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alusionDoes anyone know where this picture comes from ? http://i.imgur.com/NCkp3.jpg05:03
blendedbychrisanyone know how to use strace to watch file operations like stat calls?05:16
stgraberhallyn: hmm, I seem to have a conflict with the lxc session on Friday, any chance of having the session moved a bit?05:48
stgraberhallyn: IIRC steve tried to move my conflicting session (archive reorg) and it wasn't possible due to the number of people involved, so hopefully moving the lxc one will be easier05:49
twbalusion: clearly it's a comms room that's not yet in production ;-)05:57
linociscoany experienced VPN geek?05:59
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Peetz0rHi, I just upgraded from ubutnu server 10.04 > 12.04, and now apache isn't doing https anymore08:27
twbPeetz0r: what have you already done to isolate the fault?08:27
Peetz0rII restarted apace, but I wouldn't know where to look08:28
twbPeetz0r: did you look at any log files?08:28
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Peetz0rNot yet :p08:28
twbYou are more likely to get help if you demonstrate willingness to help yourself (e.g. mentioning "I already tried ...")08:29
Peetz0rBut I wouldn't actually know where to look for this problem08:30
twbYou could also try reproducing the problem with a simplified apache config08:30
fakhirhello. I have an ubuntu server 12.04 box that I am trying to get working as a router. With everything setup as I believe it should be clients on the network are getting all the correct settings with DHCP and my windows 7 computer says it is connected to the internet. I can ssh into the ubuntu box, and ping google getting responses but any other connections to the internet such as HTTP fail.08:30
twbYou should also be testing with curl, not a browser, and testing over the loopback interface08:30
Peetz0rWell, I think I just isolated the problem08:30
twbfakhir: ip_forward is on?08:30
Peetz0rIt's sslh, which I use to run both apache and ssh over port 44308:31
fakhirtwb, "net.ipv4.ip_forward=1" yes and I rebooted the system.08:31
Peetz0rhttps is still working on port 444 and ssh is still working on port 2208:31
twbPeetz0r: OK so investigate sslh, its log file, config, change history since upgrade &c08:31
Peetz0rDoing that right now08:32
twbfakhir: if appropriate, have you set up NAT ?08:32
twbfakhir: it not using NAT, do hosts on both sides of your router know they must use your router to get to the other side?08:32
twbfakhir: similarly, have you tried tcpdumping on the router (both ifaces) to see how far packets are getting?08:33
twbfakhir: suggest testing w/ICMP echo-request and -reply, rather than TCP.  ICMP is connectionless so triangle routing &c is more obvious08:33
fakhir"iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE"08:34
twbNo -s needed08:35
fakhirhmm ok will try removing that.08:36
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railsraiderrunning on rackspace i get error: "net.netfilter.nf_conntrack_udp_timeout" is an unknown key12:43
railsraideranyone knows how to fix?12:44
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patdk-wkrailsraider, do you have nf_conntrack installed?12:50
railsraiderpatdk-wk:  i donna? how do i check that?12:50
railsraidernope, its not there12:52
railsraiderhow do i add it patdk-wk :12:52
patdk-wkwell, no wonder :)12:52
patdk-wkwhy do you need it?12:52
railsraiderarno firewall is winning about it12:52
patdk-wkwell, your going have to figure out why that arno thing isn't loading it then12:53
patdk-wkcause there are a whole lot of modules you need to load for a firewall, and if that program doesn't load the ones you need, heh, life isn't fun12:53
railsraideri'll check12:54
bananapieI am running the bind9 server that came with ubuntu 10.04. The server does lookups only for the local network. I want bind to check if the host is set in /etc/hosts, if so to return that IP if not to act normally. Can this be done ? I tried googling it, and all the results I found speak of DNS/DHCP integration13:07
railsraideranyone knows how to write a debconf answer files13:13
koolhead17railsraider, http://serverfault.com/questions/19367/scripted-install-of-mysql-on-ubuntu13:20
koolhead17see if this example helps you to understand stuff13:21
railsraideri have pre seeded the file like that example but i think something is being skipped cause the values are not being passed from it13:21
railsraiderdebconf-show arno-iptables-firewall shows the correct settings13:23
railsraideri think i missed an attribute13:24
koolhead17railsraider, good luck :D13:25
railsraiderkoolhead17:  how can i find out what options the installer is asking for?13:26
railsraideri mean on the wizard, perhaps i don' t write the attributes for the installer correctly13:26
_rubeninstall it, answer manually, use debconf-getselections to query the debconf db13:27
koolhead17as _ruben mentioned :)13:28
railsraider_ruben: thanks!13:28
railsraider_ruben: no such file debconf-getselections do i need to install something?13:31
railsraideri have debconf-utils13:31
railsraideri also tried debconf-get-selections13:32
_rubeni think it's not installed by default indeed13:32
_rubenbeen ages since i used it (when i set up my preseeding stuff)13:33
railsraiderits is running if i just type debconf-get-selections13:33
railsraiderok i got it now13:33
koolhead17railsraider, http://www.rndguy.ca/2010/02/24/fully-automated-ubuntu-server-setups-using-preseed/13:36
koolhead17u need 2 install a pkg13:36
ryehello, two times after using kvm snapshots through libvirt my 30G windows vms disk were truncated and thus unbootable. Has anybody else experienced this? One failure had qemu-img segfaulting during snapshot deleting, another one went cleanly13:54
ryebut truncated the file nevertheless13:55
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drcodehi all14:27
drcodeif I run ubuntu server 10.04 inside vmware esx , do I need to install vmware tools?14:27
drcodeor ubnuntu installed it by default?14:28
drcodeany idea?14:28
jpdsdrcode: Probably not by default.14:28
drcodehow can I install it ?14:29
drcodeis it in repostory?14:29
drcodeor somthing?14:29
drcodeI don't want to do smtihng wrong14:29
plmpeople, I intall rcconf and when start show this:14:31
plm# rcconf14:31
plmrcconf needs dialog or whiptail.14:31
plmI'm connected to server via ssh14:31
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drcodejpds, how can I install vmware tools inside ubuntu 10.04?14:34
jpdsdrcode: I don't know; I've never done it.14:34
jsmith-argotecdrcode: usually you mount the vmware tools iso image inside the vm and install from there14:36
jsmith-argotecdrcode: assuming you're accessing the vm through vSphere client...14:37
drcodeyes , I am14:38
drcodeis there repostory that I can use14:38
drcodeof vmware?14:38
jsmith-argotecdrcode: use connect/disconnect CD...14:38
drcodeI am not admin in vsphere14:39
jsmith-argotecdrcode: connect to ISO image on datastore option...14:39
jsmith-argotecdrcode: so you can't connect to CD/DVD?14:39
drcodeI see that vmware have repostory for ubuntu14:40
drcodeapt-add-repository 'deb http://packages.vmware.com/tools/esx/4.1latest/ubuntu lucid main restricted'14:40
drcodeI ask before my server will not load14:40
drcodeit will work ok14:41
jsmith-argotecdrcode: This is better than me trying to explain:14:41
drcodeapt-get install vmware-open-vm-tools-kmod-source14:41
jsmith-argotecdrcode: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?cmd=displayKC&externalId=102252514:41
jsmith-argotecdrcode: should tell you everything you need14:41
_rubenbah .. why arent 1TB drives getting any cheaper :( .. 2TB drives are nearly same price as 1TB, and 3TB aren't even that much more expensive14:44
_rubensucks for expanding my 1TB drive based raidvolume14:44
Resistance_ruben:  they're expensive because the factories for them got hit by horrendous weather and natural disasters14:45
Resistanceall hard disk prices are on the rise as a result14:45
_rubenResistance: that doesn't explain why both 1TB and 2TB are ~100 euro14:46
Resistancekinda does ;P14:46
_rubenif prices go up, wouldnt both go up?14:46
_rubenand not converge14:46
_rubentempting that 3TB far less than twice the price of a 1TB14:47
patdk-wkif demand was the same for all sized disks, sure14:51
patdk-wkguess depend for 1tb is higher14:51
Resistance3TB's kind of a less-demanded size14:51
patdk-wk3tb is still too unreliable for my personal use14:51
Resistancei mean, i keep a 3TB drive around for temporary backups, such as for when i make a duplicate of my 1TB server's drive, but only so i have backups/clones in case updates/upgrades explodify :P14:52
patdk-wkthe largest I have, is huge arrays of 1tb disks, and smallish arrays of 2tb14:53
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esuave_anyone know why i can run my shell script just fine manually.. but cron doesnt run it when i set it up?15:06
patdk-wkesuave_, cron is completely different :)15:07
Piciesuave_: What does the line in your crontab look like?15:08
esuave_00 10 * * * /var/log/test/scripts/tarlogs.sh15:08
Piciesuave_: And thats your user's crontab? i.e. edited via crontab -e ?15:09
esuave_the shell script permissions are set as follows -rwxr-xr-x15:09
esuave_its owned by root, and im running the cron as root too15:10
Piciesuave_: That was my next question.  Anyway, does the script rely on any environment variables?15:10
Piciesuave_: Specifically, you may need to provide the full path to executables referenced inside the script as cron will not have the same $PATH as your user.15:11
esuave_ahh i think you found the problem15:11
esuave_damnit.. overlooked15:11
esuave_thank you Pici15:11
Piciesuave_: sure, no problem.15:11
myhrlinaha, correct channel15:23
myhrlinhi, all; I have ubuntu 11.10 server 32 bit installed on a machine here and after executing do-release-upgrade to 12.04 the screen goes dark some of the time after grub15:25
myhrlinsometimes text appears and I can type in passwords etc, but other times nothing displays after grub15:26
myhrlinsorry I mispoke, after playing around with it again here I realized the screen displays nothing after the kernel begins to boot. So some text appears from the kernel then disappears and nothing more displays15:30
gary_posterhallyn, hi.  I'm in an awkward spot in which I have almost no privileges on a machine and something is going wrong there.  I've never seen an error like lines 3-5 of http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/979976/ before.  The lxc package is up to date precise.  Have you/do you have any ideas?  My only idea is that the base container is old in some way that the script does not expect, or perhaps the kernel is not up-to-date (una15:37
gary_posterme -r reports 3.2.0-16, but I don't know if ksplice updates that) or something else is old.15:37
JonEdneyWindows Update, brb15:43
hallynstgraber: as i thought - there's actually still another lxc sitting in unapproved for precise (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1)15:47
hallynso i think i'll ask for that to be rejected so i can add the apparmor depends there15:47
hallyngary_poster: one sec, looking15:48
hallyngary_poster: was lxc-clone at all involved in the creation of the original machine?15:49
gary_posterhallyn, not sure; I'll ask.15:49
hallynno i see the problem15:49
hallynlxc-start-ephemeral has the same unquoted bug that lxc-clone had15:50
hallynfor now, you can probably just make sure you don't have any files matching "*:*" in your cwd15:50
hallynor, if you can get someone with privileges, have them put quotes around $line in line 203 of lxc-start-ephemeral15:50
hallynopening a bug...  thanks gary_poster15:51
gary_posterack ok hallyn thank you!15:51
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hallynpitti: stgraber: could one of you kick the lxc -55 version from the unapproved queue for precise-proposed?  I'd like to add two more little (but crucial) bugfixes to it15:58
wh0theyouhi @16:17
wh0theyouhabe ubuntu server auf meinem NAS und bekomme cmus nicht ans laufen habe als mainboard das asus e35m-i deluxe16:18
wh0theyouerror: opening audio device: internal error16:19
KM0201wh0theyou: english16:21
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stgraberhallyn: you can upload a new version of lxc to -proposed without someone rejecting it, just make sure to use -v<last published version> so that all changelog entries are included16:31
stgraberhallyn: in this case, you'll want to upload 0.7.5-3ubuntu55 and use -v0.7.5-3ubuntu53 so that your changes from 0.7.5-3ubuntu54 are visible in the notification e-mail16:32
Myx0x3hi. a friend of mine cant install Linux on hes computer he gets the error: "Failed to copy  file from CD-ROM. Retry?".. he made an boot usb from unetbootin if it helps..16:32
KM0201Myx0x3: use the tool that ubuntu recommends, it will get you past that error, if it doesn't (it should)... google will tell you how to trick the installer into thinking you're using a cd16:33
Myx0x3KM0201: hi again, lol.. where do find that tool?16:33
KM0201Myx0x3: it's linked on ubuntu's website16:34
Myx0x3KM0201: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows but its for the desktop version.. is it the same?16:35
KM0201Myx0x3: it should work fine for server edition (at least it did for me)16:35
Myx0x3okay, thanks KM020116:35
RoyKsame thing, yes16:35
Myx0x3KM0201, last thing, did you download the iso or did you download it inside Pen drive linux thing?16:36
KM0201Myx0x3: i downloaded the iSO16:36
Myx0x3okay, cheers mate16:36
Myx0x3have a nice evening :)16:36
colon_DAnyone here have knowledge of the Ubuntu private cloud solution?  I'm trying to figure out how all this goes together.  How complete of a solution is AWSOME in comparison to CloudStack?16:40
Myx0x3KM0201: http://www.memecreator.org/static/images/memes/147386.jpg16:40
Myx0x3hahaha :D my friend made it, made my laugh :)16:40
KM0201guess it went over my head..lol16:40
hallynstgraber: I don't think that's what I actually want16:42
hallynstraber: I don't want 54 to be rejected;  it's verification-done, just waiting for its 7 days regression testing to be done16:43
hallynstgraber: I want the 55, which has not yet been accepted into -proposed, to be kicked, and i've added two more fixes to a new 5516:43
stgraberhallyn: ah, ok.16:44
hallyn(gr, i frequently hit the thinkpad pointer dot in stead of 'g')16:44
stgraberhallyn: just upload a new -55 then, the archive admin processing it will just reject the older one16:44
hallynoh, i figured it would reject my new one as it has new contents.  ok ii'll do that, thanks :)16:44
JonEdneyWhen installing a monitor service lik Munin - when it says server01 and server02, I'm only monitoring 1 server, does anyone have a reference for doing it that way?16:59
patdk-wkJonEdney, reference? and when it says server01 and server02?17:03
patdk-wkmunin comes in two parts, the munin-main that you install on the *collection* and *graphing* server17:04
patdk-wkand the munin-node that you install on all servers to be monitored17:04
patdk-wkin a single server, you install both, and call it done17:04
JonEdneyOkay, they helps.17:04
JonEdneyI was unsure.17:04
patdk-wkwell, you have to edit the configs alittle, maybe17:04
patdk-wkthe defaults might be fine though17:04
JonEdneyI ran it ona  test server a few weeks back and was getting a permission error, so i didnt know if there was an additional way to go17:06
JonEdneyI'll have to play a little bit.17:06
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jsmith-argotecis it possible to use a 2.6 kernel on 12.04?  if so is there an easy way to install a 2.6 kernel on 12.04?17:43
jsmith-argotecI have some software I run on the server that is incorrectly calculating memory if using a 3.x kernel with mor than a couple GB of RAM.  Can't get the software fixed so I'm trying to workaround without downgrading back to 10.0417:44
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Kyle__is there a command-line installer app for ubuntu-server, that can be run from a working installation?  Slackware used to let you do that (you'd run installer /path/to/root), was quite usefull.18:32
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andolKyle__: a) debootstrap a chroot or b) boot the net-installer from grub18:34
Kyle__andol: debootstrap sounds more like what I need.  I'm going from netbooted to local installs for about 20 machines.18:35
andolKyle__: Well, with 20 machines I would probably myself prefer a pxe booted preseeded install, but that might very well just be a personal taste.18:38
Kyle__andol: Googling... Looks pretty nice.  Not all that difficult either.18:41
wh0theyoui have ubuntu server 12.04 lts on my nas. Mainboard is asus e35m-1 deluxe. i want to hear webradio with cmus. Cmus get error: opening audio device: internal error18:54
wh0theyouwhat should i do?18:54
ThunderFaceHey everyone. Does anybody have experience with the Xen hypervisor and Ubuntu 12.04 server?19:08
ThunderFaceI'm trying to set up a Windows 7 HVM in Xen, but I can't figure out how to view the HVM from the same machine that's running it. In other words, I'd like to be able to view and control the virtual machine from the same computer that is running the hypverisor server. I'm 90% sure this is possible as I've seen what look like demonstrations of it on YouTube, but I haven't been able to find the right combination of words to get19:09
resnoThunderFace: you are trying to run windows 7 inside of xen?19:13
ThunderFacehaha resno. Hello again. Yes I'm trying to run it as an HVM19:15
ThunderFaceI didn't have much trouble setting everything up. And the guides filled in the gaps, but they didn't explain how to view it locally. Just through a vnc client from another machine.19:16
resnoThunderFace: i cant offer a solution, im just curious about the problem, maybe someone else while chime :)19:17
resnoive never used xen, so does xen run ontop of ubuntu?19:17
guntbertThunderFace: (no help from me either): do you have X running on the host?19:17
ThunderFaceno I don't. I figured it would be unnecessary because the HVM wouldn't be using X19:18
ivokspmatulis: ping19:18
resnoThunderFace: i see a guide on xens site.. have you seen that?19:18
ThunderFaceXen doesn't really run on anything. It runs directly on the hardware.19:18
resnoThunderFace: im just curious why you came to ubuntu and not xen19:19
ThunderFaceYeah I've seen it, but while it is very thorough, it doesn't address this one issue. Haven't found a guide that does yet, but I have seen videos of people doing it (although they offer no explanation)19:19
ThunderFaceBecause it does interface with Ubuntu19:19
guntbertThunderFace: and how (without X) do you intend to display a W7?19:19
ThunderFacebasically, you install ubuntu server (or debian etc.) and then you configure Xen and install Xen with it.19:20
ThunderFaceYou wouldn't need it to control a dumb-client vnc so I figured you wouldn't need it locally either.19:21
ThunderFaceBut if I am wrong (which is entirely possible), where would I go from there after installing X19:21
ThunderFaceWhat I mean is, I could start X up, but then how would I interface with the virtual machine? Xen is entirely CLI19:22
guntbertThunderFace: (I'm still trying to understand) - IF you have X Window running THEN you could start your vnc locally too, couldn't you?19:24
ThunderFaceAhh. So you're suggesting I start X and VNC through localhost?19:24
guntbertThunderFace: I'm not suggesting anything here - because I never used XEN myself, I'm only thinking loud :-)19:26
ThunderFacehaha. No no. I wasn't taking it as THE solution. Just an idea I hadn't thought of guntbert ;)19:26
guntbertThunderFace: thats what talking is for :-)19:27
ThunderFaceI've never actually vnc'd locally, is it as simple as just doing "localhost:4356" -- if the port was 435619:28
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guntbertThunderFace: yes19:30
ThunderFaceGuntbert: Thanks. I'll give that a shot. Have a good day!19:31
resnoguntbert: you are more seeminly helpful then you thought lol19:31
ThunderFaceresno: haha19:31
ThunderFacehave a good one guys.19:31
guntbertresno: :)19:32
shortdudehi, i am trying to create a bash sciprt.  In the script i call a python script.  One of its arguments is "print".  Since this is a reserved command, the pything script does not run.  How to i run the command w/o it going for the reserved command.20:00
urda-webI'm having a huge problem with Ubuntu 12.04 Server as a VMWare guest, my network performance is just DEAD. I can't download or upload any large files, apache2 won't serve stuff up, scp transfer die if larger than a few kb20:57
ChmEarlecho ' $HOSTNAME' >> /etc/hosts21:01
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benjishortdude: will you pastebin a small example script so we can see what, exactly, it is you're trying to do?21:29
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zaitzevhey folks22:29
virusuyzaitzev: howdy22:29
zaitzevI'm sitting here installing Ubuntu Server 12, and I'm at Software selection22:29
zaitzevI'm curious about what "Basic Ubuntu server" implies?22:29
zaitzevI'm gonna run the server from home, use it for basic stuff, a website, a gameserver (source-games), voice chat and the like.. simple stuff22:30
zaitzevso from the list I was thinking about choosing OpenSSH, LAMP and perhaps Basic Ubuntu server, depending on what that is22:30
virusuyzaitzev: that's a good choice22:31
virusuybasics are neccesary things22:31
zaitzevso I want to install all of the above then?22:31
zaitzevI got a 1U Dell PowerEdge SC1425 to play with22:32
zaitzev2x3.2 GHz Xeon in it22:32
JonEdneyIs there a way to get Munin to monitor Memory usage?  It don't by default and I can't seem to find any reference to how to enable it.22:47
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PleXuSanyone know how I can install a node ?23:14
PleXuSI added a node but I guess I need to install ubuntu on it ?23:15
PleXuSinto the ubuntu server maas :-)23:15
JonEdneyWould anyone know why 12.04 server works in VirtualBox on Windows, but when I open it on Ubuntu (currently) and use the same .vdi hard drive file, I've got no networking?23:26
sideup66hello room23:29
sideup66can anyone help me with a ubuntu problem23:29
sideup66with ubuntu server 12.04.  I know this is a known bug but does anyone know how to tell mdadm or whomever is mounting to continue booting when a non boot raid array drops to degraded23:30
sideup66mind you this isnt the boot drive, this is a second data only drive23:30
sideup66or not23:33
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