:45
alkisg23 persons :)19:48
boospyok, this is my first entry in an IRC19:49
boospyok cool, is it always here so quiet?19:50
alkisgPeople don't chat much just to chat; they only answer questions when they're asked, and if they know the answer, and if they don't work, etc etc19:51
boospyah, ok, i understand you19:52
alkisgAs vagrantc said, nice to hear it's working fine for you though :)19:53
boospyI found this: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man5/lts.conf.5.html#contenttoc1420:05
boospyBut that does not work for me. To setup an Fatclient for run local applications is easy, but update, delete or add Apps ist much more difficult than a Thinclient.20:07
boospySo, i had the Idea, to add only this apps to the Squasfs-Image that we we should run on local hardware, for example "a CAD programm".20:08
boospyhave anybody tested this? I cant see Menuentries20:08
boospyLOCAL_APPS = true20:09
boospyLOCAL_APPS_MENU_ITEMS = frozen-bubble.desktop20:09
boospyBut it does not work20:10

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