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smp4488is there a 12.04 netinstall image for omap3?02:32
smp4488actually just found it http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/precise/main/installer-armel/current/images/omap/netboot/02:34
Essobils -lart02:47
Essobiwoops... wrong window. :D02:47
EssobiAny support for ARMv4?02:48
GrueMasterEssobi: No04:31
GrueMasterSee topic04:31
twbGrueMaster: is there an old (but not yet EOLd) release that predates the v7-only changes?04:37
twbOtherwise I guess we direct people to Debian?04:38
GrueMasterV7 was added in 10.04, and that version was only an 18 month cycle for arm.  jaunty was armv5, karmic was armv6+vfp.04:38
GrueMasterYes, anything less than armv7 should go to debian.04:39
twbAh, that's probably why my confusion, because I am used to thinking of 10.04 as LTS04:39
twbEssobi: so the short answer is try #debian-arm on OFTC04:39
* janimo` is glad to see the plan to go with live-only installers for arm in 12.1009:41
morphishm, anyone has experience with cross-building vala application in a sbuild environment on a amd64 host?09:57
harsh_hi, I was going through panda's spec on pandaboard.org and it does say that it has audio out/in jack, however http://www.omappedia.org/wiki/PandaBoard_FAQ#I_am_not_able_to_record_Audio_using_Mic-in.3F suggests that its a LINE-IN and not mic (the top connector on panda). I am actually trying to record audio on panda, and havent got success yet, anyone help ?10:21
sveinseAnyone who knows a quick and simple way to have a login-less shell on a serial tty ?11:48
hrwsveinse: cd /etc/init;cp tty1.conf ttySERIALPORTNAME.conf11:51
hrwmaybe also edit file to change serial port name inside11:51
hrwand change getty to bash probably11:51
sveinseWell, its the latter point which is my question. So simply refrain from using getty would be the simplest, right11:53
sveinseI forsee an issue with running bash as an unprivileged user from init though11:53
sveinsePerhaps start-stop-daemon will be at my disposal for this...11:54
hrwsveinse: linaro has something in images for it12:39
Nikropht-ofcWhich ARMv7 Family is best suited for Ubuntu 12.4?16:24
GrueMasterNikropht-ofc: Not sure I understand your question.  Ubuntu 12.04 should work on any Cortex A8/A9 compatible SOC privided you have a bootloader and kernel support.  12.04 also has support for some devices already, with images ready to run.16:31
Nikropht-ofcGrueMaster: thx16:35
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phakohi. Is there any chance of getting gst-dsp to work on precise armhf or should I just give up?20:34
rcn-eephako, which board? does it just lag really slow?20:37
phakobeagleboard C320:37
phakothe decoding is _really_ slow and it looks like it's all in software20:37
rcn-eeyeah, i haven't had it work on my c4 since, 3.0.x or something, just really slow..20:38
phakoadditonaly the software mp3 decoder seems broken20:39
phakorcn-ee: so this is more a kernel issue than a sf/hf issue?20:40
rcn-eethat should be done in software on the arm core.. it's probally the correct audio channel isn't enabled..20:40
phakorcn-ee: no, it happily crashes in libmad somewhere20:40
rcn-eeah, haven't seen that yet..20:40
rcn-eethe problem is, it's more, no one other then nokia was working on dspbridge/gst-dsp with their n900....  it would be nice to get dsplink working, then we could use the dsp stuff from angstrom which is more maintained..20:41
phakodoes this dsplink cooperate with gstreamer as  well?20:43
phakoor is that the "get it working" part?20:43
rcn-eeget it working, relates to building the dsp kernel modules and other dsp stuff...  with gst-dsp we just used the prebuild dsp bins..20:46
rcn-eeyou can see a number of the dsp-link related tools here: https://github.com/Angstrom-distribution/meta-ti/tree/master/recipes-ti20:47
phakoso I either get angstrom and have to rebuild a s*tload of stuff or go for debian stable and basically have to do the same...20:49
rcn-eeyeap, that's the road i was on... then got dspbridge/gstdsp working so i stopped and used that..20:50
phakooh, it doesn't handle mpeg2 anyway :-/20:55
trelaneis there a smaller (console only) image than the 12.04 LTS desktop image?21:08
trelanehrm appears core is what I want21:09
infinitytrelane: core needs a bit of effort to make it work.  You might be after server.21:17
infinitytrelane: (core has no bootloader or kernel, it's just a rootfs)21:18
infinityserver's footprint is reasonably small if you remove the package pool after you install.21:18
infinityJust see the top of sources.list post-install.21:19
trelanenot worried about space21:19
trelanemore worried about resources after boot21:19
trelaneand I do not need a desktop :)21:19
infinityThen, yes, server is what you want.21:19
trelaneneed bash, cron, apache, possibly perl-snmp21:20
trelanelater I'll need lots of beers and crying21:20
* trelane misses the days of rootstock "I want the following packages, here's a serial port, now go pretend to do something"21:21
rcn-eetrelane, i'm still in those days. ;)21:21
trelaneI'm jealous!21:21
infinityThe server image will get you a similar (but less broken-by-design) result.21:22
infinityIf you have an external drive, you could also boot a d-i netboot image.21:22
infinity(Which I'd recommend)21:22
trelaneright now I'm trying to get the thing up far enough to poll an analog pin21:22
trelaneand make sure I get how that works21:22
trelanebeyond that21:22
trelaneI promise nothing :)21:22
trelaneIm just going to throw this on the sd card and move on with life (hopefully)21:23
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