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tjaaltonbryce2: the tablet touchscreen bug is fixed, needed an update to libwacom17:20
bryce2tjaalton, sweet17:24
tjaaltonit failed to find a match from the libwacom data, causing it to fall back to generic device default settings17:29
tjaaltonthough now g-s-d crashes17:31
bryce2tjaalton, is there some data we could have been collecting that would have made this issue easier to diagnose?17:44
bryce2(e.g. that would be worth adding to the apport hook)17:44
tjaaltonbryce2: not really, since g-s-d doesn't log anything by default17:47
tjaaltonthe debug log I asked for was enough, just didn't notice the fallback bit before17:47
tjaaltonlibwacom assertion fail17:53
bryce2huh, someone give michael some prosac18:17
tjaaltonwhat a joke..18:19
* mlankhorst wonders what session you're in18:19
tjaaltonI'm up in my roon, figuring out this libwacom sillyness..18:20
tjaaltonroom too18:20
mlankhorstI mean bryce :)18:20
tjaaltonoh I thought you in plural :)18:20
tjaalton"I can't believe I read this shit."18:24
tjaaltonforums are fun18:24
tjaaltonyep, classic18:32
tjaaltonmeh, can't figure out how to disable optimizations with dh18:50
mlankhorstDEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=noopt ?18:51
tjaaltondidn't seem to help18:52
tjaaltonor it's something else then, but gdb shows variables being optimized out..18:52
tjaaltonah, needed to be exported, duh19:02
EBBis this nvidia x server help23:22
tjaaltontoo slow :)23:51
bryce2I just like saying 'no'23:51
tjaaltonwho doesn't!23:52

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