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Logos01Hello, all. I... need some help with something. I just did a clean install of Kubuntu 12.04, followed by sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && reboot.00:39
Logos01I have the strangest thing going on: while ping resolves my local network hosts against the search domain, ssh does not.00:39
Logos01So for example if I ping hypervisor, it resolves (properly) against hypervisor.local.00:39
Logos01But if I attempt ssh hypervisor, it does *NOT* resolve against against hypervisor.local00:40
Logos01(If I execute ssh hypervisor.local -- that works fine.)00:40
Logos01My DNS settings have not been changed in months.00:41
windbuntuwho is in charge of kubuntu now? if riddel is off the project, then who makes sure it gets done properly?00:57
Logos01windbuntu: It is my understanding that it is now relegated to the same status as all other 'spins' of Ubuntu -- of which none have dedicated-purpose staffing.01:00
windbuntuwow, no dedicated staffing. I am surprised. Oh well if they all run that way I guess it will be ok.01:01
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mcai need to set unity as default desktop enviroment im using kde for my login screen02:27
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torrent772hi alll03:41
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SteveRileygrrr... hotel internet connections suck and blow.05:00
mr-richsuck AND blow? Sounds like a broken vaccume cleaner ...06:13
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tdnI have a Kubuntu VM in virtualbox. It has suddenly stopped automatically adjusting the screen resolution when I resize the VM window. I have vboxadditions installed. How do I fix this? Is this a problem that should be addressed in vbox or in KDE?07:46
flipscriptI upgraded kubuntu now my Virtualbox doens't even work.08:01
flipscriptTried reinstalling and rebuilding the kernel, I'm now looking at installing Ubunut. FML, linux is so frustrating sometimes08:01
coder2Hello. Please help me with oneiric upgrade. I've started the process and it does nothing after downloading new packages. The window is not responsible and there are no disk activities. I can see "Preparing mounting all" message.08:04
coder2I've had the same problem yesterday on an other computer. That system has got into ruined state after reboot. I've spent hours to get in running again.08:06
coder2Please help08:09
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phoenix_firebrdcoder2: hi08:15
coder2phoenix_firebrd: hello08:15
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: did you get any error messages?08:16
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: you are updating to 11.10?08:17
coder2phoenix_firebrd: The window is empty now. I can see "AttributeError: 'KDEInstallProgressAdapter' object has no attribute 'read'" in /var/log/dist-upgrade/main.log08:17
coder2phoenix_firebrd: yes. 11.10 to 12.0408:17
wwwolfHi, I have al little problem with powertop - it is working fine so far and the power consumption of my laptop is next to optimum, however when booting it always suspends also my Logitech USB wireless receiver, so that the mouse stops working. How can I manually exclude the USB receiver?08:18
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: did you follow the instructions given in the release notes in kubuntu website?08:18
coder2phoenix_firebrd: sure. Exactly.08:18
wwwolfI always have to enter powertop and switch the receiver manually from good to bad08:18
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: let me check something08:19
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: did you use muon updater?08:21
coder2phoenix_firebrd: yes08:21
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: can you upgrade from bash?08:23
phoenix_firebrdcoder2:  try this command "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"08:24
coder2phoenix_firebrd: I haven't tried. I've just entered here right when the window hanged. It is still on the desktop.08:24
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: you mean the konsole window hanged?08:25
coder2phoenix_firebdr: Yesterday I've finished the upgrade on other computer after the same problem, but I've done a mistake: reboot.After reboot even apt was broken. And I've spent hours on force installing  debs from local apt cache before the system got into hardly-ever healthy state.08:27
coder2phoenix_firebrd: what do you recommend to do now?08:28
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: force close the hanged window, try upgrading the system by the terminal(no gui) way. if there is a dependency issue or broken packages use the "repair dependency issues"  option in recovery mode08:30
coder2phoenix_firebrd: Should I close the hanged window? I even do not know which process ons it08:30
coder2phoenix_firebrd: Ok, I'll try it now08:31
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: ok08:31
coder2phoenix_firebrd: apt-get dist-upgrade claims about broken dependencies. I've started it again with -f option08:35
coder2phoenix_firebrd: I suspect that the problem exists on the systems with russian language pack installed. I've managed to upgrade one system smoothly. As far as I remember that system las English language pack only and "en_US" system locale.08:39
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: In that case i have no idea how to solve that issue08:40
flipscriptAny ideas on the virtual box issue. I'm at a loss. I've rebuilt the kernel, reinstalled using the the Muon software manager. But I still get the "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)"08:48
flipscripthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1885936 I followed this but to no avail08:49
phoenix_firebrdflipscript: try in #ubuntu08:51
flipscriptI'm running Kubuntu tho, is there a reason why there?08:51
phoenix_firebrdflipscript: less active presence here and since its a issue with the kernel, use can try in #ubuntu also08:52
flipscriptCool, thanks phoenix; I'll head over08:52
phoenix_firebrdflipscript: yw08:52
atmaklasikanyone knows, how to install new theme in kubuntu?08:56
ikonia!themes > atmaklasik08:57
ubottuatmaklasik, please see my private message08:57
fayazhi, my apt-get seems to be corrupted08:57
fayazshows error 'E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'08:57
atmaklasikthanks ubottu !08:58
ikoniafayaz: normally because it can't talk to the server it wants to get the package list from09:02
fayazikonia: thanks i think i found the fix http://askubuntu.com/questions/30072/problem-with-mergelist-error-when-trying-to-do-an-update09:02
ikoniaif you think that's the issue, go for it09:03
danieloI would like to ask You for help with instalation of scaner device on kubuntu 12.04, on earier versions I had no problem with that09:15
danielonow xsane shuold discovere scanner but it wont09:16
danieloplease help09:16
danielolsusb gives09:16
danieloBus 007 Device 002: ID 04f9:01ea Brother Industries, Ltd DCP-703009:16
danieloso there the device is connected09:16
danieloany one that could help?09:28
coder2phoenix_firebrd: "apt-get dist-upgrade" has finished. I'm crossing my fingers and going to reboot the system...09:36
davidthis is my problem http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/0BQG09:59
davidi also ran sudo apt-get install -f it still give me error10:02
davidanyone there?10:13
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: morning10:15
BluesKajhey antlarr, phoenix_firebrd10:15
antlarrIn /etc/init/start-ypbind.conf there's a line like:10:15
antlarrstart on (starting autofs or starting am-utils or starting gdm or starting lightdm or starting atd)10:15
antlarrit's missing "or starting kdm"10:15
davidthis is my problem http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/0BQG10:18
BluesKajwhy would anyone use burg10:31
ikoniaBluesKaj: it's too much hassle/headache10:33
BluesKajyeah ikonia , it's a head scratcher10:35
ikoniaBluesKaj: for what it gives you, I don't think it's worth the effort, I do think however some of the approaches taken could be ported into grub without too much effort and would enchance grub210:45
BluesKajikonia, yeah , a user was asking about his burg errors and I've read about it but as you say I didn't see many advantages10:52
ikoniaBluesKaj: where was he asking (there is one guy who keeps asking about this, doesn't know what he's doing and refuses to accept that he's out of his depth and won't really get any benifit, but pain)10:52
ikoniaI wonder if it was the same guy10:52
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BluesKajhis nick was david , he about asked 45 mins ago10:55
ikoniaI wonder if it was him10:55
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coder2phoenix_firebrd: Looks like my system survives. Thank you.10:57
coder2Hello. Would you please help me. How to fix taskbar label colors on 12.04? The label texts are gray on gray - almost unreadable.10:58
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: yw11:01
BluesKajcoder2, change your desktop theme , in system settings>workspace appearance11:03
coder2BluesKaj: It doesn't help. Colors changing but taskbar fonts are still pale on pale.11:04
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: i think you have to restart plasma-desktop to see the changes11:10
coder2phoenix_firebird: After applying a new theme? You mean re-login?11:11
coder2phoenix_firebrd: Should I re-login after applying a new color theme?11:15
BluesKajcoder2, no need11:16
coder2BluesKaj, So changing of colors does not affect the problem. I could provide a screenshot, in Skype for example.11:17
BluesKajjust hit the prtscn , and paste in imagebin11:18
stewart_Hey everyon11:21
stewart_Anyone actually here?11:22
BluesKajyes actually11:22
stewart_oh cool11:22
stewart_i have a quick question about Activities11:23
stewart_just to make sure is Kubuntu using 4.8?11:23
stewart_KDE 4.8*11:23
BluesKajyup it is , activities isn't my srong suit tho11:24
coder2BluesKaj: http://imagebin.org/21181111:24
phoenix_firebrdstewart_: 4.8.2 precisely :)11:25
stewart_ah ok, well hopefully somebody might respond. I just wanted to know if  it was possible for a specific word document or spreadsheet  to open for activities11:25
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: sorry i was away11:25
stewart_because specific websites can for each activity which is cool and some guys KDE review stated KDE 4.6 made this possible i think11:26
stewart_but I havent been able to make it happen11:26
coder2phoenix_firebrd: Take a look, please: http://imagebin.org/21181111:26
stewart_be rightb ack11:26
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: ya i was doing that11:26
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: thats the default11:26
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: i am not using the air theme anymore because of the same issue, try another theme11:27
BluesKajcoder2, coder2 , check your GTK+ appearance  widget settings in sysem settings>application appearance11:29
BluesKajoops reapting myself again , again ....11:29
coder2phoenix_firebrd: changing of widget style doesnot affect the taskbar. What do you mean saying "air theme" ? Where to turn it off? The desktop effects ?11:30
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: no11:30
lordievaderHow is everyone?11:30
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: system settings->workspace appearance->desktop theme11:31
BluesKajcoder2, make sure you have KDE fonts in GTK applications checked , it's a guess11:32
stewart_Hey lodie11:32
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: how can it affect the plasma-desktop?11:32
lordievaderDoes anyone know how to change the screen brightness in a tty? (xbacklight doesn't work, requires X)11:33
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, dunno , just a guess :)11:33
coder2phoenix_firebrd: thank you. Air for netbooks looks better.11:33
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: do you know you can install and use more awesome themes there?11:34
stewart_Anyone use activities?11:35
BluesKajhard to know what affects the fonts , there so many variables between kde, plasma anbd gtk , phoenix_firebrd11:35
coder2phoenix_firebrd: There so much offered, but small thumbnails are not very informative. I'll take a look there. A bit later. Or advise your favorite theme, please.11:35
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: the only gtk app that is stoping me from the entire gtk stuff is google chrome/chromium11:35
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: our kde is written to eliminate gtk ;)11:36
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, sorry i don't get it11:36
stewart_Has anyone used Maxthon web browser?11:36
BluesKajwell ,gtk must be accomomdated , that's the rule11:37
coder2BluesKaj, GTK fonts are not involve the effect.11:37
coder2Thank you all11:37
stewart_its only on windows right now but as it grows i hope they cross to linux11:37
BluesKajcoder2, are you sure11:37
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: try "caledonia"11:37
phoenix_firebrdcoder2: yw11:37
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: kde doesnot contain gtk stuff11:38
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: except some rare apps like telepathy that uses some gtk libs11:39
BluesKajI didn't say that coder2 , I said it may be affected and vice versa11:39
coder2BluesKaj, Sorry. And thank you for your patience.11:40
BluesKajwhy do the fonts suddenly change in sytem settings>application appearance for no apparent reason ...it happens here a lot both with root permissions and without11:41
BluesKajfont sizes that is11:43
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: i cant understand11:43
BluesKajthe difference is quite dramatic on a large monitor11:44
BluesKajphoenix_firebrd, neither do I , it's a mystery to me11:44
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj:  :D11:44
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: bbl11:45
lordievaderHey stewart_ How are you?11:54
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forgeausuh why don't I have permissions on my home folder? it won't let me make a directory there :(12:07
forgeaus"permission denied!12:07
forgeausI'll try doing it this way mkdir ~/testdir12:08
forgeausfixed it somehow12:11
stewart_hey forgeeaus12:12
stewart_u still there12:12
BluesKajforgeaus, check you permissions tab in dolphin>file> properties , are user and group the same ?12:13
forgeausI think I might have created the directory as root12:13
forgeausand tried to use it as my user12:13
forgeausor something12:13
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forgeauswhy the heck I'd want a gentoo prefix on kubuntu I don't know but hey ...12:17
BluesKajalways mkdir as sudo12:18
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morgajelanyone else notice pandora stuttering after upgrading to 12.4?12:34
forgeausthe ancient mythic greek who was too curious about a box and opened it?12:36
morgajelpandora.com, the flash music site; sorry should have been more specific; this appears to be across multiple flash apps12:37
morgajelnot sure if the problem is flash, alsa, or pulseaudio12:38
BluesKajmorgajel, maybe flash needs a reinstall12:40
morgajelBluesKaj: first thing I tried12:43
morgajellet me clear out my .pulse dir and reboot12:43
BluesKajmorgajel,well , I can't test the site , not available to Canada12:44
morgajelBluesKaj: I think I'm hearing the same thing with youtube12:44
morgajelit wasn't as pronounced in the video I checked12:44
morgajelbut it was bad audio12:45
BluesKajpulse installed ?12:45
BluesKajwhat about local audio ?12:46
jameslordhi all12:52
jameslordwhen i faild to connect to a server using ssh from kubuntu12:55
jameslordwhy ?12:55
lordievaderjameslord: This could have a million reasons, what kind of error did you get?12:57
BluesKajlocal server or on the internet , jameslord?12:57
sky100i cant login to my kubuntu desktop12:59
CruX|hello how can I switch kubuntu kde desktop into netbook style ?13:00
lordievaderHey sky100, any idea why not? Does it give you any error?13:00
sky100while tried opening FX it gave me the message "application crashed ... the application couldnt identify itself13:01
morgajelBluesKaj: strangely enough streaming audio via vlc does not stutter13:01
stewart_type in plasma13:01
sky100so i just rebooted .. & since then im not getting the login screen13:02
lordievadersky100: With FX do you mean the desktop effect?13:02
morgajelBluesKaj: I suspect it's an interaction between flash/alsa/pulse, but then again I'm ignorant to the details of that crossroad13:02
lordievadersky100: You get a black screen?13:02
sky100yes .. with prompting me to log on13:02
stewart_Hey can anyone help me out with Activities? Im just wondering if you can assign specific word documents to activities? My attempts with Libreoffice have not worked.13:03
lordievadersky100: What happens when you press alt + ctrl + f1?13:03
BluesKajmorgajel, alsa used to link to flash audio before pulse came along and on some audio onboard cards it's still possible to run without pulse , most pci audio cards need pulse tho13:04
morgajelo_0... I think torching the .pulse dir fixed it.13:04
jameslordlordievader password error:( but this password works on centos:(13:05
sky100sorry lordievader13:05
sky100connection prob13:05
jameslordBluesKaj that server is on internet13:05
morgajelBluesKaj: alright... I think I'm all set. I must have had a bad pulse config.13:06
BluesKajcool , if it's true morgajel...i sure wouldn't mind if i could drop pulse13:06
sky100nah . i didnt mean display setting in FX or something13:06
morgajelBluesKaj: to be clear pulse just regenn'd the config13:06
morgajelsomething was funky in it13:06
sky100i simply tried to open FX13:06
lordievaderjameslord: Have you tried it locally? (If you have the option) Also is it setup with ssh keys?13:06
lordievadersky100: I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean with FX...13:07
BluesKajok morgajel13:07
jameslordlordievader that server is remote:(13:07
lordievadersky100: Ah Firefox, I usually call it FF :P13:07
lordievaderjameslord: But is it setup with key authentication?13:07
lordievadersky100: So what happens if you try the key combo?13:08
sky100u mean ctrl+alt+del?13:09
sky100which one ?13:09
lordievadersky100: No, ctrl + alt + f(something 1~6)13:10
sky100im not sure ...13:10
sky100hmm .. didnt try that out13:10
sky100its says xserver problem13:10
sky100gui is not being detected ...13:10
lordievadersky100: You do not get a login promt? (Also not on another tty (2 or 3)13:11
sky100video driver issue.....13:11
sky100all its giving me ppp-desktop login ..13:11
sky100then as I type "PPP" & then my root PW13:12
jameslordlordievader http://iyanwu.com/pastebin/showthread.php?tid=4613:12
jameslordafter ssh-keygen, should i restart my localhost?13:12
lordievadersky100: Yes? Can you then login?13:12
sky100it just says "Welcome Ubuntu 11.10 ..13:13
sintheteki think i may have found a bug in kubuntu netbook taskbar settings.. seems when i re-add system tray (and possibly other widgets) it increases in width13:14
sky100& then ppp@ppp-desktop :~$ ..13:14
lordievaderjameslord: Do you know the ID of your server? Because it has changed he says, might be a man-in-the-middle.13:14
lordievadersky100: Well that is great, can you see if kdm is running? (ps aux|grep [k]dm)13:15
sintheteknope, seems to just be the system tray widget... it's now filling like 90+% of the taskbar on my 11.6" netbook with unusuable space :P13:18
sky100sorry lordievader  ,13:20
sky100couldn't understand13:20
lordievadersky100: kdm is the login manager, to see if it is running we use the command ps (ps aux lists all of the processes) and then we let grep run through it and let it find kdm, so in other words: ps aux|grep [k]dm (if it gives output kdm is running)13:22
sky100so what cmd i shd type after ppp@ppp-desktop:~$13:23
lordievadersky100: ppp@ppp-desktop:~$ is your promt, like your terminal emulator like Konsole, it says user ppp is logged into ppp-desktop and is in the home dir. So you just have your bash shell there.13:25
lordievadersky100: so there you enter the ps command to see if kdm is running.13:25
sintheteki think i may see my problem sorta... a version skew type thing13:27
sintheteklooks like there are multiple sys tray setting entry "versions" or whatever13:28
sinthetekreferences to different devicenotifieritem versions13:28
sinthetekthey are showing up blank in the tray making it bigger13:29
wolfgangI am new at Kubuntu and i got a problem with Phonon. Could somebody help me please?13:30
designbybeckwhat is Phonon wolfgang ?13:31
wolfgangdesignbybeck The sound properties in the kubuntu system properties13:34
designbybeckI thought that was Kmix13:34
wolfgangWell that's for volume properties13:36
designbybeckin that case I'm clueless can can't help ya!  wolfgang ;) sorry13:36
BluesKajok wolfgang , what's the problem with phonon?13:36
wolfgangThanks anyway designbybeck13:36
designbybecknow BluesKaj on the other hand wolfgang should be able to steer ya in the right direction13:37
wolfgangIn the hardware priorities it is possible to change the priority of the sound output device13:37
wolfgangAnd also you can set your soundcard.13:38
BluesKajdo you mean device preferences , wolfgang ?13:38
wolfgangI got two soundcardes there. Only one is able to play sound (e.g. when i click on "test"). But everytime i set this as the card which should be used, it is changed.13:39
wolfgangYes, BluesKaj, That's what I mean. Sorry13:39
BluesKajwolfgang, did you recently install a new pci soundcard ?13:39
wolfgangNo. I just installed Kubuntu on this PC a few hours ago.13:40
sky100lordievader .. i was just away13:40
szal/etc/modprobe.d/ <- create a new .conf file there that sets the load order of the sound modules, then reboot.. instructions are in the existing files13:41
danielo_hey everybody13:42
danielo_do You know how to install caligra in 12.04?13:42
BluesKajszal, is that directed at wolfgang ?13:42
lordievadersky100: No that will just list all the processes, tpye: ps aux|grep [k]dm13:42
szalBluesKaj: yes13:43
danielo_or any of You use caligra at 12.04?/13:43
szaldanielo_: if you type it correctly, you should find it -> calligra13:43
BluesKajwolfgang, see  szal instruction above13:44
wolfgangWell i will try.13:44
danielo_wow :P13:44
danielo_thanks :D13:44
wolfgangBy the way. The order is not the problem. The order stays. The problem is: If i change the soundcard in hardware and klick on Accept, go back and go to the settings again, the other soundcard is selected again.13:46
szalyou mean, in KDE?13:46
szaliirc, that's a long-standing bug.. sad to hear it's still around13:47
szalI think it was already present in KDE 4.513:47
POQDavidi need help13:47
wolfgangWell... You think writing the .confg file will help nothing?13:48
szalif the load order isn't the problem, then it won't help.. unless you want to do that everytime you want to switch13:48
POQDavidmy linux boots in to grub rescue mode13:48
POQDavidburg messed up grub13:49
wolfgangSorry, i don't know what you mean with the second part of your sentence13:49
POQDavidanyone knows how to restore grub from the grub rescue mode?13:50
szalwolfgang: changing the .conf file & rebooting13:50
POQDavidi did google but didn't work13:50
wolfgangWell.. Not really. I allready rebootet and the order stayed fine.13:52
BluesKajok wolfgang , pass the cursor over the devices , note the one that is named "card 0", that's the card that's most likely the default in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf , which may need to be edited13:55
wolfgangIs it possible to just "delete" one soundcard, so that the system has only one alternative?13:55
BluesKajin phonon device preferences13:55
wolfgangIf i do what you say nothing happens13:56
wolfgangIt nowhere shows "card 0"13:57
BluesKajthere should be a popup , if they're enabled13:57
szalwolfgang: you could blacklist the module for the card you don't want to appear, I guess13:58
BluesKajwolfgang, pastebin your /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf13:58
wolfgang# autoloader aliases13:59
wolfganginstall sound-slot-0 /sbin/modprobe snd-card-013:59
wolfganginstall sound-slot-1 /sbin/modprobe snd-card-113:59
wolfganginstall sound-slot-2 /sbin/modprobe snd-card-213:59
wolfganginstall sound-slot-3 /sbin/modprobe snd-card-313:59
FloodBotK1wolfgang: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:59
wolfganginstall sound-slot-4 /sbin/modprobe snd-card-413:59
BluesKaj!paste | wolfgang13:59
ubottuwolfgang: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:59
wolfgangI am sorry -.-14:01
ndsinisterhi, I installed latest kubuntu on my acer aspire one d250 and I have problem with microphone doesnt work. can anyone help?14:02
wolfgangHere is the link: http://paste.ubuntu.com/979877/14:03
BluesKajwolfgang,  paste , aplay -l14:05
wolfgangPast of aplay -l: http://paste.kde.org/474362/14:07
ndsinisterhow to fix microphone in kubuntu?14:07
BluesKajwolfgang, sudo modprobe snd-emu10k114:11
wolfgangShould anything happen?14:12
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kubuntuhey, wondering if someone can help me14:13
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Guest11945i just installed kubuntu14:14
Guest11945and when i restart after the installation14:14
Guest11945i get a blinking black screen14:14
Guest2140how do install the sun java jre7 ?14:15
Resistance!java | Guest214014:16
ubottuGuest2140: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.14:16
ResistanceGuest2140:  have you read that page yet?14:16
wolfgangGuest2140 You can use Muon to get most programs14:16
Resistancewolfgang:  not Sun Java stuffs14:17
Resistanceyou still need to go get that and install it manually14:17
Resistanceesp. for JRE714:17
wolfgangResistance, I'm sorry, you're right. Muon only finds OpenJDK14:17
Resistancebecause Sun's stuff isnt in the repos14:18
Resistanceincompatible licensing14:18
wolfgangBluesKaj Should anything happen after typing in that command?14:18
BluesKajwolfgang, nothing happens if there are no errors , reboot14:18
wolfgangYeah, Resistance, forgot that14:19
* Resistance has actually reported (and subsequently taken down) a few other peoples' PPAs with later versions of Java6 from Sun than was last available in the repos in pre-Natty or w/e it was)14:19
wolfgangBluesKaj: I will. Thank you for helping. I will tell you if it helped.14:19
wolfgangHello again14:24
wolfgangBluesKaj it helped nothing.14:26
wolfgangThere is still no sound and in the system tray it shows, that it wants to change to the other device again14:26
BluesKajwolfgang, do you have another soundcard installed besides the onboard?14:28
BluesKajI asked you before , but yoiu didn't answer ..one of thses cards has to be blacklisted or changed in the bios , if you installed a pci or usb then the bios preference is the best route14:30
wolfgangThe other soundcard is a PCI afaik14:31
BluesKajwolfgang, then go into your bios , mostlikely the peripherals , and make the pci audio card the default , do not use the auto mode14:34
wolfgangOkay. I will try that. Thank you. You will hear if it worked14:34
spannermit-scheme package appears to be broken14:46
wolfgangHello again14:49
wolfgangBluesKaj. Thank you very much. I disabled the onboard card and now it works14:49
BluesKajwolfgang, right , you're lucky , I had to disable mine by blacklisting and everytime I upgrade I have do re-edit the alsa.conf file14:51
wolfgangOh. Okay.14:51
wolfgangThank you. But is that just a bug, that you can't really change this setting or what?14:51
BluesKajmy bios ndoesn't give me the option of choosing a pci card14:52
wolfgangSo mine as well. I just had to disable the onboard card14:52
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BluesKajok , gotta do some work on my server side ...bbl14:53
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bazhang!es | manuel_15:36
ubottumanuel_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:36
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temprelicKubuntu refuses to boot taking me to the grub screen and leaves the keyboard non-responsive and unable to select anything like a previous version anytime I boot this exact thing happens,  I need to figure out a way to undo whatever is being done to lock my computer up like this16:43
temprelicI haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, was trying to clean up and get rid of things first, but I did some file updates recently, not sure how that effects the outcome of this16:45
BluesKajtemprelic, you may need to a live cd to restore grub , if you have one16:47
temprelicI have a few live cd from different distributions but no clue on how to fix the problem16:48
BluesKaj!grub2 | temprelic16:58
ubottutemprelic: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)16:58
alesanhi, how do I remove the holydays from the calendar?17:06
temprelicnice documentation there but still not sure what I am trying to repair17:23
BluesKajtemprelic, you're freezing at grub , so it doesn't load properly altho you can see the grub menu , correct?17:29
natmanhi, i have a printer connected to an ubuntu pc, trying to get kubuntu to print via the ubuntu pc, which option do i pick in add new printer?17:30
BluesKajnetwork printer17:32
natmanBluesKaj: there is no network printer, in my printer configuration settings17:32
BluesKajnatman, server settings , show printers shared by other systems17:36
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temprelicyep, it goes directly to grub, but I can't do anything to the menu17:38
LewnatikHey people.17:39
temprelic + - e c choices don't work; so whatever flag was to force it into that needs to be cleared; got the boot repair thing up on a live cd right now17:39
oratedHello! I'm not able to install new themes for Login screen. System settings > Login Screen > Theme > Get New Themes even after selecting themes to download/install doesn't list it under Themes tab to enable. Is there a way to fix this?17:39
LewnatikWhat programme do y'all use to connect to IRC?17:40
LewnatikWhat's the most popular? :-??17:40
Riddellquassel or konversation17:40
LewnatikI'm using Konversation ATM. Is there a keyboard shortcut to open settings or preferences or anything?17:41
oratedIdentities settings can be opened using F817:41
oratedAnd I think your Menu bar is out, Ctrl + M to get it back17:42
LewnatikPerfect, thank you.17:43
LewnatikIs there some sort of "Address Book" or something? I'd like to edit Op/Halfop colours and the listing of user list?17:43
LewnatikAlso, what services are available on this network?17:44
oratedI'd suggest you to ask in #konversation and #freenode as they can better address your questions :)17:45
natmanBluesKaj: ya have that box ticked, when i click new printer i dont know what to do17:45
LewnatikOkay, thank you.17:45
BluesKajnatman, do you have appsocket in the new printer list ?17:52
natmanBluesKaj: yes top of the list17:52
natmanBluesKaj: says "AppSocket/HP Jet Direct"17:53
BluesKajtry that , it should show network printer \17:53
BluesKajis the ubuntu printer an HP ?17:53
natmanBluesKaj: what do i type in for Host?17:53
natmanBluesKaj: yes its a HP17:54
BluesKajnatman, not sure , but you could try the ubuntu pc IP address , if you know what it is17:56
natmanBluesKaj: ya just did that, nothing happened when i asked for test page ( it works fine from its local pc )17:57
natmanBluesKaj: i have the Device URI, starts "usb://......" how would i type that with the IP for the ubuntu machine17:58
BluesKajmaybe you could use the ipp ioption in that case , type usb://192.168.X.XX18:01
BluesKaj192. etc being the actuall IP of course18:01
natmanok, just after clicking New Printer again in sys settings, im getting that little two rotating cirles symbol, perhaps its searching the network ( 3 computers at home )18:03
temprelicdownloading the latest iso file and hopefully a new live cd will help me get back into my system, don't want to do data recovery from a live cd if I don't have to18:08
BluesKajtemprelic, if the input device like mouse and KB are freezing , then grub may not be the poblem , it could be hardware driver problems18:11
oratedI'm not able to install new themes for Login screen. System settings > Login Screen > Theme > Get New Themes even after selecting themes to download/install doesn't list it under Themes tab to enable. Is there a way to fix this?18:15
temprelicthe computer forces into the grub menu and there is no 30second timer like the old ones and just sits there, so I have no clue on what is going on but the kb and mouse work in live cds18:16
temprelicwas hoping for some way to clear whatever is forcing the computer into the grub menu so it tries a normal boot18:17
lordievaderorated: You could download them from kde-look.org and install them manually.18:18
temprelicbut I am not finding anything on that atm so I have no clue on what way to figure this out how to ge to a point to verify anything else is working or not on the computer18:19
oratedlordievader: Yea, I'll try that. I wonder why the default way isn't working for me18:19
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lordievaderorated: I believe it didn't work for me either in 11.10, I didn't even bother to check in 12.04...18:20
BluesKajorated,'install new themes' , navigate to the downloads file , you should find them there18:24
oratedYes, that indirect way works18:25
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designbybeck:( Still can't connect to a SMB/Windows Server with Kubuntu 12.0420:05
designbybeckThis happened on 11.10 as well. It works on Ubuntu and in Kubuntu with Nautilis file browser20:06
designbybeckbut not in DOlphin20:06
OvermindDL1I am getting this exact issue with libmtp killing a connected USB device repeatedly when it is plugged in, with a different device however, and since just about everything from Amarok to VLC depends on libmtp, removing it is not so easy, so how can I disable 'just' the USB probe on it?  http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.usb.general/5200320:34
OvermindDL1Googleing for this issue does not turn up much...20:35
kallixHi, anyone with a MacBook Pro 8,2 ?20:39
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utusanhello..pretty quiet here..21:25
utusan12.04 must have been pretty good. no ones complaining?21:25
BluesKajthere are some  complaints21:26
utusannot as much as b421:28
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Roeyhey why does the Precise Pangolin's X not respond to my Intuos5 at all???21:40
Roey<Roey> this is really frustrating.21:40
Roey<Roey> I have wacom module loaded, and my x wacom module is at version 0.14, which should support it..21:40
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bel3atarHow can I enable GTK+ auto completion in KDevelop?22:53
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