ubottuIn ubottu, txomon|home said: !next is Another customer satisfied! Just ask!00:06
elky^ only if we can use it when the trolls get sad.00:07
ubottuIn ubottu, txomon|home said: !next is Another customer satisfied! Next!00:10
elkyNo, we won't be using your factoid. Sorry.00:26
CoreyA pity, that.00:35
IdleOnetxomon|home: Please don't idle in this channel00:48
CoreyIdleOne: He's idle.00:59
* IdleOne would slap Corey if that wasn't so funny :P00:59
elkyUnit193, we use remove, not kick. it avoids triggering auto-rejoin01:07
MrChrisDruifelky; +1 on that01:15
Resistancei apologize if anyone's complained about my nickchanging01:22
Resistancei should have parted #ubuntu before that01:22
* Resistance wanted to preemptively apologize01:22
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txomon|homeIdleOne, why can I be here? I wanted to know the resolution to the definition I put in ubottu09:08
* txomon|home just read 09:08
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ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...11:12
Picitsimpson: that guy complaining about apt earlier really messed up his system.19:31
PiciSomehow he doesn't understand the difference between nightly and stable packages, and had a repo for the former enabled at some point.19:31
Myrttihi guntbert, what's up?20:27
guntbertHi, I just stumbled over !clone - it suggests using aptitude which is reported to make problems with multi-arch20:27
bobweaverHow too know why you are banned from a channel and for how long. And whrere do I report mis-use of power for one of your members ?20:27
Myrttiguntbert: alright, I'll have a look20:27
ikoniabobweaver: you're banned until you address the issue20:28
bobweaverwhat ever ikonia20:28
bobweaveryou have no right20:28
ikoniayou asked, I'm explaining20:28
bobweaverthe 1st time that I ever talk too you you pm me and start yelling at me about using the bot so I stop after that you stalk me and abuse your power20:29
bobweavermean while there is other things that are going on that are omporant20:30
Myrttibobweaver: what do you mean by stalking? you are aware that ikonia is on several channels20:30
bobweaverMyrtti,  that is not what I mean20:30
Myrttiit's a big accusation to throw around20:30
Myrttias is the claim of abuse of power20:31
bobweaverwell there is one thing that I hate coruption20:31
bobweaverand abuse of power it only hurts the masses20:31
bobweaver1)st lets talk about who I am20:31
bobweaverso you can get some sorta idea of who I am20:32
MyrttiI fail to see how that is relevant with anythihng20:32
Myrttiyou seem to do a lot. And?20:33
bobweaverwell I would like too point out that I am verry active in the community and not a bad person or troll20:33
Myrttiif you've been asked not to play with the bots, then you shouldn't play with the bots.20:33
Myrttiyou can do that in PM20:33
bobweaverMyrtti,  please forgive me if I spell things wrong or misplace words as I have dysliskia20:34
bobweaverMyrtti,  I was not banned for playing with bots20:34
Myrttiso what do you think you were banned for then?20:34
bobweaverI was banned because I updated my sources.list and ikonia  told me not too. he toldd me not to ask questions about that in ubuntu+1 because it was not supported20:35
bobweaverso I tried not get info from other places one things when down hill beccause well I like too test20:35
bobweaverno not ^^20:36
Myrttiand so you've been asking for support on channels that can't support you, repeatedly?20:36
bobweaver well I came back too that room too tell people what had happened as I thought that it was a testing Channel20:37
Myrttiand you've been told that you can't be supported, also repeatedly?20:37
bobweaverthat is not true20:37
bobweaverthe only op that has ever talked too me as far as "there idea of bad" is ikonia20:37
bobweaverI respect the thoughts of everyone and try too get along20:38
bobweaverbut when abuse of power is started it is out of control20:38
bobweaverI will not stop untill this is taken care of or I feeel as thou I have been heard20:38
bobweaverI have been shot by rubber bullets paper spayed and beat by people that misuse power and I still did not move and I willl not here either20:39
Myrttiwell, it's clear that my involvement in this will not yield anything20:39
Picibobweaver: So you don't want to listen to what ikonia has said because he was the only one who said anything?20:41
bobweaverno Pici20:41
bobweaverI did listen when he asked me too not use the bots like that20:41
Picibobweaver: Thats fine. Many people play with the bots and have to be asked to stop.  I'm more interested in you trying to get support for development versions in #ubuntu.20:42
bobweaverI respect ikonia  and I have told him that but I have a feeling that he dosent feel the same way20:42
bobweaverPici,  it was a general question about x.org and how to trouble shot20:43
bobweaverI then used paste .ubuntu.com to show my X.Org file20:43
bobweaveron #ubuntu ^^20:43
bobweaverI got some help which is great20:44
Picibobweaver: But you were running the development release at that time.20:44
bobweaverso I went too +1 too talk too other about my fix as I thought that it was the correct place too talk about that20:44
bobweaverPici, what devs dont use development edition of things20:44
bobweaverplz dont take that the wrong way it was a questions20:45
Picibobweaver: #ubuntu+1 is the place for questions about the development release. #ubuntu is not.20:45
PiciEven if you aren't getting an answer in +120:45
bobweaverPici,  I was banned on +120:45
bobweavernot on Ubuntu20:46
bobweaverso my question in #ubuntu was about geneal debuging of VGA drivers20:46
bobweaverbecause I was scared too ask in U+1 because I was scared to ask in +120:47
bobweaverbecause of someone20:47
bobweaverbecause they told me that the *TESTING* channel was not supporting what I was doing20:48
bobweaveralthou the testing wiki is where I got my info20:48
Picibobweaver: one moment...20:48
bobweaverand how I made the changes in the 1st place20:48
bobweaversure I will also look for log for everyone20:48
mneptokbobweaver: when did this discussion on #ubuntu+1 take place?20:50
bobweaverright after the ubuntu-calssroom motu thing so I think the 4th20:50
bobweaverbut I could be wrong20:51
bobweaverbobweaveranyone want to help debug ?15:1120:52
bobweaverbobweaverI have no gui as of this morrining :)15:1120:52
bobweaverBluesKajbobweaver, no desktop ?15:2220:52
bobweaverbobweaverno desktop :(15:2520:52
bobweaverbobweaverit is fun thou \o/20:52
mneptokbobweaver: no need to paste. please do not.20:53
bobweaversorry will not anymore20:53
bobweaversee I listen I am not a bad dude20:53
PiciI'm trying to figure out what you meant by this: "ikonia:  not sure what you are getting at 1st I dont really  care 2nd I should tell people correct .... 3 who cares"20:53
bobweaverwell I was baned so I could not finish20:54
bobweaveractually bobweaver I can't be bothered explaining this   <~~ is that not your job20:55
mneptok[14:59] <bobweaver> hello there where would one look too find out when he is not getting a gui ?20:55
mneptokthat and forward in #ubuntu on the same date. for those reading logs.20:55
Picibobweaver: To me, your line sounds like you don't care about our rules about posting development release questions in #ubuntu.20:56
mneptokbobweaver: as a community contributor, you should know that asking about development versions os Ubuntu on #ubuntu is not allowed.20:56
bobweaverthat was not in ubuntu and I was cut off so I could not explain20:56
bobweavermaybe if I was asked then I would have20:56
bobweavermneptok,  I did not know20:56
bobweaverbut asking geneal debuging quesytions even ?20:57
bobweaverand I have like 12 computers that I test things on20:57
bobweavernot saying that anything is right about me asking on ubuntu  but ... I did not know that that was a no no20:57
mneptokbobweaver: "lsb_release -a" tells you where to ask questions about that system. no exceptions.20:58
bobweaverlook what happened when  I posted in +!20:58
bobweaver+1 *20:58
bobweaverI was beeing harassed look at the log from the day before plz20:58
mneptokbobweaver: there is no need to look right now. trust me. OK?20:59
mneptokbobweaver: now you know that #ubuntu is for released version ONLY. right?21:00
bobweaverI will trust you I dont know you ?21:00
bobweavernot untill now mneptok21:00
bobweaverto be honest21:00
mneptokbobweaver: *NOW* you know ... etc etc21:00
bobweaverand it was a general debug21:00
mneptokbobweaver: OK, you don't know.21:01
bobweavermneptok,  yes now I do because you have explained and done a good job at well your job21:01
mneptokbobweaver: there is no "general debug" exception for when you're running a development release and regards #ubuntu.21:01
mneptokno exceptions.21:01
bobweaverso where to ask then ?21:01
mneptok14:58 <+mneptok> bobweaver: "lsb_release -a" tells you where to ask questions about that system. no exceptions.21:01
mneptokbobweaver: #ubuntu+121:02
bobweaverthat is where I asked but I wanted too know more about hw to get info togeather 1st but that was not a good idea to ask about debuging things in #ubuntu21:02
bobweaverthat is where I was banned from21:02
bobweaverikonia,  keep telling me not to do something that I had already done21:03
bobweaverit was over I had entered the commands and changed the sources list long before he started talking to me21:03
mneptokbobweaver: i keep asking a simple question. you keep dancing around an answer.21:04
mneptok15:00 <+mneptok> bobweaver: now you know that #ubuntu is for released version ONLY. right?21:04
bobweaver<bobweaver> not untill now mneptok21:04
mneptok15:00 <+mneptok> bobweaver: *NOW* you know ... etc etc21:04
bobweaverthat is great thanks for the info21:04
bobweavernext question that I am dancing around ? I want to answer all plz21:05
bobweaverI have nothing too hide because I did nothing wrong and if I did I did not know that I was21:05
mneptokOK then. you will not repeat that behavior in the future without facing a serious ban, and quite the black mark on the record of your good contributions.21:06
bobweaversure if that was said in the 1st place then 100% would have not have gone that route21:06
mneptokyou ask about development versions in the main channels again, there is no excuse.21:06
bobweavermneptok,  but other can not assum that I am on 12.10 or devs edtion right ?21:07
bobweaverbecause I am not that is only one computer out of the 12 that I own21:07
bobweaverthat all have ubuntu on them21:07
bobweaverjust trying to get a clear picture I do not want to make mistake21:08
mneptokbobweaver: you will be considered trustworthy. the rules of the channels that were created by the same Ubuntu governance model you say you subscibe to have been explained.21:08
mneptokbobweaver: YOU need to keep track of which machine is running what, and where the Ubuntu community has requested you ask for help.21:08
mneptokbobweaver: if you cannot do it, then there will be consequences. so do it.21:09
bobweavermneptok,  cool but one question21:09
bobweaverI was banned for asking that on +1 not on #ubuntu I was kicked from +121:09
bobweavermaybe because I was asking about debuging in #ubuntu ?21:10
mneptokbobweaver: if you'll bear with me, you will not be banned anywhere.21:10
bobweaversure I just want to ask questions so that I do not so anything wrong21:10
mneptokbobweaver: back to the next order of business.21:10
mneptokbobweaver: accusations of stalking and abuse of power. read this ....21:11
ubottuIf you disagree with a decision by an operator, please first pay #ubuntu-ops a visit. If you are still unhappy, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/AppealProcess for the steps you should take. If you feel the need to discuss the channel rules, please contact the ops on IRC or via the email address on the aforementioned page.21:11
mneptokbobweaver: these serious accusations are not something this channel or the ops team should deal with21:11
bobweaverthanks I will also join your mailing list do you have one ?21:11
bobweaveralso like to join *21:12
bobweaverdang dysliscia21:12
bobweaverif you have a mailing list of the things that the ops talk about I would like to join can you plz give me link if there is one21:12
mneptokbobweaver: 1 moment. phone.21:12
bobweaversorry about my learning dissablity it hunts me all the time21:13
mneptokbobweaver: i'm back.21:13
mneptokbobweaver: you should bring allegations of stalking and abuse of power to the IRC Council.21:14
mneptokbobweaver: the factoid above tells you how.21:14
mneptokbobweaver: it is your decision on how you want to proceed. but you are expected to follow the CoC and IRC Guidelines at all times.21:15
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct21:15
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines21:15
mneptokbobweaver: please tell all of us when you have read those 3 docs21:16
bobweaverThansk I am going to read all that21:16
* mneptok will go for a beverage21:16
* bobweaver yum I mean apt coffee 21:17
bobweaverI am going too go back to UDS stuff now and will read and post when I am done reading21:18
ikoniabobweaver: please leave the channel and come back when you've read it then please.21:19
bobweaverok .....21:23
bobweaverOk I have read that wiki page and I have signed the COC . thanks for hearing my issue out. ikonia  no hard felling could I ask on thing if you think that i am doing something plz pm me if you like I am here to learn and teach not to disrupt21:31
bobweaversometimes my learning disablity renders things wrong21:31
IdleOnebobweaver: I just want to make sure you understand that #ubuntu is only for released and supported versions of Ubuntu?21:32
mneptokbobweaver: now you know what is expected of Ubuntu IRC users, especially members.21:33
IdleOneand #ubuntu+1 is used for the dev cycle support and discussion21:33
bobweaversure and I want to always learn more and who know I could maybe help you guys one day with something21:33
mneptokbobweaver: [15:15] <bobweaver> ikonia: stop being so hard on people <-- no more of this sort of thing.21:33
bobweaverI have wrote many bots21:34
mneptokbobweaver: you know how to escalate problems.21:34
bobweaverthanks mneptok  for real thanks.like I said I am not here to disrupt.21:35
bobweaverand I will never try too talk to ikonia  again and know where to ask things and report issues21:35
bobweaverthanks again and keep up the good work :)21:35
mneptokbobweaver: alright, i'll cosider that tacit approval to abide the community rules. and also acknowledgment that if you do not, things will not be so easy.21:35
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:36
mneptokbobweaver: i have removed the ban in #ubuntu21:37
bobweaverthanks mneptok21:37
IdleOnebobweaver: ikonia is a well respected member of our community and also an op in many of the #ubuntu* channels, chances are you will have to deal with him at some point.21:37
mneptokbobweaver: safe journey. read twice before pressing <enter>.21:38
IdleOnebobweaver: I suggest you remember that respectful communications between all users of Ubuntu is absolutely a +21:38
mneptokbobweaver: print those 3 documents you read. read them again. repetition kills dyslexia every time.21:38
bobweaverwill do btw I have  what is called nonsense word reading dysliscia21:41
knomedyslexia, that is21:42
IdleOnealrighty, if we are all done here I would like you all to get off my lawn please.21:42
* knome moonwalks to the pathway leading to IdleOne's kitchen door21:43
IdleOnedon't let the cat out21:44
IdleOnebobweaver: I believe we are all done here. Please part this channel and I hope I don't see you in here anytime soon :)21:44
knomehehe. no, and not 'more' either.21:44
bobweaversorry was walking kernel (dog)  thanks cya  and have a good one21:52
bobweaverI am still banned21:53
bobweaverso I have to restart irc service ?21:53
mneptokbobweaver: from #ubuntu?21:53
IdleOneno, one moment please21:54
IdleOnetry again21:54
bobweaverthere we go thanks21:55
bobweaverhave a good one guys/girls/whatever21:55
mneptokikonia: you can come out of the bunker.21:58
ikoniaI'm here21:58
mneptoki'm sorry. ;)21:59
ikoniano need to apologise, I appreciated someone else dealing with him, I can't tollerate lies, so I'm thankful someone else delt with it21:59
mneptoki meant "i'm sorry you're on IRC, like the rest of us lowlives."  O:)22:01

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