hazmatniemeyer, kapilt.com/files/topology.data00:06
SpamapShazmat: I hear there's some kind of smack-off going on with 1000+ nodes00:40
SpamapShazmat: still going on?00:41
hazmatSpamapS, yeah01:09
hazmatSpamapS, f*cking yaml01:09
SpamapShazmat: eh?02:02
SpamapShazmat: I thought the problem was watching the topology in zk02:02
hazmatSpamapS, it was yaml parsing that was problematic02:04
hazmatSpamapS, it was really slow with larger yaml docs02:04
SpamapSthat makes perfect sense02:04
SpamapSwhat yaml do we have that is large?02:04
hazmatlike 6s for 100k, takes like 0.01s with json02:04
SpamapSyeah yaml is not for big docs02:04
hazmatSpamapS, topology02:04
SpamapSso we keep a yaml.. of the whole topo ?!02:04
hazmatSpamapS, yup02:05
SpamapSso its not so much that we're sending it to everybody.. its that yaml is complex to parse02:18
SpamapShazmat: so are you guys trying a json based version?02:18
hazmatSpamapS, not yet, its done02:22
hazmatSpamapS, i will add it though02:23
hazmatSpamapS, we should talk tomorrow though about it02:23
hazmatits a hoser for existing envs02:23
Aramwhere's gustavo, I wonder?16:23
fwereadeAram, gustavo's heading off home today; not ure if he's actually *gone* but he's certainly going16:24
Aramthanks fwereade16:24
Aramhi rogpeppe16:24
rogpeppeAram: yo!16:25
Aramrogpeppe: I might try to do a better os than os in Inferno today.16:25
Aramany tips?16:25
AramI never actually written any limbo before :).16:25
rogpeppeAram: "a better os than os" ?16:25
Aramthe one that sets the current directory.16:25
rogpeppeAram: still in the dark16:26
rogpeppeAram: ah, you mean os(1) ?16:26
rogpeppeAram: was it you i had the discussion with about reverse-mapping paths?16:26
rogpeppeAram: and i didn't ever find that package, right?16:27
AramI wonder if there's a better way than trying to make sense of /prog/<pid>/ns16:33
AramI'm not sure if parsing /prog/<pid>/ns is enough, in all cases...16:33
rogpeppeAram: it definitely isn't16:35
Aramso what do you suggest?16:36
rogpeppeAram: but it's the best we can do16:36
AramI see.16:36
rogpeppeAram: -> #inferno16:37
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hazmatm_3, ping22:28
hazmatm_3, seems to work for me22:32
hazmatm_3, the src wasn't up to date on the controler node22:40
m_3hazmat: ok, I'll pull and try again22:44
hazmatm_3, sorry messed with your vim accidentally, i quit it to avoid any random changes22:48
m_3kicked it off, we'll dig through the prov agent once it's up22:51
m_3hazmat: sweeet!22:53
hazmatm_3, cool22:53
m_3hazmat: (that was supposed to be "Duuuude!")22:54
m_3we'll try again....22:54
m_3hazmat: sweeeet!22:54
hazmatm_3, where you at?22:54
m_3in session... up in a few22:54
m_3damn, that's fast22:57
hazmatm_3, yeah?23:00
hazmatm_3, nice!23:02
hazmatm_3, clock it.. i'd like to know if we need to make it faster still23:03
m_3I'll buy the beer!23:03
m_3we're going up to 11!23:03
m_3it's clocked in the deploy.log (head it and tail it and compare)23:03
m_3(when done)23:03
m_3gotta detach... you in 205?23:03
hazmatm_3, yup23:09

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