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lifelessev: I'd love to do a lightning talk, little tricky...00:47
evlifeless: we could skype you :)00:48
micahglifeless: lightning talk by phone and VNC?00:50
lifelessev: nah, gets fiddly; a longer talk perhaps, but not a 3-minute (or even 5) one :)00:50
lifelessev: have a good session though!00:50
evlifeless: sure, and thanks!00:50
evps. we should touch base post UDS00:51
evto discuss where things stand on the crash db and future plans00:51
evlifeless: we have a number of sessions on it tomorrow throughout the day. The first general session is at your 4am, but the follow up session is at your noon. If you'd like to participate we can skype you in along with mpt.01:00
lifelessev: wicked cool01:01
lifelessev: also, while I have you, can I suggest that we replace mean with something more useful, e.g. median, or 99%th percentile01:01
lifelessev: by more useful, I mean a better predictor of users experience; perhaps multiple metrics e.g.(10%ile 50%ile 99%ile)01:02
evlifeless: yes, we're going to discuss that at length tomorrow - though mpt is probably the better person to talk to about this.01:02
lifelessev: cool01:02
evas he can more eloquently describe the intent and current plan for a better implementation that factors in decay01:02
lifelessmean + distribution + distribution parameters would do too, but I think most folk get percentiles more easily01:03
* mpt checks Wikipedia and apparently we should be calling it MTTF instead...01:03
evwow, I wish I saw http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mean_time_between_failures earlier01:03
mptoh, and "Failures which occur that can be left or maintained in an unrepaired condition, and do not place the system out of service, are not considered failures under this definition."01:03
mptSo we should use a totally different term anyway01:04
mptATBE? :-)01:04
lifelessis good01:06
mptev, btw, maybe you saw, but I rewrote the rationale01:17
mptin preparation for tomorrow01:17
evmpt: I did! I thanked you for it in an email :)01:17
mptoh :-)01:17
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nixternalinfinity: hey, using live-build to build out an image, but when i use casper/ from the build out, i get that 'no /dev/zram0' error. my iso has a .disk. any ideas/help would be great04:27
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`26I must be stupid or otherwise -- for the past few hours, I've been unsuccessfully been searching for information on how "Ubuntu Alternate" ISO images are built. Of course it's a script that makes calls to debootstrap, mksquashfs, mkisofs, etc., but where is it?06:51
mwhudsoni think a locked toilet with a sign saying "beware of the leopard" may be involved06:55
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cndpitti, I uploaded a new xserver-xorg-input-synaptics sru a few days ago, but it hasn't been approved yet16:07
cnddo you know what is holding it up?16:07
Laneycjwatson: do you want to look at ben some time?16:14
cjwatsonLaney: yeah, maybe this evening after the keysigning, if we don't have some other free period?16:17
infinitycnd: There's this thing called UDS going on.  I imagine that might be slowing some of us down. ;)16:17
Laneycjwatson: I think we have the team dinner tonight :/16:18
Laneyand I'm leaving tomorrow PM16:18
cndinfinity, other SRUs have been processed as normal, so I thought I'd ask in case there was something wrong with it16:20
infinitycnd: To be fair, I haven't looked at it.  Let me see.16:22
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jibelpitti, zenity 3.4.0-0ubuntu3 in precise-updates introduced a regression - bug 96853416:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 968534 in zenity (Ubuntu Quantal) "zenity crashed with SIGSEGV in zenity_tree_dialog_response()" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96853416:31
Saurabh_123Hey, will ubuntu 12.10 include HUD with speech?16:34
cjwatsonLaney: oh, hmm, OK, I'll see if I can carve out time then16:38
roaksoaxcjwatson: hi! I want your input with something I'km working on with installing a squashfs from d-i. So I'm doing this: 1. PXE Boot mini ISO image. 2. From d-i, download a squashfs filesystem (stored in /cdrom/casper) 3. d-i sets live-installer/enable boolean true & live-installer/mode string live 4. installation completes successfully, however, grub (even though it seems that it installs correctly) doesn't seem to detect there's a root bootable partition16:41
roaksoaxcjwatson: any ideas fo why that might be, and/or what am I doing wrong?16:42
cjwatsonroaksoax: do you have something I can come and look at?  this'd be easier in person16:47
cjwatson(not necessarily *right* now)16:47
cjwatsonroaksoax: oh, er, why mode live rather than mode normal?  seems a very odd choice16:48
cjwatsonroaksoax: you surely want to end up with a normal installed system, rather than a copy of the livefs that still boots in live style16:49
roaksoaxcjwatson:  mode normal seems to just continue a normal install. When would it be better for you to look at it?16:49
cjwatsonroaksoax: mode normal is what you want, I'm pretty sure.  maybe late morning sometime?16:52
roaksoaxcjwatson: works for me, just let me know ;)16:53
pitticnd: yeah, sorry about that; UDS and all that..17:08
cndpitti, ok, np17:10
pitticnd: feel free to ping RAOF and SpamapS as well, to increase the chances17:10
cndpitti, oh, RAOF can do it?17:11
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cndI'll bug him then since it's X related17:11
pitticnd: yes, there's quite a number of people in ~ubuntu-sru :)17:11
jonokees, hey, yeah the validation server got wedged17:35
jonoyour accomplishments should be verified now17:35
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EvilResistanceis totem considered 'core'?18:30
mptEvilResistance, it's in Main and installed by default, so probably18:31
mptIt isn't part of "Ubuntu Core", though18:31
EvilResistancethat's what i wanted to know about18:32
EvilResistanceif it was considered part of the Ubuntu Core18:32
ogra_sadly that term is massively overloaded18:33
EvilResistanceogra_:  hence me asking what is considered part of Ubuntu Core18:33
ogra_well, the question is *which* ubuntu core ;)18:33
ogra_we have at least three18:33
EvilResistancethere's a bug against 'totem' with an undecided level of importance, if totem is core, it becomes medium, if totem is non-core, its low (based on the bugsquad documentation for importance)18:33
ogra_there are the ubuntu-core images and there is the ubuntu "core" packageset18:34
* ogra_ tries to remember the third18:34
mptglatzor, hi, in what kind of tasks would you encounter ERROR_REPO_DOWNLOAD_FAILED? For example, would you get it if you clicked "Check" in Update Manager while not connected to the Internet?18:34
ogra_EvilResistance, totem is definitely in the set of supported apps18:34
ogra_which this specific "core" probably refers to18:35
EvilResistanceogra_:  i've made a note about that in my bug importance recommendation to bugcontrol18:35
EvilResistance(because sometimes i'm incorrect in judging what is/isnt core)18:36
EvilResistancei know 'Universe' and 'Multiverse' are non-core ;P18:36
EvilResistancebut that's a given :P18:36
ogra_well, i would just not use that term :)18:36
EvilResistanceproblem is its what determines in cases a severity of Medium vs. Low18:37
micahgEvilResistance: we should probably discuss the wording in the next bugsquad meeting18:37
EvilResistancemicahg:  i agree, 'core' needs defining18:37
EvilResistancein explicit terms18:37
* micahg would just s/core/default/18:37
EvilResistancemicahg:  you're bugcontrol right?18:37
EvilResistancemicahg:  care to visit -bugs?18:38
micahgam there :)18:38
EvilResistancedid you see the messages i just posted there?18:38
EvilResistance(IMO, all bugcontrol should highlight on bugcontrol being stated)18:38
lifelessev: I'm around from here on in, ping me when you want me on skype19:19
evlifeless: yay19:19
evwe've got a session on bucketing crashes at 3pm our time and part two of our general chat about the crash database at 5pm our time19:21
evlifeless: would be great if you can attend both or at least the general one (so we can discuss whatever we're calling MBTF)19:22
lifelessshould be totally able to19:26
lifelessits 12:30 for you now, right ?19:28
dholbachasomething, thanks a bunch for your work on the packaging guide19:28
dholbachlifeless, yes19:29
asomething dholbach, no problem!19:29
dholbachasomething, I fixed the singlehtml symlinking as well and updated the publishing script19:29
dholbachasomething, with the next recipe build we should have this all reflected19:30
dholbach(assuming we get the other merge proposal in as well)19:30
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asomethingdholbach, just saw that. I'll give the singlehtml branch a quick look and land it19:30
dholbachawesome :-D19:30
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psusiI'm a little confused by a session today... why would you want upstart in the initramfs?22:01
IntuitiveNippleWould it help avoid degraded raids that prevent the system booting?22:02
psusiI don't see why22:03
broderpsusi: in a session now so can't really talk, but the current serialized initramfs is slow and can be racy, and using upstart would fix this and let us share more code between initrd and rootfs22:11
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lifelessev: so, is the session now ?22:12
evlifeless: G. Ballroom A22:12
psusibroder, what is an example of something that we normally do in upstart that you might want in the initrd?  afaik, the few things we also want in the initrd are handled via udev, not upstart, and that's already in the initrd22:13
lifelessev: you mentioned skype, or did you mean the icecast stream ?22:13
psusithe example given in the blueprint is luks, but I don't see why you would want luks to be handled by upstart22:13
evlifeless: I can skype you in22:13
evmpt: would you like to be skyped in as well?22:14
mptev, to what?22:14
evbucketing improvements22:15
lifelessbucketing improvements22:15
mptev, oh, no thanks, I unsubscribed from that one -- I doubt I would be useful there22:15
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