gary_posterbac frankban call in 212:08
baclet's hope roadrunner is nicer to me today12:09
gary_posterI had trouble with cable in the afternoon and evening when I had it12:09
gary_postermorning was usually better12:10
frankbangary_poster: https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/lpsetup/load-library/+merge/10521212:15
baci have nothing else12:22
gary_posterbac, lol that was abrupt12:22
bacgary_poster: ^12:22
gary_posterok cool12:22
gary_posteractually the effect was "I've got nothing" follwed by immediately hanging up :-)12:23
frankbanssh to lxc for avant-garde people: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/979800/ ;-)12:53
gary_posterfrankban, sorry!  I am trying to dig into the issues with the data center lxc setup and lost track of time.  Want to have a call?13:39
gary_posterbac, hey.  You have a chance to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~frankban/lpsetup/load-library/+merge/105212 ?  I'm happy to13:57
bacgary_poster: i will now13:58
gary_posterthanks bac13:58
bachi frankban, your MP looks good.  i have a question about lines 77 and 78.  they don't seem to be exercised and are unused.  It seems it could be simplified, renamed, and used instead of the lambda at line 84 and at line 98.14:14
frankbanbac: looking14:14
frankbanbac:  they simulate the OSError raised by _load_library (line 30) when the library is not found in the usual location14:17
frankbanbac: this way the except block can be tested by test_host_multiarch_path14:18
frankban(the except block starting from line 32(14:19
bacso it is actually being triggered by line 97?14:19
bacok, i understand now14:20
frankbanbac: yes, the loader multiarch_loader is called two times, and the first time raises an OSError14:20
frankbanthanks bac14:23
frankbangary_poster: maybe, in the lxc patch,  I should drop the AGPL header in lp-lxc15:08
frankbansorry, lxc-ip15:08
gary_posterfrankban, we should do that but I think I need official blessing for that.  Lemme check with flacoste in a sec.  on call now15:10
frankbangary_poster: lxc uses GNU LGPL, which is quite different.15:10
gary_posterack frankban. asked on launchpad-ops.  I think he is on call too15:14
frankbanthanks gary_poster15:15
gary_posterbac, hey.  Karyn is away & my MIL is here & our baby has a 104.2 fever.  I need to go out and get tylenol for her, and then go to thr dr soon after.  could we have a rain check for tomorrow?19:25
bacsure.  sorry to hear about the fever.  that's mighty high.19:26
bachope she's better soon19:26
gary_posterthanks bac19:26

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