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jo-erlendI've been writing my GTK by hand mostly. Now I thought I'd give Glade another chance, seeing as there's a lot of improvements in GTK3. However, when I try to build my window, I get an error message saying something like "Unhandled tag 'packing'". It's translated to Norwegian, so I can't be sure that message is exact.15:20
jo-erlendbut is it really possible that Gtk.Builder doesn't handle something that basic?15:21
jo-erlendno, that doesn't seem to be the case. Probably that packing isn't supported for one specific widget. Does anyone have an idea how I can find out which one is causing the error?15:31
jo-erlendhi johangm90.15:37
johangm90why quickly set version of my app to 12.04 if this is 0.1?15:41
jo-erlendjohangm90, where do you see that?15:42
johangm90i set to 0.1 in setup.py file but when run quickly release command it automaticaly change to 12.0415:43
jo-erlendright. So it does append your minor version, so that 0.1 becomes 12.04.1. I'm not entirely sure why it does that. Might be in order to make it easier to push to Ubuntu Software Center.15:54
jo-erlendthat is to say; make it easier to have multiple versions in the software center. But this is just plain speculation. I have no real basis for it.15:55
jo-erlendI'm assuming you've based your application on the ubuntu-application template?15:57
jo-erlendjohangm90, Ubuntu Developer Summit is on this week. Many of the developers are busy, so this might not be the easiest week of the year to get good answers.15:59
jo-erlendbut when you're making an Ubuntu Application, I think it makes sense to include the Ubuntu version in your apps version. After all, there will be ten different versions of Ubuntu during 12.04s life cycle.16:02
johangm90it posible16:03
jo-erlendfor instance, when 14.04 arrives (next LTS), things may have changed radically. You might want to keep your application available for 12.04 and 14.04 though there'll be differences in the code in 14.04.16:04
jo-erlendrickspencer3, you're the man for this question, I think... Why does Quickly add Ubuntu's version to an Ubuntu Application, so that 0.1 becomes 12.04.1 when you release it?16:04
rickspencer3jo-erlend, quickly apps use the same numbering convention as Ubuntu16:05
rickspencer3so, if you ship twice in April of 2012, the second version will be called 12.04.116:05
rickspencer3if you ship again in May, it will be 12.0516:05
jo-erlendoh, it's that easy :)16:05
jo-erlendrickspencer3, I thought it might have something to do with pushing to the USC. :)16:06
rickspencer3jo-erlend, nah, I think we just decided on that number scheme a few UDSs ago16:07
jo-erlendthink it must've been UDS-O.16:07
jo-erlendanother expert! Great! :)16:11
jo-erlendThere is a widget in GTK+ 3.4 that causes Gtk.Builder to complain that the 'packing' tag is unhandled. Now I'm trying to find out which one. Does anyone have any ideas how I can get the parsing information from Gtk.Builder.load_from_file()?16:12
arslan-atajanovHi, do you mean Gtk.Builder.add_from_file()?16:21
jo-erlendsorry. Yes.16:21
jo-erlendUnhandled tag: 'packing' <-- That's all I get. This error message should at least say which widget it's complaining about. Because it doesn't complain about packing tags in Boxes at least.16:24
arslan-atajanovSorry for late reply Jo. Have you solved your problem?17:07
jo-erlendsolved it? That would probably imply pathing GTK+, getting it packaged and distributed. It'd be fairly impressive if I had been able to do that in less than an hour. :)17:08
jo-erlendI haven't even been able to file a bug report yet.17:08
jo-erlendguess I'll just have to create one ui per GTK widget and see which one breaks. But I suspect it'll take a very large amount of time to discover the culprit that way.17:11
arslan-atajanovmaybe use elimination approach...17:12
jo-erlendyes, I'm eliminating Glade once again. Sad, but true, it's still not usable.17:13
arslan-atajanovYou can try to load all your objects using: yourGtk.BuilderObject.add_objects_from_file("....", ("...", "...") <---- tuple of your objects ) and then delete objects one by one until you stop getting error. :)17:19
arslan-atajanovThis will lead to the complaining widget, if I'm right :)17:21
jo-erlendno, I'm just going to leave this one in peace for someone else to handle. I simply can't invest an unknown amount of time on stuff like this.17:24
jo-erlendI wish we had some way to file bugs, but we don't.17:24
jo-erlendat least none that I know about.17:24
johangm90how i can use calc_percent line 529 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/980399/ for progressbar in line 22 http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/980203/19:15
jo-erlendjohangm90, why does calc_percent return a string?19:19
jo-erlendin programming, we usually use percentage factors. So we expect 60% to be represented as 0.6 and 150% to be 1.5.19:23
jo-erlendworking with percentages is very much more complicated and doesn't provide  anything useful.19:24
johangm90jo-erlend, calc_percent is part of youtube-dl script why does calc_percent return a string19:25
johangm90i try make ui for youtube-dl19:26
johangm90i need use cal_percent for progressbar19:26
jo-erlendjohangm90, you do have access to both byte_counter and data_len that calc_percentage expects?19:27
johangm90i can use do_download function for access to byte_counter and data_len19:28
jo-erlendpf = float(byte_counter) / float(data_len)19:29
jo-erlendso just drop line 22 and 24, and add those instead. It should work.19:31
johangm90ok thx19:31
jo-erlendit's not immediately clear to me where those variables comes from though.19:32
* jo-erlend gives up on Ubuntu App Development in its entirety. 21:32
jo-erlendit's good for extreme basics stuff, and extreme experts. Anything in between is just for Optimistic Developers. :(21:33
GraemeLionI slightly disagree there.21:43

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