SpamapSNTP time says pencils UP00:00
komputesnegronjl: https://code.launchpad.net/~komputes/charms/precise/remote-assistance/trunk00:00
* SpamapS urges all to bzr commit / push00:00
bkerensaOK OK00:00
bkerensapushed at 5pm on the dot00:01
ejathow to i translate this into postgresql add unit00:01
negronjlSpamapS: It's UDS .... keep working :)00:01
ejatnegronjl: :)00:01
SpamapSoo late entries include zentyal00:02
bkerensa:D I didnt finish Openphoto or Reddit stack charms but I did get Locker and Nyancat Termianl pushed :)00:02
ejatSpamapS: how to insert / create db after lunching the db instance00:02
SpamapSbkerensa: sweet00:02
ejatbkerensa: c00l00:02
SpamapSejat: which db?00:03
ejat+1 marcoceppi00:03
komputesnegronjl: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/99738600:03
_mup_Bug #997386: remote-assistance charm created <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/997386 >00:03
SpamapSejat: the pgsql interface creates a database for you00:03
SpamapSejat: and gives you back hostname/database name/password/user to use to access it00:03
* ejat can we request to extend for another day ... thats make marcoceppi release his stress00:03
SpamapShah, no more stress00:03
negronjlSpamapS: when lp complains about a package not there ( ie: /charms/package_name/trunk )  how do you work around that ?00:03
SpamapSall the stress is on us judges now00:04
ejatSpamapS: if there is createdb.sql for example ?00:04
SpamapSnegronjl: /charms/series/packagename/trunk00:04
negronjlSpamapS: error:  packagename is not a valid package name00:04
SpamapSejat: ??? how can we know what the schema should be00:04
negronjlSpamapS: got it00:04
negronjlSpamapS: thx00:04
ejatSpamapS: its bundle with the apps .. for sample data00:05
ejatand schema00:05
SpamapSejat: so do it the way upstream says to do it?00:05
ejatSpamapS: https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+bug/99733900:05
_mup_Bug #997339: Charm needed : Openbravo <new-charm> <Juju Charms Collection:New for fenris> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/997339 >00:05
ejatnow .. the charm will install its package .. bundle all together00:06
* ejat just thinking how to make its scale by separating the db to another unit 00:06
SpamapSejat: just check to see if the tables are already created00:06
ejatfor example .. i juju deploy openbravo300:07
ejatthen i juju deploy postgresql00:07
SpamapSif tables_do_not_exist; then create_tables ; else juju-log "tables already exist" ; fi00:07
ejatjuju add-relation openbravo3 postgresql00:07
ejatput in in add-relation ?00:08
SpamapSejat: you can't really create the database until you have a relationship with the db server, can you?00:08
SpamapSejat: so yes, you would create the database during the db-relation-changed hook00:08
* SpamapS goes afk for a few00:09
ejatSpamapS:  dont know ... i guess cant create db until there is relationship rite ?00:12
SpamapSmarcoceppi: 2012-05-09 17:28:31,415 unit:gitolite/0: hook.output ERROR: invalid user: `gitolite:gitolite'00:29
SpamapSmarcoceppi: oops, disregard.. different gitolite ;)00:30
SpamapSstupid revision file!00:30
roy_Hey Marco, these charms can't be accessed from precise, but the are listed in the charm store01:43
roy_keystone, nova-cloud-controller, nova-volume, glance, openstack-dashboard01:44
SpamapSroyfeldman: they're a little bit wonky..02:00
SpamapSroyfeldman: we have a TODO to fix those02:00
SpamapSroyfeldman: basically, use cs:~charmers/precise/keystone02:01
royfeldmanI  will give it  a shot now, right now I am using the charms in a local repo02:09
royfeldmanYup, that works. Thanks for the tip.02:10
royfeldmanAnybody know about the charm github mirror?02:12
royfeldmanIs say is a mirror updated nightly, but it is missing many of the charms in the store.02:13
huatsWhen using juju add-relation04:22
huatsis there a way to be sure that one part of the relation will be done before the other part04:22
huatsby instance04:22
huatsjuju add-relation foo-master foo-slave:slave04:22
huatsI want to be sure that the master-relation-joined to be executed before the slave-relation-joined04:23
huatshow can I do that ?04:23
_mup_juju/scale-test r539 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com07:21
_mup_switch topology from yaml to json07:21
hazmathuats, you don't07:27
hazmathuats, just do it in rel-changed, and if the master hasn't set some value, then exit in the slave hook side07:28
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nathwilli'm getting an unbound variable error when trying to use $JUJU_SERVICE environment variable in my relation-joined hook... am i misreading this?09:12
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andrewebdevmorning :) ... So I've been using zc.buildout to do isolated Django website deployment. Looking at Juju, it seems that this can greatly improve my deployment process. I have a couple of Questions tho. Is there a way to test the charm locally, or do I need a EC account?10:22
nathwillandrewebdev: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage10:56
nathwillyes :)10:56
andrewebdevthanks nathwill! that's quite comprehensive11:09
nathwillthank the guy who wrote the answer ;) i just bookmarked it11:09
andrewebdevSo I followed the instructions here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/65359/how-do-i-configure-juju-for-local-usage  and everything worked so far. The status command does not show the same however.12:30
andrewebdevI dont have the same machine ips, in fact I just have []12:31
andrewebdevand state is just: pending12:31
dpb_are there any docs on the apt proxy that is set up automatically for you by juju when using lxc containers?14:41
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hippysurferHi, just playing with juju for the first time. Try to experiment on a local (LXC) setup. All worked fine until I rebooted the host machine. Now, it appears that zookeeper has not been restarted. So everything I try times out. Any clue how I can restart zookeeper?14:59
dpb_hippysurfer: juju destroy-environment; juju bootstrap15:09
dpb_hippysurfer: don't know if there is a way to keep it up between boots, but that will fix it.15:09
hippysurferthank you, that has at least got me back to a sane state. I little harsh to have to destroy the whole environment, but I suppose the nodes are meant to be desposable.15:11
dpb_hippysurfer: well, that is how I was looking at it.  but I'm new as well to juju, maybe someone more experienced will have some magic to keep it useable between boots. :)15:13
MarkDudejcastro, I gots me a question about juju- are the dependencies included?15:40
FunnyLookinHatWho won the charm competition?  I didn't get to finish mine in time for submission but figured it was sub-par and needed more work anyways :)15:54
MarkDudeOr anyone else that may know about dependencies16:09
* MarkDude is trying to see about getting juju in Fedora reops16:10
MarkDuderepos that is16:10
dpb_is there a trick to getting the lxc unit tests to run?16:13
dpb_I'm running:  TEST_SUDO=1 ./test juju/lib/lxc/tests/16:14
dpb_the work, but the first one fails (test_container_clone).  then it seems to hang after that16:14
hazmatjcastro, http://askubuntu.com/questions/134237/error-charm-not-found-in-local-repository16:29
FunnyLookinHatStill getting this issue whenever I reboot and try to deploy a local charm: "2012-05-10 10:50:54,730 ERROR Unable to create file storage for environment"16:51
FunnyLookinHatthen I do juju destroy-environment - which asks for my sudo password and then posts the same error16:52
FunnyLookinHatThen - if I reboot and juju bootstrap - it "just works" TM16:52
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marsSpamapS, nice README for the Puppet charm.  Very readable and concise.17:20
huatshazmat: thansk thatsolved my isssue18:18
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balloonshas anyone had success deploying a large local charm? Something like 100mb? It doesn't seem to transmit to ec2 properly19:29
_mup_juju/scale-test r540 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com22:32
_mup_extra sanity check for provisioning agent22:32
zykes-what does MaaS Enroll mean ?22:35
hazmatzykes-, its how a machine registers with maas22:50
pdtpatrickQuestion - im trying to follow this link to install openstack: http://tinyurl.com/bqfpocl  ... however im getting the following errors: http://pastie.org/private/r4cwz6kem3bxmuvuqwhfq22:57
pdtpatrickand here's my .cfg file22:58
zykes-hazmat: but why does it power down the machine after it's first been booted up +23:00
hazmatzykes-, because after it tells maas to manage it, maas turns off the machine till something tells maas it wants to use the machine23:01
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zykes-ah ok23:03
zykes-how can I setup interfaces using the MaaS ?23:03
zykes-like bonding and so on23:03
ahasenackhi, I'm usinc lxc and tried to deploy a standard mysql charm from the storm on precise, but juju status shows it's pending and I don't know why. The logs inside the container hint at a network problem perhaps:23:24
ahasenackFailure: txzookeeper.client.ConnectionTimeoutException: could not connect before timeout23:24
ahasenackany hints as to where debug further?23:25
ahasenackhm, I only have one cgroup fs mounted, which is odd, a colleague has many (cpu, cpuacct, etc) mounted and it's working for him23:36
ahasenackok, found it23:41
pdtpatrickQuestion - im new to juju. I've deployed lodgeit  with "juju deploy lodgeit", juju status shows me a private ip. However, browsing to it gives an error. Has anyone gotten this working ?? if so what could i be missing ?23:43
hazmatahasenack, yeah.. ufw breaks lxc local provider typically23:46
hazmatinteresting that it interfered with cgroups23:46
hazmatzykes-, i don't think bonding is supported yet by maas23:47
hazmatpdtpatrick, what error?23:47
hazmatpdtpatrick, this in local provider or ec2? .. on ec2 you also need to expose the service, via juju expose service_name23:47
ahasenackhazmat: I now don't think cgroups had anything to do with it23:47
pdtpatrickhazmat, this is a local service. It is giving me a 500 error so a server error.23:47
ahasenackhazmat: still something odd going on here in the sense that I don't have cgroup mounted after boot, but I can workaround that23:48
pdtpatrickhazmat, http://pastie.org/389234823:51
hazmatpdtpatrick, that looks sane.. so you can't access it the page in a browser, or there is an error from the lodgeit app?23:53
hazmatpdtpatrick, that sounds like a problem in the charm23:53
pdtpatrickhazmat, i have debug on another screen and im not seeing anything that says why it is failing.23:54
hazmatahasenack, do you have the cgroup-lite package?23:55
hazmatahasenack, thats the one that has the upstart jobs to auto mount the cgroups23:55
ahasenackhazmat: yep, that's the initscript I have to call manually after booting to get cgroup mounted, I haven't figured out why yet23:55
ahasenackit's upstart, and seem to trigger on /sys being mounted23:56
ahasenackanyway, it's working now, it's just this odd thing23:56
ahasenackwhich I can workaround23:56
hazmatahasenack, cool though unfortunate23:56
hazmatpdtpatrick, if you could pastebin the unit log i might be able to help more23:56
* hazmat runs to the next uds session23:57
pdtpatrickhazmat, http://pastie.org/389237923:58

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