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inetprogood morning06:57
nuvolariinetpro: It's annoying.07:56
nuvolarithanks for the link!07:56
inetpronuvolari: is it not just a matter of getting used to it?07:58
inetprowe all hate change07:58
nuvolariI couldn't get used to it08:40
nuvolariand it's frustrating most of the time08:40
inetpronuvolari: no worries 08:52
inetprotbh I also found it annoying08:52
charlvngood morning all08:56
charlvnwhat's the annoyance today?08:56
inetprocharlvn: nuvolari's sliders08:57
inetproor rather the new ubuntu overlay-scrollbar08:58
charlvnyes i know the feeling08:58
charlvnalthough i guess it's just a matter of getting used to it08:58
inetproluckily we don't have them in kubuntu 08:59
inetpronlsthzn: wb09:00
charlvnyup also on kubuntu here09:01
inetpronlsthzn: 09/05 20:47:52 <Kilos> inetpro, do me a favour and say hi to neil if you see him online during the day please09:01
nlsthznthanks inetpro ... yes... time has been scarce... could you return the favour if you see him before me?09:02
nlsthznhaving used the sliders since inception I have gotten used to them... still find them annoying sometimes09:03
inetpronlsthzn: will do with pleasure if I have a chance09:04
inetproI guess he's run out of airtime again09:04
nlsthzn:( 09:04
nlsthznthanks inetpro 09:04
nuvolariI doubt one can get used to it...09:17
nlsthznwhen it works like it should there is no distraction... then the next app comes and I am all over the place :p09:26
charlvni would find it hard to get worked up about something as simple as a scrollbar... to think we still need to have a discussion like this in 2012, you would think we would be on to bigger and better things by now09:40
charlvnthan having to rethink UI concepts from the 80's/90's09:40
charlvndon't get me wrong, i am all for innovation... but seriously, some things are just not meant to be changed right?09:40
charlvnthis feels to me a bit like "we should start to eat from square-shaped plates instead of round-shaped plates"09:41
charlvnor "we need to adopt a hybrid fork-spoon or use chopsticks"09:41
charlvnsure, there might be practical advantages... but seriously... let's just move to dvorak keyboards first :P09:43
nlsthzngot to agree... ox wagens is still the way to go...09:47
nlsthznjust saying :p09:48
charlvnyeah, they are eco friendly after all; they run off organic renewable fuel sources and and the ox droppings can be used as fertilizer09:51
nuvolarilol ++10:15
inetprohmm.... 11:44
inetpronuvolari: didn't you say you use a dvorak keyboard anyway?11:45
charlvni would use a dvorak keyboard if i only used one computer but i use various computers and some of them are not my property11:48
charlvnand various other people use them as well11:48
charlvnso it would just confuse the living cr4p out of me considering typing is something i do subconciously11:48
inetprowb morgs12:10
morgshi inetpro 12:10
superflyhey morgs12:16
morgshi superfly 12:16
morgsfirst production site deployed on Server 12.04 - very shiny.12:16
superflymorgs: great12:16
charlvnhi morgs, long time no speak to13:38
morgscharlvn: hi!13:39
morgscharlvn: you with ushahidi now, right?13:39
charlvnmorgs: no i left ushahidi back in feburary13:39
charlvnmorgs: you still with praekelt?13:41
morgscharlvn: yup13:41
nlsthzncrap... sorry didn't see I had posted the link already :/13:42
charlvnit happens13:42
superflynice, thanks nlsthzn14:03
superflyhrm, all the teal-coloured people are in IRC today14:03
nlsthznnp superfly ... 14:03
superflycharlvn: yeah, my IRC client colours nicks, and it has set the colour for you, inetpro, morgs and nlsthzn to teal14:04
charlvnwhat client is that, if you don't mind me asking?14:04
nlsthznI got most yellow :p14:04
superflycharlvn: Quassel14:05
charlvnah yes14:05
charlvnhave used it once or twice14:05
superflyI use it for its bouncer setup14:05
* superfly prefers not having to log into a server to14:06
charlvnhi Squirm 14:21
Squirmhome time14:27
inetprosuperfly: you upgraded to quassel-0.8.0 ?14:30
superflyinetpro: it seems so14:30
marcogsuperfly: the irssi nickcolour script lets you change colours for nicks if they're not what you want14:31
marcogi love that feature14:31
marcogalthough i wish clients were more intelligent about assigning same colour to nicks who often talk at the same time or have the same length14:32
superflymarcog: it doesn't bother me, I thought it was just interesting/humourous that all the teal-coloured nicks were the ones that were talking at the time14:35
WOLFEYESGood day everyone14:40
superflyhi WOLFEYES14:41
WOLFEYEShow you doing14:41
marcogsuperfly: interestingly enough, btw, you, morgs and charlvn are all red by default in irssi14:44
marcogsuperfly: i find it much easier to follow when colours are distinct14:44
superflymarcog: yeah, mine are usually distinct too (you're a bright pink, for whatever reason, and Squirm is red)14:46
inetprosuperfly: hang on, how did you set the colors?15:05
* inetpro just noticed that I'm also on quassel-0.8.015:06
WOLFEYESnite eveyone16:25
mazalEvening all16:45
superflyhi Mezenir, Squirm17:49
Mezenirwhats new tonight17:52
Kiloshi superfly and other fellas18:00
Kiloshi refusenik 18:01
Kilosevening psydroid inetpro etc etc\18:01
superflyhi Kilos18:01
charlvnhi all18:01
charlvnhi kilos18:01
Kiloshi charlvn 18:01
Kiloszeref, where are you?18:02
Mezenirhey kilos18:02
Kilosyo Mezenir 18:02
inetprohello Kilos18:02
Kilosmmm i feel popular tonight18:02
inetproKilos: Neil is sending regards18:03
Kilosah ty very much inetpro 18:03
inetprosays time has been scarce18:03
Kilosi miss lots just visiting here at night18:03
Kilosis all well with everyone inetpro ?18:04
Kiloshere and home?18:04
inetproKilos: no big stresses that I know of18:05
inetproapart from primary school driving me up the walls with to many projects18:05
inetprofor the kids18:05
Kiloswhat kinda projects18:06
Kilosoh their homework18:06
inetprowith activities and all on many afternoons there's not a lot of time for homework18:06
inetprothe stuff that they get these days is out of this world18:07
psydroidhi Kilos inetpro Mezenir Squirm charlvn18:07
inetpronot stuffs that they can actually do on their own18:07
charlvnhi psydroid 18:07
charlvnoh my goodness, the first part of this video is totally hilarious http://revision3.com/hak5/monkey-business18:07
Mezenirhey psy18:08
inetproand it's not like anybody teaches them exactly how to do research et al18:08
Kilosthe schools save by making the parents do half the teaching18:08
Mezenirwell at least you can teach them well18:08
Kiloslol are you teaching them that google is their friend inetpro 18:08
inetproMezenir: heh, when I get back from work I am generally tired up to my ears18:09
Mezeniryou work overtime a lot ?18:09
inetproMezenir: I can't really call it overtime but I do a lot of reading in the evenings18:10
inetproreading that is very often work related18:10
Mezenirself improvement18:11
Mezenirnecessary part of tech jobs18:11
Mezenirtoo bad they dont give you time for that18:11
Mezenirsince by the time i get home im seldom in the mood for reading18:12
Kilosyeah things improve or move ahead so was in the IT world its a massive job to keep up18:12
inetproheh, most days end on a note where I just cut my losses and go home18:12
mazal**sigh** , IT , what can one say18:13
mazallo all18:13
Kiloshi mazal 18:13
Mezenirhi mazal18:13
mazalSome days I wish the two of us never met18:13
Mezenirthou these days info is fairly accessible18:13
inetpromazal: same here18:13
Mezeniranyone look at khanacademy ?18:14
Mezenirsome interesting stuff there18:14
mazalUsing it is fun , keeping things going is a different story18:14
inetprothe trick is to keep working smarter rather than harder18:14
inetprobut it doesn't always work out18:15
inetproat least I still enjoy most of my work18:16
inetproso I'm not here to complain18:16
Mezeniryeah in programming there are lots of tools to make life easier18:16
* superfly is almost always hacking on some OSS18:18
Mezenirreally ?18:19
Mezenirwhat kind18:19
superflyMezenir: http://openlp.org is by far my biggest project, but I try to find time for http://projecthq.org18:20
mazalI have a tricky thing I can't find the problem too18:21
mazalSolution too even18:22
mazalI use 12.04 , unity 3d 18:22
mazalI never use screen power off settings , just don't like18:23
mazalso I disable that k18:23
mazalHowever , the screen still blanks18:23
mazalBut ONLY if no apps are open18:23
mazalIf for example my Thunderbird is open , then it won't blank18:23
mazalIf if everything is minimized it won't blank , as long as something is open18:24
mazalBut if I just logged in and haven't opened anything yet then it will blank after a while'18:24
mazalNot a train smash , but would like to know why18:24
Kilosmazal, what happens if you activate a screensaver18:28
Kilosdoes it still blank18:28
mazalI don't have screensaver 18:28
Kilosin those settings where you can choose one does yours show blank screen instead of using a screensaver18:29
mazalYou must mos enable screensavers in some way , there isn't any by default18:29
mazalas far as I know anyway18:30
Kilosyou most likely are timing out to blank screen18:30
mazalTurn screen of when inactive are set to "never"18:30
Kiloscheck in system - preferences - screensaver what the timeout is18:31
mazalI can only find a brightness and lock18:31
mazalNo screensaver seettings18:32
Kilosoh my18:32
Kiloshave they removed that in 12.0418:32
mazalThere is some extra stuff you must do to enable screensavers18:33
Kiloscan you install it afterwards18:33
inetpromazal: desktop or laptop?18:33
mazalBut I didn't do it as I never use it , don't like a screen that turns off18:33
mazalLaptop , Acer 5742G 18:33
mazalWith open apps I can leave it all day and it won't turn off. But with no open apps , turns off18:34
Kilosnot that hibernate function that needs to be deactivated18:35
inetpromazal: not perhaps a BIOS setting?18:35
mazalWhat can it be in Bios inetpro ?18:35
inetpropower saving18:36
mazalI'll have a look in there , haven't looked for such a setting in my bios yet so don't know if there is any18:37
inetproI'm just guessing18:37
mazalHehehe at this stage it's a way of reminding me that I forgot to open my mail lol18:38
mazalWalk past office , screen off , "Ah you must still open your mail" 18:38
mazalHave a good evening all18:41
mazalsleep well18:42
Kilosnight all , sleep tight18:51
magespawnEvening all19:04
superflysup magespawn19:10
magespawnHey writing 50 promo cd for a lodge and you?19:10
superflybtw, magespawn, that e-mail you sent our sales lady... hehehe... she didn't know how to respond to your questions :-D19:10
superflypromo CD?19:11
magespawnPromotional cd. To give out at the Indaba19:11
magespawnHave looked into these machines before, so had the questiins lined up.19:12
magespawnThey all seem to work in the same way more or less.19:13
superflymagespawn: yeah19:13
superflymagespawn: our target market is really taxi drivers, street sellers, and the like19:13
superflyfolks who don't necessarily have a plug socket or a telephone nearby19:14
Mezenirnite all19:15
magespawnYes thats where most are aimed at, but it is also a good fit for an internet cafe, and I am also going into a animal feed and whole salers that cater to them same sort of market19:16
magespawnAlso looking for prepaid/pay phone setup19:16
superflymagespawn: we've noticed that people actually prefer ours to the others out there. We have a couple of sellers who actually have one or two of our competitors' devices, and they prefer using ours :-)19:21
magespawnI also one of the others, did not work so well, main draw back was we had to keep the sim recharged.19:22
superflymagespawn: I saw19:37
superflyvery awesome19:37
nuvolariinetpro: I am using dvorak ya, why?20:02
inetpronuvolari: 10/05 11:43:21 <charlvn> sure, there might be practical advantages... but seriously... let's just move to dvorak keyboards first :P20:03
nuvolariah! I missed that :P20:05
nuvolarisee, I then have reason to complain about scrollbars :P20:05
nuvolariif that's the next step20:05
nuvolari(after keyboards)20:05
magespawnWhat is a dvorak keyboard?20:17
magespawnBrb going google20:17
Banlamit is hell on earth20:18
Banlamfor 99% of the english speaking population20:19
Tonberryconfusion incarnate20:19
Banlamit's bad enough on a german keyboard when the Y and Z are switched20:19
magespawnDo you hardware versions? If not then it would be nearly impossible to learn.20:22
Banlamyou do get dvorak keyboards20:22
Banlamyou can also just buy stickers20:22
Banlamto put onto a normal keyboard20:22
magespawnAhh right, I would need to learn to type again but if it really is better would not mind that.20:24
Banlamthat's the thiong20:26
Banlam"if it's really better"20:26
nuvolariwell, you don't need stickers, that's the idea of touchtyping, typing without looking20:28
nuvolariso I opted for a DASKeyboard, without any printing on it :>20:28
nuvolariso imagine someone trying to work at my desk... no keys to look at, and a different layout :P20:29
Banlami'm fine with a keyboard without letters20:29
Banlambut if you're trying to learn a new layout20:29
magespawnCan touch type semi well most of the time20:30
magespawnSo would need tonlearn the new layout20:30
Banlamwhat layout do you use?20:31
Banlam@ nuvolari 20:31
nuvolariBanlam: dvorak20:31
nuvolarieven on my android :P20:32
Banlamthe fewtimes I've had to suffer through a dvorak keyboard, it at least had markings20:32
Banlambut i felt like an utter retard20:32
Banlamsitting there20:32
Banlamat like 6 words a minute20:32
nuvolariBanlam: that's me now on a qwerty keyboard20:32
magespawnMaybe I can try it on my droid since it is software only.20:32
Banlamnuvolari, how long ago did you switch though?20:33
nuvolariBanlam: well, around 3 years ago20:33
Banlamthought a bit of muscle memory would still keep you going on a QWERTY :)20:34
magespawnHow fast do you type now?20:34
nuvolariwell, on typeracer.com it's averaging on 70/71 wpm20:35
* Banlam gives it a go20:35
nuvolarithe people have crazy scores there! I don't know how it's physically possible20:35
magespawnThats good though, you could be a typist or pa.20:36
nuvolariye, that speed is not helping at all when you're coding :P20:37
Banlam87 wpm20:37
Banlambut that's just one paragraph20:37
magespawnLook like I n3ed to practice a bit, ha, thought 28 wpm was smoking.20:38
BanlamIt really depends what you do20:39
BanlamIf your work relies on you typign a fair amount20:39
Banlamyou will become faster20:39
nuvolariye, and race on typeracer20:41
Banlamwith typing tests like that, it also helps when it's sentences in your home language20:41
nuvolarimy average increased by about 15wpm since I've started20:41
superflyForget it. When I race to type fast, my typing goes to the dogs20:42
superflyand it only slows me down20:42
superflyI can probably do faster if I'm not pressurised to type fast and accurate20:42
superflyand I don't have to look much at the keyboard20:43
superfly(typed all while not looking at my keyboard)20:43
superflyI think I need to seriously look into moving to a dvorak keyboard... it would certainly throw all of my co-workers for a loop :-D20:45
magespawnFriend of mine was on mixit so much he could type with outlooking at the phone, madness.20:46
Banlammagespawn, a qwerty or numpad phone?20:46
magespawnMight lose all the extra time gained explaining what it was.20:47
nuvolariit took around 1-2 months to master dvorak20:47
magespawnNumpad phone.20:47
nuvolari1 more to use it efficiently20:47
Banlammagespawn, but numpad phones are easy :O20:47
Banlamyou just need to be sure about some of the ambiguous predictive text choices20:48
magespawnThat is still madness.20:48
magespawnNuvolari lots of mistakes at first or just really slow typing?20:50
nuvolarimagespawn: well, little bit of both. But it's better to try to not make mistakes, as one might learn those mistakes and then it takes longer20:55
nuvolarimagespawn: I also used dvorak7min20:56
nuvolariwhich is a tutor in the terminal20:56
magespawnPractice makes perfect.20:56
nuvolariyou'll start with the important keys, then down the line to the least important20:56
nuvolariI'm going to call it a day.20:59
nuvolarinight everyone21:00
magespawnIs it better?21:00
magespawn Night.21:00
magespawnGood night all.21:11

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