avoinecyphermox: une idée dans quel canal irc je peux trouver komputes?16:29
avoinekomputes: I just saw your remote-assistance charm16:30
komputesavoine: haha cool!16:31
komputesavoine: I made it as part of UDS, I had done it manually before, but needed to automate it and had the chance to learn with the best.16:31
avoinekomputes: It's the first time I read about gateway port do you mind explaining to me how you use it?16:31
avoineyes charm are really cool for that16:32
komputesavoine: It's in my notes from 6 months ago, but I beleive it was put there to allow reverse tunneled connection16:32
komputesavoine: keep an eye on it, I will update the readme soon with usage examples16:32
avoinekomputes: great! I will16:33

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