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JonathanDHey rmg5109:54
JonathanDwaltman: poke.13:31
waltmanJonathanD: puke13:31
waltmanI've got to leave for the train in a few minutes.13:31
JonathanDwaltman: you have a mac display adapter thingy, right?13:32
waltmanYes, mini-dvi2vga13:32
JonathanDI don't know if thats what this is...13:32
JonathanDI guess it's a 2008 macbook something or other.13:32
JonathanDscreen goes all white. brief research indicates it may be a failed nvidia card.13:33
waltmanThe dongle from my old 2004-ish powerbook had a bigger connector on the mac end13:33
waltmanI've got to run.13:33
JonathanDthis is maybe 3/4 the width of USB13:33
JonathanDok, catch you later.13:33
InHisName1mid morning to u all13:36
JonathanDI think the disk is shot.13:52
JonathanDclick click click click13:52
JonathanDdisk is dead.13:55
JonathanDboots with a random linux cd in it13:55
waltmanSorry, I had the names wrong.  The dongle for my old powerbook was mini-dvi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini-DVI).  The one on my macbook is mini-displayport ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mini_DisplayPort).14:39
JonathanDwaltman: it wasnt that anyway.14:39
JonathanDIt displayed the ubuntu disc well enough.14:39
waltmanOh well.14:39
JonathanDIt needs a new hdd.14:39
waltmanSorry to hear about your head hd.14:39
JonathanDBut if I get her one, how exactly do I go about getting OSX on it?14:39
waltmanWhat is "it"?14:40
JonathanDmacbook 2008, I guess14:40
JonathanDtheres a 2008 in the string of copyright and patent notices.14:40
waltmanOK, so you've got a 2008 macbook with a dead hd, and you want to install a new hd and put OSX on it?14:41
JonathanDThat sounds reasonable to me.14:41
waltmanBe warned that replacing the HD might be extremely tedious, and it might be next to impossible to put it all back together.14:42
JonathanDI already have the old one out.14:42
JonathanDit was under hte battery cover.14:42
JonathanDin fact I already have a new one in.14:42
waltmanYou might be able to do a net install of lion.14:43
waltmanOr maybe you could restore the data from time machine?14:43
JonathanDShe would have had to do the time machine stuff before, though, aye?14:43
JonathanDshe says she doesn't have any backups.14:43
waltmanWell, yes.14:43
waltmanWho is "she"?14:44
JonathanDso unless this thing has a super secret backup location, there is nothing to restore :)14:44
JonathanDthe laptops owner14:44
JonathanDsomeone here at work's sister.14:44
waltmanWhat version of osx was on it?14:44
JonathanDno idea :)14:44
JonathanDnobody knows anything.14:44
JonathanDincluding what osx actually is.14:44
waltmanI believe at this point you need to find an OSX install DVD.14:44
JonathanDboss might have one.14:45
JonathanDwhat versions will work?14:45
waltmanin 2008 it should be intel, right?14:45
waltmanLion might work, Snow Leopard almost certainly will.14:45
waltmanif it was lion, there might be a recovery partition hidden somewhere. I don't really know how that works.14:46
waltmanThis is getting to be the limit of what I know. You might want to try asking on a mac forum...14:47
JonathanDwaltman: disk looks toast14:47
JonathanDreally toast.14:47
JonathanDclick click click click grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr toast14:48
JonathanDwaltman: I have a snow leapard disk, I shall try that.14:48
waltmansounds like a plan14:48
waltmanIf she paid for lion, she should be able to reinstall that from the app store in snow leopard14:49
waltmanYou'll need her AppleID for that.14:49
JonathanDTried freezing the disk :P14:49
JonathanDthe clicks are quieter now14:49
waltmanThe Snow Leopard disk? I doubt that will help. :)14:50
JonathanDno, the hdd14:50
JonathanDIt's dead Jim.14:50
JonathanDI should hope you do.14:51
Resistanceyou forgot a comma though14:51
Resistance</grammar nazi>?14:51
JonathanDResistance: it was lost due to data corruption.14:51
Resistancebtw, did i mention yet that i despise ASP.NET?14:52
JonathanDwaltman: I think he was using this snow lepoard disk as a coaster.14:53
JonathanDor as a target for a very underpowered gun.14:53
JonathanDhope it works :)14:53
waltmanJonathanD: oh dear14:53
JonathanDpeople treat computers so awful14:55
JonathanDwaltman: is that her itunes login info?14:57
JonathanDOr something completely different.14:57
Resistanceif i had a snow leopard disk, i'd take it out to the firing range, and just shoot the thing :p14:59
* Resistance is strongly against Mac OSes14:59
JonathanDResistance: I am not a mac fan either :P14:59
* Resistance pulls out his .45 and begins cleaning it15:00
JonathanDthis is the first time I've tried to fix one.15:00
Resistanceugh, this thing needs cleaning badly :/15:00
waltmanJonathanD: yes, but it's used for all sorts of things. It's basically your username with apple.15:07
JonathanDwaltman: thanks :)15:08
JonathanDyou've been quite helpful.15:08
JonathanDWhy do they have to make it so hard to force eject a disk...15:08
waltmanI believe you can use the pin/paperclip technique15:15
JonathanDtheres no hole15:15
JonathanDapparently holding down the touchpad while turning the laptop on and counting to 11 works.15:15
JonathanDI'm not sure why I had to take my left shoe off, first15:15
waltmanSpeaking of which, I'm in the process of installing big system updates that hit snow leopard and lion today.15:16
JonathanDnow with a fresh drive, it boots to a white screen with a blinking grey folder with a ? mark inside.15:16
JonathanDLinux errors are not cryptic. This is cryptic.15:17
waltmanThere's a way to view the console, but I forget how you do it. Cmd-something.15:17
JonathanDThis apparently means "No operating system found"15:17
JonathanDby the way.15:17
ResistanceJonathanD:  now you know why people hate the Mac OSX support :P15:17
JonathanDWhich is fine, it's a blank disk.15:17
Resistancesince their solution is "Bring it in to the store"15:17
JonathanD"No operating system found" is a lot easier to google than "the screen is white, and once a second, a grey folder with a question mark inside flashes"15:18
Resistance:P *15:19
waltmanI thought you were going to boot off the snow leopard disk15:19
JonathanDwaltman: I'm cleaning it.15:19
JonathanDwith a disc resurfacer...15:19
waltmanThat blinking gray folding with the ? is Apple's way of asking how you expect to boot up off a blank disk. :)15:20
JonathanDwaltman: Sure, but why not just say that :P15:20
JonathanDthe whole "users don't need to know about this stuff" irks me.15:20
Resistanceand now you know why i routinely buy Mac OS CDs off of friends after they upgraded, then go directly from there to the gun range :P15:21
waltmanWell, like I said, users *can* see the console during bootup. I just don't remember the keys that bring it up.15:24
waltmanhttp://support.apple.com/kb/HT1533?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US # aha, it was cmd-v15:27
JonathanDthat disc is not usable.15:59
JonathanDasking around hte office to see if anyone else has one, now :)15:59
InHisName1I got an ISO but may not be good enough for you.16:10
JonathanDInHisName1: aren't they rather large?18:58
cythesAny one here have issues with DVD drives not mounting?20:10
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