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Caribouany kernel engineer in the room or everybody busy @UDS ?07:41
sonnedoes anyone know where i can see what i would be missing out by running a vanilla kernel instead of an ubuntu one on a server? the wiki page "Ubuntu Delta" seems to be missing...08:23
aboganisonne: git log and git diff should be usefull there.08:26
sonneabogani, that would work if i got the kernel sources from git... what i have in front of me is linux-source-3.2.0.tar.bz2 from the repository08:27
aboganisonne: You have a classic tarball so you have to use the classic approach (diff in other words). The wiki page is always a lot "vague" about changes made.08:29
aboganisonne: Te che usi Ubuntu e' una sorpresa ;)08:30
sonneabogani, a "diff" approach would be even more vague i suppose, as it would mean i'd have to understand the changes by looking at the code instead of "Patched $thing to fix $otherthing"08:31
sonnedoes precise's kernel git reflrect the actual kernel in the distribution? the log on gitweb seems to end on december 2011, on an update to 3.2.0-rc6 09:36
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luc4_macHi! I'm experiencing something very strange with the new 12.04. I'm on a desktop, and it seems after some time the network connection disappears completely. It is sufficient to plug a mouse in or press a button of the keyboard to make the network start up again. Is this normal? I don't know for sure if it is related to the kernel or not.18:01
aboSamoorwhy update-initramfs generate md arrays UUIDS different than the one I can get using /dev/disk/by-uuid?21:36
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tjaaltonan idea that popped up while chatting on #linuxwacom.. would it be possible to add another automatic mainline build target focused on the input driver tree? and how much work would that require?23:34
tjaaltons/tree/devel branch/23:35

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