holsteinbACktRaCk5: depends on the filetype i think00:18
holsteinbACktRaCk5: is it your file?00:19
bACktRaCk5so.. i want make a eggdrop arhive00:19
bACktRaCk5and i just want to see what is in.. just look in the file00:19
bACktRaCk5no edit00:20
holsteinbACktRaCk5: open it up with the password00:20
bACktRaCk5password ?00:20
holsteinbACktRaCk5: however it was encrypted.. decrypt it00:20
bACktRaCk5and for decrypt ? how can i do ?00:20
bACktRaCk5is the 3rd time on linux.. so i don`t know use it very well :(00:21
holsteinbACktRaCk5: i would just see how it was encrypted00:21
bACktRaCk5can i upload the file ? to look up ?00:21
holsteinbACktRaCk5: i dont need to see it.. i dont have any credentials00:22
bACktRaCk5so u can help me ? to tell my how can i open it? or if it is possible.. ? pls00:23
holsteinbACktRaCk5: sure00:24
holsteinbACktRaCk5: you just figure out what you are trying to decrypt.. then see how it was encrypted, and decrypt it00:24
bACktRaCk5on click right on the file - proprietes at the Type is : executable00:25
bACktRaCk5i start my eggdrop with ./eggdrop (this is the file)00:25
holsteinbACktRaCk5: its "encrypted" ?00:25
holsteinbACktRaCk5: you cant just open it?00:25
bACktRaCk5i can`t open it00:25
bACktRaCk5with the editor i can`t00:25
holsteinnano ~/.eggdrop00:25
holsteinbACktRaCk5: why?00:26
bACktRaCk5^?ELF^A^A^A^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^@^B^@^C^@^A^@^@^@??^D^H4^@^@^@\?^F^@^@^@^@^@4^@ ^@^$00:27
bACktRaCk5on nano eggdrop00:27
holsteinbACktRaCk5: i would ask the eggdrop maintainer00:29
holsteinmaybe you are not supposed to see that00:29
bACktRaCk5holstein just a moment, i upload the file 4 you to see it and tell me if i can open it or not.. `cuz i don`t know..00:34
bACktRaCk5i`ve uploaded it on my ftp.. and it put .noext00:36
bACktRaCk5but in my folder i`hve just "eggdrop"00:37
bACktRaCk5without no extension00:37
holsteinbACktRaCk5: thats what the file is00:37
holsteinit looks like goop00:37
bACktRaCk5goop ? what mean?00:38
bACktRaCk5is the executable of my eggdrop00:38
holsteinyou'll need to ask the eggdrop folks00:38
holsteinbACktRaCk5: right. mabye you dont need to see that?00:38
bACktRaCk5but this files is possible to open ?00:38
bACktRaCk5without run it00:38
holsteinbACktRaCk5: you are opening it00:40
holsteinbACktRaCk5: that what it is00:40
holsteinbACktRaCk5: that text00:40
bACktRaCk5yes i want to see thath text :D00:40
holsteinbACktRaCk5: right.. its goop00:40
bACktRaCk5waht mean goop ?00:41
holsteinbACktRaCk5: not something you can just read00:41
tdnI have a Kubuntu VM in virtualbox. It has suddenly stopped automatically adjusting the screen resolution when I resize the VM window. I have vboxadditions installed. How do I fix this? Is this a problem that should be addressed in vbox or in KDE?07:46
Yossounds to me like a vbox thing07:49
Yoshey fox08:31
s-foxHi Yos , how are you?08:38
YosI'm doing good s-fox, you ?08:39
s-foxI'm pretty good thank you08:39
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kristian-schoolgreetings! This is your pal kristian-aalborg11:40
kristian-schoolI'm trying to get xchat or pidgin going on my laptop, no luck11:40
kristian-schoolConnecting to chat.freenode.net ( port 6667... * Connection failed. Error: Network is unreachable11:41
YosHi there kristian-school11:41
Yosso how are you connected now ?11:42
kristian-schoolhi Yos11:43
kristian-schoolvia webchat.freenode.net... I thought it showed11:43
Yosah, yes it does :)11:43
Yosdo you have a proxy on your lappy ?11:44
kristian-schoolI have tried the various combinations of ports and such I have come across... irc.freenode.net and chat.freenode.net11:44
kristian-schoolerm, don't think so11:44
kristian-schoolthis is the school's public network11:45
Yosah, more than likely, they have a firewall that won't allow you to connect to irc using an irc client11:46
Yosyou have to ask the admin11:46
kristian-schoolno biggie, I just had the time to set it up right now11:47
Yosit works from home ?11:47
kristian-schoolI doubt they care about IRC11:47
kristian-schoolI have not checked at home, I mainly use the laptop from here11:47
Yoswhat ports have you tried? those on the freenode site ?11:48
Yosxchat also has a list of networks, can you connect to any other network ?11:49
kristian-schoolI seem to get "unreachable" on them all... tested a handful right now11:51
Yossounds like a blocked port, the school may block all ports except for a few11:51
kristian-schoolthat's okay, it's not like it is very important11:52
kristian-schoolthanks for helping out11:52
kristian-schoolI just remembered about browser plugins11:55
morten77so you need an irc server that lets you do irc with port 80 instead then.....12:05
Yosnone that I know of12:06
kristian-schoolgotta go, see ya12:14
kristian-T61pYos, hi again15:27
kristian-T61pturns out it *was* the school network15:27
Yosso just ask the admin if he is willing to open up one port for irc15:28
Sidewinderkristian-T61p, Then, don't tell anyone. ;-)15:29
kristian-T61pno problem, school is out tomorrow :)15:30
kristian-T61pI just though it was xchat/freenode/whatevs that was the problem, I'm surprised that school admins care about something as old as irc15:31
kristian-T61pbut it's probably using the "torrent" ports15:31
Yosdepending on the admin, he may have disallowed all outgoing traffic except on certain ports15:32
Sidewinderkristian-T61p, Also, with IRC there's DCC and that sort of thing; can't have the students being distracted from their studies.15:33
kristian-T61pI think about ten people in the world use DCC15:34
morten77dcc ??15:34
kristian-T61pand another thousand use irc :)15:34
kristian-T61pjust kidding... but Facebook is probably the big distraction these days15:35
kristian-T61pmorten77, are you Danish?15:35
morten77not much15:35
morten77aha dcc is "Direct Client-to-Client"15:36
Sidewindermorten77, I meant file transfers and that sort; I prolly botched my abbreviations. CTCP, etc..15:37
kristian-T61pmorten77, where are you from if I may ask? I have never seen the name Morten outside of Denmark...15:37
Yoshave you ever been outside of Denmark ?15:38
Yosj/k :P15:38
kristian-T61pYos, yes I have :)15:38
Yosbtw, have to stay on topic on this channel15:39
* Sidewinder Smacks himself and gets back on topic. :)15:40
morten77if I want to be able to install latest versions of applications, like vlc2.0 but do _not_ want to upgrade the os, what linux/ubuntu dist should I use?15:41
morten77is linuxmint-debian edition worth looking at?15:41
Yosgentoo and Arch are bleeding edge distros, but not for beginners15:42
morten77ok.. I think I want something beginners-friendly yes. but absolutely don't want to upgrade the os every three year or so. For my windows needs (not much today I must admit) I use winXP, and if I must upgrade my ubuntu10.04 I want something that I can still use 20 years from now15:48
morten77but I do want to run vlc 2.0 and I can't find any repository for that....15:49
oCeanmorten77: there is nothing like that15:50
oCean20 years from now apps will have other requirements and demands15:50
morten77I don't plan to buy a new computer in the nearest 20 years.... I'm fully aware of that my computer don't have enough ompfh! to do 50fps 1080P video or play the latest greatest 3D games but I can live with that...15:53
kristian-T61pmorten77, there is the PPA system for Ubuntu also16:01
kristian-T61pand you can always build from source16:01
kristian-T61pyou will be upgrading every third year (circa) minimum, I'm afraid16:02
oCeanLTS's are supported 5 years16:02
kristian-T61phurm, I have 10.4 Lucid on my box at home... it reaches EOL in 2013?16:03
oCeancorrect. The 5 years support on desktop is since 12.0416:04
morten77If I understand it right, the problem with linux applications is that they use shared libraries (that change APIs so new versions of them does not work for older programs), so is it impossible to stop share libraries? so the stuff each application needs is in its own directory. the stuff firefox 3.6 needs is in its directory, and the stuff firefox 13.0 (or whatever version they are at now) is in its directory if I wanted to try that.16:04
morten77I wish they have an 10 years XLTS :)16:06
kristian-T61poCean, ah16:06
kristian-T61pI think you can run Arch forever, in theory16:07
kristian-T61pbut it's not advisable16:07
kristian-T61pand, you always mess up the install of whatever after a year or two, tops... especially if you're a beginner16:07
kristian-T61pI believe Firefox is at version 1219000029116:08
kristian-T61pversion "Over 9000"16:08
morten77you mean this week, or last week? ;-)16:08
kristian-T61plast week ;)16:08
kristian-T61pmorten77, you can use distrowatch.com to look around, if you don't already know it16:09
kristian-T61pDebian and Arch are cool distros also16:10
kristian-T61pbut Ubuntu might be a little bit easier, also a matter of taste what is "hard", of course16:10
kristian-T61pregardless, I gotta go - see ya16:10
morten77mm.... I know about distrowatch. but I'm a bit scared... I'm afraid I will loose 14 weeks looking for the perfect distro (and not find it anyway)16:11
morten77I'll look into arch a bit perhaps16:11
seanlewHi.. Im a newbie17:13
seanlewNeed help on how to static IP on new install17:14
holsteinseanlew: you should be able to do that in the GUI now17:15
holsteinseanlew: what OS? ubuntu 12.04?17:15
seanlewHow do I get the gui?17:15
seanlewCurrent jsut installed17:15
holsteinseanlew: try http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/setup-a-permanent-static-ip-address-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/17:16
seanlewall I have is text17:16
seanlewNo GUI17:16
seanlewHow to install gui?17:16
holsteinseanlew: then you dont have ubuntu 12.0417:16
holsteindo you have ubuntuserver 12.04?17:17
seanlewI have user logged in17:17
seanlew15 packages to update17:17
holsteinhttp://parabing.com/2011/05/07/make-ubuntu-server-11-04-use-a-static-ip-address/ will work17:17
seanlew1 update security17:17
seanlewI would rather use a gui if you can direct on how to turn that on17:18
holsteinseanlew: you dont "turn it on".. the operating system you are using didnt come with it by desgin17:18
seanlewok.. install?17:18
holsteinyou can install the ubuntu-desktop metapackage17:18
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:18
seanlewtemporary failure resolving 'us.archive.ubuntu.com17:20
holsteinseanlew: sounds like a temporary internet issue you'll need to troubleshoot17:23
holsteinsudo apt-get update17:23
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop17:23
seanlewhow do you stop the current command looking for it17:24
holsteincontrol C maybe17:24
p9hello all19:28
raubvogelmysql question: when I do a mysqldump of all databases and then import it, does the mysql root password is also copied or the one I created for new server (during install) is used instead?19:42
geirharaubvogel: the latter19:55
raubvogelgeirha: thanks. Would you know what else is not copied?19:56
geirharaubvogel: easiest way to find out is to do a mysqldump and see what it contains ;)19:57
geirhaYou can adjust some of what the dump should contain via command-line options19:58
raubvogelgeirha: you have a point there. I take replication behaves the same way, right?19:58
raubvogelI mean if I have a master and a slave mysql servers and then change the mysql root pw in the master. The slave will know nothing about it, right?19:59
AreckxHow is everyone this fine afternoon?20:00
AreckxWhat's new in the Ubuntu world?20:00
AreckxThe Linux universe is buzzing these days.20:00
geirharaubvogel: That I don't know. Never tried running mysql that way. I'd ask #mysql20:21
raubvogelgeirha: I done that, and think the question was considered too basic for someone to bother to answer.20:23
raubvogelNot going to loose my sleep though20:24
raubvogelNow, for my test I just installed mysql-server and did a dump. Did not bother to populate the db. Take a look at line 3 in  http://pastie.org/private/8lo8jjpjosgddbwa8clmw . Wouldn't the "*61584B76F6ECE8FB9A328E7CF198094B2FAC55C7" be the password for the root user?20:26
raubvogel(test pw, so I don't care)20:26
stlsaintUnit193: aye20:45
geirharaubvogel: Oh, indeed it does. Good thing you actually tested it then. :)20:53
geirharaubvogel: Ah, of course, because when you dump all databases, it includes the user database which contains all the users20:55
geirha(and their pw hashes)20:56
raubvogelgeirha: thing is, my test tells me it ignored the root pw: http://pastie.org/private/dbcuax111w43ktcpny1a20:56
raubvogel(db1 : ubuntu2)20:57
geirhamysql -uroot -ppassword1 mysql <<< 'select * from user;'21:00
geirharaubvogel: Do you see the hash there?21:02
raubvogelgeirha: it seems to be the very same hash21:04
raubvogelLemme pastie it21:05
geirhamaybe there are multiple entries? since it does an INSERT21:05
raubvogelWell, if there were multiple entries, shouldn't it also show, say, an entry with the hostname for the new mysql server?21:06
geirhaHm. Weird21:08
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kayveI just upgraded to 12.04 and my Classic Gnome is not acting right22:23
kayveMy Classic Gnome  has inoperable workspaces and the master volume control is not there.22:26
kayveon Ubuntu 12.0422:27

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