MrChrisDruif_BluesKaj: Ghehe ^_^00:03
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MrChrisDruif_Well, "almost" perfect00:04
MrChrisDruif_BluesKaj: I can't login to my own account00:05
MrChrisDruifAlright, so it seems lightdm doesn't want to be friends anymore ^_^00:17
Fudge64 image didnt boot a desktop for me02:05
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imnicholSo how do I go from 12.04 to the 12.10 alpha?02:31
Fudgewould my vidcard be causing a problem with this iso, [AMD] nee ATI Juniper XT [AMD Radeon HD 6000 Series]02:36
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MrChrisDruifHi BluesKaj10:18
BluesKajhi MrChrisDruif , how did your 12.10 install go?10:26
MrChrisDruifBluesKaj; only lightdm stopped loving me, I dpkg-reconfigure'd gdm to make it work. Just now I've dpkg-reconfigure'd lightdm to see if it works again after using gdm10:27
BluesKajright , lightdm has a few problems , so that's not a surprise10:30
MrChrisDruifIt pretty new, so it'll probably don't handle upgrades as it should10:31
Fudgehi guys, i am hoping todays iamge will boot for me10:50
* Fudge gives up10:50
MrChrisDruifFudge; I only switched sources. Only lightdm broke for me10:52
FudgeMrChrisDruif  thats pretty good all things considered10:53
DaekdroomHm.. I haven't read a single thing yet about GTK+2 being dropped from the CD this cycle :(13:30
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JonEdneyWindows Update, brb15:43
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icerootany news about wayland in 12.10?16:32
icerootor more like a thing for 13.04?16:32
icerootah ok found it, it should work in 12.04 (german link) http://www.golem.de/news/displayserver-wayland-soll-in-ubuntu-12-10-funktionieren-1205-91717.html16:34
BluesKajiceroot, the english translation isn't so great , btw16:42
BluesKaji found this , http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTA5OTY16:46
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MrChrisDruifBluesKaj; I'd thought you might want to know that LightDM works again ^_^21:41
BluesKajok , MrChrisDruif , good to know :)21:42
MrChrisDruifI do like it better then GDM, it's ugly21:42
BluesKajnever tried it myself since I was advised it's not too great with kde21:43
MrChrisDruif[However, the automatic background isn't working =(, but that didn't work before the upgrade either]21:43
IdleOneAre there any OMGwhatdidido reasons not to reboot right now?21:47
IntuitiveNippleMrChrisDruif: I found it needs the background to be changed away and back to what it is to get lightdm to 'see' it21:49
IdleOneI'll take the silence as a clear response to go ahead and reboot21:49
MrChrisDruifIntuitiveNipple; you mean taking a different one, log out and in and change it back again?21:50
IntuitiveNippleMrChrisDruif: No, log-in, change the background, change it back, log-out and it worked in lightdm for me21:50
IntuitiveNippleAnd I others found the same thing21:50
MrChrisDruifI'll check it out21:51
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kayveSo this channel is about 12.10 and not 12.04?  I guess I just updated to 12.04 and I have issues.22:18
MrChrisDruifkayve; we're 12.1022:19
Debolazkayve: It's for 12.10.22:19
MrChrisDruif12.04 support in #ubuntu22:19
kayvenobody ever answers in #ubuntu.  I have been there numerous times over the past years and I have never gotten an answer there.22:21
DebolazHehe, I know that feeling. Only fairly trivial questions are likely to be answered there.22:21
DebolazBut this is usually true for IRC in general, not that particular help channel.22:22
Debolaz*not just22:22
kayveMy Classic Gnome is not acting right at all after upgrade to 12.0422:22
MrChrisDruifkayve; you *could* also try #ubuntu-beginners they offer also support for the current release, thou they are few and far between. A lot more personal attention thou22:22
kayveI have got some good answers from IRC channels.. my theory today was getting a channel with the perfect population, not too big, not too small22:23
kayvesometimes folk get downright mean in here.  then I have to just forget about it22:24
Debolazkayve: It helps a lot to have a problem description. If you just say "I have a problem with <x>", people are not likely to bother asking why.22:24
kayveI have been told that I ask questions that are too manual-answerable.22:24
kayveI know.22:24
kayveI started with the question about version 12.04 and 12.10 that was easy22:24
kayvemy workspaces seem broken22:25
kayveI can't send my dozen Firefox instances properly to other workspaces and the volume widget isn't on the top bar.22:25
kayveI guess I should google setting it on the command line or something.22:25
DebolazIt seems workspaces are broken for several people in GNOME Classic on 12.04.22:26
kayvehopefully this will imply a soon update that will fix it  ?  or we are forced to be Mac users?22:27
kayveI confused somebody calling the new Gnome to be "MacIntosh-esque"22:27
kayvehopefully this isn't so confusing to you.22:28
DebolazWell, a fix might be complicated to implement in this case if it's not something easily reproducible from a fresh install of Ubuntu.22:28
kayveCan I supply some pertinant bug info somewhere to help?22:28
DebolazCan you (Using VirtualBox so you dont need to wipe out your system) try to reproduce the problem with a fresh installation? And if the problem is reproducible that way, file a bug where you describe the steps you did to make the problem happen.22:29
kayve::oh mwan:: "VirtualBox" well.. I guess this was something I supposedly was going to try to do anyway...22:29
DebolazA bug report may not guarantee someone will be able to fix it, but it is a prerequisite for getting it fixed. :)22:29
DebolazAnd if you can include steps to reproduce the problem, that gives people a lot more to work on.22:30
kayveSomebody told me that if I installed Microsoft on a VM so I could run ChessBase on it I wouldn't have the same terrible performance I observed on Wine22:30
kayve::sigh::  I wish I was a more motivated person.  I want to go to the gym soon.22:30
DebolazHehe, don't we all.22:31
MrChrisDruifNo, I want to eat a pancake...and I will!22:31
DebolazVirtualBox is free (As in open source) and easy to use, so don't worry.22:31
kayvewell.. what I was thinking was is there any way I can slurp some linux guts out of some log files or something from my system to provide a good robust bug report?22:31
kayveI need to get better at understanding log files.. but I guess I should acquiesce to VM supposedly it is the future but folk seem to be ignoring that Moore's Law died a decade ago.22:32
DebolazThere is a tool that will gather information from most log files for a bug report, however you really want to see if this is a reproducible bug. It's always a lot easier to fix a bug that you can see with your own eyes instead of just relying on some log files.22:33
kayvecan I install VM thru the Ubuntu Software Center?22:33
DebolazVirtualBox can be installed through the software center yes.22:34
kayveor if you can give me a URL with root prompt instructions that would be fine too22:34
Debolazhttps://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads can also be used if you want to be sure you have the most up to date version. (However, the version in Software Center should be just fine)22:35
kayvethen I should maybe .. uh.. get the 12.04 iso or something?  I haven't done any of this .. well.. we did this thing called "bochs" that was some sort of VM I guess for a course at SFSU22:35
DebolazYes, get the normal 12.04 desktop iso.22:36
kayveUbuntu Software Center is maybe 40% done with install22:36
DebolazBochs is to VirtualBox what an earthworm is to a Ferrari Enzo.22:36
kayveoh you're familiar with it.  That's good.  I think the reason for that is like "tinyShell" or uh.. because it was an undergraduate course22:37
kayve"tinyOS" is.. what I was thinking "tOS"22:37
kayveor was it TOS?22:38
kayveOK it's installed.. uh..22:38
DebolazBochs emulates an entire machine. Every single instruction is emulated. VirtualBox runs most of the OS inside it natively.22:38
DebolazSo the performance difference between Bochs and VirtualBox is…. Significant.22:38
kayvestill 32 bit?  http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop22:39
DebolazYes, 32 bit is usually fine.22:39
Debolaz32 bit will work on 64 bit machines.22:39
kayveI know about 32 bit.. that is what I have been doing, but when is all the stuff going to become 64 bit?  41 minutes remaining to download ubuntu-12.04-desktop-i386.iso  Is that really going to take that long?  I have DSL.  300KB/sec my rate is increasing.  I want to go work out.. that may take a half hour .. you think you will still be logged on then?22:42
mongoI just run kvm/libvirt, it is less intrusive on the guest OS22:42
DebolazSure, I'll probably be on for about 5-6 hours.22:42
kayveCan I use VirtualBox to install Microsoft too I guess?  Will it run ChessBase fast you think?22:42
DebolazJust go and work out. :)22:42
kayveOK thanks  {:)22:42
DebolazYes, you can install any OS that runs on your host machine inside VirtualBox.22:43
kayve20.3% body fat. gotta get that down22:43
* Debolaz believes he is around 106% at the moment,22:43

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