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sneleguys are there plans for backporting kde 4.8.3 or next 4.8.4 to oneiric?09:22
apacheloggerRiddell: please be having a foundations person have a look at bug 99750610:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 997506 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "pkexec cannot run graphical applications when using KDM as display manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99750610:36
apacheloggerwhy in the name of darth vader does that logo there have the broken k from before ubuntu font had a k10:38
apacheloggerthat said, we should package up oxygen font10:38
apacheloggerin experimental10:39
apacheloggerfor the testing purposes10:39
tazzin kubuntu 12.04 guest account is disabled by default right ?13:20
bambeehttp://labs.qt.nokia.com/2012/05/09/qt-creator-2-5-0-released/  <--- yeah!!13:37
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Riddellhi greyback, have I met you at UDS yet?17:00
Riddelloh well17:01
Riddellafiestas_: anyone you need introduced to today?17:41
Riddellhi greyback, have I met you at UDS yet?17:44
greybackRiddell: I've seen you, just not managed to say hi :)17:44
Riddellgreyback: well do say hi next time you do :)17:46
greybackRiddell: yep, will do17:46
DarkwingUDSrbelem: http://wonderly.com/tablet/asi_system_infos-20120510-110644.html18:18
RiddellDarkwingUDS: kubuntu session gone awya for today?19:25
EzimRiddell, read on omgubuntu/webupd8 that blue system are going to pay to more developer then only you? 19:34
luc4Hi! I just filed a bug and I'm requested to specify the package affected. Unfortunately I really can't determine the package and no one in #kubuntu, #kde nor #ubuntu could help me. Should I leave it as it is or is it unlikely anyone will have a look at it this way? I consider it quite severe.20:38
yofelluc4: what's the bug?20:53
luc4yofel: #997767 20:54
yofelbug 99776720:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 997767 in Ubuntu "Network connection is lost after some hours of inactivity and comes up again on user interaction" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/99776720:54
snele_luc4: this happens while your monitor is turned off (in dpms off state)? 20:57
luc4snele_: what do you mean? The monitor turns off after some minutes, the connection stays up for many hours instead.20:58
luc4snele_: the connection does not turn of together with the screen if that is what you meant.20:58
luc4snele_: I thought some kind of energy saving, but in KDE energy saving is disabled (correct as this is a desktop).20:59
snele_luc4: but eventually it stops wile monitor is turned off?20:59
luc4snele_: yes, most of the time the mouse is not even connected to the desktop.21:00
luc4snele_: it is just a server I mean.21:00
luc4snele_: I use it via ssh.21:00
snele_i experience strange problems on my laptop wile monitor is turned off (music players stops playing, internet connection sometimes stops). It seems that this only happens in KDE with ati opensource driver21:01
luc4snele_: mmh... yes, ATI opensource drivers here I think.21:02
snele_luc4: hmmm something funny is happening than between KDE power management and ati opensource drivers... wait a bit i'll give you a link to my kde bug report...21:03
snele_luc4: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28758021:04
ubottuKDE bug 287580 in powermanagement "Media Players stop playing when monitor enters power saving mode (dpms off)" [Normal,Unconfirmed: ]21:04
luc4snele_: what do you suggest I do? Should I leave the bug I opened there?21:05
luc4snele_: but I do not have power saving mode here anyway...21:06
luc4snele_: that part of the settings is completely disabled for me.21:07
snele_luc4: I don't know. Maybe it is the same bug. And maybe someone should report bug against ati opensource driver21:07
snele_luc4: but does your monitor goes to dpms off stat after some time of system inactivity?21:08
luc4snele_: I don't know what dpms is, but signal stops after some minutes. That is a default setting I guess.21:08
snele_luc4: when your monitor turns off when your mouse is at idle 15 min for example, that is dpms off state21:09
luc4snele_: maybe I could try to avoid that and see if the same happens anyway.21:09
luc4snele_: then dpms is off of course, mouse is unplugged.21:10
snele_luc4: if your card is supported by catalyst (fglrx) driver, install it and test. I don't have this problem with catalyst. only with opensource driver21:11
luc4snele_: last time I tried that the pc didn't even boot. I also reported the bug months ago but no news.21:11
snele_luc4: what graphic card is that in particular? if it is very old than it is not suported anymore with catalyst21:13
luc4snele_: more than old.21:13
snele_luc4: then you are stuck with opensource driver :)21:13
luc4snele_: I know :-) but the screen is mostly unplugged, so I'm not interested. Problem is the connection is lost also when in the login scren :-) now I tried to completely stop X server.21:14
luc4snele_: I can even try to disable dpms and see if it helps, but anyway I would leave the bug open because it is quite severe I think...21:16
snele_luc4: I was abe to workaround this bug by installing  xfce4-power-manager . Then from terminal run  xfce4-power-manager and set it up. But with  xfce4-power-manager  suspend doesn't work21:18
snele_if you don't need suspend you can try it21:18
luc4snele_: no, I don't need it. Thanks, I'll try then!21:19
utusanluc4: sorry to butt in but if it's a server why would you even have kde on it?21:19
luc4utusan: I like it :-)21:20
luc4utusan: sometimes I use it, and I like having my good KDE on it :-)21:20
utusanluc4: ok..makes sense21:21
luc4utusan: not really :-D you're right indeed :-)21:22
DarkwingUDSRiddell: I think the only Kubuntu Session left is Docs tomorrow... I think.22:16
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koolhead17Riddell, around23:58

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