Knightwisegood morning everyone06:10
Knightwisehow are you doing today ?06:15
MooDoohello all06:48
AlanBellmorning MooDoo06:55
AlanBelland goodnight06:55
MooDoogood night :)06:55
TheOpenSourcererOh dear. My son just came into my office before heading off to school. "Since you did that stupid upgrade to 12.04 minecraft is really slow. I can't use it anymore".  Might have to stick them back on 10.0407:12
popeyor just login to unity 2d07:14
TheOpenSourcererThey are already - PC won't run Unity 3D07:14
TheOpenSourcererToo slow.07:14
popeyyet it runs minecraft?07:15
TheOpenSourcererIt was fine in 10.1007:15
popeyi find that hard to believe07:15
popeyreverting to 10.04 is a baby/bathwater 'solution'07:15
TheOpenSourcererThe only other option is to buy/upgrade the PC07:15
popeyor figure out why it's slow?07:16
MooDooevening popey uds going ok?07:16
TheOpenSourcerer11.10 wouldn't run Unity 3D either but Minecraft was fine in 2D07:16
MooDooTheOpenSourcerer: ban him from minecraft instead ;)07:16
popeyno, no, far easier to format the disk and install something else.07:16
popeyyeah, went out in san fran with AlanBell and lots of others07:17
popeywent on a cable car which was fun07:17
popeyhanging on to the side as we went up and down hills07:18
MooDoonice :)07:18
MooDoopleia2 the tour guide? :)07:18
popeyhad crab for tea07:19
popeyand then a "one scoop" ice cream07:19
popeywhich was immense07:19
* popey gets the photo of AlanBell 07:19
MooDooone scoop?07:19
AlanBelloh no07:19
MooDoodo you know the photo czajkowski has on her laptop when it was connected to the projector?07:20
MooDoolol wasn't the bird pooing was it? lol07:20
TheOpenSourcererHi AlanBell07:20
AlanBellhi TheOpenSourcerer07:20
TheOpenSourcererThought you'd gone to bed.07:20
AlanBellI am in bed07:20
TheOpenSourcererAh. TMI07:20
popeyi am in bed too07:21
popeynot the same bed though07:21
popeynot even tha same room07:21
popeyor floor07:21
AlanBelland on that note, night all o/07:21
MooDooo/ laters07:21
matttwhat'd i walk into ?07:24
MooDoomattt: don't ask :)07:25
MooDoomorning you pair :)07:31
miraculousmorning DooMoo!07:33
DJonesMorning MooDoo & miraculous07:33
miraculoushellooooo DJones \o/07:34
DJonesI had to think then who your nick was, then I remembered seeing the nick change yesterday07:35
miraculousoh yes, i was amused -- we were playing trivia in #cowgirls -- apparently miraculous is the patron saint of virgins, it bemused me so i decided to nick to it07:37
* MooDoo obviously missed that nick change07:37
miraculous(though more amusingly, the patron saint of houseviwes is apparently "saint martha" -- that is mainly amusing because i got it wrong but i responded with "martha steward haha")07:38
miraculousi had no idea how close i was!07:38
MooDooah miraculous now i know07:39
dwatkinsali1234: are you around?07:41
dwatkinsI'm wondering if hardware acceleration is enabled by default for flash in Ubuntu, and whether turning it off is a viable solution, or if it causes videos to play slowly.07:42
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DJonesIf this was real, it'd be a great idea http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ew4Y5HLyT6c08:00
MooDooDJones: you mean it's not?  but it's got real people in the car and all that? ;)08:00
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:01
DJonesMooDoo: Well, 2 websites have reported it as being being real..... So you never know08:01
miraculousmorning bigcalm08:01
miraculousbigcalm: oh you can come assemble some furniture for me!08:01
* miraculous needs a man!08:01
MooDooDJones: phew *snigger*08:01
bigcalmEvery time I switch on my machine there's a crash report to send. But sending it does nothing to get rid of it08:01
MooDoomiraculous: how may i help, and if it's for moving, you know i'm too far away08:02
* bigcalm flexes for miraculous08:02
miraculousMooDoo: mmm i know, that's why i am trying to chat up bigcalm!08:02
miraculousi am sure hayley would let me borrow him if i returned him in decent condition!08:02
DJonesmiraculous: Whoever you get will still have 3 screws, a nut and a couple of those little plastic caps left over08:02
miraculousDJones: true!08:03
* mattt discreetly does a /whois on miraculous08:03
bigcalmI quite enjoy putting together Ikea stuff08:03
bigcalmmiraculous: can it wait until the 14th July? ;)08:03
MooDoomattt: she did a nick change yesterday :)08:03
bigcalmHayley and I are spending the weekend in Farnham08:03
miraculousbigcalm: that is AGES away!08:03
bigcalmI know :(08:03
bigcalmI actually took a day off IRC yesterday. Amazing how much work I did08:05
MooDoowhere are you based miraculous ?08:05
matttdoesn't ikea have an assembly service?  :)08:05
miraculousi dunno!08:06
currymonsteranybody know how to alter "your path"?08:13
miraculousMooDoo: though i am moving :)08:13
bigcalmmiraculous: where are you moving to?08:14
MooDoomiraculous: i know that, just down the road right?08:14
currymonstermaybe i should re-phrase that08:16
oimonmiraculous, martha is the patron saint of housewives? lol08:16
miraculousoimon: yes! apparently so - it amused me greatly!08:17
currymonsterI've just installed tex live, and it is asking me to make a change to 'manpath' and 'infopath', any ideas on how i do this?08:17
miraculousbigcalm: not super far -- about 15mins out of town (on t'other side) to a small place called beaconhill08:17
oimonmartha was gently rebuked for worrying about housework rather than choosing what is greater08:18
miraculoustis pretty out there (i'll be a few minutes walk from the devils punch bowl)08:18
oimonisn't that where gladiator was filmed?08:18
diplomorning all08:19
diploFirst time using IRC from pidgin, so far not to bad tbh08:19
oimoni used it for years, but switched to xchat recently08:19
MooDooi'm fine with irssi08:20
diploheh just reinstalled VPS last night MooDoo, not got that far yet08:20
oimoncalled t-mobile to cancel last night. they weren't able to match giffgaff or 3 mobile on price08:20
diploAnd not reinstalled XChat since installing 12.0408:20
MooDoodiplo: did the upgrade go ok, or did you have to totally rebuild?08:21
diploIt's fine if you are happy with your phone I guess oimon08:21
oimonyeah till there is a decent ubuntu phone i will be happy08:21
diploI blatted both my PC and my VPS so no upgrades to speak of unfortunatly08:21
oimon(i mean dockable android phone that turns into ubuntu)08:21
diploI do like that, not sure about it still yet08:23
diploGet an Atrix off of Ebay oimon?08:23
oimonaren't they quite old?08:23
diploIt's what Canonical are developing this against08:23
oimonthey aren't dual core though are they?08:24
* diplo = dumbass :(08:24
diploLeft my PSU for laptop in Nottingham08:24
=== Ng_ is now known as Ng
diploOSAndroid OS, v2.2 (Froyo), upgradable to v2.3ChipsetNvidia Tegra 2 AP20HCPUDual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A908:25
diploYupsy, sounds like the Desire tbh08:25
oimoni can wait until hopefully a vendor will produce a new phone designed for it08:25
oimoni am tempted by the £5 giffgaff deal now08:28
diploI got given a Wildfire ( Buzz ) it's slow but I'll wait till I can afford to buy another phone08:28
oimonyeah my sister has a waildfire. i told her to get the desire but she thought better08:29
oimonshe was wrong08:29
gordonjcpoimon: I've got a giffgaff sim you can have08:30
gordonjcpwhich has most of a £5 gigabag on it08:30
gordonjcptotally unusable here, since I only get GPRS coverage08:30
diplooimon: Put a new rom on for her ?08:31
oimongordonjcp, thanks for the offer, but i've just ordered one - save it for when ur on holiday!08:31
oimondiplo, the screen is pretty small/lame though imo08:31
diploMade a huge difference to mine08:31
oimonreally? ok i'll try then08:31
oimonCM or HTC rom?08:31
diploIt is, but using Cyagen has made all the difference, longer battery etc08:31
diploMore space08:32
oimonanyone using SIP for calls?08:32
diploI can't complain as mine was a freebie08:32
diploNope, keep meaning to try it.08:32
oimonseems cheap. and i'm on wifi most of the day08:37
oimonand i don't make calls (much)08:37
diploSame here, that's why I keep meaning to look at it. I'm on wifi apart from when I'm in the car really.. be it work/friends/swimming lessons.. Just about everywhere :)08:38
MooDoohi s-fox08:39
s-foxHello diplo and MooDoo08:39
emorrishi, I'm half way through an upgrade to 12.04, but have lost keyboard and mouse activity on the machine, and I need to answer a dialog. I am using a KVM switch to switch between that and another PC, so that may have upset it. Is there anything I can do? I do have SSH access. Thanks in advance!08:49
s-foxHi emorris , is it a wired mouse / keyboard?08:52
dwatkinsif you have x11vnc, you could remote control the machine's graphical console08:55
emorriss-fox, yes, usb08:56
bigcalmemorris: can you plug them in directly, bypassing the KVM switch?08:56
emorrisdwatkins, unfortunately I don't. I did think of that, but can't install it as a package manager is already running08:56
emorrisbigcalm, tried that, same problems08:56
emorristhe light in the mouse and the caps lock light comes on, but no response. I can't event turn caps lock on/off08:57
dwatkinsemorris: have you got the option of attaching a PS2 keyboard, perhaps?08:57
emorrisdwatkins, unfortunately I don't have one with me. If there's no other option, I could borrow one later on though08:58
dwatkinsemorris: if it were my machine, I'd kill the installation on the console via ssh and use apt within a screen session on the command line09:01
diploDo we have any nginx users here ?09:06
emorrisdwatkins, annoyingly, I don't have screen installed either. I think I might be able to do it over a serial port though09:09
dwatkinsemorris: you can just kill whatever's on the console then install GNU screen in theory, emorris - depends what's running in X, though09:13
JamesTaitMorning all!09:36
diploMorning JamesTait09:37
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brobostigongood morning everyone.09:41
MooDoomorning brobostigon09:42
brobostigonmorning MooDoo09:43
lubotu3The X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf09:50
lubotu3brobostigon: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:50
brobostigon!info xserver-xorg-core09:50
lubotu3xserver-xorg-core (source: xorg-server): Xorg X server - core server. In component main, is optional. Version 2:1.11.4-0ubuntu10 (precise), package size 1636 kB, installed size 4137 kB09:50
davmor2morning all10:04
bigcalmHi davmor210:04
MooDoomorning davmor2 how's it going buddy?10:04
diploAnyone do me a favour, just nmap
diploWhat ports are open ? should be 22/8010:05
MooDoodiplo: ssh and http10:06
MooDoodiplo: yes just 22 and 8010:06
TheOpenSourcereragreed. It's an Ubuntu machine with 22 & 80 open10:08
TheOpenSourcerernginx running on 8010:09
diploThanks MooDoo10:14
diploSorry got called out of the office :)10:14
davmor2MooDoo: good thanks dude, just missed out on the ea plenary so I'll catch up with that tonight, I got shadowman installed and for a game from 1999 it still rocks10:16
davmor2I love wine10:16
davmor2morning bigcalm10:16
oimonplenary reminds me of my son, who calls piano plano10:17
MooDoodavmor2: awesome10:17
oimonis wine preferred over dosbox  for  a '99 game?10:20
davmor2oimon: it's not a dos game so yes10:20
oimonwhich OS is it for? i thought win98 was the prevalent OS at the time10:21
davmor2oimon: yeap windows 95+ but works flawlessly on xp10:27
davmor2oimon: it was out the same kinda time as the very first tombraider but look at this for graphics http://ubuntuone.com/6ouQQBBaQ2yFN2WGiQykhw10:30
oimonnot sure if good or bad...10:31
oimontomb raider was quite good graphics10:35
oimoni remember some scenes took my breath away10:35
diploJust bought my kids a Sega pack for the Xbox 360, they love it but I was cringing at the graphics but the gameplay was ok10:35
davmor2oimon: http://www.tombraiders.net/katie/screenshots/tr1/lara1.shtml that is tombraider in comparison10:35
diploI remember playing that10:35
davmor2oimon: the only thing that really dates it is the video cut scenes10:36
davmor2oimon: I'll have a proper play on it tonight and see if I can't take a breathtaking screenshot for you :D10:38
davmor2oimon: better still you can see for yourself http://www.old-games.com/download/5851/shadow-man :D10:46
oimonthere were some large room scenes in TR that were great.10:46
oimonnot quite as dark as those on that site10:47
oimoni don't think i've completed many games since TR10:47
oimonexcept for TR II10:47
oimonand rsident evils...all those games that give you heart attacks when they make you jump10:48
oimontomb raider 9 is coming out soon :-\10:51
davmor2is anyone else seeing the buttons on the right after the latest updates?10:53
DJonesTomb Raider 9 ? I didn't know there was anything after Tomb Raider 1.... Is it going to be like Die Hard 46 with Bruce Willis on a zimmerframe beating the care assistants up up in his retirement home for not giving him the right cosnsitency of gruel10:53
oimonhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOVbF8qLCCA gameplay from 1yr ago10:54
diploDJones: Some of the later games are great tbh10:54
diploGot one on the PS3 that I am sooo stuck on10:55
=== Gary_ is now known as Gary
diploA lot darker  now though, I preferred the funnier side of it10:55
oimoni liked the egypt stuff10:56
oimoni only have wii now, so just zelda for me:-\10:56
gordonjcpI was tempted to buy the PS3 rebuild of RE410:57
diploMy newest buy for the Ps3 is Toy Story 311:04
diploGreat fun11:04
diploEveryone having a good day today?11:21
MooDoodiplo: people off so busy11:21
s-foxPretty good thank you, wondering about what to have for lunch. No idea what to have11:21
diploBar for a dumb 1-2 hour session of working out NGINX this morning and that it wasn't my config most things have gone ok11:21
s-foxHow is your day going diplo  ?11:21
diploNot used to setting up web development areas on the actual web, always local so don't worry about firewalls11:22
diploBeen hard reminding myself IPTables :)11:22
diploThinking skipping lunch myself11:22
diploMooDoo: don't you work from home ?11:23
MooDoodiplo: i wish, but no11:25
diploah bigcalm maybe then11:25
diploWat mail client do you guys use atm11:35
diploI keep finding thunderbird a bit .....11:36
diploUsed to like it, seem to have fallen out of love now11:36
diploLeft my bloomin PSU in Nottingham so need to read mail on here11:36
diploaha, I just remember I set up roundcube on my pc \o/11:37
* bigcalm looks in12:13
bubuzhow can i use sed to change the text of one file and save to a new file - not just the lines it has changed - all lines of original file?12:13
bubuzbe helpful for nagios config files but it just seems to create the new file with only the lines it has changed from the old one and not just substituted in?12:13
gordonjcpdiplo: it's the bloody stupid tabs thing that annoys me12:14
directhexbubuz, cat | sed > newfile12:14
diployeah and that.12:14
bubuzdirecthex, i want to create a config file that is a copy of the original - just with different host name which is mentioned several times in the original12:19
diplobubuz: I just cp the file and then use vi search and replace12:20
bubuzsed 's/KCLIVEUBWS1/KCLIVEUBWS2/w KCLIVEUBWS2' KCLIVEUBWS2.cfg for example12:20
bubuzthere must be an easier way to do though diplo so can script it... ?12:20
diplo:g/<searchstring/s//Replace string/g maybe ?12:20
diploBeen a while since I used it12:20
bubuzsed 's/KCLIVEUBWS1/KCLIVEUBWS2/w KCLIVEUBWS2' KCLIVEUBWS1.cfg even ***12:21
diploI also quite often now just use a IDE sftp onto the nagios box and Ctrl H :)12:21
bubuzsed 's/KCLIVEUBWS1/KCLIVEUBWS2/w KCLIVEUBWS2.cfg' KCLIVEUBWS1.cfg even *** apologies12:22
diploGot a lot of hosts bubuz ?12:23
bubuza few but growing12:23
diploI basically did a few sites a day over a few weeks12:23
diploAs it was something we didn't have before I didn't rush it/get peeved with it by doing it slowly12:23
diploLearnt more that way as well12:24
bubuzi want to automate though so when a new server is deployed - its runs a script that sets up monitoring automatically - just need to change hostname in cnfig file12:24
diplobah, to organised for me! :P12:24
diploI've thought about that, and then thought I cba!12:24
diploTakes me a min to copy and change a config and restart service12:25
bubuzsed 's/KCLIVEUBWS1/KCLIVEUBWS2/w KCLIVEUBWS2.cfg' KCLIVEUBWS1.cfg >> gives me a new file for WS2.cfg but its only got the ammended lines in it, not whole config file12:25
diploI only take time to script stuff when it takes me lot's of minutes/hours to do something that after a few hours of scripting will make it that much quicker12:25
bubuzyeah i was there diplo, but now I can be arsed12:26
bubuzone more thing i dont need to think about - got enough on12:26
diploheh, seems I'm on track to change then12:26
bubuzbut i need to get this working first - doh.12:26
bubuzso simple and yet i cant do it12:26
bubuzalso useful for vhsot files12:28
bubuzin fact - jsut damn useful! :)12:28
oimondebian administrator's handbook is released :D12:28
oimontorrent files are available12:29
bubuznice - will buy a copy of that though12:29
bubuzfor some reason i torrent/newsbin everything12:29
bubuzbut i cant get enough actual books when it comes to sys stuff12:30
oimonif you want the electronic copy, then you can donate any amount you like12:30
oimon(the torrent files are official ones, i didn't mean that you should pirate stuff)12:31
bubuzi will buy the book anyways12:31
bubuzany ideas to help guys?12:36
oimondoes in-place substitution work?12:38
oimoncopy the file and do sed -i ?12:38
bubuzah yes12:42
bubuzbut it has changed the original12:42
bubuzbut got it! :)12:42
bubuzah bollocks no it hasn't worked12:46
dwatkinscp doesn't output anything12:48
oimonreplace | with ;12:59
oimonfacebook is getting an app store argggh13:02
shaunoslightly awkward; got my raspberry pi. don't have a normal usb keyboard anymore :(13:02
oimonusb bluetooth adapter?13:02
shaunolooks like I'll just have to be patient a day longer and visit the office tomorrow13:04
TheOpenSourcererJeez Unity gets on my tits.13:08
diploheh, moi aussi :)13:08
diploGoing to give Cinnamon a go again tomorrow once my laptop psu turns up13:08
TheOpenSourcererI now have a maximised Thunderbird, that has somehow got shunted left a bit so the window control buttons are not visible13:08
TheOpenSourcererCan't un maximise13:09
oimonpress alt key and drag window13:09
TheOpenSourcererI keep finding windows are moving randomly around between desktops and appear hanging over the edge of other desktops13:09
TheOpenSourcereroimon: It is maximised.13:09
oimonTheOpenSourcerer, unmaximising with alt click is possible13:10
oimonjust done it with tb13:10
TheOpenSourcererAh - that worked. Thanks.13:10
TheOpenSourcererSwitching between workspaces is getting really annoying. It is very slow sometimes and if you have multiple windows of one app open on different workspaces the launcher doesn't know what to do when I click so it does nothing ;-)13:14
TheOpenSourcererThen it is hard to find the app window I was looking for,13:14
TheOpenSourcerergrumble grumble grumble....13:14
oimonopening the dash seems quite slow after sometime of uptime13:16
oimonah, i had a rogue process running13:16
oimonwoops, that was me trying to kill picasa since unity doesn't know where it is13:17
ali1234dwatkins: acceleration is two part, the first part is enabled, the second part is disabled, this is what causes the problem. disabling it does make videos run slowly however that was always the case prior to 11.2. acceleration has never worked properly on any hardware that i know of.13:28
dwatkinsali1234: which file are the two parts controlled by, is this a case of the graphics driver using acceleration in general in X versus flash acceleration controlled by the mms.cfg?13:30
ali1234flash has two independent types of acceleration13:30
ali1234decoding, and then drawing to the screen13:30
dwatkinsI only see one tick-box in the settings menu13:31
ali1234yeah that's because you can only control one of them13:31
ali1234the box in settings disables everything13:31
ali1234afaik, the decoding part is disabled by default everywhere on linux13:32
ali1234you can enable it through mms.cfg13:32
ali1234if you have decoding and drawing both enabled, you don't get reversed colors13:32
ali1234but the decoding is so buggy that flash crashes constantly13:32
dwatkinshow is the performance if both are disabled?13:33
ali1234otoh if you disable both decoding and drawing, you also don;t get reversed colours, but then fullscreen mode becomes unworkable due to high cpu requirements13:33
ali1234just like it always was in 10 and earlier13:33
ali1234the default is to enable one of them and disable the other one13:34
ali1234this gives a small increase in performance and the reversed colours13:34
dwatkinsso with the default settings , the bug is observed?13:35
ali1234only on nvidia cards though, because acceleration is not supported with anything else13:35
ali1234the latest ati driver is supposed t support vdpau as well13:35
dwatkinsI suspect hardware acceleration on linux is technically unsupported by flash13:35
ali1234well, we know it opens libvdpau13:36
ali1234the best workaround discovered so far is to s/libvdpau/libxdpau/g on the binary13:36
dwatkinsthe suggestion is to 'unistall the VDPAU library'13:36
ali1234doing that will break all the software that uses it correctly like mplayer, mythtv etc13:37
dwatkinsis there a list of dependencies which I can pass on?13:37
dwatkinssoftware which currently uses libvdpau13:37
dwatkinsi.e. to point out that this suggestion will break these apps13:38
ali1234it won't break them13:38
oimoni just crashed chromium :D13:38
ali1234it will just make them go to software mode13:38
ali1234and therefore as slow as flash it13:39
ali1234well, maybe not that slow13:39
dwatkinsright, so it will have a negative impact on multiple other packages which use hardware acceleration13:39
ali1234at least mplayer, vlc and mythtv can use it13:39
ali1234but i don't know if they go though the library or what13:40
ali1234also vaapi can use it13:40
ali1234which is a general purpose api that supports different hardware13:40
ali1234vaapi is the api they should have started with13:41
dwatkinsI see13:42
dwatkinsis libvdpau installed for any NVidia card for which the 'official' driver is installed?13:43
dwatkinsthanks, I'll pass this on. Unfortunately I don't know if they'll listen to me, but I'll do what I can.13:49
ubuntuuk-planet[Jo Shields] Sleeping with the enemy: my life with Windows Phone - http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/407/14:03
directhexle blog!14:09
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
oimondirecthex, just tell me when you buy another phone,14:24
directhexit'll be a while14:24
oimonwell you just murder each one you buy :D14:25
oimonby murder, i mean murder the whole company14:25
oimonto be fair, nokia were already on their way14:25
oimonplease don't buy an asus transformer, as i'd quite like to see those survive14:26
directhexoimon, as i said elsewhere, "this is the longest i've gone between 'happy' and 'i want to murder some engineers' with a smartphone"14:27
directhexoimon, somehow htc survived me owning a hero14:28
directhexsmartphone wise, i've had in my possession... htc hero, nokia n900, nokia n9, nokia lumia 800, hp pre 314:29
directhexi think that's it14:29
directhexin terms of dump phones, what have i had... hm...14:32
buzz_my best phone was my nec p314:33
directhexnec db4000, motorola startac, nokia 8110, nokia 7110, samsung d600, samsung d800, samsung t100, lg viewty14:33
directhexdon't think i've missed any14:33
directhexthe d600 and nokia 7110 were the best of those, imho14:35
oimonin the unity dash apps lens, why can't i search for sipcalc? i can find it on software centre..why not the install from the internet bit of the dash?14:35
oimonhappy desire owner for 2yrs14:35
dwatkinshaha OpenSuSE 12.1 is codenamed 'asparagus'14:36
directhexwifey has an htc sensation14:37
stuphiDoes anybody have a suggestion for an easy to use Exif tag editor? My wife has scanned a load of old photo's and it would be nice to tag them.14:37
directhexdwatkins, not as good as fedora beefy miracle14:37
* dwatkins sniggers14:37
dwatkinsoh my, I have xdm, as opposed to gdm as the greeter, it's like going back in time 20 years14:39
directhexdwatkins, liar.14:40
directhexInitial releaseOctober 198814:40
directhex24 hyears!14:40
dwatkinswow, now I feel old ;)14:40
MooDoodwatkins: I AM OLD :)14:41
dwatkinsMooDoo: were you born before 1977?14:42
MooDoodwatkins: yup14:42
diploMoi Aussi :)14:43
dwatkinsah ok, not quite as young as me perhaps, then14:43
MooDoodwatkins: i was 40 last month14:43
dwatkinsmy brothers are about that age, they used to beat me at risk (they're twins) then battle each other until the wee hours14:44
stuphi1972, a fine vintage!14:44
diploHmm, moodoo is old :)14:45
* DJones sticks up for MooDoo not being old14:45
oimongmail tab using 250MB, that's just cheeky14:46
dogmatic69oimon: try fb14:50
oimonyeah closed that tab14:50
dogmatic69my gmail is at 120 and fb is 25014:50
oimonthat uses compiz too14:50
dogmatic69how does it use compiz?14:51
oimondunno, but flashing tabs on chromium tax X server and compiz14:51
diploIts the javascript heavy sites that seem to cause the issue, never looked into why but really ought to14:52
dogmatic69same for twitter14:52
oimonwonder whether to chance firefox again14:53
dogmatic69chrome pvt memory -> 3,130,572k :)14:53
oimoni just closed about 40 tabs14:53
dogmatic69I only start closing them when I cant see the favicon any more14:55
oimonsame here14:55
oimonfirefox used to cope better14:56
oimonthen it got worse14:56
oimonand slower14:56
dogmatic69ye, I used to use ff. it just got so slow it was virtually unusable14:57
oimonalmost going back tho14:57
oimoni prefer the password management14:58
oimonchromium i never seem to remember passwords14:58
hamitronchoosing a browser seems a major headache atm :/14:58
dogmatic69oimon: ff still requires a restart after adding a plugin :/14:59
diploIt's the plugins that slowed FF for me14:59
diploTried it vanilla for a while, so much better14:59
dogmatic69even with no plugins it is a dog14:59
diploBut I love my Firebug14:59
diploHmm, fine for me with none really15:00
dogmatic69given a few weeks you get used to chrome inspector, I still prefer firebug but chrome one works well15:00
oimonadblock i think is the only one i use15:00
diployeah i use chrome as well, but I prefer the console of Firebug I think15:00
diploI could probably in time find / use Chrome better, just not tried :)15:01
diploFF for developing in 90% of the time, and personal pages are open in Chromium15:01
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diplostuphi: Have you looked at exiftool ?15:21
diploSure I've used it in a script before15:21
diplohttp://exiftool.berndvogelgesang.de/  <-- some examples15:22
diplohttp://u88.n24.queensu.ca/exiftool/forum/index.php?topic=1754.0  Example of a bash script15:23
s-foxI have to go, goodbye16:02
Garymiss you long time16:07
bigcalmOMG, it's a Gary16:09
* Gary nibbles bigcalm 16:14
bigcalmOo, that tickles16:15
bigcalmHow's life Gary?16:15
Garymy boss today has lent me mon-wed to a local school to supervise their new IT Tech in his work based working interview!16:17
GaryI feel like a loan piece of equipment!16:17
miraculousyou are but a piece of fine meat to be shared amongst the schools of essexia16:18
GaryI'm going to be late on purpose, as miraculous has this wonderful idea i'll get me a bit of corp punishment!16:19
bigcalmAre you taking your own cane, just in case they don't have one?16:21
bigcalmAhem, sorry. Wrong channel for this :)16:21
bigcalm!ohmy > bigcalm16:23
lubotu3bigcalm, please see my private message16:23
lubotu3The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)17:29
lubotu3The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds17:30
Azelphuranyone know how to work around unity top panel showing through full screen applications?17:48
TheOpenSourcererHow about $ sudo apt-get purge unity*17:48
TheOpenSourcererSeriously considering it.17:48
TheOpenSourcererIt needs a *lot* of work to be what I would call production ready.17:49
TheOpenSourcererIt's more like an Alpha.17:49
Azelphurgah, yea stuff it I'll just kill unity17:51
* Azelphur sighs \o/17:51
Azelphurit seems to come back like the undead zombie17:52
brobostigonwhat is the command, to count accurances, of a certain string, lets say in a text file?17:57
KrimZonat what version does ubuntu start to come with gcc 4.5?18:28
KrimZonor rather just have 4.5 available18:29
jacobw2why do you need 4.5 specifically?18:30
AzelphurRumor mill is saying RMS just collapsed while doing a talk at the UPC conference, possible heart attack:(19:03
TheOpenSourcererI saw the twitpics  - Anyway off to watch some telly.19:04
gordonjcpAzelphur: and he's such a fit healthy guy, too!19:05
directhexhttps://twitter.com/#!/directhex/status/200658712770248705 ?19:05
jacobw2poor guy19:16
KrimZonjacobw2, c++11 lambdas19:34
KrimZonI wanted to make a c#-delegate-like template, where I could automatically add and remove pointers to a type of object and then with a single line call the same method with the same parameters on all contained objects20:15
KrimZonnot quite a delegate but it was to help me out implementing an observer pattern20:17
directhexO HERRO HANS BRIX!21:17
diplo-Anyone about who uses byobu ?21:18
diplo-Just trying to use it, by either byobu or byobu -S name21:19
diplo-But keeps scrolling the details bar across the session21:19
diplo- uî¿  12.04  0:*                     1d3h 1.73 2.5GHz 463M37% 2012-05-10 22:121:19
diplo-Characters fubared as well21:19
diplo-Anyone got any ideas ?21:19
popeydiplo-: what font does your terminal use?21:39
diplo-Good point :)21:40
diplo-On Win7, courier new21:40
diplo-Standard putty settings21:40
=== diplo- is now known as diplo
directhexwhich encoding?21:40
directhexutf-8 or iso8859-1?21:41
diploPretty sure utf8, to secs21:41
diplo8859-1, I lied21:41
diplonever changed before though21:42
diploworks fine on my natty box with same software, this is on precise server21:42
diploLiked your post on Phones btw directhex, still not sure I'd buy a Windows phone21:49
directhexdiplo: i'm not a salesman, i was just sharing my experiences21:50
diploHad the 5/6 versions and I was never impressed and I guess I can't get that feeling out that somethings shite21:50
diploheh I know, I'm same as you.. I buy stuff if it works not because it's Open etc21:50
directhexdiplo: i'm not sure if there's anything in common with WM under the hood. there's nothing in common above it.21:51
diployeah, waiting for my brother to get one to have a tinker21:51
diploBut he went and bought himself an S221:51
directhexdiplo: android isn't Open in any meaningful sense either :p21:51
diploI meant in general but yeah21:51
directhexthe way i work with phones is "how long from first boot to wishing to murder the engineers responsible". that counter is a measure of, overall, how well a phone's good points outweigh its inevitable suck21:52
diploheh, well me and a friend had smartphones for work for years and yet we both until this year have had Nokia 6230's as main phones21:53
diploBecause they just worked and nearly always had signal, whereas the smart phones in the same areas didn't21:53
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away
directhexin terms of smartphones, i've had.. hang on21:54
directhexnope, no in scrollback, must have been on the laptop21:54
directhexhtc hero (android), nokia n900 (maemo), nokia n9 (depends who you ask), nokia lumia 800 (wp7), hp pre 3 (webos)21:55
directhexso most smartphone oses21:55
diploMine were all Windows up till this Android one21:56
diploI had the Tytn/Tytn2/Touch/Touch HD and 2 others that I've forgot names of atm21:56
AzelphurI've had a G1 and a G2 :D21:57
directhexWM6 was terrible. htc did the best they could to pretend it was usable21:57
directhexAzelphur: the g2 is the hero, right?21:57
directhext-mobile used the "g2" name to rebadge several different htc phones, depending on country21:58
directhex"g2 touch" is hero ion the uk. "g2" is desire z in the US21:59
Azelphurdesire z is eu branding not us :P22:00
directhexer, yeah, that's my point22:00
directhexthe htc model codenamed "vision" was sold by t-mobile in the US as "G2", but it's not the same device as codename "hero", sold by t-mobile in the UK as "G2 touch"22:01
directhexnot by a long shot22:01
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 995412 in byobu "status area scrolls forever" [Undecided,New]22:02
directhexso we still haven't established which bloody phone you have, by virtue of using confusing regionally-varied model names22:02
diplothink that's my issue22:02
directhexspecific to one carrier22:02
diplothis was the fix directhex22:07
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 952724 in byobu (Ubuntu) "status area scrolled out infinitely (tmux-backend with libvte + VTE_CJK_WIDTH=1)" [Low,Fix released]22:07
diplohash out the logo part22:07

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