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s-foxHello community :)08:38
DJonesMorning s-fox08:39
s-foxHi DJones , how are you doing?08:39
DJonesNot bad thanks, you?08:39
s-foxPretty good thanks, severe lack of caffeine in my system which will be rectified shortly08:40
s-foxHi technoviking  :)15:37
s-foxI have to go, goodbye.16:02
czajkowskibkerensa: blog.launchpad.net16:13
jo-erlendwe seriously have to do something about the App Developer story. I've just hit another of those bugs.. It halts everything, and there's no visible path to any kind of progress. In this case, I've simply designed a UI in Glade and then tried to load it, which gives me the very descriptive error message: Unhandled tag: 'packing'.16:39
jo-erlendso this might be a bug in either Glade or Gtk.Builder or both. From my perspective, however, it is a bug in Ubuntu App Development. As far as I can tell, however, there's no way to report it as such. So we're really assuming fairly deep understanding of Ubuntu, GTK, Gnome, etc. It seems to me impossible that these tools were tested by a human being before release.16:43
jo-erlendstill; we're promoting Ubuntu App Developer as if it's a finished, reliable thing that people should start depending on. I think at the very least, UAD should be marked as Alpha or Beta or something. Then; at the very least, you're expecting issues.16:46
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dholbachjames_w, thanks a bunch23:45

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