UForgottenThe following packages have unmet dependencies: mythweb : Depends: mythtv-common (>= 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120510.f22e556-0ubuntu0mythbuntu4) but 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120509.7fbcfb4-0ubuntu0mythbuntu4 is to be installed02:48
UForgottenjust an fyi - I can't install mythweb after updating from the mythbuntu repo.02:48
UForgottenthose are some gnarly package names :(02:49
tgm4883mythtv-common is a gnarly package name?02:49
UForgottenok, version string :P02:50
tgm4883I'll agree, but it's all important info02:50
UForgottenseems like it would be easy to create a dependency hell with the +fixes.yaddayadda if say more than one release per day happened.02:52
ZinnUForgotten: Please watch your language.02:52
patdk-lapthat is what the 7fbcfb4 is for02:53
UForgottenwhat if you hash 7f first then a0 later?02:53
patdk-lapis it a hash?02:54
tgm4883I'm not entirely sure why you would get into dependency hell02:54
Zinntgm4883: Please watch your language.02:54
UForgottenfor teh lulz.02:54
UForgottenjust dont release more than once per day and you're fine :)02:55
tgm4883well the 7fbcfb4 is the git revision02:55
UForgottenI figured as much02:55
tgm4883which should be ever increasing02:55
UForgottenno, its a sha hash - the number can be anything.02:55
UForgottenbut thats not the point.  the point is, somebody broke dependencies on mythweb, so who can I politely ask to fix it :)02:56
* tgm4883 doesn't do much with git, more with bzr02:56
tgm4883UForgotten, apt-get update?02:57
UForgottentgm4883: that's what I did to get that error...02:57
tgm4883apt-get -f install?02:57
* patdk-lap doubts they are broken02:57
patdk-lapI know I have this issue too02:57
patdk-lapI think you have to uninstall mythvideo02:57
patdk-lapupdate, then reinstall it02:58
tgm4883patdk-lap, mythvideo?02:58
UForgottenisnt mythvideo part of myth core now?02:58
tgm4883mythvideo doesn't exist anymore02:58
tgm4883UForgotten, yes02:58
patdk-lapoh, mythweb I mean02:58
UForgottenMYTHWEB is not YET installed02:58
tgm4883UForgotten, have you tried the -f install?02:59
UForgottenhave not tried that, but should not have to force it if dependencies were correct02:59
tgm4883that doesn't mean force02:59
patdk-lapoh, you got a strange repo sync :)02:59
patdk-lapa newer mythweb than mythtv02:59
patdk-lapsome mirror isn't syncing correctly, it sounds like03:00
tgm4883patdk-lap, doubtful03:00
UForgottenno, happens all the time03:00
UForgottencrappy cdn's03:00
tgm4883I've never had that happen03:01
patdk-lapmythweb depends on 20120510? but only 20120509 available03:01
patdk-lapsounds like a packaging mirror issue03:01
UForgottensomeone rolled a mythweb fix and somehow its out of sync with myth-common03:01
tgm4883actually no, I don't think that is possible03:03
UForgottenanything's possible given chaos theory03:03
patdk-lapgood movie :)03:03
tgm4883I mean the mirror sync issue03:03
tgm4883that can't happen03:03
patdk-lapya, the package list would be mirrored03:03
patdk-lapso it happened where ever the package list came from03:04
UForgottenif you only have one server, it can't happen03:04
UForgottenthe second you introduce a second server, it can happen :)03:04
tgm4883UForgotten, no it cannot03:04
patdk-lapno, it would give a different error03:04
patdk-lapfile not found03:04
patdk-lapbut the dependency would be fine03:04
tgm4883you are implying that the list of packages on the 2nd server is generated on the 2nd server03:04
tgm4883it's not, the list is transfered as well03:04
UForgottenok, so to recap03:05
UForgottenthe package itself references a non-existent package03:05
tgm4883but that isn't the error you said03:05
patdk-lapyou haven't downloaded any packages yet03:05
patdk-lapthe package list is not right03:05
UForgottenwhere are the dependencies maintained? in the package list itself? not in the package?03:06
UForgottenmust be a debian thing03:06
tgm4883I see what happened03:06
tgm4883Unfortunately I don't have a fix for you right now03:07
UForgottenthats ok, as long as someone knows about it.03:08
UForgottenoh btw I tuned my file system and mysql settings03:08
UForgottenmythfilldb runs in 4 minutes flat03:08
tgm4883UForgotten, what did you change?03:09
patdk-lapI can't remember it ever taking >1min03:09
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UForgottenyep. pretty sick considering it took 30+ mins before03:09
tgm4883I'm running some tests right now on some new defaults03:10
UForgottentgm4883: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Optimizing_Performance03:10
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Optimizing Performance - MythTV Official Wiki03:10
UForgottentgm4883: there's a mysql section03:10
UForgottenfor the fs, added noatime,barrier=003:10
patdk-lapthose are really just normal mysql adjustments03:11
UForgottenI added more tho03:11
tgm4883yea we can't really make that a generic end all be all03:11
UForgottennot more items, more memory03:11
patdk-lapmysql is unlikely to use more memory03:11
patdk-lapand that assumes myisam database03:11
patdk-lapif you want it even faster, switch it to innodb03:12
patdk-lapand tune for innodb instead of myisam03:12
UForgottensure, there's tons of innodb tunings03:12
UForgottenbut I didn't want to deal with all the alter tables :)03:12
patdk-lapno, you don't want to altertable all of them03:12
UForgottenin this case alter database03:12
tgm4883UForgotten, are you using the default innodb engine or myisam?03:12
patdk-lapjust the tables that change03:12
tgm4883in 12.04?03:12
UForgottentgm4883: I'm using whatever mythbuntu ships with, probably myisam03:13
tgm4883nope, innodb in 12.0403:13
tgm4883it's the default in mysql 5.503:13
CyberKnethi tgm4883. Do you know if I have to switch to the 0.26 repository to get this patch? https://github.com/MythTV/mythtv/commit/f81f712537b63502814d1f274c7da14196cedd8c03:13
Zinn[github.com] Fixes #9830. Refs #10519. Fixes channel change on PVR350. · f81f712 · MythTV/mythtv · GitHub03:13
UForgottentgm4883: I hate to break it to you but its myisam03:14
tgm4883CyberKnet, I hate git, so I have no idea :)03:14
tgm4883is it in the 0.25 branch?03:14
CyberKnettgm: it's a post 0.25 patch03:14
tgm4883UForgotten, I hate to break it to you, but it's innodb03:14
CyberKnetbut I wasn't sure if you guys were pulling stuff into a 0.25-fixes that I would get with 12.04, or if it requires moving to the 0.26 branch03:14
tgm4883UForgotten, http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/innodb-storage-engine.html03:14
Zinn[dev.mysql.com] MySQL :: MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual :: 14.3 The InnoDB Storage Engine03:15
patdk-lapUForgotten, did you upgrade to 12.04 from something else?03:15
UForgottentgm4883: ls /var/lib/mysql/mythconverg03:15
tgm4883UForgotten, InnoDB is a high-reliability and high-performance storage engine for MySQL. Starting with MySQL 5.5, it is the default MySQL storage engine. Key advantages of InnoDB include:03:15
UForgottentgm4883: there are .MYD and .MYI files in there03:15
tgm4883UForgotten, so?03:15
UForgottentgm4883: clean install of mythbuntu on a brand new hard drive03:15
UForgottentgm4883: so those would not exist if it were innodb.  tell me the mysql root password and I will prove it03:16
tgm4883UForgotten, correct, upstream specifically makes some tables myisam (actually most of them)03:16
UForgottenwell there you go03:16
UForgottenso its not innodb :)03:16
UForgottenby _default_ sure03:16
tgm4883UForgotten, the fact that you have to ask me the mysql root password proves you don't know what your talking about ;)03:16
UForgottentgm4883: I can break into it in 2 seconds03:16
patdk-lapheh, just look for frm files, without MYD files03:16
tgm4883UForgotten, break what?03:16
UForgottenauthentication in mysql03:17
tgm4883UForgotten, god I hope so, it's set to your first users password :)03:17
tgm4883and easily resettable via03:17
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, perform the following to reconfigure it: [1] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it later)  [2] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database [3] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common03:17
tgm4883so to reiterate what I was saying, the default storage engine in myql 5.5 is innodb. Upstream makes most tables myisam. mythweather tables are innodb (not sure if upstream specified this) and temp tables are the system default03:19
UForgottenok, I have no argument with that statement.03:19
UForgottenwhat I was arguing was about all tables being myisam.03:19
tgm4883so issues with mythfilldatabase taking a really long time are due to the innodb switch with regards to temp tables03:19
UForgottenso you're saying innodb is slower on the temp tables?03:20
patdk-lapif you didn't give innodb any ram, it will be painful03:20
tgm4883UForgotten, only because it isn't tweaked03:20
patdk-lapdefault is 8megs :(03:20
tgm4883I'm trying to reproduce, but it seems to take about 12 - 15 minutes on my backend no matter what I throw at it03:21
patdk-lapinnodb loves ram03:21
UForgottentgm4883: seems like it would be trivial to tweak both innodb and myisam, if you assume all users have 512mb of ram and make that a requirement03:21
tgm4883UForgotten, well yes, and that is why we are looking at tweaking it. There are a few issues though03:21
tgm48831) I cannot reproduce the issue03:21
patdk-lapyou want to dedicate 512megs of ram to mysql that is normally only 50-200megs?03:21
UForgottenI didnt say dedicate 512 megs to mysql03:22
tgm48832) we didn't know about this issue until after release03:22
UForgottenI meant to assume they HAVE 512 and adjust tunings accordingly03:22
UForgottentgm4883: if you're taking 12-15 minutes, you are reproducing the issue03:22
patdk-lap512megs isn't enough ram for a combined frontend/backend03:22
CyberKnettgm4883: given that mine took 2.5h if you have something you want to try, let me know.03:22
CyberKnetI have 8gb ram in a dedicated back end, so I can throw as much memory at it as you want.03:23
tgm4883That couldn't have happened better if I asked :)03:23
UForgottena full empty run took 7 hours before03:23
patdk-laphow large is the temp tables?03:23
tgm4883CyberKnet, what options are you running with when testing mythfilldatabase?03:25
tgm4883UForgotten, ^03:25
UForgottenno options03:25
UForgottenjust mythfilldatabase03:25
UForgottenI dont know how large the temp tables got03:25
CyberKnettgm4883: none. just mythfilldatabase on the command line - although I had just removed and re-added all my channels so I had no channel data.03:26
CyberKnetif there's a way to remove all the guide data without necessarily having to rescan my channels I'd love that more than having to rescan channels again :)03:27
CyberKnetIt took quite a while to rescan the HD channels.03:28
UForgotten--dd-grab-all does that I think03:28
UForgottenit will still probably update channels03:29
UForgottenCyberKnet: what file system are you running?  probably some tweaks there03:29
UForgottenok definitely add noatime,barrier=0 to your options03:29
UForgottenthat made a huge difference for me03:29
UForgotteninstead of 2MB/s writes I get 5 MB/s now03:30
CyberKnetthat's a dangerous change to make though.03:30
UForgottennot really03:30
CyberKnetif you live in an area with unreliable power.03:30
UForgottenits just disabling a feature.03:30
UForgottenyou should never run a pc without a ups03:30
CyberKnetext4's failure mode on an irregular unmount is pretty bad.03:30
CyberKnetSure. Or if you get a kernel panic.03:30
CyberKnetI'd like to say it never happens, but it wouldn't be true.03:31
UForgottenwell thats a different story lol03:31
tgm4883--dd-grab-all                   refresh full data using DataDirect03:31
tgm4883I wasn't running that before, so I'm running it now03:31
patdk-lapUForgotten, try adding this to mysql: innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=203:31
CyberKnetand I can never remember the sysreq magic keys03:31
CyberKnetthere's an acronym for the keys to press and the order to press them, but I never remember.03:31
CyberKnetext4 on root, xfs on video03:31
patdk-lapheh, I'm running mysql + video on zfs03:32
tgm4883CyberKnet, busier backwards03:32
tgm4883or Raising Elephants Is So Utterly Boring03:32
tgm4883I always remember busier though03:33
tgm4883as in, I'd be busier if I didn't have to reboot this box03:33
CyberKnetI need to write it on paper and then tape it above my sysreq key :)03:33
CyberKnettgm4883: ok, the patch in question for trac 9830 is in the fixes/0.25 branch. Is that building for 12.04 ?03:34
tgm4883are you running amd64 or i386?03:34
tgm4883then you will want to wait03:34
tgm4883probably 10 hours03:34
tgm4883that should be safe :)03:35
tgm4883UForgotten is running amd64 as well03:35
CyberKnetLinux thunder 3.2.0-24-generic #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 08:43:22 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux03:35
CyberKnetI will want to wait 10 hours?03:35
CyberKnetand there will be an update via apt-get?03:35
tgm4883otherwise you'll be like "why is it telling me it can't install mythtv-common!"03:36
CyberKnetaaah :)03:36
CyberKnetsweet, thanks tgm4883 :)03:36
tgm4883CyberKnet, in reality, you can watch for the amd64 builds to finish building here https://launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/+archive/0.25/+packages03:36
Zinn[launchpad.net] Packages in “0.25” : 0.25 : “Mythbuntu Developers” team03:36
CyberKnetI updated last night, so I don't mind waiting 24 hours.03:36
tgm4883but they aren't scheduled to start for 9 more hours03:36
CyberKnetcan I still switch repos via dpkg-reconfigure, or do I have to use mcc?03:36
tgm4883you have to use MCC in 12.0403:37
CyberKnetdoes it have a command line counterpart?03:37
tgm4883if you really really don't want to use MCC, there is a cmd line way03:37
CyberKnetIt's not that I mind MCC, it's nice.03:37
CyberKnetit's that I'm frequently not at the head of my backend :)03:37
CyberKnetand VNC ... well it's VNC, right? :D03:38
CyberKnetover a LAN it's fine. over SSH ... not so much :)03:38
tgm4883you can add any PPA via apt-add-repository, such as 'apt-add-repository ppa:mythbuntu/0.25'03:38
CyberKnetanyways, I think I have them both on 0.25 right now anyway, so I'll update in a few hours.03:38
CyberKnetoh, cool.03:38
tgm4883that will probably confuse the MCC plugin though, I haven't tested that03:39
CyberKnetIf I'm completely honest though, I will promptly forget that though, and bug you about it next time. :D03:39
CyberKnetI'll just make a habit of waiting to use MCC03:39
CyberKnetthat will make us all happy.03:39
CyberKnetMCC really is quite a nice utility. And as of yet, I haven't heard myself offering to make it work in text mode :D03:40
CyberKnettgm4883: I'm about to be gone for 15 mins or so. Anything you need/want me to try mysql-related before I do?03:41
tgm4883CyberKnet, nope, I'm running another test right now that seems to be taking longer, so I'll wait until it finishes03:41
tgm4883if it's reproduced the issue, I can actually work on the tweaks03:41
CyberKnetnice. thanks for your hard work on this man. :)03:42
CyberKnetuh... stupid question ... how do I find out what version of myth packages I have installed from the command line?03:42
tgm4883dpkg -l mythtv*03:43
tgm4883or you could ask the binaries03:43
tgm4883mythfrontend --version03:43
tgm4883mythbackend --version03:43
CyberKnetI think that I should already have that patch then.03:44
CyberKnetit was post 0.25 but my packages are 2:0.25.0+fixes.20120423.46062bf-0ubuntu0mythbuntu303:44
CyberKnetwhich if I am reading that correctly should have an update made on 2012-04-02 15:03:4003:46
Zinn[github.com] mythtv/mythtv/libs/libmythtv/mpegrecorder.cpp at fixes/0.25 · MythTV/mythtv · GitHub03:46
CyberKnetZinn is such a clever cookie.03:46
ZinnHi CyberKnet, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.03:46
CyberKnetanyways. that is not good news for me.03:47
UForgottenZinn, can you calculate the airspeed velocity of a laden swallow?03:47
ZinnHi UForgotten, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.03:47
CyberKnetI was hoping to fix an issue with the PVR-500 that occurred since I upgraded to 0.25.03:47
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].03:47
CyberKnetback to back recordings on the same tuner seem to keep both tuners on the card until reboot.03:47
CyberKnetthanks tgm4883.03:47
UForgottentgm4883: mythfilldatabase --dd-grab-all finished in 15 minutes03:50
tgm4883UForgotten, mine is still going on the default settings03:51
tgm4883so I'd say it's reproduced03:51
tgm4883but I'll wait for it to finish so I can gauge how much better it gets03:51
UForgottenok. have fun. g'night03:51
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a8s0lut0hey hey, having loads of issues with mythbuntu 12.04 out of the box23:32
a8s0lut0anyone available to chat for a minute?  Love the product, was super pumped for mythbuntu 12.04, i figured it'd be nothing but improvements23:33
a8s0lut0that and my 11.10 quit tuning channels.. anyway..23:33
a8s0lut01) HDMI doesn't work after reboot (installed w/ VGA output)           2) HDHomeRun_config can't find my tuners    3) sound doesn't work (when HDMI did for a minute, and i can't find "sound preferences"!!23:35
a8s0lut04) VNC doesn't connect, but is running.23:40
a8s0lut0I had to overcome those in 11.10 but googling forums and things mostly worked23:41
a8s0lut0this time, not so much23:41

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