shakes808was able to reset my pass :D Thanks to #freenode00:04
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snap-lrick_h_: Found it02:47
snap-l    # Wrap sys.stdout into a StreamWriter to allow writing unicode.02:47
snap-l    sys.stdout = codecs.getwriter(locale.getpreferredencoding())(sys.stdout)02:47
rick_h_snap-l: ah! awesome11:02
rick_h_ty much for finding that11:02
snap-lrick_h_: np.11:21
snap-lI knew there was something else I was missing.11:22
rick_h_yea, I'm glad I wasn't crazy11:22
rick_h_thanks for keeping at it11:22
rick_h_I'll give it a try tonight11:22
shakes808Morning all11:46
shakes808snap-l: are you working from home today?12:21
shakes808snap-l: I mean tomorrow, sorry12:22
rick_h_bwuhahaha http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=395293212:51
rick_h_what have I been saying for years? love it12:51
rick_h_is it friday yet? Man I'm toast today13:11
shakes808+1 :yes: rick_h_13:25
shakes808:( no thumbs up lol13:26
snap-lrick_h_: Is it bad that when I see the "def dashboard(request):" example, I think "You should be using sqlalchemy?" ;)13:34
snap-lrick_h_: Oh geez, this goes right off the rails13:35
shakes808:D We should all buy me this :D Then I can do some grilling for you all :D http://www.grillsdirect.com/gas-grills/grills-with-carts/chargrillertriogascharcoalgrillandsmokerwithcover1.cfm13:56
jrwrenjust bought my first kindle books.14:09
jrwrenthose 2  99cent django books that rick_h_ linked yesterday14:09
rick_h_jrwren: let the corruption begin14:11
shakes808man, no one likes my ideas14:29
snap-lshakes808: kickstarter14:38
shakes808snap-l: ?14:38
snap-lThe grill idea.14:38
snap-l(for example)14:38
rick_h_ummm, gas grill with a smokebox?14:39
rick_h_wrong :P14:39
shakes808That is pretty cool14:43
shakes808snap-l: I am assuming you have and like the game. Isn't that your background?14:44
snap-lYeah, the blueprint was my background at CHC14:44
snap-lI've only played it on the computer, and many years after the fact.14:44
rick_h_do it right: http://www.sybbq.com/b_6ft_4007.php14:45
shakes808rick_h_: Yes, that would be amazing :D14:46
shakes808At my last job, the guy who made this worked with me. This is pretty cool, been trying to get some people to try it out. You can play any Tabletop game on it :D http://www.ttoprpg.com/TTopRPG/index.htm14:51
JonEdneyWindows Update, brb15:43
snap-lCOme to the realization I'm not going to finish this pyweek17:28
rick_h_ruh roh17:28
rick_h_no more sleep for you!17:28
rick_h_go go go17:28
snap-lThe game concept just isn't fun in my mind17:29
rick_h_doh, that sounds a bit killer17:29
snap-lthe only part that's remotely interesting is the interactions with the prof, and that's not a game.17:29
snap-lAnd I don't know enough AI to make his interactions interesting.17:30
greg-gwell, obviously you need to develop it in LISP17:31
snap-lgreg-g: But of course.17:31
greg-gAI == LISP, right?17:31
greg-gI mean, that is what I was taught in CS17:31
greg-gok, I'm sorry, but all those parrot gimp'd images on planet.ubuntu.com are getting kind of old :/17:49
* greg-g hates fun17:49
rick_h_hah, I'm with you17:49
rick_h_greg-g: so for yesterday's discussion on the copyright17:49
rick_h_legal asked questions on how we got/get permission to modify/distribute google code17:50
rick_h_I ask higher ups...higher ups say "don't do it that way..."17:50
rick_h_and I tell legal sorry for wasting their time17:50
rick_h_lagal says "It's ok, it was an interesting question to think about"17:50
snap-lrick_h_: Argh. I hate that17:55
rick_h_meh, oh well. It's me wanting to squeeze out the most performance and really not worth the work there17:55
snap-lIt's all fun and games until someone gets a lawyer17:57
rick_h_yea, strange to be in that situation I guess17:59
greg-grick_h_: hehe, so, you're making an exception to your "only local js" rule for analytics?18:07
greg-gthe hehe was mostly re "it was an interesting question to think about" :)18:07
rick_h_greg-g: no, so we have a copy of the analytics script, and we edit it so that it can't download/load more JS from google18:08
rick_h_so the exception is that Google let us edit out the extra JS calls to google servers18:08
rick_h_but then I want to take the results of that, and wrap it in more of our own JS18:08
rick_h_which turned into an issue of how to note that file as it's Canonical copyright JS wrapping Google copyright JS18:09
rick_h_derivative work, etc?18:09
rick_h_but right, the goal is that when you hit launchpad you only get JS from us so that we can say it's secure, non-malicious, etc18:09
greg-gah right18:10
greg-gdang analytics18:11
greg-gthere must be some self-hosted decent analytics thing18:11
rick_h_not these days18:11
rick_h_with google analytics free, it's hard to motivate to go through the work18:11
greg-gwell, if legal issues are causing you to do more work....18:13
greg-galso, a question I have is... this is JS that is going in LP, right? Google can't just give you (Canonical) a special one-time exception. It has to be AGPL compatible to be committed in LP trunk, right?18:13
rick_h_I'm not sure, I mean what is the license of this: https://ssl.google-analytics.com/ga.js18:16
greg-grick_h_: all rights reserved unless otherwise stated18:16
rick_h_right, so in our 'copy' we have in our source tree we have added a big Google copyright notice18:16
rick_h_but don't think it mentions license18:16
greg-gright, so a copyright notice sans licese is All Rights Reserved.18:17
greg-gARR is the default in US law.18:17
greg-gunless the creator explicitly does something else, everyone has to ask permission to use it18:17
rick_h_right, so evidently we asked for some sort of permission, but I don't have documentation/knowledge on what exactly that discussion was18:18
greg-gyeah, personally, I bet Google doesn't know that their ga.js is now AGPL (or, I doubt Google gave Canonical a license to the code via MIT/BSD/Apache/whatever AGPL compat license they want)18:19
greg-gI mean, that header is kind of bad for other users of LP code18:19
greg-gwhen I download LP, I am told "this is AGPL" but now I have to go look through every file header for some other notice?18:19
rick_h_yea, we have a lot of that stuff tbh, where the code is coded for launchpad.net18:19
greg-gand, Google didn't give me permission to use it, so now I am violating copyright law18:19
greg-gCanonical is making anyone who uses LP code at risk of copyright infringement18:20
shakes808rick_h_: Next week for CHC, do we have the room?20:32
rick_h_shakes808: no, not for the next few weeks20:39
rick_h_then we have it the rest of the year20:39
shakes808The set up from last night is how you all like working the tables?20:40
snap-lshakes808: Yeah, we've gotten used to it from the previous (Madison Heights) location20:46
Blazeixi actually prefer stacking the tables in a column, but that was voted down20:47
shakes808I go there pretty much right after work so I am not driving past it to come back to it. I will start pulling tables together just before 8 so all you all have to do is sit and code/discuss stuff20:48
snap-lI usually try introducing non-Euclidean geometry, but apparently that has a tendency to introduce very angry elder gods.20:48
shakes808Blazeix: if they were stacked, how would we all work? I don't want to be on the bottom of the column. :D20:49
shakes808That would just be painful20:49
Blazeixcrap, i guess that wouldn't work after all20:50
shakes808snap-l: where did you get the linux laptop?20:56
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shakes808snap-l: I dont know if you responded to my question about where you got your Ubuntu laptop at. Left work, realized it was time and had to pick up my son.22:02

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