txomon|homeyou can also use a hex dumper etc.00:00
txomon|homekrababbel, why you all want to use ppas?00:00
bACktRaCk5i`m begenner on linux and i`ve tried to open it with the default text editor wich is KWrite..00:00
bACktRaCk5and doesn`t work00:00
krababbeltxomon|home: oracle java is better supported by browser apps, and not available in ubuntu00:00
bACktRaCk5can u tell me a editor with can i open it to see00:01
krababbeltx then there are newer versions of certain applications, I guess it's like backporting, certainly convenient.00:01
txomon|homekrababbel, well, you can try with the packet default-jdk etc.00:02
txomon|homeit is from oracle00:02
OerHeksbACktRaCk5, what is the name of the file ? .bin .sh .run ?00:03
txomon|homebACktRaCk5, what are you trying to do? Do you know what you are really going to do with a bin editor? you know machine code?00:03
txomon|homeOerHeks, binary as editor doesn't open it00:03
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: check out od and hexedit00:03
bACktRaCk5is just a file.. without extension.. on click right on the file and proprietes : at the Type is just Executable00:03
J2Reasking in case it got buried.... Resizing partitions caused my Ubuntu GRUB to tell me error: Unrecognized Filesystem and puts me into grub rescue. I am able to boot through SuperGRUB2 however. Is there any way i can restore my GRUB?00:03
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: but it's much easier to edit source code... what's the exe in question?00:04
txomon|home!grub2 J200:04
bACktRaCk5txomon|home i just see what is in that file.. not edit .. just look in00:04
txomon|home!grub2  \ J200:04
ubottutxomon|home: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:04
txomon|home!grub2  | J200:04
ubottuJ2: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:04
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txomon|homebACktRaCk5, so use what they told you, hexedit00:04
bACktRaCk5i trying to make a eggdrop arhive, and i want to see what is in the eggdrop file.. just see not edit00:05
bACktRaCk5apt-get install hexedit ?00:05
txomon|homeI suppose so00:05
txomon|homefuuu you dont have funny things00:05
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: there is also the 'strings' command that will output printable strings in any file (text,binary)00:05
bACktRaCk5hexedit is already the newest version.00:06
bACktRaCk50 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.00:06
bACktRaCk5is allready installed?00:06
krababbelI installed openjdk7 but "sudo update-alternatives --config java" still  shows openjdk6 although it is removed. Libreoffice only shows Sun java6.00:06
txomon|homebACktRaCk5, what do you think?00:06
bACktRaCk5i think yes :) but where is ?:)))00:07
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: which hexedit00:07
txomon|homekrababbel, you should _really_ not remove j600:07
bACktRaCk5i told you.. scz me for this question.. but i`m really new on linux00:07
doomrobocan somebody help me, I have been experiencing key ghosting ever since I upgraded to Precise00:07
doomroboI checked my keyboard to make sure00:07
txomon|homebACktRaCk5, just read the manual00:07
krababbeltxomon|home: I thought I could safely install openjdk7 instead.00:07
txomon|homedoomrobo, define it00:07
txomon|homekrababbel, I am nearly sure that that would break things. There are a lot of programs just for J600:08
doomrobowhen I hold down a key in, say vim, it advances as normal but when I stop pressing the key, it simulates the keypress one more time one second after depressing the key00:08
txomon|homekrababbel, you can specify the classpath etc.00:08
doomroboI have no clue why00:08
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: a gui hex editor is easier than hexedit, i use okteta on kde00:09
txomon|homedoomrobo, just vim? terminal refreshes correctly after resizing?00:09
krababbeltxomon|home: thanks for the hint. I hoped libreoffice would support openjdk7 already, didn't check.00:09
doomrobotxomon|home, yes00:09
doomroboand not only vim, it also happened in a similar way with mousewheel scrolling (a real mouse, not touchpad)00:09
txomon|homedoomrobo, I had problems with terminal resizing, key shortcuts, etc.00:09
BoohbahbACktRaCk5: if you want to just dump the file and not edit it, 'od -x file.exe'00:10
doomrobotxomon|home, come to think of it, XChat has been lagging on showing new posts in IRC, it repeats the last one and takes a second to refresh the text00:10
doomroboit almost looks like tearing, only very slow00:10
doomrobotxomon|home, so how'd you fix it?00:10
^Mike\bDo I need to install some package to get my HUD to start returning results? Right now it doesn't *do* anything00:11
txomon|homedoomrobo, I would fill a bug like this : ubuntu-bug xchat ; ubuntu-bug gnome-terminal00:12
doomroboit's terminator00:12
doomrobobut it doesn't matter00:12
txomon|home^Mike\b, ?00:12
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS includes the first step in a major new approach to application interfaces, the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. See http://ubottu.com/y/hud for the background on this and discuss it in #ubuntu-offtopic00:13
txomon|home^Mike\b, see what ubottu said00:13
doomrobowhat they don't tell you is that screen-switching is a bitch with HUD enabled00:14
doomroboscreen-switching in terminator00:14
doomrobothat is00:14
krababbeldoomrobo: I've had problems in irssi too with gnome terminal. LXterminal works fine.00:14
^Mike\bdoomrobo: not just that - ALT is... y'know... ALT. It is used for just about every key combination ever, why that was used as the key binding is beyond moronic00:15
txomon|homekrababbel, did it randomly disconnect?00:15
* ^Mike\b suggests firing the entire ayatana team00:15
doomrobo^Mike\b, I wonder how the Emacs users feel00:15
Ne0ebati 6o narod tuka00:15
megameima se sa `akeri00:15
krababbeltxomon|home: no, the display wouldn't work correctly, when switching channels00:16
txomon|homekrababbel, I think is because of the key shortcuts00:16
Ne0jivi hora ima li00:16
Ne0ili samo bncta00:16
FloodBot1Ne0: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
ubottuопитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently00:17
megameNe0: do kolkoto znam nema bnc-ta a samo useri sa00:17
ubottuJoin us for a discussion using the Queen's English in #ubuntu-uk00:17
Ne0baq papla4 tuka00:17
bazhangNe0, stop that00:18
smoonoso tired00:18
Ne0bazhang ?00:18
doomrobodamn, it's worse than I thought: I'm getting the same behavior in xterm00:18
bazhangNe0, watch the language. /msg ubottu , and stay on topic00:18
txomon|homeNe0, are you Japanese?00:18
dasyogihi need some help  system settings00:18
txomon|homedasyogi, !ask00:18
vfwdasyogi: Can you be more specific?00:19
dasyogibacklight on my laptop always is set at 100%00:19
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Ne0bazhang fr0m wh3re u r00:19
dasyogithe slider under settings never remembers my choice00:19
bazhang!ot | Ne000:19
ubottuNe0: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:19
vfwdasyogi: So, are you wanting to turn it down?00:19
krababbeltxomon|home: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=664858 seems to be due to my nvidia card too00:19
ubottuGnome bug 664858 in general "Screen repaint issues on nvidia native driver" [Critical,New]00:19
Ne0tva e bot :)00:19
doomrobokrababbel, I'm having similar problems with my AMD driver00:20
vfwdasyogi: Do you know how to use the f-keys?00:20
^Mike\btxomon|home: I don't really want to discuss the HUD, I want it to work. I press ALT and start typing, and no completions ever show up - in any application. Am I using it wrong? Is it supposed to not do anything?00:20
doomrobokrababbel, *ATI00:20
vfwdasyogi: Do you know how to use the function-keys?00:20
krababbeltxomon|home: doomrobo " we have to invent entirely new GL extensions" is the last post00:20
dasyogiyes they do not work00:20
doomrobogod dammit00:20
krababbelintel also00:20
doomroboI can't use this anymore00:20
doomrobobut I don't like fedora100:20
txomon|home^Mike\b, no idea, just know that key shortcuts can be giving you problems, but no idea00:20
vfwdasyogi: That's a bit strange.  Don't know what to make of that...00:20
txomon|homekrababbel, lol00:21
vfwdasyogi: What is the make and model of your Laptop?00:21
dasyogivfw: I tries setting the baclight to level 6 but once again it didn't work00:21
dasyogihp pavilion dv600:21
krababbeltxomon|home: Well I need shortcuts anyway. In virtualbox there were no problems by the way. :)00:21
krababbeldoomrobo: you could install ubuntu in a vm just for those terminal sessions00:22
vfwdasyogi: What do you have installed on it?00:22
txomon|homekrababbel, I will stand in 11.10 till they resolve those sort of things...00:22
txomon|homewell, I am going to bed now. bb!00:22
Stanley00dasyogi: yep, I have that issue too, you can use rc.local to set it to some lower :D00:22
vfwdasyogi: (what OS?)00:22
dasyogiubuntu 12.0400:22
dasyogiStanley00: is it permanent?00:23
dasyogivfw: Ubuntu 12.0400:23
Stanley00dasyogi: yes, everytime you boot your system00:23
KingKatariwhat is the name of the MySQL package for ubuntu server12.0400:23
KingKatarierr the mysql server package00:24
vfwdasyogi: Go into BIOS settings and see if you see somethig to do with function keys. Maybe something there [disabled]?00:24
J2sudo grub-install /dev/sda00:24
J2/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Sector 32 is already in use by FlexNet; avoiding it.  This software may cause boot or other problems in future.  Please ask its authors not to store data in the boot track.00:24
J2Installation finished. No error reported.00:24
J2Any ideas?00:24
dasyogivfw: i have a dual boot Win7 so it's not the BIOS settings00:25
vfwdasyogi: Just did a search, this looks interesting:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/92018/swapping-function-and-special-keys-on-hp-pavilion-dv600:25
razeldaI got ubuntu 12.04, before I upgraded I mounted a USB HD formated it to Ext4 then I did my upgrade Now every time Boot my laptop I get this error stating that my sdb1 wasn't able to mount and to ether Press S to skip, M to mount it Manually or to Retry, for now i've been telling it to skip is there anyway that i can fix this so I stop getting the error when i boot up my laptop00:26
dasyogithanks vfw00:26
vfwdasyogi: Or:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150381300:27
dasyogiStanley00: what instructions do you add to rc.local to adjust brightness?00:27
wilee-nileeJ2, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=166125400:27
Jordan_UJ2: That warning shouldn't cause any problems. Can you boot normally now?00:27
J2Didn't try cause it said error00:28
J2will try now00:28
bazhangrazelda, put in fstab00:28
Stanley00dasyogi: to be honest, I dont remember now, some echo to a file in /sys, just a minute, I'll do a search00:28
bazhang!fstab | razelda00:28
ubotturazelda: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:28
dasyogithanks to both of you00:28
wilee-nileeJordan_U, yeah the flexnet problem was supposed to have been fixed I have not had to deal with it myself.00:28
Jordan_UJ2: "warn" != "error" (though it's always good to check warnings as well).00:29
dasyogiI'll add the system brightness instruction to init.d00:29
Stanley00dasyogi: well, in my case, the file is /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness , you can echo some value to that file to find out the right value00:29
vfwdasyogi:  https://www.google.com/search?q=hp+pavilion+dv6+function+keys+brightness+dont+work+ubuntu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a#hl=en&client=firefox-a&hs=n2c&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&sa=X&ei=KQurT5H_HYeQ9gSJ-aQa&ved=0CB0QBSgA&q=hp+pavilion+dv6+function+keys+brightness+doesn%27t+work+ubuntu&spell=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=1dcd8774e2ef9e5b&biw=1680&bih=84900:29
dasyogiwas hoping that maybe ubuntu had a way to remember its settings without me having to script it00:30
Jordan_UJ2: wilee-nilee: In this case grub is basically telling you "You're using a piece of Windows software which is doing something utterly stupid. We're working around it and so you won't have any problems, but we thought you might like to know (and we hope you'll help be an advocate as a customer and ask them to stop being stupid)".00:30
Stanley00dasyogi: :D00:31
wilee-nileeJordan_U, not a problem is their a link to do this with?00:31
wilee-nileeis it just MS?00:31
vfwdasyogi: This looks interesting:  http://askubuntu.com/questions/66836/how-do-i-make-my-hp-g62-function-keys-work   [Not that I think it's the final word on the issue ... may be, but I don't know it for sure ]00:32
dasyogiStanley00, vfw: will be throwing stupid laptop out of window if doesn't do my will00:32
catcherI'm experiencing a bug in emacs that has been patched. I'd like to install the newest version, but apt doesn't have it yet. I'd rather not install the source so I can stay current with future upgrades. What's my best option?00:33
Stanley00dasyogi: it will do what ever you want as long as you know how to do it ;)00:33
dasyogivfw: thanks...instaling and testing00:33
fabio_im trying to playback a video on libre office impress00:33
kappa19hello! can anyone help me with nav 3.11.3 installation? I type ./syncdb.py -c and get  from nav.db import get_connection_parameters, get_connection_string ImportError: No module named nav.db How do I set this up to work with postgreSQL?00:33
fabio_but its not working00:34
dasyogiStanley00: my handle should be dasN00b00:34
vfwcatcher: Is there a .deb  for it?00:34
catchervfw, not that I'm seeing on the emacs ftp download site.00:34
fabio_im trying to playback a video on libre office impress but not working00:35
bazhang!repeat | fabio_00:35
ubottufabio_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/00:35
fabio_bazhang, sorry00:35
J2Jordan_U: wilee-nilee you guys fixed it! Thank you soo much!00:35
vfwcatcher: Well, you can bet it won't be long, so.  A lot of tarballs have an uninstall and if it does, you can uninstall get the new one when it comes out.  See if you can find out.00:36
catchervfw, kk, ty00:37
nmatrixHey guys00:37
wilee-nileeJ2, it was not my help had you run the wipe mbr command you would of had to put grub back in.00:37
nmatrixI've been struggling for days trying to get Raid 10 on a new ubuntu install.00:37
razeldasweet TYVM00:37
nmatrixI just moved from Centos 5 to Ubuntu, so I've been reading up on Ubuntu but I can't seem to find any decent or recent docs on setting up raid on Ubuntu00:38
nmatrixthey seem so out of date and following them seems to not produce a working installation00:39
Delzis ubuntu.com down?00:39
vfwcatcher: In other words, if you keep the source you installed from, you may find that there is "make uninstall"  and you can uninstall from that and re-install when the patched one comes out, (which will more-than-likely be in the not-too-distant future).  Get the tarball, open it and look at the documentation and see....00:39
nmatrixLike this one for example00:39
cordycepsanybody using lirc in homebrew-serial mode?00:40
catchervfw, that makes sense, much appreciated00:41
vaderDelz, no, I can get to www.ubuntu.com00:41
vfwcatcher: NP00:42
capitantylerhello i have no sound in ubuntu 12.04 send report http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=5b13f0485ce3ab70bade651f39b5088813695ada00:43
vfwvader: Delz what browser are you using?00:43
vfwvader: Delz   cookies disabled?00:44
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capitantylerhello i have no sound in ubuntu 12.04 http://paste.ubuntu.com/979010/00:52
KingKatariwhat is the name of the MySQL server package for ubuntu server12.0400:52
krababbelcapitantyler: did you check ouput device in sound settings?00:53
CelltechIs there anyway to disable the annoying accidental window grab that puts browser tabs in new browsers?00:53
BlackshirtKing katari mysql-server00:54
vfwcapitantyler: Does alsamixer correctly identify your sound card? (Look in the upper left corner of the screen)00:54
capitantylerkrababbel yes00:54
capitantylervfw i dont know00:54
capitantylervfw let me see00:54
krababbelopen alsamixer00:54
makzileivagood night from Mendoza, Argentina!00:55
capitantyleralsamixer opened00:55
makzileivai just updated to ubuntu 12.04lts from ubuntu 11.10, and my computer is no longer working properly....00:55
=== Boohbah_ is now known as Boohbah
makzileivacan anyone help me, i think i would need to go back to 11.10 as it will no work00:56
BlackshirtMakzilevia, exactly what the problem?00:56
kappa19How do I set this up postgreSQL?00:56
capitantylervfw my souncard is "SoundBeats Audio™ and HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer"00:56
capitantylerkrababbel alsamixer opened00:56
krababbelcapitantyler: what mainboard chipset?00:57
capitantylerkrababbel lspci?00:57
vfwcapitantyler: What is the make and model of your laptop?00:58
aartistI have problem with mouuse.. when I type something and cursor suddenly moves..00:58
capitantylervfw HP pavilion dv700:58
Brustofski-FanIn gnome shell is this part of the  shell theme or a bug... i only have a few themes that shell menu icons look right..    http://i.imgur.com/vwNzo.jpg00:58
aartistI hav HP Pavlioon dv600:58
capitantylervfw dv7-4177nr00:58
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vfwcapitantyler: Where did you get the above info?  "SoundIIIBeats Audio(TM) and HP Triple Bass Reflex Subwoofer" ?01:00
capitantylervfw from the HP store01:00
krababbellooks like an azalia chipset according to the pastebin, mine works ?01:00
krababbelrealtek probably01:01
dr_willisgotta love marketing buzzwords01:01
=== battlestar_ is now known as batlestar
vfwcapitantyler: I see "ATI Cedar HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5400/6300 Series" in the ALSA Information:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/979010/01:01
capitantylerkrababbel azalia not sound for me, but lspci shows ATI Cedar HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 5400/6300 Series]01:01
vfwcapitantyler: What does alsamixer say?01:02
capitantylervfw yes "CEDAR" never see it01:02
capitantylerin lspci01:02
krababbelcapitantyler: you have two sound output devices, one ati is over hdmi only01:02
capitantylervfw something is wrong in the report i guess01:02
vfwcapitantyler: Did you post http://paste.ubuntu.com/979010/  ?01:02
vfwcapitantyler: ... but it says: "HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC"01:03
* battlestar loves ubuntu but hates unity :-/01:03
capitantylerkrababbel yes, but the report seems not be fine at all with the hard. In the previous ubuntu version, lspci says other hardware01:03
krababbelline 71 is the soundcard, 72 is the hdmi output01:04
capitantylervfw yes this is my laptop. The model is OK01:04
vfwbug 95034001:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950340 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[HP Pavilion dv7 NoteBook PC, IDT 92HD75B3X5, Mic, Internal] Pulseaudio fails to detect card" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/95034001:05
capitantylerkrababbel 00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40) dont rememeber that is my model. ubuntu previous versions shos other01:06
capitantylervfw  bug 950340 i have to see?01:06
capitantylervfw where?01:06
vfwcapitantyler: Maybe you just need to uninstall pulseaudio ?01:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 950340 in pulseaudio (Ubuntu) "[HP Pavilion dv7 NoteBook PC, IDT 92HD75B3X5, Mic, Internal] Pulseaudio fails to detect card" [Undecided,Incomplete]01:07
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vfwsorry to keep making the bot repeat.  Not sure how to avoind it though...01:08
KrizOnehi guys, im using unbntu server and i "logged off" gnome and now im just left with a basic X screen with nothing on it, how do i kill the whole lot? :S01:08
capitantylervfw i got the bug link01:09
vfwcapitantyler: Ok, well check it out, may be some help for you there...01:09
fred-friwhat is the command for the additional drivers utility? i lost it in my menu and i need to start it using terminal01:09
vfwKrizOne: Kill what?01:10
zykotic10fred-fri: try "jockey<TAB>" i think it's jockey-gtk01:10
KrizOnevfw, the whole graphical thing so next time i log into VNC it makes a new gnome session, is that possible?01:10
capitantylervfw it means that i have to abandon pulseaudio? Can i recover sound with the bug opened?01:10
fred-frithanks zykotic1001:11
vfwcapitantyler: Yes, you can have sound without pulseaudio01:11
KrizOnevfw, fixed it, i ran sudo pkill -u username then restarted VNC, thnx =]01:11
vfwKrizOne: Ok01:11
krababbelcapitantyler: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=530600 comment 601:11
ubottubugzilla.redhat.com bug 530600 in kernel "HDA-Intel IDT 92HD75B3X5 Produces sound from speakers but does not recognize headphones" [Medium,Closed: errata]01:11
cordycepsanybody using lirc in homebrew-serial mode?01:11
OerHekscapitantyler, maybe this answer #1 or answer#2 from Actionparsnip may solve your sound issue >> https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+question/19617901:12
sideup66hey room01:12
sideup66i have a question about mounting things01:13
vfwcapitantyler: I don't knwo that would be the answer to your problem, was just a wild guess.  OerHeks may have better answer(s).01:13
EvilResistancesideup66, what question/01:13
OerHekscapitantyler, = DV701:13
sideup66essentially I installed ubuntu server and then afterword installed a simple gnome interface (noob here or id live in bash) but I created a raid1 configuration on 2 nonboot drives that I want to automount as they will be used on a home server as a data drive01:14
sideup66basically I got the raid running fine in disk util (nice program btw) but im stumped on the automount as pysdm isnt really helping me much01:14
sideup66so im just asking for a simple beginner friendly how to on doing this..01:15
sideup66pysdm lists the two drives but any mount ails01:15
sideup66fails i mean01:15
EvilResistance!enter | sideup6601:15
ubottusideup66: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:15
EvilResistancejust for the record :)01:15
ubottusideup66: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:15
sideup66ohh sorry evil01:16
dr_willis! mount01:16
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:16
vfwEvilResistance: Duly noted01:16
sideup66didnt know you called the bot01:16
dr_willis! fstab01:16
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions01:16
capitantylerderheks is not my soundcard 00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40)01:16
aartistcat /etc/fstab01:16
capitantylerderheks that is a intel card, in a Dv701:16
cocolosanyone know the how long is the delay for watchdog?01:17
sideup66so im looking at mount then...i know about etc/fstab01:17
sideup66i hosed my last install that way :blush01:17
krababbelcapitantyler: intel hda is a specification I think, not a chip01:18
sideup66essentially, the thing im working on is in a vm right now as im doing a simulation to figure out how to do it, once the college gods decide I can have some monies the real deal is getting built, this is a learning run im doing01:18
capitantylerkrababbel, so can i try it?01:18
krababbelyes, you can always remove the lines later01:19
sideup66evilresistance what about the new udisks command? wont that make things simpler?01:19
sideup66! udisks01:19
EvilResistancesideup66, i'm not answering because i dont know :)01:19
sideup66oh okies01:19
* EvilResistance doesnt answer when he doesnt know the answer01:19
EvilResistanceno problem :)01:19
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mintis Btrfs better than ext4?01:20
capitantylerkrababbel done! how can i restart the sound system without reboot? That way i dont have to close this chat01:21
=== EvilResistance is now known as Resistance
dr_willisI trust editing fstab by hand more then I do these fstab guide tos01:21
krababbelcapitantyler: not sure, pulsaudio has a daemon you'd have to restart, maybe unload the module too? I'm new to this01:22
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.01:25
capitantylerkrababbel pulseaudio --kill and pulseaudio --start01:25
nina666hi...  I have mono and monodevelop installed on my computer (im using ubuntu 12.04) when I want to compile my program which has to use System.Net, it does not recognize it. then i saw, under my folder /usr/lib/mono, i have directories of 2.0 3.5 and 4.0. I could find System.Net under directory 4.0, but i couldnt make use of it... does anyone know how i can solve this problem?01:27
skorketI've just installed Ubuntu Server 12.04 onto a machine.  When I first installed it (from cd) I did not have any network access.  Now that I do, I can't get it to connect.  'ifconfig -a' shows an eth0 interface and 'ifup eth0' says "unknown interface eth0=eth0".  Any suggestions?01:28
nina666(i asked this question in mono channel, but no one responds there at all... so i thought maybe someone here uses mono...)01:28
PrIsmaTicOspanish ¿?01:29
zykotic10!es | PrIsmaTicO01:29
ubottuPrIsmaTicO: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:29
PrIsmaTicO/†\  zackiv31 /†\ thanks01:29
KingSphinxI find it odd that Ubuntu 12.04 is the first version to lock up on boot thanks to my wireless chip.01:33
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ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.01:35
KingSphinxUsed to be that previous versions would detect it had no firmware, but boot anyway; 12.04 won't even boot unless I blacklist my chip (Broadcom B4318).01:35
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capitantyleri can t solve the problem01:38
apnhow do you open gnome-terminal in this new unity thingy?01:39
capitantylerbye for now thanks to all01:39
xanguaapn: as is always been, Control+Alt+T01:39
KingSphinxOh, I have the right drivers and whatnot downloaded, I'm just curious as to whether the drivers would install properly if I blacklist the wireless card.01:40
apnxangua, where is application menu nowadays?01:40
Areckxhow do I update the drivers for this? Do I do a complete purge before updating?01:40
DarwinSurvivorapn: top-left corner, it's no longer a menu but a "full screen selector"01:41
apnxangua, thank you, the terminal is back.  I can explore from now.01:41
xanguaapn: clic on the Ubuntu button and you get everything01:41
Areckxapn::  The terminal is the answer to all of life's questions!01:41
apnxangua, did click on it, but absolutely nothing showed up, other than search box on top.01:42
DarwinSurvivorapn: can you post a screenshot?01:42
DarwinSurvivor!paste | apn01:42
ubottuapn: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:42
xanguaapn: see those little icons down¿ there you go01:42
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dr_willistheres some unity tutorial/guides out there.   press and hold the super/windows keys for a list of shortcuts in 12.04 also01:46
mcai need to set unity 2d as default desktop enviroment01:49
DarwinSurvivormca: at the login screen, click the "gear icon", then "unity-2d"01:50
DarwinSurvivormca: unity-2d will now be the default shell for that account01:50
DarwinSurvivormca: the gear icon should be next to your name01:50
apnxangua, imagebin.org/21175201:50
apnxangua, http://imagebin.org/21175201:51
m0rn1ng5tardown with unity! fluxbox all the way!01:51
DarwinSurvivorm0rn1ng5tar: do you have a support question?01:51
edoceoMy dhcp is over-writing my hosts domain in /etc/reslov.conf - how to stop that?01:51
apnm0rn1ng5tar, I prefer xfce to fluxbox, but I agree with down with unity01:52
mcaim using kde login screen  though01:52
DarwinSurvivormca: oh, that's important to mention :P01:52
zykotic10edoceo: are you sure it'd dhcp?  are you using network manager (it also overwrites /etc/resolv.conf)01:52
edoceoI don't think I am, it's a server install01:53
DarwinSurvivormca: is there an "options" button on your screen?01:53
apnis it possible that unity has problems populating apps in it's menu due to restricted hardware resources?01:53
DarwinSurvivormca: below the username box on the login screen?01:53
mcathen what01:54
DarwinSurvivormca: what's in the list?01:54
KingKatariis there a way in ubuntu server 12.04 to have a graphical package manager01:55
jribKingKatari: sure, install one01:55
apnkingkatari, you can always install synaptic01:55
KingKatarii dont have x11 installed does that matter with synaptic?01:56
mcacan i come back i need to check that01:56
apnKingKatari, yes, but aptitude has nice cli interface01:56
DarwinSurvivormca: sure01:56
jribKingKatari: why do you want a graphical package manager?01:56
KingKataricuz i have no clue which mysql server is installed on this system01:57
DarwinSurvivorKingKatari: dpkg -L | grep -i mysql01:57
jribKingKatari: why not use command-line tools like apt-get, apt-cache, and dpkg?01:57
KingKataridpkg-query: error: --listfiles needs at least one package name argument01:58
jribDarwinSurvivor: dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep '^ii'    would show installed packages with 'mysql' in the name01:58
DarwinSurvivorKingKatari: oh, sorry, typed that wrong, one second01:58
DarwinSurvivorKingKatari: dpkg --get-selections | grep -i mysql01:59
droopehey guys! I have a question, I am running a linux vbox inside a windows 7 enterprise. The reason behind doing so is that it's easier for me not having to explain / configure the computer to work with the network ( which might prove impossible ).01:59
droopeI have installed ubuntu, and it works fine except the fact that they lose the internet connection after a while. The cable still shows as up, but I can't resolve anything01:59
droopenor I can connect to my own internal lan IP address01:59
droopeany clues on why that may be happening and how can I solve it?01:59
jribKingKatari: dpkg -l '*mysql*' | grep '^ii'    would show installed packages with 'mysql' in the name01:59
DarwinSurvivorjrib: thanks, that'r probably a better command (been a while since I used dpkg)02:00
* jrib mourns aptitude02:00
DarwinSurvivordroope: what network interface is virtualbox configured to emulate?02:00
DarwinSurvivordroope: ex: Nat, bridge, etc?02:00
droopeDarwinSurvivor:  it's a NAT02:01
Dratonanyone here manage to get django working on ubuntu?02:02
Draton12.04 that is02:02
DarwinSurvivordroope: and when ubuntu loses its connection, does windows still have internet?02:03
droopeDarwinSurvivor: yes,02:03
droopeI currently have an ubuntu without connection running02:03
DarwinSurvivordroope: alright, before we get too far into this, you mentioned you are using virtualbox because you don't think ubuntu will connect to your network, why is that?02:04
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droopeDarwinSurvivor: Well, it's a bit trickier than that. Windows is set to recieve my email, automatically connect to the internal network, automatically connect to the microsoft communicator. I do not doubt these things are possible with linux, it's just I can't be bothered to do them ( have to work, heh )02:05
=== Guest31001 is now known as McPeter
mcahi im back02:05
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok, fair enough. I just wanted to make sure you didn't have some kind of weird VPN type thing going on02:05
DarwinSurvivormca: what was in the list?02:05
droopethanks for understanding :P02:06
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok, so can you run "ping google.ca" in a terminal in ubuntu and tell me if it gets a connection?02:06
=== jedney is now known as JonEdney
DarwinSurvivormca: that's it?02:07
droopeDarwinSurvivor: will do, i'll pastie the output, tho I think it wont do much02:07
DarwinSurvivordroope: I don't need the output. If it give an error, then just say it errored out. if it lists a bunch of ping times, just tell me the highest and lowest times you see02:08
droopeDarwinSurvivor: Oh, i got only Unknown host google.ca02:08
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok, now run hit "Ctrl+c" to kill ping and run "ifconfig"02:08
DarwinSurvivordroope: the ifconfig command I *will* need the output of02:09
DarwinSurvivormca: did you install unity?02:09
mcaDefault, User defined session, Gnome/ open box, Lxde, Lubuntu, Lubuntu net book, Open box session, Recovery console, Ubuntu, Ubuntu (safe mode), Ubuntu classic, Ubuntu classic  (no effects), Unity 2d (previous), Guest-restricted, Guest restricted, Fail safe02:10
AbobaI have a wierd problem, Rhythmbox will play an MP3 that I cannot get ANY other piece of software to play02:10
mcayes i did02:10
DarwinSurvivormca: ok, chose "Unity 2d (previous)" and then log in02:10
AbobaHow do I find out what kind of problem is causing this?02:10
apnAboba, are other gstreamer based players refusing to play as well?02:11
mcahow can i make it the default though02:11
DarwinSurvivormca: once you pick it, it should remain the default for that account I believe (it does in lightdm and gdm)02:12
Abobaapn checking02:12
Abobaokay, looks like they do02:12
droopehey DarwinSurvivor i just got a usggestion from the guys at #vbox, i'll give that a go ah?02:12
DarwinSurvivormca: if it doesn't, there may be a checkbox for "set as default" or "save settings" or somesuch02:12
Abobabanshee, and movie player both work02:12
adioI'm trying to install ubuntu on a MSI MS-171f Notebook and it just keeps hanging after the cd boots up, not sure what to do and I can't find anything on google that works. anyone have a suggestion or link i could check out02:12
AbobaVLC does not02:12
Abobanor does any sort of mp3 conversion software02:12
DarwinSurvivordroope: sure, go for it02:12
apnAboba, looks like you have some missing dependencies for vlc02:12
Abobaaudacity also cannot open the file02:13
apnAboba, open vlc in terminal, it should display error in the background02:13
Abobawhich is what I'm really trying to do02:13
mcanope and also gnome 3 isnt working in 11.0402:14
DarwinSurvivoradio: please boot up using the cd and chose "check disk for defects" on the first menu02:14
adioDarwinSurvivor, I am actually using the pc right now with jolicloud02:15
DarwinSurvivormca: is unity 2d not logging in, or can you just not get it to be the default?02:15
adiothe disk is fine, i've checked already02:15
Abobaapn no error in background when run from terminal02:15
DarwinSurvivoradio: do you have another computer you can do IRC on? It's very hard to troubleshoot something when you have to disconnect for each test :(02:16
adioyea i have another pc02:16
apnAboba, tough cookie.  SoundConverter runs on top of gstreamer, so it will convert to mp3 as needed.  But it does not solve the problem. Is it only specific mp3s, or all of them?02:16
DarwinSurvivoradio: can you use that for irc? if you have no client on it, use http://webchat.freenode.net/02:16
adioDarwinSurvivor: brb02:16
AbobaIt's one particular mp302:16
Abobagoing to try soundconverter02:16
apnAboba, then something is wrong with the file, not software.  Good luck.02:17
DarwinSurvivormca: is unity-2d not working at all, or just not staying as the default?02:17
mcai cant get it to be default02:18
droopeDarwinSurvivor: that didn't work! will be pasting the ifconfig any second now02:18
Abobaapn, used soundconverter to go to wav, then back to mp3, not it works02:19
DarwinSurvivormca: alright. since it appears to be a kdm issue (not saving the default) you'll probably have better luck asking in the #kubuntu channel.02:20
DarwinSurvivormca: you are however welcome to stay in #ubuntu and see if anyone here is familiar with kdm02:21
Abobaapn sorry, now it works02:21
Abobaapn thanks02:21
apnAboba, great. No problem.02:21
droopeDarwinSurvivor: this is the pastie http://pastie.org/3887337 it will lose the connection in a while tho02:21
droopei'm not sure what impact it will have on what ifconfig shows02:22
DratonHas anyone installed django on 12.04? having trouble mapping /admin02:22
DarwinSurvivordroope: alright, can you tell me what "route" prints?02:22
drooperight now it'll work fine, let's wait till it fails agai nah?02:23
droopeDarwinSurvivor: this is what route outputs now02:24
droopei'll let you know when it fails again02:24
droopeif you are still around02:24
DarwinSurvivordroope: wait, is it working now?02:24
Dratonnvm: I'm an idiot02:25
droopeDarwinSurvivor: yeah, I had to reboot to do what the other guy asked02:25
droopebut in the end his solution won't solve anything02:25
droopei think02:26
lambdaqhi guy, I accidently typed ulimit 0 on ubuntu server, is there a way to change it back to unlimited?02:26
DarwinSurvivordroope: out of curiosity, what did he ask you to do (we may use his answer for future helpees)02:26
adioDarwinSurvivor: Hi, I'm back. I just started up the notebook with ubuntu latest and after the ubuntu logo it just sits there with the background on and mouse cursor.02:26
droopehe told me to use a host-only network adapter, but that obviously killed my internet -.-02:27
lambdaqplease help guys02:27
droopeit seems he had misunderstood my problem02:27
MneumonicHas anyone had their mouse buttons stop working in Ubuntu 12.04?  I have had this happen to me 3 or 4 times now.02:27
DarwinSurvivordroope: a host-only will create a connection between windows and ubuntu but ubuntu will have NO internet connection02:27
droopeyeah, I went back to a NAT02:27
droopehey DarwinSurvivor the internet died again02:28
droopehere is what the route says02:28
DarwinSurvivordroope: what you need is either NAT (virtualbox will pretend to be a router) or bridge (ubuntu will appear to the router as a separate computer and be 100% visible to the entire network)02:28
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok, give me the outputs of "route" and "ifconfig" i want to see what changed.02:28
DarwinSurvivordroope: also try "ping"02:28
droopeall right02:28
DarwinSurvivordroope: if you are intending to connect TO the ubuntu vm from any other computers, you should use bridged instead of NAT, otherwise don't worry about it and kee nat02:29
khmerogboot repair is scanning my system and it has been over 5 minutes02:30
ConexionWhen I enter the Advanced Settings, I go to change my shell theme and I get a warning icon stating "Could not list shell extensions" - Any ideas how to fix that?02:31
Conexionshell themes*02:31
droopeDarwinSurvivor: le paste http://pastie.org/388736902:32
droopeweird as. have you any idea on what layer the problem might be? Perhaps if I make it bridged it magically gets fixed02:33
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok, try "ping"02:33
droopethat worked fine02:34
DarwinSurvivordroope: if you use bridged things start to get complicated if you ever have to use a network with a vpn or proxy02:34
DarwinSurvivordroope: is there anything that triggers it working vs not working? also, is it always 1 way when ubuntu is freshly booted?02:36
ConexionI haven't used Ubuntu in about a year. It has gotten very... Mac-y02:36
khmerogit has?02:37
khmerogplease explain Conexion02:37
khmerogi kind of wanted it to be Mac-y02:37
khmerogas lonbg as it is not T-Mac-y...02:37
droopeDarwinSurvivor: not as far as i can tell, i'm doing my stuff, and all of a sudden internet stops working. what do you mean by 1 way?02:38
DarwinSurvivordroope: if you restart the VM is it always connected at first, always disconnected at first, or random?02:39
Conexionkhmerog: Menu bar at the top instead of in the applications. Psudo-bubble-bar on the left hand side. I also don't see any themes that allow for your close/minimize/maximize buttons to be on the right (though  that's fixable of course)02:39
=== f0urtyfi1e is now known as f0urtyfive
droopeDarwinSurvivor: it's always connected at first. It loses the connection after not-so-long.02:40
droopeIt's weird! I cannot find an explaination. And it's not an OS issue with the VM because i've tried other OSs.02:40
droopeI am gonna try bridged and cross fingers.02:40
DarwinSurvivordroope: do you have any firewall software installed in windows? I'm thinking a firewall may be detecting "weird" connections from virtualbox and blocking it02:41
Guest61500help me =\02:41
Guest61500Someone working with cloud server?02:41
Guest61500I doubt in connection with the mysql database by php.02:41
Guest61500Some pages are accessed, others are offline.02:41
FloodBot1Guest61500: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:41
droopeDarwinSurvivor: that's a good idea02:42
* droope disables windows firewall02:42
* DarwinSurvivor waits for the results :)02:43
droopea friend installed a ISA server client, i don't know what that is02:43
droopeDarwinSurvivor: still no connection02:44
droopeDarwinSurvivor: might not lose it if I restart02:44
droopei'll give it a go02:44
DarwinSurvivormight not lose what if you restart which OS?02:45
DarwinSurvivordroope:might not lose what if you restart which OS?02:45
droopethe host02:45
droopei meant the guest02:45
FloodBot1droope: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:45
vitedoes anyone know why I ran an update and it deleted firefox?02:46
DarwinSurvivordroope: to clarify: you are disabling *all* windows firewall and restarting ubuntu?02:48
adioDarwinSurvivor: I checked the disk again, no errors and still hanging after ubuntu screen02:48
DarwinSurvivordroope: and is it still in nat mode, or in bridge mode?02:49
nicastordoes wamp and lamp have the same processes?02:49
droopeDarwinSurvivor: Nat02:49
DarwinSurvivordroope: ok02:49
DarwinSurvivordroope: let me know how it goes after the reboot02:49
droopeI'm testing it now, the internet works fine. It'll hang in the next 10 15 minutes if everything is as normal02:49
ConexionWhen I enter the Advanced Settings, I go to change my shell themes and I get a warning icon stating "Could not list shell extensions" - Any ideas how to fix that?02:50
st3el__ question, how do you talk to a certain person like that?02:50
vitehad to run it from the terminal wierd02:50
st3el__example: message02:50
st3el__what command02:50
st3el__sorry for the stupid question02:51
=== dirtypillows is now known as ShameSpiral
droopeDarwinSurvivor: the internet died!!!!02:51
droopeITS DEAD02:52
FloodBot1droope: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:52
st3el__how do you do this02:52
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: like I'm doing to you now?02:52
st3el__persons name: question02:52
st3el__ugh, how...02:53
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: you just type in their name (or use autocomplete like "st<tab>")02:53
st3el__darwinsurvivor thanks?02:53
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: yep, that worked02:53
st3el__or at least I don't think it worked...02:54
tylerirc offline? 0o02:54
viteI am getting an error when I start firefox from the terminal. it says failed to run drawable02:54
=== tyler is now known as Guest73578
st3el__I have so many questions...02:55
CONTROLLERwhat's a nice drawing program to use02:55
DarwinSurvivordroope: unfortunately I can't think of anything else to try from the ubuntu side. It appears to *me* to be an issue with VirtualBox or windows (blocking VirtualBox).02:55
DarwinSurvivordroope: you could try bridge mode, but that's about all I can suggest at this point02:55
droopest3el__: st + TAB02:55
droopeit autocompletes in most clients02:56
st3el__I'm sorry I used to know more when I was younger but I cant remember02:56
st3el__stupid drugs >_<02:56
droopest3el__: don't worry02:57
st3el__what is st?02:57
MyNameIsJimGreeni install window 7 and ubuntu ,and MS office is the only reason i use window 702:57
droopeby st I'm meaning the first letters of the person you want to "quote"02:57
JeruvyI have twinview working but I have dual unity panes (on each screen) any idea how to just have it on one streched across twinview?02:57
Guest73578test, I'm not sure if I'm connected02:57
DratonMyNameIsJimGreen, only reason I have Win 7: Diablo 3 ;)02:57
st3el__"dr" cool02:57
droopeso, say i wanna quote Jeruvy i'd press "Je" and press teh key Tab02:57
droopeyou know where the tab key is?02:58
DarwinSurvivorGuest73578: you are connected02:58
droopejust type two letters and press that! you should be good as gold02:58
st3el__I'm using xchat not sure if that makes a difference but...02:58
DarwinSurvivorMyNameIsJimGreen: you can run MS Office in wine very easily these days, would you like help setting that up?02:58
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: x-chat supports auto-complete02:59
droopest3el__: uh not sure if xchat autocompletes, anyone here knows?02:59
Dude_SupremeUbuntu Forums are quite helpful for that kind of thing too.02:59
st3el__when I type dr and press tab I get a list of names that start with dr02:59
Dude_SupremeAlthough not all the MS Office features work without their hiccups.02:59
=== Emmanuel_Chanel_ is now known as Emmanuel_Chanel
MyNameIsJimGreenDarwinSurvivor, thanks,i don't link wine,02:59
droopeah! then i reckon you should choose one03:00
droopeor try to change that behaviour on your client03:00
st3el__I attempted to click on the name it doesn't do anything03:00
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: try typing more of the letters,03:00
st3el__droope, nice03:00
st3el__it auto commas for me03:00
st3el__guess thats good enough03:01
st3el__, : whats the difference really...03:01
st3el__DarwinSurvivor, the more letters thing helped03:02
ejoJeruvy: if you mean you only want the Unity launcher on one monitor, you can change that with the "launcher placement" setting on the Displays settings dialog.03:02
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: nothing really03:02
Jeruvyejo, thanks I figured that out.  Is there a way to get the top panel to do this also?03:02
st3el__DarwinSurvivor, for what its worth I feel less cool..03:03
snapdataIn pavucontrol a recording device is present for Chrome/Firefox when I use the "voice search" on Google's home page. When I utilize my microphone in flash, however, there is no recording device shown in pavucontrol despite the mic being fully operational in Flash. Any ideas?03:03
ejoJeruvy: Hmmm might require installing one of the tweak packages.  ubunty-tweak, myunity, or compiz-config-settings-manager, or unsettings03:03
Jeruvyejo, ok I'll keep fiddling.03:04
kevinhi all. so i just upgraded to oneiric. in the process of going to precise... general question: so i chose lightdm over gdm. in gdm, to run an application it was alt+f2, and now it's coming up as a "search" or whatever... i don't need to search. i know what i want to run. what's the keyboard shortcut for that in lightdm?03:04
DarwinSurvivorkevin: I think you have lightdm/gmd confused with gnome/unity03:05
DarwinSurvivorkevin: lightdm and gdm are what you see when you are typing in your password to log in03:05
craigbass1976how do I get ubuntu to get on a wireless network before I log in?  I've got a box I'm going to run headless, and it needs to get an ip all by its lonesome03:05
DarwinSurvivorkevin: what you are describing is the unity search bar (after being logged in)03:06
kevinoh, okay. so what's the "application launcher" keyboard shortcut for unity?03:06
droopest3el__: see, you made it! :P03:07
DarwinSurvivorkevin: if you just need it for launching applications, then just use it like you did the old F2. If you hint enter it will automatically launch the top-left-most application being displayed03:07
Jeruvyejo. hmm just did a relogin, and it fixed itself.03:07
st3el__droope, yessir03:07
kevinDarwinSurvivor: well, i did alt+f2, type in 'totem' and hit enter. nothing happens. but if i type 'totem' in a terminal window, it opens up. sooo i dont know why it's not working in this unity search thing.03:07
DarwinSurvivorkevin: when you type in "totem" into the search, do you see the totem player's icon in the box below the search line?03:08
ejoJeruvy: great.03:08
st3el__droope, I haven't used IRC since counter strike 1.6 >_<03:08
droopelol :P03:09
kevinDarwinSurvivor: nope. there's totem-audio-preview, totem-video-indexer, totem-thumbnail-viewer03:09
droopest3el__: IRC is quite a resource though03:09
RealEyesis there anything like gwibber but, "better"?03:09
DarwinSurvivorkevin: could you post a screenshot?03:09
kevinDarwinSurvivor: sure. sec.03:09
st3el__droope, yea I'm using Ubuntu now and it's a little different but I'm giving it a shot 12/04 is really nice03:10
st3el__droope, worthy of a shot :D03:10
droopest3el__: yeah, it's good!03:10
craigbass1976In addition to my last question, how would I make it get on a particular wireless network before logging, instead of just whatever is available in the area?03:11
droopeThere are many flavors of linux, i personally like mint ( hope I don't get killed for saying that on the ubuntu channel lol )03:11
kevinDarwinSurvivor: http://imageshack.us/f/10/screenshotat20120509230.png/03:11
craigbass1976droope, just poisoned and left for dead...  :)03:11
st3el__droope, I looked into mint but this was my first attempt at linux03:11
AreckxIs it possible to install Debian from a netinst.iso?03:12
Areckxwhile still running Ubuntu 10.04?03:12
jribAreckx: this is #ubuntu03:12
droopest3el__: stay with linux! once you get past the learning curve you'll never ever ever regret it03:12
DarwinSurvivorkevin: try the totem-video-indexer one, it may just have a weird name...03:12
Areckxdroope::  I'm staying, just switching distros03:12
Areckxjrib::  this is an ubuntu issue I believe03:13
jribAreckx: you want to install debian?03:13
Tm0Hi all, quick question, AMD64 is the general 64 bit for both Intel and AMD correct?03:13
kevinDarwinSurvivor: no go.03:13
Areckxjrib::  yes, I want to redo all of my partitions03:13
st3el__droope, I dedicated my hd to ubuntu and I don't think I'm going back03:13
Areckxjrib::  so I can run both (and winxp, macosx)03:14
jribAreckx: so just install debian on its own partition03:14
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: the installation of debian is a debian issue, if there are details you need about ubuntu (such as how it accesses the HDD, then ask those). if you need to install debian from another OS (ubuntu or otherwise), please ask in debian's irc channel03:14
st3el__droope, tired of fixing the problems windows causes me....03:14
=== xxx is now known as Guest2115
* kevin shrugs03:14
Areckxjrib::  the entire partition is being used03:14
E_MegasHi, I'm having issues installing Precise. Specifically, it fails to grub-install because it "cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)."03:14
snapdataIn pavucontrol a recording device is present for Chrome/Firefox when I use the "voice search" on Google's home page. When I utilize my microphone in flash, however, there is no recording device shown in pavucontrol despite the mic being fully operational in Flash. Any ideas?03:15
Areckxjrib::  is there any way I can change it or do I need to run a livecd?03:15
jribAreckx: you have a single partition?  And it's being used by what?03:15
Areckxjrib::  10.0403:15
E_MegasThe installation succeeds, the grub-install on the mbr does not.03:15
DarwinSurvivorkevin: can you click the second icon at the very bottom? (ruler|pen|pencil icon)03:15
jribAreckx: don't you have a swap partition at least?03:15
Areckxjrib::  I can use that for this?03:15
jribAreckx: no, I'm just trying to understand what you are saying.03:15
kevinDarwinSurvivor: heh, okay. it's showing up as "movie player"03:15
DarwinSurvivorkevin: so problem solved?03:16
kevinDarwinSurvivor: so if i alt+f2 and type  'movie player' , it opens up.03:16
Areckxcan I just create a partition table!? seems risky03:16
kevinDarwinSurvivor: well, it seems unintuitive. i want to run 'totem' , not 'movie player' heh...03:16
DarwinSurvivorkevin: I guess the totem devs decided "totem" was descriptive enough :P03:16
droopest3el__: and linuxs just prettier, isn't it? :P03:17
SourceEyeHi all03:17
AreckxHow can I display my gparted in terminal?03:17
Areckxso I can pastebin03:17
DarwinSurvivordroope: st3el__: please keep non-support discussions in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel, thank you03:17
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: just use a screenshot03:17
droopeDarwinSurvivor: yeap! sorry03:18
* E_Megas waits patiently.03:18
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  jrib  http://i.imgur.com/mW37a.png03:20
ozzloyi want to test sending udp broadcast packets even when i'm not connected to a real router, for example when i'm on a train.  how do i do this?03:20
ozzloyhere's the code in question03:21
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: ok, and I'm assuming you want to be able to dual-boot both ubuntu and debian?03:21
ozzloynormally i can run driver-station-test.rkt and then run robot.rkt in another terminal.03:21
E_MegasGuess I'll wait about half an hour and ask again...03:22
urgodfatherhello, can someone help me fix the right click to my touchpad?03:22
ozzloyi will work on making that 2 separate threads, but right now even if i do that, i'll still get: "udp-send-to: send failed (Netowrk is unreachable; errno=101)"03:22
LirthHow do I reinstall nvidia drivers without messing up my computer (it won't boot if I don't have them and haven't set it to run in nomodeset) or a ton of pain?03:22
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  yes I want to multiboot03:22
ozzloyi know the network is unreachable, and i don't really need it.  i'm hoping for some way to set up a virtual network on my machine to test with03:22
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  I may stay on ubuntu03:23
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  but I would like to try out the new debian03:23
DarwinSurvivorozzloy: well, broadcast packet should come back to yourself, so you try
VeritasWhen I try to run "sudo apt-get update"  I get the following error: "W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 16126D3A3E5C1192 Ubuntu Extras Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> W: Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release" Can any03:23
Veritasone help?03:23
kevinuhhhg or say i want to run a console app. gnome had the "run in terminal" option.. i see no equivalent. so, how do i run something like alsamixer? gotta open a terminal first?03:23
xangua!gpgerr | Veritas03:23
ubottuVeritas: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »03:23
ozzloyDarwinSurvivor, i'm already sending to
ozzloyor trying to03:24
ozzloyand i can't03:24
AreckxOne thing that may help... the cdr was blank... if you look at the lower left of the screen LMFAO03:24
Tm0Hi all, quick question, AMD64 is the general 64 bit for both Intel and AMD correct?03:24
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: can I assume you want to be able to dual-boot both ubuntu and debian?03:25
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  yes03:25
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  I can resize and make an NTFS later if I need to03:25
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: sorry, missed your message03:25
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: you don't need ntfs unless you are using windows03:25
Areckxyes, I may need to install winxp03:26
Veritasubottu, what does the error I'm getting mean?03:26
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:26
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: I'd just shrink sda1 and then let debian's installer create a new partition i the new empty space03:26
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  how can I shrink it it's mounted?03:27
xanguaTm0: yes03:27
DarwinSurvivorozzloy: oh, ok03:27
Tm0xangua so there is no reason the ISO should refuse to boot based on that image?03:27
xxdi have a question03:27
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: you will need to boot a live-cd of some kind (ubuntu's install cd can be used as a live cd). debian's installer may also include one, but you'll have to ask the debian devs03:27
ozzloyDarwinSurvivor, but i will try right now!03:27
VeritasCan I get some human help?03:28
xxdcan suse11.iso's softwave joined into suse10'os?03:28
VeritasWhen I try to run "sudo apt-get update"  I get the following error: "W: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used. GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 16126D3A3E5C1192 Ubuntu Extras Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com> W: Failed to fetch http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release"03:28
xanguaxxd: ask in suse channel03:28
DarwinSurvivorAreckx: since you are already at the partitioning stage, I think you'll get much better answers asking in the #debian channel.03:29
AreckxDarwinSurvivor::  I am asking there, thanks03:29
xanguaVeritas: have you already run the comando ubbotu told you¿ it even give you the keys03:29
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: you were already given a solution, pleaes try that before re-posting the same question03:29
ozzloyDarwinSurvivor, oh!  that appears to have worked!03:30
ozzloyDarwinSurvivor, thanks!03:30
DarwinSurvivorozzloy: if that doesn't work, you could always use a virtual machine (or multiple) for testing03:30
DarwinSurvivorozzloy: awesome03:30
DarwinSurvivorozzloy: have fun!03:30
ozzloyyeah, i have some vms set up already, but that seemed a bit overkill03:30
ozzloyalso i wanted other people to be able to easily test03:31
ozzloyok cool, rad03:31
ozzloythanks again!03:31
=== ricardo_ is now known as nacif
snapdataIn pavucontrol a recording device is present for Chrome/Firefox when I use the "voice search" on Google's home page. When I utilize my microphone in flash, however, there is no recording device shown in pavucontrol despite the mic being fully operational in Flash. Any ideas?03:31
VeritasYes, I tried it. I ran "sudo apt-get update" afterwards and I got the same error again.03:32
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: I don't see a "voice search" on google's homepage, could you provide a direct link?>03:32
xanguaVeritas: how about you give the output of what you tried¿03:33
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: please pastebin the entire terminal session, there may be important information in it that you don't recognise as relevant03:33
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, you have to use Chrome I believe. For Firefox I am testing using something else that essentially does the same hting.03:33
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, it's in the google search box, all the way on the right, click the microphone icon.03:33
gwakaoDarwinSurvivor,  voice search? it sounds like a nsa/cia/fbi tech03:33
E_MegasHi, I'm having issues installing Precise. Specifically, it fails to grub-install because it "cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)."03:33
E_MegasThe installation succeeds, the grub-install on the mbr does not.03:33
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: snapdata ok, and what is it you *want* it to do that it isn't doing?03:34
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: your question makes it hard to tell if the google thing or the flash thing is the problem :(03:34
zykotic10E_Megas: "is /dev mounted" suggests you aren't chrooted correctly, are you trying from a livecd?03:34
E_Megaszykotic10: Yes.03:34
zykotic10!grub | E_Megas03:35
ubottuE_Megas: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:35
E_MegasIt was supposed to be part of the installation process. It failed.03:35
adioDarwinSurvivor: can you pm me when you have a chance, can't seem to get ubuntu past the logo screen03:35
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, it's Flash. Do you use Pavucontrol?03:35
zykotic10E_Megas: is RAID involved?03:35
DarwinSurvivoradio: please stay in the #ubuntu channel where others can help you as well03:35
E_Megaszykotic10: No.03:35
zykotic10E_Megas: then try to follow the chroot directions and try again (is my only suggestion)03:36
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: not personally, your question is just a little confusion. you say the microphone works, so what is the problem?03:36
E_Megaszykotic10: Only one HDD and three partitions installed by default.03:36
userjoin #hardware03:36
VeritasDarwinSurvivor, http://pastebin.com/FLTC0GLe03:36
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, when a program utilizes a recording device it will show up in pavucontrol under "Recording." You can, from there, change the recording device that it is utilizing. (IE. make a program recording from "Microphone 1" record from "Microphone 2")03:37
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, this works perfectly with everything except Flash. With Flash, no recording device shows up.03:37
E_Megaszykotic10: Oh yeah, and there isn't any other OS installed. The drive was empty prior to installation so Windows isn't involved in this.03:37
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, however Flash does record fine from any individual microphone I choose.03:37
xanguaVeritas: that's not the command that is mentioned in !gpgerr03:37
userwhats ubuntu03:38
zykotic10!ubuntu | user03:38
ubottuuser: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com03:38
Veritasxangua, which command did you want the output of?03:38
xangua!gpgerr | Veritas read carefully this time03:38
ubottuVeritas read carefully this time: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »03:38
gisli_quick question...how do I see when I first installed ubuntu? I'm talking about the current installation of course03:39
userthank you ubottu, is it similar to mint by linux?03:39
usergisli look at your cd rom drive03:39
zykotic10user: ubottu is a bot - not real person.  Mint is based on Ubuntu - so they are similar...03:39
gisli_user: hahaha what?03:39
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: ok, so how are you chosing the microphone for flash? dose flash have its own dialog for that?03:40
gisli_zykotic10: not all mint's are based on ubuntu03:40
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, yeah. However most other programs do too, and they still work fine with pavucontrol.03:40
zykotic10gisli_: lmde... ya there is that03:40
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: my guess is that flash is plugging directly into alsa and bypassing pulseaudio completely03:41
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: when you *play* audio in flash, does it show up in pulseaudio's volume mixer?03:41
Veritasxangua, I tried what ubottu told me to do and this is the output I got: http://pastebin.com/73QbA9SK  If it's not standard, how do I find the GPG keyword for the repository?03:41
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, one second, I'll check.03:41
xanguaVeritas: ubottu just told you the gpg key03:42
VeritasI tried it. Then I ran "sudo apt-get update" and get the same error03:42
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, it shows up as "ALSA Plugin [chrome]"03:42
userubuntu looks different i should try it out03:43
xanguaVeritas: run apt-get update again and if it doesn't work use the one you first get in your error message 16126D3A3E5C119203:43
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: hmm, my guess is still that it's using pure alsa for the recording part (since alsa is more common across distros than pulseaudio)03:44
userhow come they dont charge me for downloading it? or am i downloading from illegal website or something?03:44
useri like it free but just hope i am download correct one03:44
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, yeah. I did a bit of googling relating to Flash using ALSA and apparently it was a bug in 2009/2010 that was "fixed" in Ubuntu 11. There was no further information I could find.03:44
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: try using 16126D3A3E5C119203:44
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, I don't know very much about linux. Would it be possible to force Flash to use PulseAudio, or would it use PulseAudio if ALSA was disabled?03:45
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: well, if it *is* using alsa, then you're basically stuck unless Adobe releases an update (and they've already announced the end of flash on linux)03:45
zykotic10snapdata: Pulse requires ALSA - one does not replace the other03:46
fishcookeris there any mechanism to make my box .. encrypted or secured from any violation?03:46
DarwinSurvivorfishcooker: please be more specific than "any violation"03:46
kevinany way to change the Switcher icon size? i can change the launcher icon sizes in ccsm but i dont see any option for the alt+tab switcher icons03:46
SparCo213Whats up all.03:46
Veritasxangua, DarwinSurvivor, this is the output from running apt-key, and using 16126...  : http://pastebin.com/UdMQEaZh03:47
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, zykotic10, oh. I do find it curious that the "ALSA Plugin" shows up when audio is played through Flash but not when a recording device is used.03:47
DarwinSurvivorfishcooker: when creating a new user (either with the installer, or the user control dialog), simply chose "encrypt my home folder" and your home-folder documents will automatically be encrypted03:47
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: pulseaudio playback is easier to implement than pulseaudio recording, so they may have only bothered with the playback part03:48
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, oh. I see. Well fuck. :\03:49
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: yep, you'll need to complain to Adobe most likely :(03:50
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, somehow I don't think that will do any good. haha03:50
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, with YouTube moving to HTML5 and Adobe apparently discontinuing flash for Linux, what do you think will replace it?03:51
st3el__discontinuing flash...03:51
st3el__dare i say impossible...03:52
krababbelI installed java6 and 7 jdk and when I uninstall them, they seem to be there still. sudo update-alternatives --config java gives me options, where before it said there was nothing to choose. How to remove them completely?03:52
snapdatakrababbel, have you tried sudo apt-get autoremove03:52
DarwinSurvivor!purge | krababbel03:53
ubottukrababbel: To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P03:53
DarwinSurvivorsnapdata: god willing, pure html, css & javascript!03:53
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: /quit03:53
st3el__how do i put the reason whhy03:54
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, we can dream...03:54
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: /quit my reason03:54
DarwinSurvivorst3el__: but you really don't need it03:54
lifelikeHey guys, I have a question and I think it can be solved really quickly03:54
DarwinSurvivor!ask | lifelike03:54
ubottulifelike: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:54
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/03:55
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:55
krababbelsnapdata: I did autoremove03:55
VeritasDarwinSurvivor, I tried what you said, and posted the output. It didn't work03:55
DarwinSurvivorkrababbel: did you try the purge command?03:55
snapdatakrababbel, if that didn't work, DarwinSurvivor mentioned purging03:55
krababbelDarwinSurvivor: I'll try purge too.03:55
apan__krababbel: try dpkg -l | grep package, and then autoremove03:56
krababbelapan__: I'll try thank you03:56
apan__apt-get autoremove --purge (packages)03:56
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: what was your question?03:56
exxtremeI installed 12.04 using the mini.iso cd. Setup Lubuntu.  Worked fine until i "sudo apt-get upgrade".  Then got a black screen on reboot.03:57
lifelikeAfter I updated to 12.04 from 11.10, I tried running shrewsoft vpn and it connected to my vpn just fine. After that, I restarted and since then I can only get internet access through the vpn. Even after restarts.03:57
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: I was trying to put everything in one line and make it short :)03:57
VeritasDarwinSurvivor: I tried what you said, and posted the output. It didn't work03:58
lifelikeexxtreme: Try pressing the shift button repeatedly when you get to that screen.03:58
snapdataDarwinSurvivor, thank you for helping so many people.  :)03:58
exxtremelifelike, i get the login screen.  When i enter my password, then the screen goes black.  Shift didn't help.03:59
exxtremestrange cause all i did was upgrade, only a few packages corrupted it..03:59
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: I don't see the link, can you post it again?03:59
lifelikeexxtreme: Have you tried a different kernel?04:00
exxtremelifelike, i was probably using the generic (non-pae?) kernel, and it worked fine until i upgraded.04:01
Onixswhen i do "cat" to insert string, "$" is being dropped04:01
Onixsany idea04:01
alusionI am creating a partition on an external HD for linux, do I go with ext 3 or ext 4?04:01
philippefs35Hello everyone. I'm fairly new to linux (I manage to run a small lamp server, server build (no GUI), but that's about it). I'd like to use my server to schedule the weekly recording of an asx stream to an mp3 file. Can anyone help me?04:01
VeritasDarwinSurvivor: http://pastebin.com/UdMQEaZh04:01
maestrojedI compile something with "make prefix=/usr/local all" when I run "make prefix=/usr/local all install" it targets /usr/root/bin which doesn't exist and doesn't seem right. Can anyone help?04:02
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: nono, the output of the purge command04:02
DarwinSurvivor!purge | Veritas04:02
ubottuVeritas: To purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P04:02
lifelikeOnixs: When you use cat in bash, it prints out the stdin (standard input) that you give it04:02
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: oh wait, hold on04:02
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: sorry, got you and krababbel confused :P04:02
VeritasDarwinSurvivor: No problem :) Thanks for helping everyone04:02
exxtremeok, I ctrl-alt-f1 to the terminal...Anything I can do to restore my previously working system?04:02
DarwinSurvivorVeritas: I do my best04:03
dirtyfreebooteranyone know why oprofile package was deleted in 12.04? I cannot seem to extract a reason from anywhere on the net...04:03
lifelikeOnixs: So if you just type in "cat" and then type something, it'll print out what you typed04:03
alusionext3 or ext4?04:03
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Any idea what could cause my problem?04:03
lifelikeI came here looking for help, instead I started helping others lol04:03
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: where did you get the software from?04:04
trism_dirtyfreebooter: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=65316804:04
ubottuDebian bug 653168 in ftp.debian.org "RM: oprofile - unmaintained, replacements exist, buggy, low popcon" [Normal,Open]04:04
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: and what changes (if any) did you make in ubuntu to set it up?04:04
DarwinSurvivoralusion: ubuntu uses ext4 by default, just go with that. the only time ext4 is an issue (in my experience) is if you need to share the partition with a BSD system04:05
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: I had setup shrewsoft vpn (through the Software Center) with a config file from my vpn provider04:05
dirtyfreebootertrism_: thanks!04:05
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: After that I upgraded to 12.04 and then later tried the vpn04:05
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: No changes besides the upgrade04:05
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: can you post a link to your vpn's instructions?04:05
alusionDarwinSurvivor, What does BSD mean?04:05
windbuntuits a unix like OS alusion04:06
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: It was just a shrewsoft vpn config file really.04:06
DarwinSurvivoralusion: FreeBSD, OpenDSD, etc. If you don't know what they are, you WON'T have that issue :)04:06
zykotic10windbuntu: it is unix ;)04:06
alusionAhhh that is right. Thanks.04:06
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: can you open ubuntu's proxy configuration dialog?04:07
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Yes, I checked that too. I made sure it's blank. The connections for my wireless network haven't been modified either.04:08
alusionIf I am partitioning an external that is originally formatted as NTFS should I create it as extended or primary?04:08
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: and you can't get online with wireless *or* wired?04:08
philippefs35Sorry if I'm blind, but is there a protocol to asking questions in here (bot command, or something)?04:08
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Basically, I can connect to any wireless network just fine. But I don't have internet access. I can't even ping a website.04:08
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: wireless _and_ wired.04:08
zykotic10!ask > philippefs3504:08
ubottuphilippefs35, please see my private message04:08
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, can you please pastebin the output of "ifconfig; route; traceroute google.com"?04:10
=== chu`` is now known as chu
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: do that with the vpn disabled (no internet), then again with it enable (with internet)04:11
psyclonecan someone help me with an object-oriented c++ program using structs04:11
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: One problem, I removed shrewsoft hoping it would fix the problem >.<04:11
DarwinSurvivorpsyclone: please ask in the #c++ channel04:12
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Alright I can do that, but you'll have to give me a few minutes. I only have this one machine and I'm on a windows partition right now04:12
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, then just try it without the vpn04:12
arthurdentso does anyone know if the pepper api flash has been released and how to get it?04:12
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok04:12
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: I'll be back!04:12
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: alright04:12
arthurdentanyone? bueler?04:15
DarwinSurvivor!patience | arthurdent04:15
ubottuarthurdent: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:15
ShadowFiosi have a ST9120310AS drive, how do i find if its an SDD or not?04:18
myrmidettehello, my wifi isn't working and here's my nm-tool output http://pastebin.com/9b6KEDVb . This has me kind of baffled, where do I start fixing it?04:18
zykotic10ShadowFios: ST9120310AS Momentus 5400.5 SATA 3Gb/s 120-GB Hard Drive04:19
ShadowFioszykotic10: yea i googled it04:19
arthurdentShadowFios: what is an sdd?04:19
ShadowFioszykotic10: solid state drive04:19
arthurdentit's not04:19
zykotic10arthurdent: see above04:19
arthurdentsolid state drive = SSD i was wondering if you meant something else.04:19
ShadowFiosok thx04:20
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: could you repeat the previous message you told me to try. I closed my browser to soon.04:20
Onixslifelike : im not printing out a file from cat. im making a script out of cat04:20
DarwinSurvivorShadowFios: http://www.hdsentinel.com/storageinfo_details.php?lang=en&model=SEAGATE%20ST9120310AS shows it as a 5400 HDD (not ssd)04:21
Onixsall "$1 , $xxxx" are bieng dropped04:21
ShadowFiosDarwinSurvivor: ive been there but i wasnt really sure if it was or not. thx04:21
gisliI've got a little problem. I'm trying to install a few weeks worth of updates but I'm getting the error that /boot doesn't have enough space? In synaptic there are linux-headers[33,38,39] and linux-image [38,39] installed. Is it okay to completely remove headers for 33 and 38 and the image for 38?04:22
gisli39 is in use right now04:22
myrmidettewhat do I do?04:22
lifelikeOnixs: I don't think there is a way to catch the $sign since that's apart of the shell04:22
Onixslifelike : ahh ok.. understood04:23
OnixsThanks :)04:23
lifelikeCan anyone copy paste Darwin's last few replied to me. I don't have chat history on my device!04:23
dr_willisgisli:  should be safe.  how big is your /boot/ partition anyway?04:23
lifelikeOnixs: no problem, sorry that wasn't much help though.04:23
Onixsone last thing lifelike , alternative to cat that will work with $signs ?04:24
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: can you please pastebin "ifconfig; route; ping -c 5"?04:24
gislidr_willis:52MB, I think I've always had it 52MB but I've never had this problem before04:24
dr_willisgisli: these days. the need for a seperate /boot/ is minimal. :) I make mine a few GB - but thats because i set uo grub2 to boot ISO images from /boot/ so i can boot/install the os - totally from the hd if needed.04:25
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, can you please pastebin the output of "ifconfig; route; traceroute google.com"?04:26
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: i think that's the only important one04:26
lifelikeOnixs: try "cat -E"04:27
myrmidetteDarwinSurvivor, http://pastebin.com/GXyr9XBT04:27
gislidr_willis: yeah my next installation will not contain a /boot partition. I went a little crazy when I was partitioning for my last install :)04:27
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: rest should show up at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/05/10/%23ubuntu.html in about 4 minutes (half-hour lagg I believe)04:27
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: ok, now "ping -c 5 google.com"04:28
dr_willisgisli:  ive gotten in the habbit of just using primary partitions. so i have 4 partitions max.   /boot  / /home and swap    normally.04:28
rollitupI installed apache2 mysql phpmyadmin04:28
myrmidetteDarwinSurvivor, it'll work, do I still need to pastebin?04:28
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: no04:28
myrmidetteI'm chatting to you after all so I have internet04:28
rollitupand I wnated to know if I can have my public_html on the NTFS partition ?04:29
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: if those are working, what *isn't* working...?04:29
myrmidettemy wireless04:29
myrmidetteI'm on a wired usb connection right now04:29
dr_willisrollitup:  most likely  posssible - but not a good idea. since the  security/permissions will be a hassle to deal with04:29
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: do you have another computer you can chat on? it's pointless trying to debug something that isn't being used...04:29
rollitupthanx dr_willis04:30
gislidr_willis: yeah I have that "scheme" on my laptop but my next install will be without the /boot or I'll just make it bigger, enough space for it actually04:30
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: you still there?04:30
myrmidetteDarwinSurvivor, well it's really uncomfortable sitting here under the desk with my laptop04:30
myrmidetteI'd rather be sitting on the couch with wifi04:30
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Yes, I'm using irc through my phone right now. Please give me a minute.04:31
c00pHas anyone got the newest Mac Mini's wireless working on 12.04? Is there a driver ?04:31
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: I understand that, but we can't debug the wifi if you are currently using the wireless. do you have a second computer you can chat on so you can disconnect the wired from your laptop?04:31
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: alright04:32
myrmidettewait, what?04:32
DarwinSurvivor!mac | c00p04:32
ubottuc00p: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages04:32
myrmidetteDarwinSurvivor, ok I'll get on  a second computer04:33
myrmidetteand disconnect from this one04:33
DarwinSurvivormyrmidette: you said your wireless is not working and that you are currently chatting using the wired on the affected computer. it is nearly impossible to debug a bad wireless connection while the wired connection is being used. the easiest way to do this is to use a *different* computer for the irc chat so you can disconnect the wired from the "broken" computer04:34
DarwinSurvivorMyrtti: oh, seems you left 2 messages while i typed that one :P04:34
DarwinSurvivorMyrtti: sorry, wrong id :(04:34
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
c00pubottu: ta. I have it installed on the Mac Mini and everything works except wireles in 12.04 - just wondering if I can isntall some extra kernel modules etc. to make it work04:35
ubottuc00p: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:35
silouckubottu: yes you are04:35
ubottusilouck: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:35
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: here is the paste bin link http://pastebin.com/PhHjpHrN04:35
silouckubottu: stop with that or i will ban you04:36
ubottusilouck: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:36
gisliI've never seen this before. I've been here about 15minutes and three people have answered the bot :D04:36
silouckubottu: thats it, your banned from my list04:36
ubottusilouck: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:36
silouckgisli: he thinks he cn trick me04:37
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, I'm guessing you can't install traceroute (with no internet), can you run "ping -c 5; ping -c 5; ping -c 5 google.ca"?04:38
zykotic10!gender > silouck04:38
ubottusilouck, please see my private message04:38
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: a quick answer is that I can ping my router and access anything locally, again but no internet access04:39
rollitupI am also trying to follow this tutorial to create virtual host after installing apache2 mysql phpmyadmin https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP however when creating the test html page i get an error that says  bash: /home/astrix/public_html/index.html: Permission denied04:39
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, that helps04:39
silouckzykotic10: you think your funny04:39
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: can you ping your routers *external* ip?04:39
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: and you get an "unreacheable" error when pinging outside the network right?04:40
alusionHello, I was unable to shrink the filesystem in gparted  > ntfsresize -P --force --force /dev/sdb1 -s 790133473279 --no-action04:41
=== jason is now known as Guest6878
DarwinSurvivoralusion: please pastebin the *entire* terminal session including the command you ran and any output you got04:42
violinapprenrollitup: sudo04:42
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: I can ping the 173 IP address, even goggles DNS server but no domain name04:42
myrmidetteDarwinSurvivor: ok I'm back. I disconnected the problematic computer like you told me to, but I don't think I'll be able to pastebin anything from it now.04:42
Guest6878Does anyone know a thing or two about iptables? I'm having a very difficult time with IP Masquerading.04:42
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ok, then it's not a routing issue, it's a DNS issue!04:42
lifelikedarwinsurvivor: I'm guessing my SMS server is messed up then DarwinSurvivor04:43
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: please pastebin the contents of /etc/resolve.conf04:43
violinapprenrollitup: echo '<b>Hello! It is working!</b>' | sudo tee /home/user/public_html/index.html04:43
AyaneForeverOn XFCE, (#Xubuntu is dead) Has anyone ever used lightdm to lock the screen? I've done a some research already to use it instead of xscreensaver but I haven't found much luck.04:43
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: it says resolve.Conf doesn't exist!04:43
DarwinSurvivor!ask | Guest687804:43
ubottuGuest6878: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:43
DarwinSurvivor!details | Guest687804:44
ubottuGuest6878: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:44
lifelikeCould this possibly be my problem?04:44
stevedtrrrrmoioi :)04:44
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: now THAT is a problem!04:44
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Haha04:44
zykotic10lifelike: check /etc/resolv.conf04:44
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: as a test, can you open network manager and set your DNS to
zykotic10lifelike: and if you use Network Manager resolv.conf doesn't really apply04:45
stevedtrrrrmello people04:45
lifelikeDoing this on a mobile is hard :)04:45
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: lol. just try the manual DNS address and see if that fixes it04:45
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: if it does, then it's definitely some kind of DNS misconfiguration04:46
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: it may be trying to use a DNS server that's only available on the on VPN04:46
Guest6878I have a problem with IP Masquerading in iptables on Ubuntu Server version 12.04 LTS. When I try to ping any internet site it fails. I expect it to work.04:46
stevedtrrrrmany1 here?04:46
DarwinSurvivorGuest6878: please explain *exactly* how you set it up, what tests you ran and what output you received04:47
silouckno one here04:47
trism_AyaneForever: the code is there but the patches were reverted in gnome-screensaver (see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/878836/comments/12 ) so you would probably need to rebuild some packages to get it to work. we may see it in 12.10 once the system compositor is in04:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 878836 in Light Display Manager "Unity Greeter - Use Unity Greeter to fulfil lock screen as well as login functions" [High,In progress]04:47
silouckwhat the hell is ayatana04:48
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Setting the DNS to googles doesn't work04:48
DarwinSurvivortrism_: oh cool, that means there's a brainstorm idea I can mark as "in progress" :D04:48
WaraudonWhy does 12.04 "Wait for network configuration" at boot even though there's no cable connected?04:48
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: I'm paying the contents of resolv.conf04:48
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: what error do you get when trying to ping google.com04:48
Guest6878This is the line added to /etc/rc.local here: /sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth1 -j MASQUERADE04:49
missusehi guys is there any app that can be used to check which process is using the internet for downloading04:49
stevedtrrrrmim an utter linux noob. can i run linux on windows? and whats the easiest quickest way to do it? i have an old laptop here i wanna try it on. 750 MB of RAM.04:49
DarwinSurvivorGuest6878: where did you get the instructions? I've never seen iptables commands put into rc.local before04:49
missusei'm having problem , something keep downloading and hogging the internet line04:49
DarwinSurvivormissuse: "netstat -pant"04:50
lifelikeDarwinsurvivor: it says unknown host Google.com04:50
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: without a capital right? (i assume you have autocorrect on your phone)04:50
silouckwhat the hell is ayatana, is somehow related to Iran and the ayatolas?04:50
=== niftylettuce is now known as blahblah123
lifelikeDarwinsurvivor: I think I found the issue in resolve.Conf04:51
Guest6878DarwinSurvivor I've found several sites so far that provide these instructions. Here's one of them: http://www.howtoforge.com/nat-gateway-iptables-port-forwarding-dns-and-dhcp-setup-ubuntu-8.10-server04:51
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: cool04:51
siloucknow Iran is using Ubuntu to invande the ocident04:51
lifelikeThe domain is set to my organization04:51
zykotic10lifelike: the file is resolv.conf not resolve.conf04:51
lifelikeDarwinsurvivor: and name server of the organization too04:52
Guest6878DarwinSurvivor Where do you usually see commands put?04:52
philippefs35stevedrrrrm: Look at VMware Workstation. It allows you to run linux (or pretty much any other OS) whithin Windows, in a window.04:52
lifelikethanks zykotic10, you're right04:52
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
lifelikeDarwinsurvivor: what do I change the resolve.Conf file too?04:53
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: ah, that may cause issues04:53
DarwinSurvivorzykotic10: thank you for the correction04:53
alusionIs there a key binding program for ubuntu that makes it easy to create custom key bindings and shortcuts (Using a Logitech G510 btw)04:53
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
lifelikeDarwinsurvivor: yes especially since I'm not routing through it04:54
mdishianyone know any app can be use to monitor which process is hogging the internet line ?04:54
mdishiany easy to use monitor ?04:54
=== len is now known as Guest78488
pungi-manmdishi, U can use iptraf04:54
pungi-mansudo apt-get install iptraf04:54
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: you shouldn't have to mess with resolv.conf, what-ever connection you are using (network manager in your case) will deal with that for you. any changes you make will get overwritten on reconnect anyways04:55
mdishipungi is it a gui type of app ?04:55
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor:  Do you know why it isn't being overwritten now then?04:56
maverickcan someone here help me with some basic linux bash scripting?04:57
violinappren!info nethogs | mdishi04:57
ubottumdishi: nethogs (source: nethogs): Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-1 (precise), package size 26 kB, installed size 98 kB04:57
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: not sure, maybe a change to network manager. zykotic10 mentioned network manager using a slightly different system now04:57
violinappren!details | maverick04:57
ubottumaverick: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:57
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.04:57
maverickneed to construct a switch case statement | violinappren04:57
mdishiviolinappren , can that be use to kill off the process ?04:57
DarwinSurvivormaverick: please use the #bash channel for scripting help04:57
maverickok. thank you | darwinSurvivor04:58
violinapprenmdishi:  man pkill04:58
violinapprenmaverick: pastebin what you're trying to do04:58
mdishiviolinappren , is man pkill another app ?04:58
mavericksorry vi.. am new to IRC.. what is pastebin?04:58
hanasakiwhat is a good system to setup a small biz that can handle... email, vpn, ssh, ldap based ?04:59
hanasakihttp://sourceforge.net/projects/openvpn-als/   <= is OLD04:59
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Fixed it! I just had to comment out the nameserver and domain!04:59
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: WOOOOH!04:59
violinapprenmdishi: man is a command that shows the manual pages of  commands and system functions.  "man pkill"  will show you how to use pkill to kill a process by name05:00
DarwinSurvivorlifelike: now do a reboot and make sure it *stays* fixed :)05:00
violinappren!pastebin | maverick05:00
ubottumaverick: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:00
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Thanks a lot!05:00
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: Will do.05:01
lifelikeDarwinSurvivor: :)05:01
=== MP_isolot is now known as MP_isolt
maverickviolina : http://paste.ubuntu.com/979260/05:05
maverickhope i did it right :P05:05
alusionDarwinSurvivor, I have the gparted_details saved. The same error occured again when trying to resize the partition, what could I be doing wrong? http://www.mediafire.com/?8be7wa9i23p4x1205:06
DarwinSurvivoralusion: can you post a screenshot showing the gparted layout and the error message both displayed?05:08
xmadQuick question, is GNU Screen bundled with a standard Ubuntu desktop install?05:08
DarwinSurvivorxmad: no05:08
DarwinSurvivorxmad: actually, it may be now (update manager uses it i think). double-checking!05:09
zykotic10!info screen05:10
ubottuscreen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu8 (precise), package size 582 kB, installed size 1044 kB05:10
xmadI don't have access to an ubuntu box right now, couldn't figure out online. thanks for checking =)05:10
DarwinSurvivorxmad: nope, doesn't look like it, but you can always install from software center (or apt-get)05:10
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Gosset_InofensiuHello everybody, got a big problem here, i can't log in gnome-shell, just gnome-fallback, what can I do? I've tried to reinstall gnome, but it removed my ati radeon drivers and had to resintall them.05:11
maverick!info join05:11
ubottuPackage join does not exist in precise05:11
xmadthanks DarwinSurvivor zykotic1005:11
violinapprenmaverick: you will have to use if/else05:11
DarwinSurvivorxmad: also check out byobu (screen + extras) and tmux (complete re-write)05:11
DarwinSurvivorxmad: i personally use tmux, but pick which-ever *you* like best05:12
maverickviolinappren : not possible using switch?05:12
violinapprenmaverick: case works on "pattern matching"  not boolean expressions05:12
maverickviolinappren: thanks..05:12
peepsalothi, i have a digital camera that mounts sdcard as gphoto2.  i'm wondering if i can use the sdcard directly as a block device.  i want to dd to the card, i don't have  a regular card reader05:12
sajimonhi, does anyone have problem with X artifacts when resuming to graphics mode from text console, or resuming from sleep?05:12
grysajimon, what kind of problems?05:13
grysajimon, reply to channel rather than me, I am just asking to clarify but I'll not be the one to help you yet05:13
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: why do you need to dd the card?05:13
peepsalotDarwinSurvivor, to put an bootable image on it for raspberry pi05:13
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: oh, ok. if you have it mounted run "mount" to find out where the block device is05:14
sajimonmy screen as i said, screen gets full of graphic artifacts, esspecialy unity bar and top panel05:14
Um_cara_qualquerexcuse me, what is the best delphi tool for ubuntu?05:14
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: no guarantees however on how the camera's interface works.05:14
xmadDarwinSurvivor: I personally use and love tmux, but at work I ssh to a remote server that has screen but not tmux and I was kinda sad since.. you know, screen sucks. But this story may be offtopic so I'll just stop =p05:15
totesmuhgoatsdelphi still exists?05:15
hausi'm seeing conflicting information in the upstart cookbook. when was the manual stanza added? (one version says 0.6.7 and another says 1.3.0)05:15
peepsaloti don't see it in mount.  nautilus shows the location asgphoto2://[usb:003,005]/05:15
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.05:15
violinapprenUm_cara_qualquer: check lazarus05:15
peepsaloti guess i probably need a real card reader05:16
Um_cara_qualquerviolinappren, thx man05:16
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: try "df -h" as well05:16
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: if that doesn't work, I have one more little trick you can try05:16
peepsalotsucks cause i have one in my laptop but it doesn't seem to recognize.  possibly because i dropped the laptop and it's cracked right there at the sd slot05:16
peepsalotDarwinSurvivor, df -h doesn't show it either05:17
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: run "ls /dev/ > 1" then unplug it and count to 10. then run "ls /dev/ > 2" and then "diff 1 2"05:17
peepsalotnothin :-(05:18
alusionDarwinSurvivor, I was not able to capture that screenshot of the gparted layout and error message, I had already closed the window. I can however recall the information05:20
ubottuffm01011974: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:20
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: try "ls -R" instead of "ls" in both instances05:20
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: if that doesn't show anything, then it's probably a weird protocol05:20
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: your camera may have an "act as removeable storage" mode or something you can turn on (my gps has the same thing)05:21
grysajimon, ok, is is possible to make a screenshot? what hardware are you using?05:21
zykotic10DarwinSurvivor: gphoto2 would suggest it can't...05:21
gry!list > ffm0101197405:21
ubottuffm01011974, please see my private message05:21
peepsalotDarwinSurvivor, if i do ls -R then i can see, there is /dev/bus/usb/003/006  and /dev/char/189:26105:22
alusionCan I make external hard drives to multiboot different Distro's with respective partitions? (like splitting a 1tb into 4 distros 250gb partition each)05:22
alusionYumi will work just fine with HDD's right? I have only done it to flash drives :o05:22
dr_willisalusion:  yes. you may need to handle the  bootloader by hand for some configs05:22
DarwinSurvivorpeepsalot: yeah, then it's definitely a special protocol. if you can find a setting in the camera to change the usb mode, then that might work. otherwise you're SOL as far as using the camera for a block device interface05:23
dr_willisyumi boots the iso files i beliove. grub2 can do that also alusion05:23
peepsalotDarwinSurvivor, ok, kinda what i figured, thanks anyways05:23
ubottuffm01011974: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».05:23
dr_willisalusion:  yoiu could setup grub2 on a ubuntu install to boot alternative iso files if yoiu wanted also05:23
K-Richlater all05:23
alusionWould you recommend me any good quick reference guides? I have the iso's and would like to look into grub2 more05:23
DarwinSurvivoralusion: yes, you can put as many linux distros on your ext. hdd as you like (barring restrictions on number of partitions of course)05:24
dr_willisalusion:  dozens of guides on getting grub2 booting iso files. Seen many tagged at delicious.com05:24
johnhi, i cant untick "disable hardware acceleration" from flash player in ubuntu 12.04 with unity but i can do this in other desktop enviroments/graph shells/win managers such as gnome shell ,unity 2d and xfce. is it known bug of compiz?05:24
dr_willisalusion:  the pendrivelinux site i think has some guides/tools also05:24
DarwinSurvivoralusion: just install them as usual. almost all linux distro's will make all the others appear in grub without issue05:25
DarwinSurvivoralusion: it shouldn't be any different that setting up multi-boot on an internal hdd05:25
=== Raul is now known as Goku
alusionyes I have familiarity with the pendrivelinux tools so I might as well start there eh?05:25
dr_willisjohn souds like an old bug. where you cant click on the menus/buttons in the flash settings. there used to be some work arounds. ONE i recall was holding down the right mouse button, and then trying toi click on the button05:25
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.05:26
vp18anyone knows how to use conky05:26
missusehi guys i can't get this nethogs running05:26
missuseioctl failed while establishing local IP for selected device eth0. You may specify the device on the command line.05:26
dr_willisvp18:  conky has tons and tons of docs out about it.05:26
missusei got the above messsge05:26
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: so sleep works fine when done manually (via the menus) but not automatically when closing the lid?05:27
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor yep05:27
vp18well i install it via synaptics but can't get it to work05:27
vp18i got ubuntu 12.04 64 bit05:27
dr_willisvp18:  so you open a terminal and run 'conky' and it does what exactly?05:27
alusionThank you, dr_willis, for showing me that Delicious.com site, it is a treasure to me already.05:27
DarwinSurvivormissuse: you need to add the interface to the command (eth0, wlan0, etc) that you want to monitory05:27
johndr_willis it also doesnt work with keyboard05:28
dr_willisalusion:  my bookmarks are  there under delicious.com/dr_willis05:28
vp18i don't see the eye candy or anything05:28
missusedarwinsurvivor how to do that ?05:28
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor since the user is a student that uses a padded pouch for it, a closed but running laptop is not a good thing...05:28
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: and you checked the "power" setting in the control panel?05:29
dr_willisvp18:  what desktop are you using? normal unity? gnome-shell?05:29
hausokay, different upstart question. does it matter where the manual stanza appears in an upstart configuration or will it only undefine 'start on' stanzas before the manual stanza?05:29
johni mean select it with tab and then untick with space  button05:29
missusedarwinsurvivor how to check which one is my internet connection using ?05:29
vp18i got unity and cairo dock05:29
dr_willisvp18:  id check the askubuntu.com site to see if anyone has a tweaked conky config for working with unity.  it could be conky is running - but under the desktop for some reason.05:30
DarwinSurvivormissuse: pastebin the output of "ifconfig" and i'll tell you05:30
DarwinSurvivoralusion: if on wired, probably eth0. if on wireless, probably wlan0. some systems are a little different though05:31
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor Yep, there is no option about what to do when the laptop is closed, only what to do when on/off battery and what to do when the power button is pressed05:31
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: it would appear that ubuntu is not detecting the lid switch then.05:32
missusehehehe i figure out thanks guys05:32
=== hata is now known as hata[sc]
hata[sc]¡ñ hi ¡ñ05:32
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: can you pastebin the output of "dmesg"?05:32
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: probably easiest to use pastebinit: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit; dmesg | pastebinit"05:33
SamanaghAnyone use Fluxbox here?05:33
DarwinSurvivorSamanagh: if you have a support question, just ask the question and anyone that can answer it will do so. if you are looking for general chat and application preferences, please try #ubuntu-offtopic05:34
alusionDoes anyone here use CrashPlan?05:34
JimuI played with Fluxbox long ago. Life is too short05:34
johnstill can't disable it, another nasty bug is that overlay scrollbars dont work very well with xchat05:36
SamanaghJimu life's too short?05:36
mintuxI would like to see my desktop via browser but my problem is the remote vnc on browser doesn't show my current desktop and it seems it made new session when I use this command : vncserver :1  iv got A VNC server is already running as :1 but it's not true .. so what shall I do?05:37
JimuYeah, I don't see a compelling reason to use it these days05:37
dr_willismintux:  thats how vnc can work.05:38
dr_willismintux:  gnomes 'vino' vnc server can share the current visible desktop - if you enable it05:39
mintuxdr_willis:but I don't have access via browser with vino?05:39
dr_willismintux:  vncserver -kill :1      should kill off any vnc server on port105:39
dr_willismintux:  brower?  not clear on what you mean05:40
ktchkHi when installing gimp-2.7 for ubuntu 10.04 lts (rtai) libgimp-2.0.0 need el and en-CA language support. any work arround?05:41
mintuxdr_willis: now I can see my desktop (new session) with http and 5903 port it's a java applet . I want to see desktop with browser05:41
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor would that still be the case when the backlight goes off? http://pastebin.com/p8krha0h05:41
dr_willismintux:  theres the x11vnserver or perhaps a vino option. but ive not used the vnc 'web' feature in years.. i found it too slow. i always use a normal vnc client05:42
mintuxdr_willis: I ran vncserver -kill :1 it said to me Can't find file /home/mrg/.vnc/mrg-System-Product-Name:1.pid05:42
dr_willismintux:  check ps ax | grep vnc     to  see how many vncsessions you got running.05:42
mintuxwhen I want to use it ..it said it's using when I want to kill it, it said there is no ...05:42
dr_willisits easy to accidently spawn extra vnc sessions.05:43
dr_willisyou are telling it to use :1  - it could be theres a stale pid file also in your .vnc dir05:43
dr_willisjust 'vncserver' will selext the next open port05:44
mintuxI see something here05:44
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: yes, the backlight is most likely directly turned off in hardware05:44
dr_willisyou could  always use a 'killall vncserver' perhaps  and clean out the .pid files and other extra files in .vnc05:44
dr_willisbut thats a little overkill05:44
mintuxI killall Xtightvnc now I have 3352 pts/2    S+     0:00 grep --colour=auto vnc05:45
dr_willismintux:  yes.. thats grep showing its self. ;)05:46
dr_willislogical eh05:46
dr_willisi alwyas use the absolute lightest most minimal window manager i can - when using vnc.  too fancy a desktoop can slow it down too much05:47
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: does the following file exist on your system?: /proc/acpi/button/lib/LID0/state ?05:47
johnis there any way to disable overlay scrollbars in specific apps, something like $UBUNTU_MENUPROXY for global menu05:48
=== rony is now known as BAcKrOnY
Nom-Hey Guys... are there any good tools for having a first boot wizard on Ubuntu Server?  We want something to reconfigure hostname & ip address after cloning a template but we're not ready to use VMWare Guest Customizations just yet05:50
BAcKrOnYhow i can register my nick?05:50
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor in button I have "lid" not "lib" but yeah, I've got the state file05:51
BAcKrOnYhow i can register my nick?05:51
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: ok, give me a sec05:51
bazhang!register | BAcKrOnY05:51
ubottuBAcKrOnY: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode05:51
ludkillertry /msg nickserv register urpassword emailid@email.com05:51
bazhangBAcKrOnY, /join #freenode05:51
dr_willisjohn:  i thought there was. check the webupd8 blog site - if it is doable they most likely mention it.05:51
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: run "while true; do cat /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state | tee -a log; sleep 1; done"05:52
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: you should see the same word printed out over and over, what is it?05:53
SamanaghIs there a simple way of making it so that alt tab only works between windows in your current workspace? Seems very counter intuitive to me..05:53
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor closed05:53
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: ok, now close the lid, count to 5 and re-open it.05:54
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: once you've done that tell me if you see anything in the list other than "closed"05:54
dr_williscount to 5,tap your heels together 3 times... say the magic words.. ;)05:54
DarwinSurvivordr_willis: lol05:55
DarwinSurvivordr_willis: if only things were that easy :(05:55
dr_willisfigure out some way to change his wallpaper when he closed the  lid and make it show a scary face... ;P05:55
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor nope, still closed05:55
dr_willisive learned to NEVER trust the pc doing things automatically when closeing the Lid.. in Linux OR in windows..05:56
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: ok, then it appears that acpi (what handles the hardware -> software interface) is detecting your lid switch, but not that it is being triggered05:56
dr_willishad a laptop almost burn up one day  doing that..05:56
StarryNighttrusting windows is like trusting obama NOT to fake his birth certificate05:57
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: do you by any chance have a directory for LID1 in the same place as LID0?05:57
Terminus_windows 7 has been quite decent with laptop power management. linux OTOH i've never had any luck with.05:57
Terminus_i've learned to just run pm-suspend manually.05:57
dr_willisive had windos 7 work... unless i was running any apps.. ;)05:57
Terminus_dr_willis: yeah... apps telling windows to never suspend would be a problem. =)05:58
dr_willisive shut the lid on my win  7 laptop. opened it an hr later... then watch as it  then decided to unsuspend, and actually shutdown.. ;)05:58
* hata hata05:58
* hata ÓÐÖйúÈËÂð05:58
DarwinSurvivorTerminus_: and I've learned that no matter HOW you trigger it, you always check for the sleep indicator on the led array05:58
johndr_willis, thank you05:59
Terminus_DarwinSurvivor: that too. i always check the indictor whether it's windows, osx, linux, etc.05:59
Terminus_if only because i don't want to move my laptop until the drive heads are parked.06:00
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: there was only 1 mention of the backlight in your dmesg (setting it to default values) and I haven't come across any errors. unfortunately I'm not a hardware guru, so I'm not going to be able to do much else for you06:00
ZetaRC121dr_willis well on my desktop it usually starts working when I threaten to hit it with the hammer, this laptop is unimpressed by threats though...06:00
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: I can tell you that "acpi is detecting a lid switch but not the open event"06:01
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor sorry, got disconnected...06:01
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: I've often found having someone *else* threaten it is much more effective06:01
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: you didn't miss any messages06:02
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: I did find this person with the same issue, but I don't see a fix http://www.mail-archive.com/acpi-bugzilla@lists.sourceforge.net/msg34032.html06:03
CommaCrazyhi all, I have a bit of a problem. Every time I pull out the LAN cable and put it back in or go into stand-by mode and come back I have no network connection06:03
DarwinSurvivorZeit|awy_: you're best bet is to file a bug report and follow these instructions https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:04
ZetaRC121DarwinSurvivor but yeah, status unchanged, state: closed06:04
CommaCrazyany one?06:04
DarwinSurvivorZetaRC121: if/when you file the bug report, include the test script I had you run.06:05
DarwinSurvivorCommaCrazy: pleaes be more specific. do you simply have to wait a few seconds, or do you have to reconnect (using the drop-down) or is it toast until you reboot?06:05
trupheenixhow do i change my hard drive password? i have encrypted the hard drive password using LUKS.06:07
netwrkspideri need web server load testing tool06:09
DarwinSurvivornetwrkspider: please be more specific. technically "ping my_server" is a load test...06:10
netwrkspider@DarwinSurvivor : i need apache load testing tool for Apache06:14
dr_willisfirs hit i got on google for 'apache load test tool'06:15
CommaCrazyDarwinSurvivor, well I have to reboot to get the network back06:16
CommaCrazytried restarting the networkmanager06:16
gh0striderhey i am hoping that someone here can help me out...i am trying to use vlc and i installed it from the repo's with all the plugins that it would need and for some reason it is playing the video fine, the video looks great but i am not hearing any sound, however if i play the same video with "kmplayer" or another video player the video + sound works fine, and sound works for apps like "amarok" and i can play videos with firefox + chrome with sound no prob06:16
CommaCrazytried with dhclient. tried with ifconfig eth0 down and up06:16
CommaCrazybut with no success06:17
dr_willisgh0strider:  check that sound output 'device' vlc is using.  it may need to be set to pulse, or alsa, or 'default'06:17
dr_willisgh0strider:  if you are using kde.. it may need to  changed if its set to 'pulse'06:17
gh0striderdr_willis: i have tried resetting the sound device for all of the ones you mentioned...no luck06:18
dr_willisgh0strider:  after changeing it.. close and restart kde.06:18
Shadowfiosterminal method for unpacking .7z files?06:18
dr_williserr..vlc i mean06:18
dr_willisShadowfios:  there 7z cli tools in the repos06:19
dr_willisthe unp script is handy also.06:19
dr_willis!info unp06:19
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0~pre7 (precise), package size 13 kB, installed size 124 kB06:19
Shadowfiosim a total noob at the terminal06:19
Shadowfiosso it would be unp test.7z06:20
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal06:20
dr_willisunp uses the  other binary tools.. so you need to insgtall the 7zip cli tools first06:20
Shadowfiosive installed them06:20
DarwinSurvivorCommaCrazy: ok, unfortunately I probably won't be able to help you much with that problem06:20
dr_willis!find 7zip06:21
ubottuFound: p7zip, p7zip-full, p7zip-rar06:21
dr_willisp7zip --help  or try unp --help06:21
Nom- Is it possible to pre-fill some of the answers for the OEM Config on a server, or doesn't OEM Config work on server?06:21
DarwinSurvivornetwrkspider: you are still being *extremely* vague. apache can be tested in a multitude of ways from simply pass-ping to malicious packets and sql injection techniques06:21
Nom-Like I don't want a user being created -- i want a root password set to a predefined value (which will later be changed by puppet once the server is on the network)06:21
DarwinSurvivorNom-: try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/UnattendedCD06:23
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate06:23
dr_willishmm..   guess its06:23
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning06:23
DarwinSurvivorNom-: and ubuntu is designed to not require a root password, you are *strongly* encouraged to use a sudo-powered administrator account instead06:23
Nom-Yeah, that doesn't work in our environment... all our users are going to be powered by LDAP, but it can't do that until the OS is configured with hostname, ip address, etc and can phone home to the puppet master06:24
DarwinSurvivorNom-: what doesn't work?06:24
Nom-And yeah, I know how to do unattended cd's... already got one... the hard part is when you do the install into say a VMWare template and then need to set the hostname/ip on first boot (ie. NOT using vmware customization templates)06:25
DarwinSurvivorNom-: the non-root thing? you can have local system users and still use ldap!06:25
kaustubhinstalling ubuntu in vm does not work06:25
SeveasNom-, configure your d-i setup to install puppet and be done :)06:25
DarwinSurvivorNom-: and why are you not using vmware customization templates?06:25
DarwinSurvivor!details | kaustubh06:25
ubottukaustubh: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:25
Nom-Baby steps06:25
dr_williskaustubh:  what vm, what verison of ubuntu.. whatgd not working..06:26
kaustubhwait I will provide details06:26
=== weallknowit2 is now known as weallknowit
Nom-I'm pushing to change lots of things at once (like using guest customization templates), but there's push back on that because it's a lot of change all at once06:26
gh0striderdam...nothing worked06:27
Shadowfiosso i have unp installed but it still needs p7zip06:27
gh0strideri tried all of the audio settings for vlc06:27
gh0strideri don't get this...it works with kmplayer and dragonplayer but vlc has always been my favorite06:27
gh0strideri don't get why i am not getting any audio06:27
Shadowfiosso i typed in p7zip and it said/usr/bin/p7zip: compressed data not written to a terminal.06:27
dr_willisShadowfios:  unp is just a script so yes.. it needs the actual archive biarny tools..06:27
kaustubhI am installing ubuntu 11.10 in Microsoft Hyper V and the network interface is not working. I have added module vs_netvsc to initramfs06:27
ShadowfiosFor help, type: /usr/bin/p7zip -h06:27
dr_willis!find pp7zip06:27
dr_willis!find p7zip06:27
ubottuPackage/file pp7zip does not exist in precise06:27
ubottuFound: p7zip, p7zip-full, p7zip-rar06:28
dr_willisso install the p7zip packages shown above06:28
Shadowfioslike 'sudo apt-get p7zip'?06:28
DarwinSurvivorkaustubh: please use paste.ubuntu.com to show any errors you are receiving as well as a brief description how the networking is set up (nat, bridge, host-guest direct, etc)06:29
dr_willisapt-get install packagename06:29
Shadowfiosdr_willis: so it downloaded and installed but the terminal is saying the same thing06:30
Shadowfiosaww he left06:31
kaustubhI am installing ubuntu on hyper v using this guide06:34
kaustubhbut networking inside hyper v does not work06:34
rabbi1how to run .aspx scripts on ubuntu ? can i ?06:35
windbuntui only did a 1 gig swap this time hope thats ok06:35
DarwinSurvivorkaustubh: please elaborate on "does not work" is there no network interface to chose, does it time out, do you not get an ip, does routing not work, etc06:37
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: like asp.net website stuff?06:37
gh0strideranyone here have any ideas why everything else plays audio but not vlc?06:38
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: yeap, one of asp.net webapp is in windows server, i use ubuntu. I am responsible to edit the HTML and CSS part, but i can't test the file after edition because the pages are asp.net and i am on linux. ....06:38
proxinixyou may need to install ubuntu-restricted-extras gh0strider06:39
gh0striderdragonplayer, kmplayer, kaffeine, everything works except vlc!06:39
gh0stridersorry for the "!" its just frustrating...06:39
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats06:40
gh0strideri tried installing the multimedia repository for ubuntu but that didn't solve anything either...06:40
cache_zai actually only installed vlc, not third party codecs - and things play fine06:40
proxinixForgive me but, is the volume off on the player?  That happens06:41
rabbi1what will asp.net2-examples in the synaptic manager do ? can't find any manuals or instructions :(06:42
gh0striderinstalling ubuntu-restricted-extras didn't solve the problem....06:42
archiegh0strider: You can start a terminal and run vlc and then try playing the file. It should log error messages in the terminal.06:42
gh0striderarchie: tried that too...06:43
gh0striderit plays the video in the terminal "console" but no sound06:43
cache_zaand it didnt log anything?06:43
ubottuLuca: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».06:43
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: last I checked asp.net could be run on apache if you are using windows, but I don't think it will run on linux06:43
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: http://logicsupport.com/blog/?p=15306:44
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: if it uses the mono libraries, then you MAY be able to run it, but that would rely on the fact that your website only uses calls and utilities fully supported by mono06:44
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: thank you, will check out their site .... worth a try .... :D06:44
DarwinSurvivorrichtroye: yeah, as I thought, it uses mono06:44
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: beware, a LOT of .net stuff does NOT work in mono at all, so if you use anything exotic or specalized you'll probably run into problems06:45
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: fingers crossed ;)06:45
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: If you can, you're probably best off using a virtualmachine or something to get your test system as close to the same as your production system as possible06:45
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: also, those instructions are for redhad, so you may have to do some translations/conversions when following those instructions06:47
alusionDarwinSurvivor, do you personally use CrashPlan as your primary backup software?06:52
DarwinSurvivoralusion: never heard of it until today06:53
TonyCan anybody help me setup a Belkin FD57000 version 4100 on Ubuntu Server 12.04?06:54
TonyIf you can, please PM me, thank you.06:54
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: sure, but i had faced HDD problems initially with virtual machine, so that's a negative ...06:54
Fat-Thingmy google chrome extensions are gone how can i bring `em up?06:54
ptmanis it possible to specify for the netboot installer that it should use a specific mirror url?06:54
ptmanusing preseeding maybe?06:55
ptmancare to point me at some documentation?06:55
peepsalotcan i benchmark write speed with hdparm?  -t only tests read06:55
TonyCan anybody help me setup a Belkin FD57000 version 4100 on Ubuntu Server 12.04?  Please PM me if you can help.06:55
peepsalotor is there a better app for this?06:55
peepsalotthe device is formatted blank, don't care about losing data06:55
alusionSo what do you think of it, DarwinSurvivor ?  I've used it with great pleasure during my windows experience, but I am about to try installing it on my ubuntu machine06:56
snapdataIs there any way to get flash to use PulseAudio instead of ALSA?06:56
alusionOne's backup solution can never be too secure or overdone imo, I have realized the sentimental value of old data as I reminisce old memories of graphics works I did as a child on paint...06:57
=== Guest59960 is now known as Psykus
alusionI thought it'd be an amazing idea to hold an elegant art gallery for mspaint creations nowadays, but all of my old images have long been gone v_v06:58
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: hdd problems? there are no hdd's in virtual machines, only virtual drives..06:58
rabbi1DarwinSurvivor: yeah, my harddisk crashed coz of virtual machines06:58
DarwinSurvivoralusion: I know absolutely nothing about it06:59
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: that doesn't make any sense. there was probably something else going on06:59
DarwinSurvivorrabbi1: what makes you think it was the virtual machine?07:00
alusionDo you have a backup solution yourself DarwinSurvivor ?07:00
krababbelWhy is there no Java 7 version of the browser plugin available, officially.07:03
jackiechan0Hey i have problem in VPN settings could anyone help me?07:04
krababbelsnapdata: why, at least youtube works fine.07:05
DarwinSurvivoralusion: rsync + "cp -al" wrapped up in a nice script. all get sent to my home server for full incremental backups (yes, full AND incremental at the same time)07:05
DarwinSurvivorkrababbel: because Oracle change the license.07:06
DarwinSurvivor!java | krababbel for more info07:06
ubottukrababbel for more info: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.07:06
jackiechan0Hey i have problem in VPN settings could anyone help me?07:06
krababbelDarwinSurvivor: thanks07:06
fidel!ask | jackiechan007:06
ubottujackiechan0: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:06
alusionWell I am going to test out crashplan for Ubuntu 12.04, pretty sure I haven't heard of any news regarding compatibility or issues so ill see myself yo07:07
alusionLast time I tried it, things started happening and the light at the end of the tunnel was flickering07:08
jackiechan0i set everything as it explained here but it does n't works  http://iphone-vpn.com/support/how-to-set-up-unblock-vpn-on-linux.html07:08
jackiechan0thanks for helping07:08
SuSEnoWhat VPN problem jackiechan0 ?07:08
fidelalusion: crashplan isnt that bad - works pretty good07:08
alusionfidel, you are using it on 12.04 LTS?07:08
jackiechan0SuSEno> it's unblockVPN  and i set everything07:08
fidelalusion: no our cpp-proE servers are still running on 10.0407:09
fideli was more focused on crashplan itself - not 12.04 in specific07:09
itsnotworkingif I use compiz, how and where do I choose window decorations? in ccsm I only see an option to enable/disable them.07:09
SuSEnoPoint to Point Tunneling Protocol07:10
jackiechan0SuSEno> what's up?07:10
alusionWould this channel offer support for Blackbuntu aswell?07:10
SuSEnoactually, I never use VPN. Sorry can't help :-(07:10
jackiechan0blackbuntu ?what is that?07:10
krababbelDarwinSurvivor: Isn't icedtea still good? At least debian has it.07:10
SuSEnobut you can explain your network configuration, so others can help.07:11
DJonesalusion: I doubt it, the channel is only for the officially supported versions of Ubuntu (ubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu)07:11
DarwinSurvivoralusion: no, you'll need to use their support channels07:11
DarwinSurvivorkrababbel: if it's not on that page, it probably won't work07:11
SuSEnoanyway if you can try install Tor, jackiechan007:12
DarwinSurvivoralusion: my backup script: http://paste.ubuntu.com/979365/ and acccompanying config file: http://paste.ubuntu.com/979367/ (only lines 1&2 are required)07:12
jackiechan0SuSEno> i want a VPN not TOR tnx anyway07:12
DarwinSurvivoralusion: it can be customized to backup any computer to any other computer and uses ssh+rsync for all the transfers07:12
DarwinSurvivoralusion: of course, usual "I am not responsible for any damage" clauses do apply. make sure you read *and* understand the script before using it!07:13
alusionInteresting, you do ssh bash scripting?07:14
DarwinSurvivoralusion: for my backup yes. it's not that hard once you learn the syntax07:14
DJonesalusion: Looking at their website, their support irc channel is on "irc.foonetic.net" channel #Blackbuntu07:15
alusionYeah I've dabbled, I was just wondering if you were some shell ninja or knew some kool tricks =)07:15
alusionAh nice! thank you!07:15
DarwinSurvivoralusion: it's a variation (and HUGE expansion) of http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-software-2/rsync-and-cp-al-for-staggered-backups-332926/07:16
DarwinSurvivoralusion: you will need to create an empty folder that matches the date-stamp the script uses before running your fisrt backup, after that it will run just by executing it07:16
alusionCheat Sheets are my ultimate delight.07:17
alusionWtf @ filling out so much info for a cheat sheet?!07:17
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Onixsanyone on vbox here07:23
itsnotworking!ask | Onixs07:24
ubottuOnixs: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:24
Onixs!ask | itsnotworking07:24
ubottuitsnotworking: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:24
_Matze_My Ubuntu on WMware-player broke down and wouldn't boot anymore. so I came here yesterday and I was told to make a new ubuntu-VM and mount the old ubuntu-VM into the new system.. how can I do so?07:25
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Onixs_Matze_ i just used my old vbox image to the new vbox07:28
krababbelDarwinSurvivor: I installed java7 from a ppa again, and it seems to work well. Libreoffice 3.5 added support as well. :)07:28
_Matze_Onixs: I don't understand..07:29
Braden`Ubuntu is telling me that my max resolution is 1024x768; however, I would like to set it at 1366x768.  How would I force it to use that resolution?07:29
Braden`Using the 2D desktop07:29
CruX|Braden`: try in console xrandr -s 1366x76807:29
TonyJust wanted ot let everybody know I finally got the wlan0 up, PITA...07:29
Braden`Will that remain when I reboot?07:30
itsnotworkingis using checkinstall recommended, when installing stuff from source on ubuntu?07:30
CruX|Braden`: no07:30
Braden`CruX|:  How do I make it permenate?07:30
CruX|Braden`: but try if this resolution is supported by your driver07:30
Braden`CruX|:  Size not found in available modes07:31
Braden`(it was the correct resolution before I ran do-release-upgrade)07:31
CruX|and which graphics card you have ?07:31
Braden`I have an NVIDIA card, but am using VirtualBox07:32
Braden`the host is Windows 707:32
Braden`I have the latest guest additions installed07:32
CruX|never used it, sorry07:33
krababbelBraden`: can't you just resize the guest window then?07:33
gulzarwhere are default icons saved? In .desktop files instead of path only name of the icon is written. Where are those icons?07:33
HowDoIOn a brand new install of 12.04, the monitor connected to my Nvidia 8400GS graphics card using the Nouveau driver periodically goes black as though it were disconnected.  If I let the machine idle until it would turn off the monitor, I have to press and hold the monitor's power button to get it to turn back on.  This does not happen with 10.04, nor with the built-in Intel graphics.  Any ideas?07:33
Braden`krabbel:  Ubuntu is maxing at 1024x76807:33
krababbelBraden`: you said ubuntu runs in vbox? just enlarge the vbox guest window.07:34
thomasprWith Natty I had to downgrade the flash plugin. Is it possible, that firefox was deinstalled fpr that ?07:36
Braden`krababbel:  It is already set to full-screen07:36
_Matze_My Ubuntu on WMware-player broke down and wouldn't boot anymore. so I came here yesterday and I was told to make a new ubuntu-VM and mount the old ubuntu-VM into the new system.. how can I do so?07:37
krababbelBraden`: Working guest additions should let you resize the guest however you want.07:37
krababbelBraden`: works for me under windows 7 at least07:37
sirriffsalotHey again. Still having my bootup-freeze problem since upgrading to 12.04... anyone? :-/07:38
thomasprMatze: Wirklich mounten ???07:38
dontknowIs the default ati card driver installed with ubuntu called kms?07:38
banseljajHi people. I am unable to log in after upgrade to 12.04. Also, Right now dpkg isn't working cuz the directory is locked. Hoow do I remove the lock?07:38
sirriffsalotbanseljaj: hah! Welcome aboard!07:39
HowDoIWow, you too with crashes sirriffsalot?  I just found yet another bug with Unity... This xchat window is not appearing in the Unity panel...07:39
stevedtrrrrmtrying to get ubuntu runnin- on a VM07:39
sirriffsalotHowDoI: not crashing... can't even login lol:)07:39
stevedtrrrrmit sez processor isnt right for kernel#07:40
sirriffsalotHowDoI: freezing on bootup07:40
stevedtrrrrmwhen i try to boot to the cd image07:40
sirriffsalotHowDoI: try "unity --reset" ?07:40
Braden`krababbel:  I will re-install guest additions07:40
HowDoIsirriffsalot, look at the bright side:  At least you don't get the opportunity to get in the middle of a task and THEN have your computer freeze.07:40
stevedtrrrrmsays it needs.....07:41
thomasprstevedtrrrrm: 32/64-bit architecture checked ?07:41
banseljajsirriffsalot: Thank you.07:41
sirriffsalotHowDoI: I guess... but I've been at this for three days-.-07:41
stevedtrrrrmpretty sure i dled 32 bit07:41
stevedtrrrrmchecking now07:41
_Matze_thomaspr:       zumindest irgendwie sowas.. ist mir auch egal wie.. hauptsache, ich kann auf mein VM-OS wieder zugreifen07:41
stevedtrrrrmsays it needs "pae"07:41
sirriffsalotbanseljaj: haha:) Go to rescue mode and get into failsafe mode, then try dpkg07:41
banseljajAnyways, How do I release the lock so I can install stuff.07:41
zambahow can i make the calendar in gnome show monday as the first day of week?07:41
wildwillyhello everyone07:41
HowDoIWhoa, could a buggy Unity be exposing bugs in the graphics drivers and causing my Intel graphics feezes?07:41
zambaand don't tell me to change the LC_TIME locale, because that brings with it lots of sideeffects07:42
sirriffsalotHowDoI: definitely07:42
stevedtrrrrmi 386 is 32 bit?07:42
krababbelBraden`: You should have a menu in virtualbox guest window: View/auto resize guest display. If it is not greyed out, guest additions are OK.07:42
thomasprDie meinten wahrscheinlich, dass Du eine leere VM erzeugst und den Pfad auf die bereits bestehende umbiegst ?07:42
HowDoIsirriffsalot, Ubuntu 12.04 fried my power supply unit 1 day after installing it.  Then it won't even run right on all new hardware.07:42
stevedtrrrrmthe file name is ubuntu 12 desktop i38607:42
thomasprstevedtrrrrm: i386 only means intel processor07:43
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stevedtrrrrmk tom07:43
AchlysEpithetthomaspr, it means a 32 bit processor.07:43
sirriffsalotHowDoI: haha... well, people call us crazy for updating to 12.04 within two months of release, but it wouldn't develop without us, so give ourselves a pat on the bacK;D07:43
AchlysEpithetAnd not necessarily an Intel.07:43
AchlysEpithetI.. guess. =P.07:43
CruX|Braden`: if 1024x768 is max try to increase video memory07:43
CruX|in virtualbox07:44
DarwinSurvivorthomaspr: no, i386 is for ALL 32 bit processors (except possibly arm)07:44
stevedtrrrrmyes i am in virtualbox07:44
DarwinSurvivorthomaspr: amd64 is also for all 64 bit processors07:44
appamajig_i386 is any x86 (from amd, intel, a few others, but relatively unknown) that does NOT support 64-bit (but i386 apps CAN run on 64-bit hardware)07:44
HowDoIsirriffsalot, they shouldn't release an LTS version saying it works unless it really does.  Taking the expert's word for it shouldn't be "crazy"07:44
DarwinSurvivorthomaspr: basically intel made a 32 bit architecture that everyone else copied and amd did the same with 64 bit07:45
sirriffsalotHowDoI: they do tell us they can't be 100% sure:)07:45
wildwillycan someone explain what would cause an installation to hang at "stopping CPU interrupts balancing daemon"?07:45
stevedtrrrrmi am in virtual box with 32 bit processor and i386 iso file07:45
AchlysEpithetWell actually the i386 was a family of 32 bit processors including the Intel 80686.07:45
AchlysEpithetThe i586 was the pentium series, and the 686 were most of the 64bit processors.07:45
stevedtrrrrm"This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU :- pae"07:46
AchlysEpithetWell officially, the are intel-specefic, but they use this de-factor term to classify the processors. so an i386 ubuntu would run fine on any 32 bit intel or amd processor.07:46
appamajig_AchlysEpithet, in the context of linux, it means 32-bit compiled. no need to confuse poeple.07:46
stevedtrrrrm"This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU :- pae" << is the error msg when booting to the image thru virtualbox07:46
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, mmm. Well your CPU doesn't have physical address extension.07:46
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: this is in virtualbox?07:46
HowDoIsirriffsalot, yeah, I'm still wondering if I should try to RMA my brand new motherboard before it's too late to try another one.  Maybe mixing up new hardware would make the bug go away07:46
stevedtrrrrmyes darwin07:46
AchlysEpithetThey let you address more than 4 GB of ram in non 64 bit systems.07:46
AlinnIn ubuntu scripts runs after double clicking how can i do this in kubuntu?07:47
sirriffsalotHowDoI: Don't know what to tell you, haha:)07:47
banseljajOkay, Now it won't let me log in graphically, But I can log in from command line easily. Worst of all, it can log in the Guest Account07:47
sirriffsalotHowDoI: gonna visit my dad with this computer and see if we can sort it out together since no one here has the length of time + skill to sort it out07:47
AchlysEpithetappamajig_, =\. Well pardon me if I am wrong, but thomaspr thought it's only for intel.07:47
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: close the guest, select it and hit "settings -> system -> processor" and make sure "Enable PAE" is checked07:47
stevedtrrrrmachlys epithet - the processor is a standard but 6 or 87 year old ibm thinkpads' intel centrino. 1.5ghz07:47
stevedtrrrrm*6 or 7*07:47
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, well then it's probably 32 bit, has no PAE. And will therefore only run Ubuntu i386.07:48
AchlysEpithetAnd umm... will only address upto 4 GB of ram.07:48
AchlysEpithet(Actually 3.7 GB or something like that.)07:48
HowDoIsirriffsalot, lul, I would try my new hardware under Windows, but my windows HDD is an IDE drive, and the new motherboard doesn't have a connector.  Irony...07:48
stevedtrrrrmachlys - but ive downloaded the i386 iso07:48
AchlysEpithetIt doesn't run?07:49
stevedtrrrrmand am trying to boot to it in the VM07:49
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: check the virtualbox setting. if "Enable PAE" is grayed out, your processor does not support it07:49
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, VMWare?07:49
sirriffsalotHowDoI: at least we're having fun;D07:49
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, use 1 GB of ram.07:49
AchlysEpithetEnable PAE.07:49
AchlysEpithetand disable VT/x if there is an option.07:49
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: did you check the virtual box setting for PAE?07:49
AchlysEpithetSince I don't know what version of VirtualBox you run.07:49
stevedtrrrrmachlys- ill have to buy some more ram- the machine only has 248MB07:50
AchlysEpithetOh damn. -.-07:50
appamajig_AchlysEpithet, if you want to be technical, it's not an intel term, it's a standard for 32-bit software instruction (a set of instruction used by compiled 32-bit applications) it was pioneered by intel, and first included on 80386 processors. It is not intel-specific, but it is a standard. easiest explained as 32-bit programs are i386. processor doesn't matter (unless you'r on a phone or an up coming arm-processor system).07:50
AchlysEpithetThen just use 128 mb of ram.07:50
stevedtrrrrmachlys - ill set it to that npw07:50
AchlysEpithetappamajig_, are you implying IA-32 is same as i386?07:51
HowDoIsirriffsalot, yeah, right now I just have to deal with the screen blanking out all the time, but at least it hasn't crashed yet.  With a 5 year old graphics card.07:51
AchlysEpithetIt runs a 32 bit architecture too.07:51
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, hope it works. =).07:51
stevedtrrrrmtrying now07:51
stevedtrrrrmsame error07:51
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: do you have PAE enabled in virtualbox?07:52
AchlysEpithetWhat does it say?07:52
stevedtrrrrmwhere will the vtx option be ?07:52
stevedtrrrrm"This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU :- pae" << is the error msg when booting to the image thru virtualbox07:52
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, under processors, I think. I actually use VMWare.07:52
appamajig_AchlysEpithet, BUT, with all that said, there really was no need to correct you at all. So you can disregard it. had a pedantic moment... IA-32 is the OFFICIAL intel verbage for 32-bit instruction sets. IA-32 is specifically intel, i386 is generic.07:53
appamajig_AchlysEpithet, but no, I wasn't originally saying that.07:53
AlinnIn ubuntu scripts runs after double clicking how can i do this in kubuntu?07:53
stevedtrrrrmi see no vtx option07:54
AchlysEpithetI'll rephrase what you just said. Intel i386 isn't the generic term for all 32 bit processors. It's the official term for the Intel 80686 processors made during in 1985.07:54
stevedtrrrrmerror message is:- "This kernel requires the following features not present on the CPU :- pae"07:54
AchlysEpithetWhile IA-32 is the generic name for all 32 bit processors.07:54
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, Are you sure your CPU has PAE?07:54
appamajig_you got that from IA-32 is the OFFICIAL intel verbage? seriously?07:54
AchlysEpithetIt is.07:55
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, have you installed the VB kernel modules?07:55
stevedtrrrrmachlys- does that mean i can use the processor to pour cheese onto nachos?07:55
stevedtrrrrmhowdoi - no. what are they?07:55
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, should you be compelled, yes.07:55
stevedtrrrrmachlys- i dont know what pae is07:56
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info07:56
stevedtrrrrmi know what the acronym stands for. but beyond that...07:56
stevedtrrrrmthanx willis07:56
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-UIzWUQ3cqw4/TzVdb2UeydI/AAAAAAAAHs8/964AKfmtD74/s1600/virtualbox-pae-fix.png07:56
dr_willispae is default on 32 bit 12.04 ubuntu07:57
dr_willislubuntu has non pae option by default07:57
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, did you recently update the linux kernel on your machine?  Virtualbox always needed to reload the kernel module after I did that07:57
DarwinSurvivorHowDoI: I believe his host system is windows07:57
stevedtrrrrmno how do i i wouldnt know how to do that07:58
pedahzurI'm trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 under KVM/qemu (via virt-install)on a CentOS 6.2 host. Install starts, but then tells me: "ERROR Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree." Same error with the 10.04 ISO. Both are server CDs. Any ideas?07:58
_Matze_My Ubuntu on WMware-player broke down and wouldn't boot anymore. so I came here yesterday and I was told to make a new ubuntu-VM and get access to the old ubuntu-VM from the new system.. how can I do so?07:58
stevedtrrrrmdarwin im on windows yes07:58
HowDoIOh wait, stevedtrrrrm, you're asking about Windows?07:58
AchlysEpithetUmmm, sorry to bother you, but can you tell me the exact processor you use?07:58
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: can you please look at the screenshot I posted and tell me if you have the same PAE/NX option in your virtualbox?07:58
stevedtrrrrmhowdoi - running ubuntu on virtualbox in windows. yes07:58
DarwinSurvivorHowDoI: windows host, ubuntu guest07:58
stevedtrrrrmlooking darwin07:59
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, so your windows host is complaining about not having pae, or your Ubuntu guest OS?07:59
stevedtrrrrmubuntu guest os when i try to boot to the CD to install it07:59
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, do you have PAE enabled in BIOS?07:59
stevedtrrrrmdarwin - the option is there, and greyed out, with the check mark present.08:00
AchlysEpithetGreyed out? Aha.08:00
stevedtrrrrmachlys - i wouldnt know.08:00
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, Most likely, your BIOS doesn't have PAE enabled.08:00
AchlysEpithetIf the host doesn't have PAE enabled, the guest can't have an option for PAE.08:00
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, weird.  Most computers have had pae support for decades, apparently08:01
AchlysEpithetHowDoI, most are, by default, disabled.08:01
AchlysEpithetMy old Silicon Graphics crusader was.08:01
snapdataI get this error whenever trying to use FFMPEG to stream to an FME server: "[rtmp @ 0x15927a0] Server error: Reserved property (releaseStream)." Tried googling No dice. Any ideas?08:01
stevedtrrrrmthis is a 2005 Thinkpad R50e08:01
stevedtrrrrmso i must go and enable it?08:01
stevedtrrrrmin bios?08:01
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, have you tried booting the Ubuntu CD directly, without virtualbox?08:02
stevedtrrrrmhowdoi - i dont have a CD08:02
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: it could also be that his windows OS simply doesn't have the PAE driver installed.08:03
stevedtrrrrmdarwinsurvivor, how do i check?08:03
EvokenAcheronDammit, my bnc went down. -.-08:03
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, so you're just mounting the .iso in Windows?  You could try a USB stick08:03
stevedtrrrrmand how do i activate it in  bios?08:03
EvokenAcheronstevedtrrrrm, is it AMI or Phoenix?08:04
stevedtrrrrmhrmm. not sure i have a USB stick- ill check08:04
EvokenAcheronHello efaistos.08:04
stevedtrrrrmevoken - is what AMI or phoenix?08:04
efaistosWas wondering was the equivalent of sun-java6-jre on ubuntu ...08:04
stevedtrrrrmevoken ive no idea what ami and phoenix refer to08:04
EvokenAcheronstevedtrrrrm, is your BIOS made by American Megatrends International or Phoenix?08:04
efaistosor this one sun-java6-plugin08:04
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:05
EvokenAcheronefaistos, the sun-java6-plugin, I believe, integrates java with the browsers.08:05
stevedtrrrrmevoken - i dont know- i dont get the yellow megatrends logo. I imagine phonix - will it tell me at boot?08:05
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: booting off the live-cd/usb will tell you if your *processor* supports it. if not, you'll have to use lubuntu or something. If it DOES support it, you will need to try the #windows channel and ask them how to install it in windows08:05
EvokenAcheronstevedtrrrrm, umm.. well yes, usually. Should I get you pictures of those two?08:05
efaistosEvokenAcheron: yeah have a colleague here with an ubuntu ... and cant find any java pkg08:05
* efaistos under debian has no issue :) 08:06
DarwinSurvivor!java | efaistos08:06
ubottuefaistos: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.08:06
EvokenAcheronefaistos, I suggest you install the ubuntu-restricted-extras from Ubuntu's repository.08:06
dr_willisthe iced-tea gpl java is in the repos08:06
EvokenAcheronIt includes the Sun Java JRE6 with the IcedTea plugin.08:06
EvokenAcheronstevedtrrrrm, see this. ]08:06
EvokenAcheronDoes your's look like that one?08:06
efaistosEvokenAcheron: ok i'll forward the pkg :)08:06
Peetz0rHi, I just upgraded from ubutnu server 10.04 > 12.04, and now apache isn't doing https anymore08:06
dr_willisi just checked those  those one box's at the start of the installer and i think it pulled them in by default. ;)08:06
EvokenAcheronefaistos, Erm, just hold on.08:07
EvokenAcheronhttp://www.clickonf5.org/7777/how-install-sun-java-ubuntu-1004-lts/ <--- That should help, efaistos.08:07
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efaistosEvokenAcheron: thanks dude :)08:07
AchlysEpithetNo worries. ^^08:07
janamithrani am using ubuntu 12.04 . in my keyboar  numpad is not working  only enter key is working  how to solve this problem?08:07
stevedtrrrrmevoken - from memory yes booting to it now08:07
AchlysEpithetjanamithran, are you sure your keyboard's not faulty? =P.08:07
HowDoIjanamithran, press the Num Lock key?08:08
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, all right. Ah, just go through all of the submenus, it should have "PAE" written some place. I am pretty sure.08:08
efaistosthanks i forwarded the two links he should be able to setup his java now :)08:08
AchlysEpithetjanamithran, it could be possible that you're not using the right keyboard layout.08:08
stevedtrrrrmill tekk a look when i git there,08:08
AchlysEpithetefaistos, let's hope so!08:08
* efaistos is too kind ... should tell 'em to go find an answer :) 08:08
janamithran AchlysEpithet  HowDoI  ya it works propely in  microsoft windos  and i press numkey too08:08
AchlysEpithetjanamithran, likely that you don'08:08
efaistosi mean 3 minutes two links :)08:08
AchlysEpithet* don't have the right keyboard layout set up for windows.08:09
AchlysEpithetDamn, I need a new keyboard.08:09
* efaistos loves IRC 08:09
dontknowis kms default driver for ati in ubuntu?08:09
AchlysEpithetThis one aint't fast enough.08:09
janamithranAchlysEpithet:  i am using english us layaout08:09
HowDoIjanamithran, if you hold down the 4, 5, 6, or 8 key, do you see your mouse cursor moving?08:09
AchlysEpithetjanamithran, should work. =|.08:09
HowDoII mean 2, 4, 6, or 808:09
=== sdx24 is now known as sdx23
janamithranHowDoI:  yes08:09
AchlysEpithetdontknow, I believe not, each card has their own driver.08:09
AchlysEpithetYou can use jockey to find out what driver your computer needs.08:09
AchlysEpithetIf you can't find the right driver for your card, go to the ATI website, hopefully, they'll have a source code for your card that you can compile and install.08:10
AchlysEpithetBut jockey-gtk usually detects most of the hardwares that require installing a propreitary driver and does it automatically for you.08:10
HowDoIjanamithran, it's a super-annoying "disability feature".  Try pressing Shift + Num Lock08:10
stevedtrrrrmachlys - the bios screen is entitled IBM BIOS SETUP UTILITY08:10
thatoneguyI have a samsung series 9 on 12.04 and it's running extremely hot... any suggestions?08:10
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, Aha.08:11
Qualiahhow do i check for xchat updates08:11
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, is there an "Advanced Option" or anything?08:11
stevedtrrrrmlooking achlys08:11
AchlysEpithetQualia, the apt-get update usually does it.08:11
Anomie21I'm trying to made a slideshow for someone in iPhoto and it's a POS, is there something for Ubuntu that does the same job?08:11
janamithranHowDoI:  i tryed but not wortking08:11
HowDoIjanamithran, also, I noticed that in some versions of Ubuntu, after connecting/controlling the host through VNC, this "feature" would be automatically enabled08:11
AchlysEpithetAnomie21, LibreOffice?08:12
AchlysEpithetMaybe that should work.08:12
Anomie21AchlysEpithet: You can make slideshows in Libre?08:12
stevedtrrrrmachlys - "extended memory initialisation"08:12
stevedtrrrrmis that it?08:12
AchlysEpithetAnomie21, they have Libre Presentation, I am certain.08:12
HowDoIjanamithran, Are you using Ubuntu 12.04?08:12
stevedtrrrrmthe only thing that looks remotelylike "pae"08:13
Anomie21AchlysEpithet: Isn't that more like powerpoint?08:13
janamithranbut i don't know vnc08:13
Peetz0rI just upgraded from ubutnu server 10.04 > 12.04, and now apache isn't doing https anymore08:13
janamithranHowDoI: ya08:13
AchlysEpithetAnomie21, are you talking about creating photo slideshows?08:13
Anomie21AchlysEpithet: I mean like a photo slideshow, that I can burn to a DVD and play on a dvd player08:13
AchlysEpithet* Anomie21 use Pitvi.08:13
janamithranHowDoI: upgraded form 11.1008:13
xenon_Hi!I need some help.i upgraded to 12.04 and my taskbar and left programs bar dissapeared!Please help.Thank you08:13
Anomie21AchlysEpithet: Ta :)08:13
HowDoIjanamithran, looks like they changed the keyboard toggle setting in 12.04.  Go to your system settings, then "Universal Access", then click the "Pointing and Clicking" tab, and turn off "Mouse Keys"08:13
AchlysEpithetIt's a video editor, and lets you create photo slideshows and burn them directly onto an optical media.08:14
AchlysEpithetOr awhatever you prefer. xD.08:14
stevedtrrrrmachlyepithet the only thing that looks remotelylike "pae"08:14
xenon_Hi!I need some help.i upgraded to 12.04 and my taskbar and left programs bar dissapeared!Please help.Thank you08:14
stevedtrrrrmachlysepithet the only thing that looks remotelylike "pae"08:14
stevedtrrrrmis the "extended momery intiialisation test"08:14
AchlysEpithetxenon_, type killall gnome-panel08:14
janamithranHowDoI: 123456789008:14
AchlysEpithetin terminal, that is.08:15
janamithranHowDoI: it is working :) thank you  so much08:15
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, nah, not that.08:15
HowDoIjanamithran, no problem bruh08:15
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, well is it disabled?08:15
rebournenyone know if there is a support channel for virtualbox?08:15
AchlysEpithetxenon_, press Alt + F208:15
AchlysEpithetThis will bring up the Terminal.08:15
AchlysEpithetType out killall gnome-panel in terminal.08:15
stevedtrrrrmits currently disabled yes08:16
xenon_in terminal?I can't open terminal,i'm stuck in searching and this browser08:16
AchlysEpithetThat should work. It kills the process gnome-panel. The gnome-panel should automatically resurrect.08:16
DarwinSurvivorrebourn: #vbox08:16
AchlysEpithetxenon_, press Alt+F208:16
AchlysEpithetIt opens up terminal.08:16
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, enable it.08:16
AchlysEpithetAnd see.08:16
janamithranthank you all08:16
AchlysEpithetrebourn, yes.08:16
rebournDarwinSurvivor thx08:16
stevedtrrrrmachlysepithet ok08:16
xenon_doesn't open08:16
AchlysEpithetErm, janamithran answered it. :P. Sorry.08:16
janamithranAchlysEpithet:  HowDoI thank you bye08:17
pungi-manxenon_, What do u mean by u cannot open another terminal from current terminal??08:17
AchlysEpithetjanamithran, take care!08:17
AchlysEpithetpungi-man, aren't you mi3?08:17
AchlysEpithetxenon_, Did you press Alt + F2 by the way?08:17
AchlysEpithetYou know it works most of the time.08:17
janamithranAchlysEpithet:  thank you   you too08:17
xenon_i pressed alt+f2 and it doesn't open terminal,the problem here is like on windows when explorer.exe stops working08:17
pungi-manno we both are brothers (cousins) AchlysEpithet08:18
AchlysEpithetxenon_, mmm... Did you try restarting your computer?08:18
AchlysEpithetpungi-man, I'll note that down some place. Blimey enough the fact, you use the same IP address, pungi-man.08:18
xenon_i will try now,brb08:18
AchlysEpithetxenon_, good luck!08:18
AchlysEpithetErm, it quit. xD.08:18
thatoneguymy laptop is running super hot in 12.04... any suggestions? It runs really cool in windows :-\08:18
pungi-manu are Indian AchlysEpithet ??08:18
AchlysEpithetpungi-man, Half Indian.08:19
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: does it also run hot if you are not logged in?08:19
AchlysEpithetthatoneguy, how hot? 50 degrees?08:19
thatoneguyhow can i check the temp?08:19
jacobraskIn keyboard shortcut settings, how do I set a shortcut to "disabled"?08:20
pungi-manare u in india??? AchlysEpithet ??08:20
AchlysEpithetAffirmative on that, pungi-man.08:20
DarwinSurvivorjacobrask: select it and hit either delete or backspace (one of those will do it)08:20
pungi-manusing mtnl?? AchlysEpithet ??08:20
AchlysEpithetpungi-man, MTNL, New Delhi for this IP.08:20
AchlysEpithetAssuming you're considering the IP from my Whois.08:20
AchlysEpithetthatoneguy, http://www.lucidtips.com/2009/06/06/monitor-cpu-and-hard-drive-temperatures-on-ubuntu-linux/08:21
AchlysEpithetAsk your brother for more. xD08:21
AchlysEpithetHe'd be rather happy to tell, I trow.08:21
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, enabling pae might cause a problem with your Windows installation though... be warned08:21
AchlysEpithetWell he is right about that, stevedtrrrrm. Gives you nasty bluescreens.08:22
jacobraskDarwinSurvivor: it was backspace, thanks08:22
pungi-manmy brother knows about OS and network and I know more about programming08:22
AchlysEpithetpungi-man, last time I checked he runs Ubuntu and conky. -.-08:22
xenon_Hi!Still the same :(08:22
stevedtrrrrmim still not sure ive enabled it08:22
AchlysEpithetAnd he didn't register his nick. xD08:22
stevedtrrrrmthere wasnt an option for pae08:22
stevedtrrrrmjust "extended meory initialiaztion"08:23
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, well did your turn on VirtualBox and start up the ubuntu guest?08:23
stevedtrrrrmcould be the same thing08:23
stevedtrrrrmi spose08:23
AchlysEpithetWell it's highly unlikely that EMI could be same as PAE.08:23
stevedtrrrrmlong boot  - old machine08:23
xenon_ I restarted,it doesn't work08:23
AchlysEpithetSince back in the days, I've seen all BIOSes use the term PAE.08:23
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, =P.08:23
pungi-manwe both are computer nerds! proud to be one. But the only difference is that I am fit while he is not08:23
AchlysEpithetBeen there, done that.08:23
thatoneguyAchlysEpithet: Unable to locate package sensors-applet and computertemp08:23
JohnnyricoMCI prefer the term intellectually badass :p08:24
xenon_i may say that i use compiz,can this program affect somehow?08:24
AchlysEpithetthatoneguy, did you first install the repository?08:24
pungi-manthatoneguy, its hddtemp and not computertemp08:24
AchlysEpithetxenon_, likely.08:24
stevedtrrrrmi would be intellectually badass if all the women attempting to rape me didnt put me off my thinking. :..(08:24
pungi-mantry this : sudo apt-get install hddtemp08:24
AchlysEpithetstevedtrrrrm, awww. xD08:25
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: I have a feeling extended memory initialization is just a more thorough ram scan at boot time08:25
AchlysEpithetxenon_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1741913 could help.08:25
JohnnyricoMCIt's not rape if both parties enjoy it stevedtrrrrm xD08:25
stevedtrrrrmdarwin - same - but im trying it08:25
AchlysEpithetJohnnyricoMC, it's consentful rape maybe.08:25
stevedtrrrrmjohnny- after the first 30 women, i get sore, johnny :..(08:25
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: if that doesn't work, try lubuntu instead, I believe it has PAE disabled by default so it should work OK08:25
stevedtrrrrmk darwin08:26
xenon_i must reinstall it,how can i do it from this situation?08:27
_Matze_How can I use the data of a broken down Ubuntu-VM from another Ubuntu-VM ?08:27
AchlysEpithetxenon_, sudo dpkg -r in terminal?08:28
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, why do you even need pae on a guest OS?  Is your guest OS the 32-bit version of Ubuntu?  Are you certain it's not Ubuntu Server?08:28
xenon_yeah,cannot do,i can't access terminal08:28
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: try booting the vm with a setup iso for ubuntu and using that08:28
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: just like when you first installed it, just chose "try ubuntu" instead of "install ubuntu"08:28
AchlysEpithetxenon_, restart your computer, drop into recovery mode.08:28
dr_willis_Matze_:  have the new vm instance  attatch the broken instances hd image to the new vm session as a 2nd hd is one way08:29
stevedtrrrrmhowdoi - no im not08:29
DarwinSurvivorHowDoI: the 32bit ubuntu desktop disk uses pae by default now08:29
stevedtrrrrmill check08:29
dr_willis_Matze_:   booting a live cd iso may be easier . ;008:29
xenon_how can i "drop into recovery mode"? sory for so many stupid questions,i'm a beginer user08:30
stevedtrrrrmits the i386 version howdoi i wastold that implies 32 bit earlier08:30
_Matze_dr_willis:       how can I boot a live cd iso?08:30
dr_willis_Matze_:  tell the vm to boot it. using its settings08:31
xenon_oh,i have foud terminal08:31
_Matze_DarwinSurvivor: there is no "Try Ubuntu"08:31
cocolosCan I set the watchdog timer?08:31
stevedtrrrrmUbuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit << desktop version, right ?08:31
dr_williscocolos:  what whatdog timer?08:32
HowDoIstevedtrrrrm, you can maybe try the minimal iso version as per: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/05/how-to-install-ubuntu-1204-on-non-pae.html08:32
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: select the vm in virtualbox and got to settings -> storage and add the iso as a virtual CD-rom08:32
_Matze_dr_willis:       VMware-player or the VM-OS itself?08:32
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: then boot it08:32
stevedtrrrrmok how doi08:32
cocolosdr_willis: Well when I run my cuda app it always get killed because the kernel is taking too long08:32
cocolosdr_willis: I assume this is to prevent program from going to infinite loop08:32
xenon_i wrote "sudo dpkg -r" and it gave an error " dpkg : -- remove needs at least one package name argument"08:32
dr_willis_Matze_:  im not clear on what yiou mean. if you want to access a messed up vm disk image.. boot an iso in the VM08:32
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: actually, first things first: what VM are you using? virtualbox, wmware, etc08:33
thatoneguyi'm watching the temps now08:33
thatoneguyi just restarted so it'll tak ea couple mins08:33
_Matze_DarwinSurvivor: VMware08:33
DarwinSurvivor_Matze_: oh sorry, i'm only familiar with virtualbox. but you should be able to boot off the iso and do your recovery from there.08:34
thatoneguyAchlysEpithet: temp1: 48 C and temp2: 29.8 C (crit +100C)08:34
AchlysEpithetHOLY THING !08:34
_Matze_dr_willis:       I want to access a messed up guest OS but I don't know if it's aviable as an Iso..08:34
AchlysEpithetthatoneguy, are you sure you didn't spray some oil on it and put it on a bbq?08:34
xenon_i managed to reset unity from terminal,works now!!08:34
_Matze_DarwinSurvivor: OK, thanks! I'll try!08:35
AchlysEpithetI think your init.d script turns down the fan RPM.08:35
dr_willis_Matze_:  any linux iso should work.08:35
AchlysEpithetThat makes it heat up.08:35
DarwinSurvivorAchlysEpithet: actually, I've seen many systems get along with a cpu of 6008:35
AchlysEpithetI suggest you too look at this <--- http://tuxtweaks.com/2008/08/how-to-control-fan-speeds-in-ubuntu/08:36
stevedtrrrrmnope that change to the bios didnt work :(08:36
stevedtrrrrmstill says missing pae08:36
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: then you'll either have to talk to the #windows guys to find out if it's a hardware or windows problem. or you will need to use lubuntu which has no pae by default08:36
_Matze_dr_willis:       but how can I tell it, what VM-OS to access?08:36
AchlysEpithetDarwinSurvivor, Most Intels of the Core generation don't go beyond 45 inside the room.08:36
cocolosdr_willis: is that correct?08:37
stevedtrrrrmok darwin thanks08:37
AchlysEpithetCPUs with a bigger manufacturing process tend to heat up faster. AMDs heat up really bad.08:37
DarwinSurvivorstevedtrrrrm: with 256MB of ram, you're going to have a hard time running a vm anyways, especially the full-blown unity desktop08:37
thatoneguyIt's a samsung series 9... being thin probably wouldn't help that, I just thought it was really strange considering it barely gets warm in windows no matter what i do08:37
dr_williscocolos:  no idea. never messed with cuda or that part of ubuntu08:38
rebournanyone familiar with pbxware08:38
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: do the fans sound noisier or quieter in ubuntu than windows (also check with your hand how much pressure/volume is coming out)08:38
_Matze_dr_willis:       I have another Ubuntu on VMware-player. can I maybe access the other ubuntu from there?08:38
dr_willis_Matze_:  if i had a broken vm in vbox. i would start that vm session in vbox.  but befor i powered it on 'virtually' i would have it insert the iso in to the virtual cd drive.. so its in fact booting the cd.... same as you would for a real pc.08:39
thatoneguyDarwinSurvivor: I'll take notice tomorrow... the fan on this thing is really quiet so I rarely notice it.08:39
_Matze_dr_willis:       Ah, so I need a virtual cd drive08:40
dr_willis_Matze_:  thats a noirmal feature of all these vm's08:40
dr_willisthsts how you normally instgsll the os in the first placce on them, ;)08:41
_Matze_dr_willis:       okay.. how do I get to this GRUB or however the bootmenu is called?08:41
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: have you noticed if unity is really slow? it could be that your graphics card has the wrong driver and the cpu is trying to do the grahic's card's job08:42
=== Fyodorovna is now known as wilee-nilee
wendicomay i play my arcade mame roms on ubuntu?08:42
dr_willis_Matze_:  err. you are booting the iso. that gets to the  'live desktop' you then access your hd as you would if it was on a real machine.   Im not sure what bootmenu you are refering to08:42
A_Jumm my flash is broken : http://i2.lulzimg.com/c9030c595e.png08:43
_Matze_dr_willis:       I thought of the one,, where I can select the boot device08:44
DarwinSurvivordr_willis: I had told him earlier to boot from the iso and chose "try ubuntu" from the menu, that may be what he's thinking of08:44
A_Jheya dr_willis08:44
dr_willis_Matze_:  i dont use vmware. only vbox.. so no idea if its set to boot the iso by default or not..08:44
dr_willisMoo to U A_J08:45
banseljajHmm I can't uninstall bind9 from my system. I can't even stop bind9, which is causing my upgrades to fail08:45
A_Ji really hate flash and linux :(08:45
dr_willisI just set youtube to use HTmL5 and phhht. to flash08:46
_Matze_dr_willis:       I can click my UBUNTU and select: "Start virtual machine"08:46
A_Jsee this dr_willis http://i2.lulzimg.com/c9030c595e.png08:46
=== Athanasius is now known as Zathanasius
dr_willisflash colors are messed up for me in some videos.. html5 looks fine.08:47
A_J_Matze_:  your running ubuntu in a vm ? or a vm in ubuntu08:47
_Matze_dr_willis:       and if I install VirtualBox ? Could I then access my old VMware-Ubuntu?08:47
dr_willis_Matze_:  you may need to convert the HD images to a differnt format.08:48
thatoneguyI've been using it, waiting for it to get hot... and realized I haven't had compiz on... maybe it's that?08:48
dr_willis_Matze_:  if you converted the HD images to 'raw' format - i think you could mount them directly08:48
_Matze_dr_willis:       I'm running Ubuntu in a VM: Guest Ubuntu, Host WinXP08:48
dr_willis_Matze_:  so load the vm app, tweak its settings to mount/boot the iso file.. and let it boot up.08:49
dr_willisvbox even lets you use its menus to load a cd, and reboot..08:49
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: that makes me think you don't have the right video card drivers installed08:52
DarwinSurvivor!ati | thatoneguy08:52
ubottuthatoneguy: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto08:52
banseljajhey guys, which is the command that lets you change which daemons are run on startup?08:52
dr_willisi just rename the /etc/init/whatever.conf file to whatever.dontrun   ;)08:53
dr_willisnot sure what gui 'service' manager tools work these days with upstart08:54
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/08:55
flipscriptHello room! I recently upgraded Kubuntu and my VirtualBox stopped working. "Kernel driver not installed (rc=-1908)" is what I get when launching a VM. I tried reinstalling the application and rebuilding the kernel; and the suggestions from http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1885936. I'm at a total loss on how to fix this,  Any help would be greatly appreciated08:56
DarwinSurvivorflipscript: what happens when you run "sudo modprobe vboxdrv"?08:58
flipscriptlet me give that a try, one sec. Thanks Darwin....08:58
thatoneguyI just have an integrated intel graphics card08:59
ikoniathatoneguy: thank the lucky stars, intel cards are well supported,08:59
=== vlt_ is now known as vlt
DarwinSurvivorikonia: except that it doesn't solve his overheating problem :(08:59
DarwinSurvivorflipscript: worked?09:00
flipscriptI luv you so much right now09:00
flipscriptWhat magic did you do sir?09:00
DarwinSurvivorflipscript: that was in the first comment on the page you liked to...09:00
thatoneguyIs 60 ok to run at? it was way hotter earlier09:01
flipscriptReally! >< How did I miss that one. I must have been burt out and missed it. Thanks, I guess I'll have to work on my reading skills09:01
flipscriptlol derp09:01
thatoneguyAlso, I'm using whatever driver came with the installation...09:01
DarwinSurvivorflipscript: save that command, you will probably need it again if you are using virtualbox!09:02
flipscriptlol ok will do, thanks again!09:03
knowjI've setup a new user and assigned the www-data as a secondary group to it. Is it possible to have all files created by this users to be created with user1:www-data ownership?09:03
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: is there a little icon just to the left of the envelope icon at the top of the screen?09:03
thatoneguyDarwinSurvivor: nope09:04
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: can you run "additional drivers" from the applications menu?09:05
thatoneguyIt said no proprietary drivers are in use and had no other options but to close09:06
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: ok, then it's most likely not a video card problem09:07
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: is it relatively cool right now?09:10
thatoneguyYea, it's fine right now, just a little warm, nothing unusual and it says 54C09:10
banseljajSuys, bind9 is in a weird state now. It can't be uninstalled or updated. and it's not stopping or restarting. what should I do?09:11
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: did you ever take temperature reading in windows (for comparison)?09:12
thatoneguyNo :-\ But the difference was quite significant... like almost burning me hot... I immediately turned it off in fear lol09:13
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: ok, then we'll test by feal09:13
alusionHey I booted into ubuntu but everything is frozen, I can still log into the shell09:13
alusionHow do I unfreeze my desktop?09:14
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: please install "stress" (sudo apt-get install stress)09:14
thatoneguygot it, now what09:14
DarwinSurvivorhow many processors & cores does your system have?09:15
MarcoPauhi, is it possible to show the recently installed packages from shell?09:15
DarwinSurvivorMarcoPau: /var/log/dpkg.log ?09:16
thatoneguyquad core, 1 processor (i5)09:16
wiseguysonlyNot sure if this is the right place to ask, but I'd like my Mutt to use Openssl instead of Gnutls on Ubuntu.09:16
=== sunil is now known as AgenSpockSharath
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: ok, then run "stress -c 4" and tell me if it starts getting hot :)09:16
MarcoPauDarwinSurvivor: thank you09:16
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: hit Ctrl+c to kill the program if it does get hot09:16
Onixsubuntu is running great on vbox09:17
MarcoPauDarwinSurvivor: althou I don't seem to have the very last installed packages in there... I wanted to install some debug packages after a crash and wanted to check which ones they were in order to purge them after solving the problem09:18
AgenSpockSharathhi how do i hide my ubuntu username from my IRC handle?09:18
thatoneguyis this indefinite?09:18
dr_willisAgenSpockSharath:  many clients let you select what name to use09:19
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: yes, it will run until you kill it09:19
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: sorry, should have mentioned that :P09:19
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: did it get hot?09:19
dr_willisAgenSpockSharath:  for more security get an irc cloak09:20
dr_willis!cloak | AgenSpockSharath09:20
ubottuAgenSpockSharath: To get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.09:20
thatoneguyIt's barely warm... *shrug* I really don't know.  It's happened multiple times... just now right now.  Maybe I'm just having good luck :)09:20
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: ok, then it's not your processor causing problems (that stress program just ran all 4 cpu cores to 100%)09:20
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: did you say that running compiz triggered it?09:21
thatoneguyI thought it may have, but I've had compiz open this whole time and it's been fine09:21
DarwinSurvivorthatoneguy: brb09:22
thatoneguyIt's alright man.  Thanks for the help, I'll probably be back sometime :P I have a CS final in the morning -_- (it's 5am) bye!09:23
=== stelio is now known as cell0
DarwinSurvivorwell i'm back, but i guess thatoneguy's gone09:25
DarwinSurvivoroh well09:25
bodomI think I've found a bug in ubuntu09:32
bodomIt looks like sysctl network settings are applied after starting the network, can someone please confirm me this?09:33
callipygousHow to install gtkgrapher?09:33
dr_willis!find gtkgrapher09:34
ubottuPackage/file gtkgrapher does not exist in precise09:34
dr_williscallipygous:  from a ppa, or by source/compile it seems09:34
callipygousI have no idea how to use that09:43
callipygousumm, is there a way to use apt-get ?09:43
callipygousI'm trying to help someone install it via Skype09:43
callipygousand I'm not a Ubuntu person09:43
callipygousI was hoping apt-get install gtkgraph would have done the trick09:44
OriginalYanksterWARNING; noob alert. Both to IRC and Linux. Having issues booting Ubuntu 12.04 on brand new HDD w/o OS - creating disk image and bootable USB from OSx Lion. Am I screwed from the get-go?09:44
OriginalYankster*Mbp for creating usb, trying to boot into stationary PC09:45
ikoniaOriginalYankster: what hardware are you running on ?09:45
OriginalYanksterThe Macbook or PC? Thanks for the reply09:45
ikoniaOriginalYankster: sorry, which one are you running on a macbook or a PC09:45
informaticsim from informatics09:49
callipygousdoes anybody know a good grahping app, like Grapher on OS X?09:51
Blarrffllinformatics hey....09:51
linuxfreakerHi Guys09:51
=== gloscon is now known as khyati
OriginalYanksterikonia running on MBP, trying to install on fresh homebuilt rack. motherboard is Asus p5q pro if that's of any help09:52
linuxfreakerI tried with Ubuntu 12.04 to get installed on poweredge through UEFI but it too failed. I tried it coz of linux kernel 3.0 but it too failed.Earlier I tried with 11.04 but same fail.09:53
ikoniaOriginalYankster: sorry, I'm not following - what hardware platform are you trying to install ubuntu to09:53
linuxfreakerDarwinSurvivor: Hey..I am abck09:53
=== gloscon is now known as khyati
linuxfreakerIt shows "error:prefix not set"09:53
xuserxi have an error sudo apt-get update >>> W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EA8F35793D8809A09:54
xuserxhow can i fix that?09:54
Anomie21Pitivi has went grey (not responding) for about 30mins now, is there any way to exit without loosing my work?09:54
moviebunMorning all09:56
xuserxi have an error sudo apt-get update >>> W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EA8F35793D8809A09:56
xuserxcan you help me to fix that error?09:56
chuxuserx: In the future, be a little more patient. Someone will come to your help when they know your problem. In the mean time, you haven't verified the PPA. There should have been a little code for you to enter to get the associated public key. What is the PPA?09:58
xuserxcan you help me?09:58
xuserxim usinng xubuntu 12,0409:59
MordFustanghi can someone tell me how to copy folder to File System directory?10:00
callipygouscp -r10:00
callipygousman cp10:00
chuErgh, my computer is not a happy camper.10:01
MordFustangcallipygous im not doing this in terminal10:01
chuxuserx: Hope you don't mind reading: http://blog.launchpad.net/ppa/adding-a-ppas-key-to-ubuntu10:02
XunilMordFustang: You got the be root: try gksu (or gksudo) nautilus and then copy10:02
vincenzomlIs there a way to drag a file from one maximised nautilus window to another application? I sort of recall that this was done by hovering the dragged file on the application icon in the dash10:03
xuserxso i cant fix that error?10:03
chuxuserx: Did you read the page?10:03
xuserxthat ppa is not for ubu12.0410:03
Anomie21Argh this Pitivi is a POS, freezes once I load 10+ pictures onto it10:03
chuxuserx: You just have to add the PPAs key to your install.10:03
xuserxhow can i do that?10:03
chuxuserx: By reading that page I linked you to.10:04
chuI have no idea what the public key for the PPA you are using is, you'll have to hunt that down on your own.10:05
xiobeHi, i am thinking of playing with metal as a service (MAAS) but I have a question I can't seem to find the answer to. Can I deploy other OS than Ubuntu? The reason why I need to know is because I want to manage the infrastructure with a limited set of tools.10:05
xuserxcan i add that key using terminal?10:07
xuserxchu:can i add that key using terminal?10:08
xuserxhow ?10:08
OriginalYankster<ikonia> ah, apologies - like i said: noob =P the problem's a bit complicated and i've tried several different things, is there anywhere i can send you a longer message describing the whole deal?10:09
chuMaybe you shouldn't be using PPAs.10:09
chuxuserx: From doing a search on google, this is what has come up: `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name' will add the PPA and apparently fetch the key also.10:11
exiffHallo... where are backgrounds and emblems in 12.04?10:11
xuserxchu: doesnt work10:11
xuserxsudo add-apt-repository ppa:user/ppa-name10:11
chuObviously you're going to need to replace the ppa:user/ppa-name with the one you mentioned above.10:12
exiffAlso, how do i customise the theme?10:13
xuserxhow can i ignore that error10:14
chuBy not reading it?10:15
dontknowcan i ask question about arch?10:15
xuserxi see it every time when i update system10:15
chudontknow: No10:15
xuserxusing upfdate manager10:16
chuxuserx: Yep, because there is no key associated with the PPA, and PPAs make strict requirements they want keys.10:16
chuxuserx: Follow the steps above to add the associated key10:16
chuxuserx: `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:flexiondotorg/java'10:16
xuserxi aleready tried10:17
shani0610Hello people, I just WGET'd a small mp3 file but I am not getting the location. where should I look into?10:17
=== tux is now known as Guest3782
OriginalYanksterWARNING; noob alert. Both to IRC and Linux. Having issues booting Ubuntu 12.04 on PC without OS - creating disk image and bootable USB from OSx Lion.10:17
xuserxand doesnt work10:17
DJonesdontknow: This channel is for Ubuntu support only, I think the Arch channel is #archlinux10:17
OriginalYankster*booting for install10:17
chuxuserx: So, I'm having difficult working out which one you tried. There are two I have given you, one with ppa:user/ppa-name and one with the actual text pasted in.10:17
chuxuserx: And "doesn't work" doesn't really give me any indication what's going on.10:18
rabbi1i can see few fonts from specimen font viewer, how can i get the path of the particular font ?10:19
Starwoodshani0610: It depends on the directory you were in when you downloaded it.10:19
xuserxnow,can you help me ?10:20
shani0610I was here: root@ad-linbox:~#10:20
chuxuserx: I don't know, apparently there's no key there. You might want to look around the web site where that PPA is and see if they have anything to say about it.10:20
MonkeyDustxuserx better contact the maintainer of the PPA10:21
chuxuserx: I can't really help you - I have no idea what you're trying to do (what that PPA does), I have no idea how PPAs work in general, I have just done some quick google searching. Sorry I can't be of more help.10:21
rabbi1guys, how can i find a particular font path ?10:22
Starwoodshani0610: Looks like your home directory, so your /home/username/10:22
Wipsterafternoon all, can anyone recommend a disk checking utility? I need to check my usb as I think its on the way out, cheers.10:22
MonkeyDustxuserx  a PPA is an 'external' software source and not supported here10:22
shani0610been there nope, no traces10:23
xuserxi had the same error with opera10:23
alusion_Hello Ubuntu I am using gnome and my super key won't bring up the activities screen anymore what happened?10:24
xuserxthat ppa is usable but that error is annoying10:24
xuserxhow can i disable gpg errors ?10:24
OriginalYanksterNo takers on Ubuntu 12.04 install from bootable USB? It's quite an interesting story...10:24
Starwoodshani0610: Hidden file by chance?10:26
WipsterOriginalYankster, there is a step by step on the website http://www.ubuntu.com/download/help/create-a-usb-stick-on-mac-osx10:26
reynirSince I have upgraded to 12.04 the keyboard has stopped working in X.org three times. Killing xmonad "helps" but it's a very poor solution. Is this a known issue?10:26
rtp2342shani0610: maybe you want to look at /root10:26
shani0610nope I have already allowed hidden files...10:27
gaston_hi guys, i'm trying to install a driver to be able to use my video aquisition card on ubuntu, been through 3 tutorials, anyone familiar with that?10:27
rtp2342shani0610: seems you were root when running wget10:27
shani0610yep I was so how to get that file?10:28
shani0610I got no access to root folder10:28
rtp2342shani0610: of course, normal users are not allowed to read/write the /root directory10:28
rabbi1guys, how can i find a particular font path ? tried checking in font.conf but no luck :(10:28
rtp2342shani0610: why did you wget the file as user root anyway?10:28
shani0610It was a crappy mistake I was apt-ing afew apps.10:29
rtp2342shani0610: then log in as root again, move the file to your normal user's home dir and chown it to that user10:30
shani0610ok guys thanx10:30
rtp2342shani0610: mv /root/blah.mp3 /home/user/ ; chown user:user /home/user/blah.mp310:30
BeelI'm using the Ubuntu live CD and I'm trying to install ubuntu on a different hard drive than where I have windows installed. It keeps telling me "No root file system defined. Please correct this from the partitioning menu" I thought I knew what I was doing, but I don't.10:31
OriginalYankster<Wipster> thanks for the reply, however i've already created the USB AND had it successfully boot into Ubuntu on my PC with no OS - then realizing I forgot to connect my HDD to it's SATA port. Powered down, plugged in HDD, now all I get "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt".. *scratches head*10:31
nmarquesanyone can tell me the default console font on Ubuntu 12.04 ?10:31
WipsterOriginalYankster, its possible the usb is corrupted then if you hold shift while its booting and choose check disk integrity10:32
rabbi1guys, how can i find a particular font path ? tried checking in font.conf but no luck :(10:34
fotomonsteri need some help compiling an application that requires wxWidgets to be compiled with OpenGL support10:35
fotomonsterit seems like libwxgtk isn't10:35
MonkeyDustnmarques  monospace 1210:38
* warka runs with fonts10:38
OriginalYankster<Wipster> Ok, thank you for the tip! Just go called out on a job so I can't check till tonite - should I buy a new USB pen and try it then, or would it be enough to format the USB?10:39
gaston_when i try to modprobe raw1394, it can't find it. anyone knows why/how?10:42
MonkeyDust!tab| OriginalYankster10:42
ubottuOriginalYankster: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.10:42
WipsterOriginalYankster, depends putting the image back on might be enough or it might be a duff usb10:44
OriginalYankster<ubottu> thanks, not sure if i'm doing it right though - <> with nick in between?10:45
rebournhow do I dind out if I have a 32bit or 64 bit ubuntu10:46
Ben64uname -a10:47
OriginalYankster<Wipster> Ok, I'll get an extra drive just in case - just can't figure out why it decided to go nuts once i plugged in a hard drive =P thanks for your help, I really appreciate it!10:47
Ben64OriginalYankster: if you put people's names in <> it makes it look like you're quoting them, not talking to them10:48
ikoniaOriginalYankster: again, I'm still not sure what hardware platform you're actually trying to install to10:48
ikoniaOriginalYankster: could you please confirm what you are trying to install to10:48
Anomie21Is there anyway I can give a specific program a higher priority? So it gets allocated more RAM/CPU?10:50
rebournLinux laftof 3.2.0-24-generic-pae #37-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 25 10:47:59 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux10:50
rebourn32 bit?10:50
ikoniarebourn: correct10:51
ikoniaAnomie21: doesn't quite work like that, what are you trying to do any what problem are you having10:51
ikoniaAnomie21: you can change priorities of things, but it won't do what you're after, are you having a problem with a specific program/instance10:51
Anomie21ikonia: Trying to compile a movie file in Pitvi and it keeps freezing10:51
ikoniaamogorkon: have you any idea why it's freezing ?10:52
Anomie21ikonia: Take it that was meant for me? Nop, I assume because it's too resource heavy for my pc10:52
ikoniaAnomie21: have you any idea why it's freezong10:52
rebournwhat is "pae"10:53
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, lets not assume anything, lets work it through (glad you explained the problem - try to explain the real issue than guessing at a fix)10:53
Anomie21but I dont have problems with any other apps10:53
ikoniarebourn: extended memeory support in 32bit kernels10:53
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, so what makes you think it's lack of resources (I'm assuming you've done some research on this)10:53
NgevdI'm a bit annoyed10:54
Anomie21ikonia: Because when I was making the movie I had to move things slowly or it would freeze10:54
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, so lets step back, do you have time to run some tests with me ?10:54
Anomie21yeah sure10:54
NgevdBecause 12.04 doesn't seem to have the driver for my laptop's touchpad10:54
NgevdBut everything worked brilliantly when I booted from USB?10:54
=== Gary_ is now known as Gary
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, tell me a little about your machine, how much ram do you have ?10:55
Anomie21ikonia: 2GB ram, 2GB swap10:55
NgevdHang on, idea10:55
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, so that's pretty "solid" in terms of spec10:56
Anomie2168.8% of RAM is being used, 45% of my CPU10:56
ikoniaAnomie21: can you open a terminal window please ?10:56
Anomie21ikonia: yep10:56
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, I'd like you to close everything apart from your video encoding app and the terminal window, can you do that please ?10:56
OriginalYanksterikonia: thanks for sticking with me on this! I'm not sure what you mean by hardware platform... could you elaborate for a lesser technical dude? =P10:56
ikoniaOriginalYankster: "what type of machine are you trying to install ubuntu onto "10:57
Anomie21ikonia: what about my IRC app? :P10:57
ikoniaAnomie21: ahhh, you're using that PC for irc too, ok, leave that open10:57
ikoniaAnomie21: I'm assuming if this freezes you'll reboot and re-join10:57
Anomie21okay, I've closed all chats but this one10:57
ikoniaAnomie21: do you have a "numlock" and/or "capslock" light on your keyboard ?10:58
ikoniaAnomie21: can you confirm both/either work now10:58
ikoniaAnomie21: eg: turn them on/off10:58
Anomie21yep they both work10:58
ikoniaAnomie21: great, ok, so in a minute we are going to run a test encode on your video10:58
ikoniaAnomie21: I'm going to give you some information to note down first though, incase this machine freezes10:59
ikoniaAnomie21: in the terminal window can you please top "top"10:59
ikoniaAnomie21: you should get a resource monitor10:59
OriginalYanksterikonia: ah... It's a home built, no specific model... Stationary cabinet w/ Asus p5q pro motherboard, Sapphire Radeon grahpics and 8gb ram10:59
ikoniaOriginalYankster: ok, but it's an "x86" or "intel" style computer, not the mac platform10:59
Anomie21ikonia: yep10:59
ikoniaAnomie21: great, take a quick look at that top output now, (ignore the ram for the moment) does it look "generic" as in nothing is eating your resources now ?11:00
OriginalYanksterikonia: intel, not a mac platform11:00
Anomie21Yep, only unusual thing is 'python' using 22.3% of my RAM - is that the video encoding?11:00
ikoniaOriginalYankster: ok, is there a reason you're not just doing a standard install from CD11:00
ikoniaAnomie21: are you encoding a video now ?11:01
mafiaboyany one know how to install aircrack-ng in ubuntu 12.0411:01
Anomie21ikonia: It says 'Rendering - Estimating time' (has done for the past 20min) not sure if it's actually doing anything11:01
segakanonhi, all11:01
possible1994I cannot install 12.04. The last message on the screen when trying to boot it is "panic occured, returning to console" I have tried failsafe, alternate install, and USB install11:02
possible1994same result every time11:02
ikoniaAnomie21: ok - give me 2 minutes, just need to pop away from my desk for a moment11:02
LjLmafiaboy: like all other software, by using Software Center, apt-get or Synaptic11:02
possible1994How do I install 12.04 when every time the kernel is "tainted"11:03
mafiaboyi think it's not included in this release11:03
LjLmafiaboy: yes it is, i've just checked on my computer11:03
auronandace!find aircrack11:04
ubottuPackage/file aircrack does not exist in precise11:04
LjLmafiaboy: uhm, actually packages.ubuntu.com doesn't give it. i see it in my apt-get though11:04
auronandaceLjL: not running backtrack are you :)11:04
mafiaboyhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/979637/  :LjL11:05
gaston_hi guys, i'm trying to use an external video aquisition card, but it won't work11:05
DX099auronandace, http://download.aircrack-ng.org/aircrack-ng-1.1.tar.gz11:05
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, you still there11:05
gaston_it seems raw1394 is not used anymore by 12.0411:05
LjLauronandace: nah. mafiaboy, i do seem to have an Oneiric repository enabled for some reason though, so it must be that.11:05
auronandaceDX099: thanks for the link but i don't need it11:05
gaston_so i tried other solutions, went through several tutos and forums, couldn't find a solution11:05
gaston_would really appreciate some help11:06
Anomie21ikonia: yeah sorry was just getting my lunch off the wee sandwich guy :)11:06
semenHi! I have troubles with laptop LCD brightness control under Xubuntu 12.04. Can anybody help?11:06
ikoniaAnomie21: not a problem11:06
DX099mafiaboy, http://download.aircrack-ng.org/aircrack-ng-1.1.tar.gz ?11:06
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, in top, the far left there is a PID colomn, I'd like you to "kill -11 $PID" in another terminal11:06
Anomie21mglasgow@mglasgow-HP-Compaq-dx7500-Microtower:~$ kill -11 $PID11:07
Anomie21kill: usage: kill [-s sigspec | -n signum | -sigspec] pid | jobspec ... or kill -l [sigspec]11:07
auronandaceikonia: -11? whats that do?11:07
OriginalYanksterikonia: yes, the machine has no optic drive =P i've already created the USB AND had it successfully boot into Ubuntu on my PC with no OS - then realizing I forgot to connect my HDD to it's SATA port. Powered down, plugged in HDD, now all I get "isolinux.bin missing or corrupt".. *scratches head*11:07
DX099mafiaboy, #aircrack-ng11:08
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ikoniaOriginalYankster: plugging in your hard disk has probably changed the order of your disks in the bios11:08
ikoniaAnomie21: sorry replace $PID with the PID number (in top) of the python process11:09
auronandaceikonia: i've seen kill -9 but not kill -11, whats the difference?11:09
ikoniaauronandace: graceful11:09
Anomie21ikonia: Ah, I see. Done. it appears to have quit pitivi11:10
gaston_hi guys, i'm trying to use an external video aquisition card, but it won't work. anyone familiar with that?11:10
ikoniaAnomie21: that's good11:10
auronandaceikonia: cool, thanks for the info11:10
rtp2342auronandace: -11 is SIGSEGV, so it simulates a segmentation fault in the target process11:10
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, what I'd like you to do, is open the encoding application and run an encode11:10
auronandacertp2342: ah, neat11:10
ikoniaAnomie21: keep an eye on your resources in the top window, you should seem them get used quite agressivly (which is good)11:10
mafiaboythanx ....i will try compiling it11:11
ikoniaAnomie21: if you have any concerns if your machine has hung, tap capslock/numlock, if the light responds, it's still "ok"11:11
TvL2386Hi guys, I'm running ubuntu12.04 with a HP NC550SFP 10G NIC (Emulex OneConnect) and I'm experiencing packet drops/overruns. Traffic going through is 140MBIT/~40000 p/s and I experience about 1 overrun every 2 seconds. I think it's an issue with the be2net driver (another machine running 10.04 on myricom 10G nics has 10 times the load and drops/overruns nothing) Anybody here got any idea or experiences the same?11:12
ikoniaAnomie21: keep an eye on the "swap" section in top, the total and the used column11:12
OriginalYanksterikonia: have tried formatting USB and starting over, as well as played wildly boot priority/device emulation and still nothing... leaning towards tip from <Wipster> that USB is screwed...11:12
ikoniaAnomie21: if the total and used column are the same number (eg: you've used all available swap) your machine is running low on resources11:12
Anomie21ikonia: Seems like there is plenty of swap, RAM, and CPU11:13
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, start an encode and see what happens11:13
Anomie21but it's still running at a snails pace :(11:13
ikoniaAnomie21: interesting, so you know you're not shy on resources then11:13
ikoniaOriginalYankster: unplug your disk and try to boot the USB disk, does it still work again ?11:13
gaston_auronandace, i see you're still online, maybe you have a quick fix for me ^^11:15
apctrhi all can any one tell me how to install Micromax modem on ubuntu 9.1011:15
gaston_(btw, struggled, but have managed to compile a working version of 1.1.13 vlc)11:16
MonkeyDust!9.10| gaston_11:16
ubottugaston_: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.11:16
gaston_!9.10 | apctr11:16
ubottuapctr: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.11:16
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gaston_MonkeyDust, but thx ^ ^11:16
gaston_auronandace, i'm trying to install a driver for a external video aquisition connected through firewire11:17
Anomie21ikonia: Anything else I can do? Just leave it for a few hours and see it works?11:17
apctrgaston_: Ya i'm using 9.10...becoz i have created a  local repository for that one...11:17
ikoniaAnomie21: let it run, lets see what happens11:17
auronandacegaston_: i have no experience with firewire11:17
gaston_i see that raw1394 and such are not used anymore in 12.04?11:17
gaston_auronandace, oh then forget it, thanks anyways :)11:18
Anomie21Time to investigate online photo slideshow makers :P11:18
rtp2342gaston_: raw1394 belongs to the old firewire stack and is deprecated11:18
ikoniaAnomie21: you'll need to let one run as a benchmark to see if we can improve it11:18
WipsterThe ubuntu 12.04 server i386 I have on a usb keeps failing its md5 check on ./install/netboot/ubuntu-installer/i386/pxelinux.cfg/default, I have checked the md5 of the iso and its correct and I have used two different usb's. is there a known problem with the current server image?11:18
ikoniaAnomie21: out of interest, how big is this movie encode ?11:18
gaston_rtp2342, so what do i need to do to use my video card?11:19
rtp2342gaston_: i don't know if there is a replacement for raw1394 in the new stack11:19
ikoniaWipster: why is a usb key looking at a pxe config ?11:19
gaston_rtp2342, i don't really need a replacement, i just need to be able to grab from my cam ;)11:19
rtp2342gaston_: never had any devices requiring raw firewire access11:19
Wipsterikonia, doing a disk self check before I attempt to install11:19
gaston_i'm on a canopus avdc100,11:20
rtp2342gaston_: the only firewire device i ever worked with was my old external hard disk11:20
stangriI need some help with problems after upgrading my server from 10.04 to 12.04, is there anyone who can help me troubleshoot these?11:20
gaston_rtp2342, but as far as I know, all video grabbers are firewire, no?11:20
Anomie21ikonia: Not sure, 33 .TIFFs at about 500MB going in, not sure whatll that be once its converted11:20
OriginalYanksterikonia: i'll be darned.. Nope, doesn't work. USB skrewd?11:20
ikoniaOriginalYankster: it certainly sounds that way11:20
rtp2342gaston_: sorry, no experience with video grabbers11:20
ikoniaAnomie21: ok, just trying to get an idea of the size11:20
ikoniaWipster: ok, so don't worry about pxeconfig as your not using pxe11:21
gaston_rtp2342, easy, i'll keep looking and ask again ;)11:21
Anomie21ikonia: http://www.photosnack.com/ <-- Looks like a lot easier solution :P11:21
stangrifirst of all, the asterisk.org has no binary packages for 12.04 so I'm stuck with the reference to oneiric in sources.list11:21
stangrishould I just remove this reference?11:21
Wipsterikonia, as the self check fails on that package how do I know the rest is fine? Will this problem be corrected in the next ico packing?11:22
ikoniaWipster: no idea what you're talking about "next iso packaging", if the iso verify's the md5sum you should be fine11:22
skulltipmorning, should I install a fresh 12.04 or upgrade? any difference?11:22
rtp2342gaston_: from the help text of the new firewire stack: "the module will be called firewire-core. This module functionally replaces ieee1394, raw1394, and video1394. To access it from application programs, you generally need at least libraw1394 v2."11:22
Wipsterikonia, but it fails its self test which is worrying11:23
rtp2342gaston_: so i guess your framegrabbing app has to support libraw1394 v2.11:23
zvacetskulltip:you will  end up with same result11:23
auronandaceskulltip: more can go wrong with an upgrade (especially if you use ppas)11:23
edgyHi, I installed squid but it's listening on tcp6 only, what can I do to fix this?11:23
ikoniaWipster: depends what that self test is checking for, you're using the netboot option, I'm not sure how well that CD is put tgother11:23
gaston_rtp2342, hm i think i have it, but let me try again11:23
skulltipok thanks auronandace and zvacet11:24
ikoniaWipster: either way, you're not using the pxeboot stuff, so you shouldn't have a problem11:24
ikoniaedgy: change the config to include ipv4 options11:24
ikoniaedgy: how did you install squid11:24
Wipsterikonia, ok cheers, shall just go for it then11:24
skulltipif i install alongside my prev install, is there a way to remove the prev install later on?11:24
edgyikonia: sudo apt-get install squid311:24
OriginalYanksterikonia: all right, out for a new USB pen it is! Thank you guys for all your help!11:24
ikoniaedgy: should be fine then11:24
auronandaceskulltip: i keep everything i need on a seperate partition so fresh installs are a breeze (also backup to external harddrive too)11:24
edgyikonia: which line I need to change please?11:25
skulltipyes i have home on another drive even11:25
edgyikonia: and why it's not a default?11:25
ikoniaedgy: no idea, not got the config file in front of me, it should be ipv4 by default11:25
zvacetskulltip:yes you can remove it but no need for that use CD or usb to ugrade11:25
=== HughHefner is now known as MoshutZu
zvacetskulltip: do you have separate home partition11:26
skulltipseparate harddrive11:26
alusion_Ubuntu, I have ran off a dual boot with windows 7 for some time now but now I want to go all Linux, how do I format my primary drive to ext4 from ntfs when it's mounted as /host?11:26
alusion_It seems you are talking of something similar o_o11:26
edgyikonia: I have a line saying: http_port 312811:27
skulltipinstall and edit fstab to point to it11:27
zvacetskulltip: ok you have few drives,bnut do you have separate home partition for ubuntu11:27
Anomie21I love ubuntu, just batch converted 30 .TIFFs to .JPG. Wouldve taken me ages in PS11:27
skulltipyes, my mounted home is on sdb, install is on sda11:27
zvacetskulltip:  then do upgrade from cd or usb11:28
=== john_103 is now known as ki4ro
skulltipok zvacet thanks11:29
zvacetskulltip: if something goes wrong you have install media and your files are safe11:29
ki4roWhen I try to run freshclam:  ERROR: Can't open /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log in append mode (check permissions!).11:29
ki4roERROR: Problem with internal logger (UpdateLogFile = /var/log/clamav/freshclam.log).11:29
gaston_rtp2342, just talked to the guys from vlc, shouldn't change from vlc's pov11:29
ki4roAny ideas? Please and thank you.11:29
zvacetskulltip: it is faster if you use usb11:29
gaston_so must be local. i'm trying with kino, and dvgrab11:29
Anomie21wtf, $19 to download this slideshow11:37
* Anomie21 gets out his flash ripper11:37
Dr_willisAnyone else noticed or heard of others with an issue where using 12.04 and a Nvidia card - X seems to 'bog down' after running for a long time (like 12+ hrs)   Just sitting on the desktop. i come back and everything is sluggish.  - i log out/back in and its all backto being speedy11:41
Jbarcus81Good day!11:42
Jbarcus81Question.. Long time Ubuntu user, first time putting it on my laptop by Asus... I can't get the power settings to extend my battery life at all.. I can get about 5 hours if not more on Windows .. but Ubuntu drains it in about an hour or less.. what gives??11:44
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  what version of ubuntu?11:45
Jbarcus8112.04 x6411:46
Dr_willisYou have one of those dual-gpu optimus laptops?11:46
Jbarcus81It has an Intel Core i-511:47
Jbarcus81But Intel HD 3000 Graphics11:47
Dr_williswell that elimimtes the only idea i have on  whats sucking the battery.11:47
Jbarcus81lol... I have no idea.. I have it set to suspend when I close the lid.. .It seems to start to do this but locks up and I have to power down and back on to get it back..11:48
idodeisukeWhat's new in 12.04 except some changes in this horrible Unity UI?11:49
idodeisukeAnd some new default apps...?11:49
Dr_willisUnity works very well.11:49
Dr_willisits Hud feature is very nice. there has also been battery/power optimzations.11:49
Dr_willisthe webupd8 blog site and omgubuntu site have summaries of the new featutres.11:50
idodeisuke@Dr_willis oh cool will it eat less battery power? COOL!!11:50
Dr_willisidodeisuke,  from what ive read the 'bugs' with the older releases  and their power manager has been fixed. but aparently some people still have issues.11:51
Dr_willisIve not noticed much differance on my netbook11:51
Jbarcus81idodeisuke, about battery life? I'm not so sure... My laptop still locks up when I close the lid..11:51
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  how old is that laptop anyway?11:51
Jbarcus81I bought it in February ...11:52
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  ive often found that 'very new' laptops tend to be more problematic, untill the next release of ubuntu comes out.  ie: one i bought right NOW may have issues that may get fixed with the next 6 mo release.11:53
Dr_willisoften its kernel bugs/fix's that are the main cause/cure.11:53
idodeisukeWell, my laptop now is a real antique piece of ****, my normal laptop has gone missing ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;-(((((((((((((((((((((11:53
guest1999hello there11:53
idodeisuke@guest1999 hello11:54
guest1999i need help (please) with compiling11:54
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall11:54
guest1999im compiling a fortran lib & i am getting a warning in regard of zlib11:54
MorganJarlAfter trying to change my home folder to a separate partition and upgrading from 11.10 to 12.04 at the same time I can't log in to my user anymore, I have to use the guest log in. It seems something went wrong with the mounting of the partition or something. When ever I log in (with the right password - If I use the wrong one the login complains) I end up on the login page again. I can't SUDO as guest so I cant get to my f11:54
MorganJarliles to change what ever went wrong. I used this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving Now I can't reinstal 11.10 - it doesn't want to boot from the cd nor the usb stick. I have a brand new Dell Inspiron N411Z11:54
Wipsterikonia, apparently there is a problem with the base-packages the installer fails11:54
jribguest1999: what fortran lib?11:54
Jbarcus81I just wonder if it's kernel based issues ... Ubuntu isn't the only Distro I have issues with on this laptop...11:54
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  for your power issues you may want to check ->  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/PowerManagement11:55
guest1999Muesli: people.irisa.fr/Edouard.Canot/muesli/11:55
TanebI messed up installing, now when I turn my laptop on I get "grub rescue". Any advice?11:55
Jbarcus81Dr_willis, on my way!!11:55
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  if nothing else.. you can at least file some bug reports. so hopefully it gets  fixed/looked at for the next rel4ease11:55
Wipsterikonia, this is with the standard ubuntu-12.04-server-i386 image11:55
kmels- hello, i have added a second monitor that xrandr doesn't detect, but it shows an ubuntu image, where should I look further?11:55
idodeisukeDoes Xubuntu also have all these power mgmt advantages without this horrid ui?11:55
guest1999i compiled it successfully on 12.04 but im getting the warning on 11.1011:55
Dr_willis!fixgrub |  Taneb11:55
ubottuTaneb: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:55
Jbarcus81Dr_willis, definitely can do that..11:55
Dr_willisidodeisuke,  enough with the ranting about the ui. and yes. all the ubuntu variants should have the same underlaying features.11:56
SidewinderTaneb, Back-up, if needed and re-install?11:56
guest1999idodeisuke: getting this:Warning: you don't have the zlib library!   -> data compression in file I/O will not be available,      therefore, please consider installing 'zlib'.      (for Fedora distrib., install the 'zlib-devel' package)11:56
TanebSidewinder: how do I find the things to back up?11:56
TanebNevermind, found them11:57
Dr_willisguest1999,  install the zlib and zlib-dev packages yet?11:57
idodeisuke@Dr_willis thx and OK I will stop ranting about the UI... Reluctantly >:D11:57
Dr_willispeople complain no matter what.. so its pointless and not the point of this channel in any case.11:57
guest1999Dr_willis: i already install zlib1g-dev11:57
* Dr_willis Hugs the 12.04 Hud.11:57
guest1999as i did on 12.0411:57
gaston_hm still not working... Anyone used firewire video card on 12.04?11:58
Dr_willisgo shotgun on installing anything with zlib  in its name. :) perhaps it wants some older version of the lib11:58
SidewinderTaneb, Well, usually in /home, perhaps some user settings; but if it's a new install, I wouldn't suspect that there's much to back up.11:59
Dr_willisa firewire video card? it displays video? Captures?11:59
* idodeisuke empties a Tavor cartridge into the 12.04 hud :P11:59
DeltaHeavyHey, I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 in GNOME fallback mode and whenever I open Nautalis, I get the "Opening <folder name>", which lingers for quite a while (under a minute still) even though I can use Nautalis to it's full ability and appears to be fully loaded. Anybody know how to get rid of this problem?11:59
Jbarcus81One last question before I go and it's something I've been wondering for some time.. I know Ubuntu=Gnome, Kubuntu=KDE... What is Xbuntu??11:59
DeltaHeavyJbarcus81: XFCE11:59
gaston_Dr_willis, captures11:59
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  XFCE and Lubuntu = Lxde11:59
gaston_Dr_willis, camera plugged on one side, computer on the other, via firewire11:59
Jbarcus81Is there any benefit to using one distro over the other?11:59
guest1999Dr_willis: it requires 1.212:00
MorganJarlanyone have any idea what I could do to fix my files? I don't seam to be able too boot from the live cd...12:00
guest1999Dr_willis: manual says: ZLIB_1_2 must be assigned to a directory containing the zlib-1.2 library; it should be /usr/lib.12:00
Dr_willisgaston_,  Hmm. been ages since i used one. last camcorder i had with firewire it actually accessed it as if it was a hard drive.. :)12:00
guest1999on 12.04 it was auto detected12:00
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  you could install all the desktops on the same install if you wanted.12:00
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  for low end machines/old skool type interfaces/   i tend to use Lubuntu.12:01
gaston_Dr_willis, act it send Composite to the card, which then is plugged by firewire to the laptop12:01
guest1999Dr_willis: I am using the configure: ./configure --f90=gfortran --blas=/usr/lib/ --lapack=/usr/lib/lapack/12:01
DeltaHeavyJbarcus81: When it comes to Desktop interfaces it's mostly preferance. Some are more lightweight than others so if you're using a pretty old machine, I'd suggest XFCE, and if you have something even older like a pentium II, LXDE is more lightweight. You can however install any number of Desktop enviroments and switch between them freely but then you have applications that make use of KDE mixed in with GNOME and it can get annoying.12:01
guest1999& getting the warning mentioned before12:01
profanephobiaI am needing to create an SMTP server on my Ubuntu box that listens on a port and saves all incoming messages to a directory. From there it needs to release any lock on the file. can anyone point me in the right direction12:01
Dr_willisguest1999,  you may want to change to a better nick.. and you DID set the ZLIB_1_2 enviroment variable? thats how i read wht those docs you pasted said.12:02
Jbarcus81Interesting.. I have an Asus with a core i-5 so performance isn't a concern... but I've always wanted to try Xbuntu ... is there a trick to this? Will Google give me some good results on how to do this so ya'll don't have to go into it??12:02
CRM114just upgraded to 12.04 and I have font problems in Konsole12:02
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and poof - you got both on the same install.12:02
Jbarcus81Well bam!12:03
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  removeing it.. can be trickier. :) or test a xubuntu live cd first...12:03
CRM114it looks like freemono is not really monospace12:03
DeltaHeavyJbarcus81: If I recall correctly XFCE uses GTK+ just like GNOME so if you installed XFCE in a plain Ubuntu install you shouldn't run into many of the headaches I mentioned before ealier. You can install it with apt-get12:03
Dr_willismakes the song and dances you got to do on windows to get alternative 'shells' seem redicilous. ;)12:03
Dr_willisDoes lubuntu use gtk? I never noticed.. i think it may for some apps..12:04
Jbarcus81I'll give it a shot! Thanks..12:04
DeltaHeavyidk if LXDE uses GTK+. GTK+ does seem to be leading the pack though.12:04
Dr_willisgtk+ is used by so many things :) i imagine lubuntu uses it for somthing.12:04
bodomDoes anybody if sysctl.conf is applied after /etc/ini.t/networking start in ubuntu?12:04
guest1999Dr_willis: on 12.04 (amd64) it was auto detected12:04
DeltaHeavyJbarcus81: Just playing around with a live CD should suffice if you just wanna try it out. Whole point of live CDs12:04
MorganJarlHow do I boot in safe mode with 12.04?12:05
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  neat trick 101 - set up grub2 to boot live cds from your hard drive.. :) makes testing out new disrtos fun and faster.12:05
shinichiis DarwinSurvivor here?12:05
Jbarcus81Nice tip!! Never would have thought of that Dr_willis !!12:05
Jbarcus81DeltaHeavy, definitely..12:06
Dr_willisJbarcus81,  my /boot/ partion has several ISOS - i can install 12.04 from that /boot/ partion for a VERY fast install.12:06
profanephobiaI am needing to create an SMTP server on my Ubuntu box that listens on a port and saves all incoming messages to a directory. From there it needs to release any lock on the file. can anyone point me in the right direction12:06
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  you mean the rescue mode/recovery mode? where you get to a console/menu to do some things?12:07
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Jbarcus81Very slick!12:07
gaston_Dr_willis, any idea?12:07
MorganJarlDr_willis: Yea. I guess. I can't log in with my user only guest and need to change some files. i think.12:08
=== guest1999 is now known as BEC
Jbarcus81Well I'm off.. thanks for the info and great tips!!12:08
Dr_willisgaston_,  not really. other then perhaps check askubuntu.com and the forums to see if anyone else has done such a thing.12:08
shinichihey can anyone help me about ubuntu 12.04?12:08
gaston_Dr_willis, yep, been on it for the past 5 hours :D12:09
chrowe_any have an idea why I can't get my NTFS USB drives to stop auto mounting using gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/media_automount False12:09
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  you get to the login/lightdm screen and what happens exactly?12:09
Dr_willischrowe_,  what release of ubuntu?12:09
shinichiDr_willis, sir can you help me about ubuntu 12.04?12:09
Dr_willisshinichi,  tell the channel the problem and see who can help/knows...12:10
chrowe_Dr_willis: 11.1012:10
MorganJarlDr_willis, I have set my user to log in automatically, but it stops at the log in anyway. So I type in teh pasword, the skreen goes black for half a second (showing some text that I have no time to read) and tehn I am back at the login again.12:10
chrowe_and I am running nautilus for my file manager12:11
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  go to the console, stop lightdm, (sudo service lightdm stop) and try 'startx' and look for error messages.   you could also try making a new user and see if the same issue happens to them.12:11
MorganJarlDr_willis, problem is I can only log in as guest so I have no SUDO rights.12:12
Dr_willischrowe_,  i alwyas used the 'ntfs-config' tool (had to install it) to set/tweak my ntfs mounting options.  I thought 11.10+ used dconf, not gconf also...12:12
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  at the console you cant login?12:12
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  alt-ctrl-f1 = console. :)12:12
DeltaHeavyMorganJarl: Or even better use 'su <username>'12:13
Dr_willisMorganJarl,  there is a known issue in 12.04 where users cant login via lightdm, but guest can.. (i just installed gdm and i can login with it)12:13
DeltaHeavy'su - <username>' would be better as it would run that users personal login bash scripts12:14
Dr_willisNot sure if that lightdm issue has been fixed yet or not.. never heard much about it other then 'it dont work for me, so i use gdm' ;)12:14
=== magentar_ is now known as magentar
DeltaHeavyIf you can't log into the GUI you can still switch users in the terminal. It would blow my mind if you couldn't12:14
Dr_willisDeltaHeavy,  which is why i think he may be having that lightdm issue..12:14
DeltaHeavyCan he really not switch users with 'su' in lightdm?12:15
shinichiok, erm, i've installed ubuntu 12.04 on a partitioned external hard drive yesterday, after install, ubuntu doesn't boot up and only a black screen greeted me..,but when i boot up my windows 7 it boots up normally..so i tried searching the net for solutions and what i used is easyBCD instead of grub2 which i think has a problem..,anyway, when i choose ubuntu it loads and then gets stuck at the line "starting cmain()...", i tried waiting but nothing hap12:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 986967 in Unity Greeter "unable to log in - hangs on 'logging in' msg" [High,New]12:15
DeltaHeavyThat doesn't sound like it would effect 'su' though. It sounds like it's a bug in the GUI app.12:16
Dr_willisshinichi,  i run my ubuntu system totally from external usbs befor without needing easybcd. I just have to tell the pc to boot the usb. and a black screen could be a 'nomodeset' type issue.12:16
Dr_willisshinichi,  do you see the grub menu when you boot the external disk?12:17
shinichihow could i fix it then?12:17
Dr_willisDeltaHeavy,  thats why i asked if he could login to the console.. but he never replied...12:17
shinichierr, no, only black screen12:17
Dr_willisshinichi,  it try the fixgrub factoid tips and seeif you can get grub installed to the usb. it may be it just failed to install right.12:17
DeltaHeavyDr_willis: I was just saying 'su' would probably be easier for him especially if he wants to seek more advice from us. That's all.12:18
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shinichiDr_willis, could trying to use the boot-repair do the job?i can use the trial mode of ubuntu anyway..,12:19
Dr_willisshinichi,  ive had good luck with that boot-repair tool. i dont think they included it on the default 12.04 live cd. :(12:20
DeltaHeavyshinichi: Is this your first time trying to run Linux on that specific computer?12:20
shinichiDr_willis, yea, already tried it before because i messed up the boot of my win7, good thing it fixed it..,and yes this would be the first time i'd run ubuntu in my netbook12:21
curiousxaloha all12:23
=== cryptfu_ is now known as Guest65876
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
DeltaHeavyshinichi: If it's a netbook this probably isn't an issue but it wouldn't help to look up if anybody had any troubles insall Ubuntu on that specific hardware set12:24
Chuck_Norrismeinwhile Chuck_Norris... http://i.imgur.com/qofpD.jpg  http://i.imgur.com/GscwB.jpg12:24
=== vas is now known as vas456
shinichiDr_willis, i see..hmm..will you still be online later?i've gotta go somewhere for a few minutes..,12:25
rsergioByen dia para todos12:27
Chuck_Norrisaloha rsergio12:27
rsergiocomo estas12:28
rsergiotengo una pregunta12:28
Chuck_Norris!es | rsergio12:28
ubottursergio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:28
rsergiocomo ver macros de excel de windows con libre office12:28
Chuck_Norrisrsergio: /j #ubuntu-es-cafe12:28
skulltipthe upgrade was painless from the cd12:30
skulltipunlike the two older machines with onboard video that didn't work12:31
skulltiphmm no synpatic package manager?  gimp still at 2.6??12:31
fidelskulltip: you have to install synaptic manually12:31
MonkeyDustskulltip  2.8 is out, but not yet in the ubuntu repos12:32
=== lubmil is now known as lub`
fidelregarding gimp: wait a bit longer - or use some ppa12:32
catphishis there a well-known problem with 10.04 server crashing after 200 days?12:32
skulltipok is synaptic being phased out? just wondering12:33
fidelcatphish: not that i know of - running several 10.4.x boxes here12:33
moviebunjoin #linux12:33
fidelskulltip: its just not installed per default anymore12:33
catphishfidel: i run 10.4 for all my production stuff12:33
MonkeyDustskulltip  no, it was removed from the live iso, to keep the iso small enought to fit on a cd12:33
mafiaboyjoin #linix12:33
catphishand every 200 days like clockwork all my servers crash12:33
catphishnot at the same time, but over the course of a few days12:33
axzguys where to find Gnome themes for ubuntu?!12:34
MonkeyDust!eyecandy| axz12:34
ubottuaxz: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy12:34
fidelaxz: i like webupd8.org for theme-specific news&ppa's12:34
fidelif that helps12:35
axzthanks guys12:35
mafiaboybut for that i think gnome-tweak-tool is needed12:35
rsergioalguien sabe como como ver macros de excel de windows en ubuntu12:35
MonkeyDust!es| rsergio12:35
ubottursergio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.12:35
mafiaboyis there a wway to install icon theme without gnome tweak tool12:36
MrUnagihow can i run a bash script at boot as root?12:36
ZuLLyim not so sure about this unity business12:36
MonkeyDustmafiaboy  maybe add the icons to the hidden folder ~/.icons -- havent tried it, tho12:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:36
mafiaboyi tried it but after that what to do :MonkeyDust12:37
fidelmafiaboy: the pure install doenst need gnome-tweak-tool12:37
MonkeyDustZuLLy  you're free to not use it, like myself12:37
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/12:37
mafiaboyyea but if i need to change icon theme then12:37
fidelmafiaboy: and where is the issue using gnome-tweak-tool?12:38
DeltaHeavyAnybody else find GNOME 2 fallback mode total trash?12:38
fideljust curious - or any problems?12:38
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  i'm happy with it, thank you12:38
mafiaboyi used it for quite a long time in gnome 3.2 and it was good .....DeltaHeavy12:39
DeltaHeavyMonkeyDust: Whenever I open nautalis "Opening blah blah" hangs for like a minute and a half even though I've already went like 8 directories deep, opened a file and started editing it.12:39
DeltaHeavyAnd it doesn't seem too smooth12:39
axzwow gimp 2.8 is damn sexy12:39
fidelgui's are never sexy ;)12:39
mafiaboyissue is that i have to install gnome-shell too and i just hate gnome-shell::fidel12:39
DeltaHeavyfidel: At least in Linux lol12:40
fidelDeltaHeavy: no - its software..software cant look sexy12:40
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  maybe try to reduce the number of sub-directories, 8 does not sound healthy to me12:40
alankiladid gimp 2.8 get the improved internal representations already, or is it still something for the future? I mean, each channel as 32-bit floating point value12:40
DeltaHeavyfidel: I found GNOME 2 to be far more usable than GNOME 2 fallback mode12:40
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.12:40
axz<fidel> gui's are never sexy ;) < photo editing program without GUI?! wow channeling12:40
Dualitywylde, works! thanks :)12:40
DeltaHeavyMonkeyDust: It's a local version of a website. I don't know how you think 8 sub directories isn't healthy or why it should effect that.12:41
axzAnyhow guys does anyone know how to move system trys to top bar?!12:41
fidelaxz: talking about the word "sexy" - so replace gui with SOFTWARE ;)12:41
axzin Gnome shell12:41
axzoh yeah agree with that fidel12:41
axzi want to move xchat to top bar12:41
DeltaHeavyfidel: I'm just saying compared to Windows and Mac Linux is pretty far behind in the world of GUI.12:41
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  you may want to try something else, instead of fallback mode12:41
fidelDeltaHeavy: thats pretty personal isnt it - and somehow way offtopic aswell ;)12:42
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  i guess your comments are more for #ubuntu-offtopic, as this is the support channel12:42
DeltaHeavyfidel: I don't know how expressing my dislike of Linux's GUI enviroments is personal lol12:42
MarKsaitis12.04 lts server.  samba4 : Depends: python-samba but it is not going to be installed12:43
MarKsaitisHELP pls12:43
MrUnagihow do i run a bash script on boot as root?12:43
DeltaHeavyMonkeyDust: I actually came here to ask how to stop that Nautalis thing originally.12:43
DeltaHeavyAnybody know?12:43
fidelfor sure - was just trying to get the focus back on the channels main-topic DeltaHeavy12:43
profanephobiacan i configure an SMTP server to accept all incoming messages and just save them to a directory and that is it?12:44
DeltaHeavyIs there GUI that feels like GNOME 2 or is meant to be a clone of GNOME 2 but runs on GDM3?12:45
fidelDeltaHeavy: not 1:1 a clone - but ever considered xfce?12:45
MonkeyDustDeltaHeavy  maybe this link helps http://www.tuxarena.com/2011/06/20-file-managers-for-ubuntu/12:45
ffieneSomeone else with a segfaulting Apache in glibc when SSL is enabled?12:45
DeltaHeavyfidel: Yeah, I remember hearing about something called cinnominx or something of the sort. Or also something called Trent but the googler has popped up nothing on that one.12:46
ffieneUps sorry, Ubuntu 12.04.12:46
QualiaHelp please ! My unity panel is not auto-disappearing12:47
fidelDeltaHeavy: maybe worth a look: http://www.xfce.org/12:47
QualiaHow can I solve this ?12:47
aryahi anyone12:47
MonkeyDustQualia  install MyUnity12:47
Krambiorixok, which imbecile created the sticky windows in GNOME??12:48
LjLKrambiorix: if you have a support question, please express it as such12:49
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
YerushalmiHey folks. How do I add a file to my gnome-shell favorites (as opposed to a program or a folder, which is as easy as dragging their windows into the tab when in the activities overview)?12:49
MarKsaitis12.04 lts server.  samba4 : Depends: python-samba but it is not going to be installed12:49
MarKsaitisthis is what happens on apt-get install samba4 on precise12:50
KrambiorixLjL i don't have a support question, i have a big complaint12:50
LjLKrambiorix: file a bug then, no use complaining here12:50
MonkeyDustKrambiorix  not here, try #ubuntu-offtopic12:50
KrambiorixLet's revolt!!12:50
skulltipwhen the left bar gets full i take it will autoscroll?12:50
MonkeyDustKrambiorix  linux IS the revolt12:50
skulltipfirst install/upgrade where i find the todo list for ubuntu and now there are really things for me to do  :P12:51
AndersonIve googoled, but don't know what to google for. Know how shotwell will take all your pictures and put them in 1 place? Is there a music player/organizer that will do that?12:51
ZuLLyrythmbox works well for me12:52
=== richard is now known as Guest89217
skulltiplike java7, codecs..12:52
Qualiathanks MonkeyDust12:52
Anomie21Whats the easiest way to burn a .SWF onto a CD playable on a DVD player/12:54
Dr_willisAnomie21,  use a app like devede to convert it to proper format.. and make a burnable iso image12:54
Dr_willisassuming you can convert a swf to an avi.. arent swf like shockwave games? ;)12:55
MonkeyDustAnomie21  devede can handle any format, it's in the repos12:55
ffieneSo once again and complete: I am using Ubuntu 12.04 with Zend CE Server and after a2enmod ssl and configuring the ssl-config, the server crashes during Apache restart with apache2[13708]: segfault at 0 ip 00007f2f54435626 sp 00007fff12822a88 error 4 in libc-2.15.so[7f2f54305000+1b3000]. Any idea?12:55
bubuzhi guys - i need to edit a load of config files with different hosts in them. I dont want to do manually so i want to script it. could I used sed to change the hostname mentioned several times in the config file to a different hostname and save this to a new config file? Using sed I can only get it to create the new config file with the ammended lines - not the entire config file.... any ideas?12:55
ffieneAfter a2dismod ssl, the server is working fine after start!12:56
Dr_willisbubuz,  awk may be a better tool.12:56
Dr_willisbubuz,  thers also sites with 1000's of sed examples. could be theres some way to make sed print out all the lines. but i dont sed enough.12:57
Anomie21MonkeyDust: It can't handle .swf by the looks of it12:57
Anomie21"File doesn't seem to be a video file"12:57
Dr_willisuse some other tool to convert the swf to avi. then devede can handle it.12:57
Anomie21Dr_willis: Ta, tried to install handbreak but dont think its in the repos anymore12:59
gulzarI want to create symlink of ::  /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/Main/  into  /home/gulzar/.idesktop .So that "Main" dir's content are accessible in .idesktop. I used this {{ ls -s /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/Main/ /home/gulzar/.idesktop }} but it creates only a symlink file but contents are not shown. Help12:59
MonkeyDustgulzar  it's ln -s , not ls -s12:59
gulzarMonkeyDust: sorry typo error.. i used ln -s . it creates only file but contents are not accessible13:00
ZuLLygulzar: how about mount --bind?13:01
Threeseasre: Rosegarden bad sound - upgraded to Precise and booted with teh lowlatency kernel but rosegarden through qsynth sounds like a blown speaker....any tips to fix?13:01
gulzarZuLLy: whats that? please explain13:01
YerushalmiHey folks. How do I add a file to my gnome-shell favorites (as opposed to a program, which is as easy as dragging the window into the left bar when in the activities overview)?13:01
ohad_How do I know which operations I should tune in PowerTop?13:02
ZuLLygulzar: it binds one directory to another, try mount --bind /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/Main/ /home/gulzar/.idesktop/13:02
MonkeyDustThreeseas  the irc channel #ubuntustudio may be what you need13:03
Psycho_grEven though I installed php5-dev, php is still command not found. What am I doing wrong?13:03
gulzarZuLLy: nice.. lets try13:03
PiciPsycho_gr: you need php5-cli13:04
gulzarZuLLy: and what about unbinding13:04
gulzarZuLLy: only root can do that.. :'(13:04
ZuLLygulzar use umount13:04
ZuLLygulzar: whoops, i assumed u had admin on the machine13:05
Anomie21Argh " Compressed SWF format not supported"13:05
GabrieleVHello, someone experiencing freezes with 12.04 and Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller ?13:05
gulzarZuLLy: i had.. but I want to bind unbind lots of time.. tens of time. so can't use sudo always13:05
=== niceguyj_ is now known as niceguyjames
gulzarZuLLy: symplinks is the easy way13:06
gulzarZuLLy: but I am not getting them13:06
Picigulzar: What happens when you try to cd into your symlink?13:07
dry_hi. Ubuntu [11.10/64] can't detect my web cam. I've tried ov51x, but "404 Not Found" error appears. Anyone, plz?13:08
gulzarPici: I jsut tried to open with pcmanfm.. and  a pop-up of open-with come up. I want to have contents of My_Scripts/main accessible in .idesktop13:08
YerushalmiDoes anybody know why, ever since I upgraded to 12.04 from 11.10, games like Quadrapassel, Tetravex, and Iagno are missing their menu bars?13:09
Picigulzar: Can you open any other symlinked folders?13:10
gulzarPici: This is my first time with symlinks.. but using cd shows  [[[    bash: cd: Desktop/Pictures: Too many levels of symbolic links13:10
gulzarPici: I opened some icons..  from an icon theme but folders.. none13:11
Picigulzar: Is /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/Main/ a symlink?13:11
gulzarPici: i used both these and got the same reult.. 1) ln -s Pictures/ Desktop   2) ln -s Pictures Desktop13:12
shinichi_still having problems booting ubuntu 12.04..,i'm using easyBCD to dual boot, main Os is win7 and ubuntu is installed in an external hdd, i used easyBCD because grub2 seems not to work as i only get black screen, anyway, after booting up, i chose win7 to check if it still works and it does, but when i choose ubuntu next, it loads and then gets stuck at the line "starting cmain()...:" any ideas?13:12
Guesthello ! i want to use openvz on ubuntu 12.04 - is there a howto or some packages i need to install ?13:12
=== Guest is now known as stefunz
stefunzdoh .. nickname wrong :D13:12
ZuLLygulzar: ln --help shows a -d option for directory linking, but it requires superuser also13:13
Picigulzar: It sounds like you're making recursive symlinks.  Remember that you should be using ln -s TARGET LINKNAME13:13
gulzarPici: syntax is {{ ln -s <source>  <destination ]] right?13:14
=== nW44b_ is now known as nW44b
Picigulzar: if destination is where you  want the link itself to be, yes. <source> would be the file you're pointing at.13:15
gulzarPici: Ok .. I want to symlink contents of  [[ /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/idesk ]] into .idesktop. So what will the command? /idesk contains .lnk files which contains config about icons .. ( to be used by idesk).13:16
gulzarPici: */idesk/accesories13:17
Picigulzar: ln -s /home/gulzar/My_Scripts/idesk /home/gulzar/.idesktop13:18
gulzarPici: fine.. lets see13:18
YerushalmiHey folks. How do I add a file to my gnome-shell favorites (as opposed to a program, which is as easy as dragging the window into the left bar when in the activities overview)?13:19
Psycho_grEvery time I change the directory permissions I have to logout and login to make the changes take effect. Is there a way to avoid that?13:20
gulzarPici: it worked.. but it is showing folder.. and when clicking on it .. it shows files.. BUT i want to directly show files :)13:20
chrisinfo21bonjour a vous13:20
gulzarPici: done.. using *13:20
gulzarPici: Thank you13:21
OerHekserf    |13:21
mafiaboyi have core 2 duo and wanna know if it has graphic card ......so13:22
szalif it didn't have one, how would you be able to see anything?13:22
willwork4fooHi all - anyone here good with bash scripting? I've got an issue - I'm trying to move a load of files (170+ files) with different extensions (.mkv, .avi, .mp4) into directories with the same names as the file (without the extension)13:23
gulzarPici: one more thing... symlinks are created but what about deleting them from a script. I run a script which creates symlink in .idesktop from My_Scrips/idesk. But to delete those symlinks when 2nd script is run. So which method to go dor?13:23
gulzarPici: Once again.. Thank you. You eased my work 100x13:24
xskydevilxHow would I upgrade the kernel on 11.04 easily to the newest one available?13:25
Frazcould someone help me out with my linux installation? i get a black screen when i boot13:25
ZuLLymafiaboy: lspci | grep Display13:25
Frazthe pc went off mid-upgrade last night13:25
Abhijitwillwork4foo, mv -R /fromdirectory /todirectory   ??13:25
MonkeyDust!nomodeset| Fraz13:25
ubottuFraz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter13:25
gulzarFraz: install boot-manager and change the resolution.13:25
tyler_dhow do you turn off NetworkManager without it coming back up automagically in 12.04 64 please?13:26
charly_Hi all. Tell me how to turn on the printer color profile icm, which is the directory usr / share / color / icc. Xubuntu 12.0413:26
Frazit was fine before13:26
Abhijittyler_d, killall networkmanager13:26
gulzarFraz: sorry.. its startup manager13:26
MonkeyDusttyler_d  remove it from the startup applications13:26
Frazas i said, the computer went off mid upgrade13:26
xskydevilxHow would I upgrade the kernel on 11.04 easily to the newest one available? Like the new 3.x ones?13:26
gulzarFraz: its ok.. sometimes it happens try startup-manager. It is the first thing I install and correct that black screen13:27
tyler_dMonkeyDust: how do you stop it without removing it from startup please?13:27
Abhijittyler_d, killall networkmanager13:27
Mionxskydevilx: backports13:27
tyler_dAbhijit: and it should say something such as sudo killall NetworkManager... but then it immediately starts up again13:27
Abhijittyler_d, sudo killall networkmanager13:27
IntuitiveNipplewillwork4foo: Use a loop and get the name of the directory using NEWDIR=$(basename ${FILENAME%*.})13:28
Frazok thanks13:28
MonkeyDusttyler_d  try pkill networkmanager, but if you don't want it to come back, you have to remove it from startup application13:28
IntuitiveNippleFraz: Is that Dan?13:28
xskydevilxMion, I beg your pardon?13:28
Fraznot that im aware of:P13:28
Mionxskydevilx: check the backports repo?13:29
tyler_dMonkeyDust: no joy, still comes back up; and that is accurate, I do want it to come back on restart.13:29
IntuitiveNippleOK ... I know a 'Fraz' that is always having Ubuntu problems  :p13:29
Fraznow you know 2:P13:29
IntuitiveNippleFraz: Uhoh!13:29
MonkeyDusttyler_d  have you removed it from startup apps?13:29
xskydevilxMion, And how would I do that?13:29
tyler_dMonkeyDust: I just outlined that I don't want it removed from startup apps, I simply want to know how to stop it when required13:30
IntuitiveNippleFraz: Sounds like, at start-up you need to hold the Shift key down to get to the GRUB bootloader menu, and try one of the recovery kernels13:30
AbhijitMonkeyDust, how will he get it back on startup if he removes it from startup?13:30
Mionxskydevilx: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBackports https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports etc13:30
MonkeyDusttyler_d  Abhijit not sure what you want: you want it to come back, but you don't want it to come back13:31
xskydevilxMion, No luck so far. Can't I just get a generic kernel and upgrade it manually?13:31
AbhijitMonkeyDust, he want it bak ON startup13:32
tyler_dMonkeyDust: when I kill hte proc from term, it starts back up, I do not want that.13:32
Anomie21ikonia: 2 hours later, still estimating size :(13:32
Anomie21*estimating time#13:32
tyler_dMonkeyDust: when I initially start the machine, I do want it back13:32
Fleckshttp://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/05/first-ea-games-arrive-in-the-ubuntu-software-center/ << when i click that orange button - getting error: Could not find package 'tiberiumalliances'.13:32
IntuitiveNipplexskydevilx: see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds13:33
Mionxskydevilx: you can but that is sort of a mess, and if you don't know how to configure and compile a kernel then you will probably fail13:33
IntuitiveNipplexskydevilx: I'm testing mainline 3.4-rc4 with Precise13:33
as001hi my usb modem hspa data card for my mobile internet does not work in 12.04 and it worked in 11.10 without problems. Can you help me with this issue ?13:34
xskydevilxIntuitiveNipple, So, in a nutshell, I would just download stuff from here: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ and upgrade it for Natty.13:34
as001i can see it in lsusb as: Bus 001 Device 004:  ID 1bbb:000 T & A Mobile Phones13:35
as001but I can't see it under Network Connections and I can't configure anything13:35
tyler_ddoes anyone know how to stop the NetworkManager from a terminal please?13:36
xskydevilxIntuitiveNipple, But, I mean, um.. A precise kernel would technically work on Natty, wouldn't it?13:36
boobeargalaxy y13:37
szalboobear: and?13:37
=== fernando is now known as Guest4032
chiliblueI am create a boot floppy on my laptop using a usb floppy drive. kernel shows it as /dev/sdb but when I try to cat the images to sdb I get a permission error, I am using sudo13:39
chilibluedoes ubuntu not automount floopy drives these days?13:40
xskydevilxMion, Well I don't have any proprietary stuff installed or anything like that so it should be relatively easy to install it using kernel ppa mainline, right?13:40
as001I tried to edit /lib/udev/rules.d/40-usb_modeswitch.rules and to add ATTRS line for device but it does not work still. I tried to copy line from 11.10 where it works but it does not work on 12.0413:42
chilibluewhy can't I cat image.img > /dev/sdb?13:42
boobear\msg acidfrost hi13:42
xskydevilxMion, Also, what kind of graphics card are you using?13:43
auronandacechiliblue: what image? 11.10 upwards should work13:43
auronandacechiliblue: but it needs to be done in a root terminal13:43
Mionxskydevilx: oc'ed gxt46013:44
chiliblueauronandace, how would I ge a root terminal13:44
as001I thought more devices will work in 12.04 and it looks like some devices which worked on 11.10 does not work on 12.04...13:44
chiliblueit is 10.10 the imgis of a dos6.22 boot disc13:44
chiliblueauronandace, 11.10 sorry typo13:45
auronandacechiliblue: sudo -i13:45
auronandacechiliblue: please be careful13:45
xskydevilxMion, And there's no flickering or anything? I have a gtx 690, and it seemed to be unstable as hell on Precise.13:45
Mionworks fine13:45
MonkeyDustauronandace  ouch, sudo -i is a no-no in this channel13:45
Mionpft, sudo -i is just fine13:46
Mionjust C-d then done13:46
auronandaceMonkeyDust: i thought sudo su is wrong, sudo -i is proper13:46
ph071i am looking for where bash stores error prompts13:46
chiliblueauronandace, well it got me what I needed so no complaints here13:47
ph071i want to modifiy something in the prompt13:47
xskydevilxAlso I remember EA releasing something in the Software Centre. Will that also be available for older releases like Natty?13:47
chiliblueauronandace, I am carefull, I come from days before all this sudo stuff.13:47
ph071that when i run a command and if it cant find it instead of prompting me that there is no command i want it to do something else13:48
Mionxskydevilx: those two games are just silly browser/js stuff anyway so you can easily grab them by hand13:48
auronandacechiliblue: it is very rare to need a root terminal13:48
vp18help having trouble with conky13:48
xskydevilxWell that is silly.13:48
Mionxskydevilx: indeed13:48
Mionxskydevilx: it's really just a publicity stunt by EA13:49
xskydevilxMion, Could be.13:49
Mionthey didn't really do _anything_, they just wrapped them in a .deb13:49
ph071does anyone have knowleage on how i might find this13:49
xskydevilxMion, Granted if it were my favourite EA game "The Sims 3", that would really be something. But a shortcut to a browser game? Come on..13:49
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:50
dead_rosecenterim test13:50
dead_roseNICK dead_rose13:50
YerushalmiDoes anybody know why, ever since I upgraded to 12.04 from 11.10, games like Quadrapassel, Tetravex, and Iagno are missing their menu bars?13:50
auronandace!test | dead_rose13:50
ubottudead_rose: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use #test )13:50
dead_rosecheers :D13:51
Dr_willisYerushalmi,  the mens are not embeded in the top panel?13:51
POQDavidanyone knows how to restore grub from the grub rescue mode?13:52
Dr_willisnormally use grub-install command with the proper options13:52
Fleckshttp://www.thepowerbase.com/2012/05/first-ea-games-arrive-in-the-ubuntu-software-center/ << when i click that orange button - getting error: Could not find package 'tiberiumalliances'.13:53
POQDavididk wont work13:53
mykhashi all. can I get a help here?13:53
szal!ask | mykhas13:53
ubottumykhas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:53
YerushalmiDr_willis: Nope, they're just missing. It's very strange.13:53
POQDavidDr_willis: i did it didn't work13:53
YerushalmiDr_willis: And Quadrapassel is formatted oddly. The playing area of the game only takes up a small subsection of where it's supposed to.13:53
Dr_willisYerushalmi,  could be those games dont play nicely with the global menu. theres some way to disable it on a per app basis. Saw mention of that at the webupd8 blog site.13:53
YerushalmiDr_willis: I'm using gnome-shell. No global menu (thank god).13:54
Dr_willisYerushalmi,  you are on your own then i guess..13:54
Dr_willisYerushalmi,  try a minimal window manager like icewm, and see if theres issues with the games in it.13:54
gaston_how can i install kernel 3.2.6 ?13:55
YerushalmiDr_willis: Hehe, okay, I'll look into it.13:55
POQDavidDr_willis: do i have to do some thing so that command work?13:55
Dr_willisPOQDavid,  i normally just am sure to give it the right options for where root and boot is at..13:55
gaston_how can i install kernel 3.2.6 ?13:56
POQDavidDr_willis: idk how to do that13:56
szal!repeat | gaston_13:56
ubottugaston_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:56
szal!details | gaston_13:56
ubottugaston_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:56
pungi-mangaston_, Update ur computer by using update-manager13:56
gaston_szal, sorry i'm a bit stressed, but that's no excuse13:56
auronandacegaston_: you can use a ppa but we can't support you if it goes wrong13:56
Dr_willisPOQDavid,  use grub-install --help to see wht options it can take.13:57
xskydevilxAlright folks, I just upgraded to the new 3.5.5 kernel on Natty. The problem is..13:57
chiliblueok not entirely ubuntu related but, anyone know of a dos boot floppy image that supports fat32?13:57
POQDavidDr_willis: it says there is no such a command13:57
xskydevilxI get to the login screen, and when I press ENTER it turns off the monitor,13:57
Dr_willischiliblue,  dr-dos or was it freedos  may have it.13:57
xskydevilxafter presumably changing the resolution.13:57
gaston_pungi-man, auronandace thanks, i'll try that13:57
mykhasso, I install on my Acer Aspire 5368 Ubuntu 12.10, and I have only 2 default display solutions, 1024x768 as biggest, and I need 1368x768. how can I fix it? I have tried to create and edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but both times I should need to recover my system13:57
Dr_willisPOQDavid,  how were you runnin grub-install befor then?13:58
POQDavidDr_willis: never did13:58
POQDavidPOQDavid: but13:58
xskydevilxDo I need to install some proprietary nonsense now?13:58
POQDavidDr_willis: it's my first time and i did it in grub rescue mode?13:58
POQDavidsorry ? was a typos13:59
Dr_willisPOQDavid,  you mean from the grub 'shell' ?13:59
POQDavidDr_willis: yes13:59
POQDavidDr_willis: when burg fails to load14:00
DX099hello, how do I launch an executable from an ntfs partition ? I can't set X bit to it... would a symlink do the trick ?14:00
catphishDX099: a symlink certainly won't14:00
xskydevilxHow about this people: If I run the NVIDIA installer now, would it compile it or whatever it's called itself for all of my kernel versions?14:00
auronandacePOQDavid: why are you using a burg ppa?14:00
engammalskoHow do I check if a port is open or nor? "telnet 25"?14:00
AbhijitDX099, chmod +x file14:01
catphishi'm not sure how the executable bit is determined on ntf14:01
AbhijitDX099, /file14:01
POQDavidauronandace: i did at first but when wanted to remove it got all mess up14:01
catphishAbhijit: he said he can't14:01
Dr_willisPOQDavid,  burg? Eww.  never messed with burg.14:01
AbhijitDX099, have you tried the chmod before?14:01
Abhijitengammalsko, nmap?14:01
catphishread his question14:01
POQDavidDr_willis: i get it now14:01
DX099Abhijit, I already tried chmod 755, it doesn't work. I think it's because the file is on NTFS partition14:01
POQDavidDr_willis: i am new on linux14:02
catphishit may have been mounted noexec14:02
catphishor is the x bit not setting?14:02
POQDavidsuper_grub_disk can help?14:02
AbhijitDX099, maybe try chmod +x file ??14:02
DX099Abhijit, it's exactly the same thing14:02
POQDavidok i gtg14:03
Dr_willisNew to linux - and digging into Burg = not good idea14:04
=== MarkusH is now known as MarkusHsauer
xskydevilxHOw do I exit this X server NVIDIA keeps bitching about?14:05
Hariezghow do I get gmusicbrowser plugins (gstreamer)14:06
Jim1Why is Fedora so much faster than Ubuntu ?14:06
_rubenwhy do pigs fly?14:07
panshulhello everyone14:07
xskydevilxHow do I exit this X server NVIDIA keeps bitching about?14:07
Dr_willisJim1,  citation/benchmarks/metrics needed..14:07
Dr_willisxskydevilx,  you trying to install the nvidia .run drivers file?14:07
Hariezghow do I get gmusicbrowser plugins (gstreamer) <<help>>14:07
xskydevilxDr_willis, Yes.14:07
railsraideri've setup arno-iptables with debconf-set-selections answerfile.cfg and then apt-get install arno-iptables-firewall -q -y14:08
railsraideri can see the answer file if i do debconf-get-selections14:09
railsraider| grep arno14:09
panshulI am facing a problem with i3 since today morning... i am not able to move my focused container to another workspace... sometimes it does but if I move from workspace 2 to workspace 4 then i cannot send it back to 2 but i can send it to 8... and on pressing lower numbers it just prints the character on screen like it just ignores the mod key.. please help14:09
railsraidersetup run fine but  i don't see the options in the firewall.conf file14:09
railsraiderwhat am i doing wrong?14:10
swHi, if I want to delete a GPG key from a computer, but keep it safe so that I can use it on a new computer, what should I do?14:10
xskydevilxDr_willis, Any ideas?14:10
Anomie21Anyone have a stable alternative to pitivi?14:10
auronandaceAnomie21: i like openshot14:11
Anomie21auronandace: ty14:11
panshulanyone there who can help me?14:11
Psycho_grI did sudo apt-get install ruby which installed ruby 1.8, then I realized I need ruby 1.9.1 So then I did sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1, and sudo apt-get remove ruby. How do I make the system link ruby to ruby1.9.1? If I execute ruby nothing happens, only ruby1.9.1 works....14:12
bc``anyone have suggestions on media streaming apps? I am looking for one to stream music specifically, but if you know any that allow the streaming of videos-- that's a plus I won't turn down! :D14:12
Hariezghow do I get gmusicbrowser plugins (gstreamer)14:12
mykhasI installed on my Acer Aspire 5368 Ubuntu 12.10, and I have only 2 default display solutions, 1024x768 as biggest, and I need 1368x768. how can I fix it? I have tried to create and edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf, but both times I should need to recover my system14:12
swHi, if I want to delete a GPG key from a computer, but keep it safe so that I can use it on a new computer, what should I do?14:13
Resistancesw: export it completely to external media, private key and all, then remove it from your system's GPG keys?14:13
auronandaceHariezg: sudo apt-get install gstreamer-plugins-bad gstreamer-plugins-ugly14:13
swResistance: What's the correct export command?14:13
Hariezgwhat applications are similar disk defragment in linux?14:14
Resistancesw: if you have a gui, i think you can do it from that...14:14
swResistance: Terminal14:14
* Resistance needs to pull up his Precise VM either way14:14
Resistancesw: give me a few, then14:14
Resistancei'll have to look that one up14:14
Hariezg@auronandace thanks bro!14:14
swResistance: I'll check the manpage for the export command then, don't worry and thanks for your tip14:14
linuxmy ubuntu centre is not working14:15
Marzatafb2 reader in ubuntu?14:16
MonkeyDustlinux  "not working"?14:16
auronandaceHariezg: defragmentation isn't much of an issue in linux, you use fsck14:16
Guest11945i just installed kubuntu14:16
Guest11945and when i restart after the installation14:16
Guest11945i get a blinking black screen14:16
llutzHariezg: e4defrag14:16
swGuest11945: #kubuntu14:17
nykerdoes the iphone 4S works in ubuntu 12.04?14:17
linuxmonkeydust: means whenever i try to install something it shows check your internet connection o14:17
MarzataGuest11945: install  Xubuntu14:17
dzamHi folks! I'm using a Dell Vostro V130 laptop which was shipped with Ubuntu 10.04. For some reason, the update mamanger does not offer me the choice to upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04 even though LTS upgrades are allowed in software sources. Any idea?14:17
sw!iphone > nyker14:17
ubottunyker, please see my private message14:17
MonkeyDustlinux  maybe you must sudo apt-get update in a terminal14:17
sw!upgrade > dzam14:17
ubottudzam, please see my private message14:17
swdzam: have a look at the info. that ubottu sent to you14:17
Hariezg@auronandace What side effects if I use fsck in terminal14:17
L3topI could use help correctly mapping my laptop volume controls to alsa. I get a hud for volume up volume down, but they do not affect any of the volumes in alsa mixer as near as I can tell. Mute doesnt have an affect, but if I mute  the outputs in alsamixer, it changes colors indicating that it is muted.14:18
Anomie21auronandace: jesus, openshot is infinitely better than pitivi14:18
rebournhow do I find out that is occupying port 8114:18
auronandaceHariezg: sorry i don't understand14:18
Guest11945sw: i thought maybe it wasn't Kubntu specific, so i asked here14:18
llutzrebourn: sudo lsof -i :8114:18
auronandaceAnomie21: written in python too14:18
=== samuel is now known as samuel76
rebournllutz nothing :S14:19
linuxhow to completely remove any software14:19
Resistancelinux:  define "completely remove"14:20
Resistancelinux:  you mean remove the software and its configs?14:20
=== tfdetang is now known as draketang
llutzResistance: so why do you think something occupies that port?14:20
IntuitiveNippleapt-get --purge remove <package-name>14:20
Resistancellutz:  mishighlight ;P14:20
JaceAlvejettiapt-get purge (package)14:20
llutzrebourn: ^^^ sry Resistance14:21
samuel76running latest lubuntu, i'm trying to figure out how can i amplify volume after all the volume settings are maxed out?14:21
Resistancellutz:  no problem :)14:21
Hariezg@auronandace after I wrote "fsck" it says the following:14:21
HariezgWARNING! The file system has been installed. If you continue your *** WILL ***14:21
Hariezgcan cause severe damage in the file system.14:21
HariezgWhat should I do?14:21
FloodBot1Hariezg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:21
MonkeyDustsamuel76  in a terminal, run alsamixer14:21
dzamsw, thanks, I just take a look, but I'm affraid this did not solve my issue :|14:21
=== hearno is now known as her0
auronandaceHariezg: what filesystem?14:21
dzamI did ran many times the "Verify updates" from the update manager tool, and it finds nothing.14:21
linuxfor eg, when i remove vlc player from ubuntu software centre it get removed. But when try to install it again it does not download from internet it just directly install. It mean the package does not remove.14:22
rebournllutz: I started a pbxware server on vbox running gentoo it should open up a config page on localhost:81 through a web server14:22
L3topHariezg: you cannot use fsck on a mounted filesystem14:22
samuel76MonkeyDust: thanks. it looks like all the settings are maxed out there as well14:22
=== her0 is now known as r0tha
Hariezg@auronandace /dev/sda114:22
JaceAlvejettilinux, after removing try apt-get autoclean14:22
llutzrebourn: and? check logs why it didn't work14:22
MonkeyDustsamuel76  i understand you want 11 on a scale of 10?14:22
auronandaceHariezg: thats the partition, what filesystem14:22
linuxok jacealvejetti14:23
llutzHariezg: read "man fsck" and never try to fsck a mounted filesystem. a14:23
Hariezg@auronandace ext4 maybe14:23
L3topHariezg: if you are attempting to run this on your native drive, you will need to run it from a live disk, or set the native system check to do so automatically on boot14:23
rebournllutz: im thinking something from ubuntu is holding up port 81 so I cant accses the config page14:23
* Resistance agrees with llutz14:23
samuel76MonkeyDust: it seems it would be trivial to amplify audio (allowing clipping)14:23
Dualityi've got a pc with ubuntu server, and three harddrives in it, is there software that could make from those three one big one?14:23
auronandaceHariezg: also look at what L3top said14:23
ResistanceHariezg:  go get a LiveCD and fsck, never try to fsck a *mounted, running, active* filesystem14:23
Jim1Newsflash : Linus Torvalds exposed : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxrRlX4zroY14:23
MonkeyDustDuality  i guess RAID is what you want14:23
samuel76MonkeyDust: i mean technically by programming14:23
ResistanceJim1: please do not spam the channel.14:24
DualityMonkeyDust, raid?14:24
Hariezg@L3top right.. I understand thanks14:24
llutzrebourn: as lsof showed you, theres nothing listening. check iptables for blocking rules14:24
dzamso, anything I should check to make sure the upgrade notice will appear on my 10.04 Ubuntu (dell shipped version) ??14:24
rebournway out of my level of linux knowledge14:24
xskydevilxMion: I have no idea how, but it seems I have upgraded the kernel to 3.5.5 and installed the proprietary drivers.14:24
what_ifAnyone here have Ubuntu on an Intel-based Mac / Mac Pro ? Is this a good / bad idea ?14:25
rebourni was hoping it was something simple14:25
MonkeyDustDuality  "RAID is a method of using multiple hard drives to act as one."14:25
linuxfrom which language ubuntu is made?14:25
Resistancerebourn:  sudo iptables -L -v14:25
MonkeyDust!raid| Duality14:25
ubottuDuality: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto14:25
DualityMonkeyDust, doesn't that require hardware ?14:25
Resistancerebourn:  if you can, pastebin the output14:25
Resistance(might want to look at !pastebinit)14:25
MonkeyDustDuality  it requires multiple harddrives14:25
samuel76MonkeyDust: the problem is that my laptop speakers are very quiet even by default. then if the source (like movie) is quiet as well, there is a problem14:25
MionDuality: software raid or LVM does not require special hardware14:25
L3topHariezg: if you sudo touch /forcefsck; sudo reboot          it will run automatically14:26
DualityMion, thanks! :)14:26
MionDuality: if you want to access the disks from windows though, then you will have to use fakeraid or real hw raid14:26
linuxany parental control software ?14:26
Hariezg@L3top I will try it14:26
Anomie21auronandace: Slideshow created and exported. I wish you were here when I first asked for the best slideshow creator :P14:26
rebournResistance: http://pastebin.com/1QYECQB614:26
IntuitiveNippleDuality: Create either a RAID0 stripe using mdadm or create an LVM volume Group containing 3 physical volumes14:26
Anomie21been at this for 4 hours14:26
MonkeyDustsamuel76  i sometimes connect eternal speakers, no idea how to fix it through programming14:26
auronandace!yay | Anomie2114:26
ubottuAnomie21: Glad you made it! :-)14:26
auronandace!info nanny | linux14:27
ubottulinux: nanny (source: nanny): Parental Control System. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.31.1-0ubuntu4 (precise), package size 968 kB, installed size 2784 kB14:27
obscurant1stHello guys I am using 12.04 and there is no power off/shutdown button on my panel after I installed gnome shell. But pressing alt is showing the power off.14:27
samuel76MonkeyDust: to fix it through programmin would be simply to multiply a signed sample by a constant and allow clipping14:27
obscurant1stCan someone please let me know how can I fix it?14:27
llutzrebourn: but you try to access localhost:81 from inside the vm, where pbxware (whatever that is) runs? not from the host-system14:27
MonkeyDust!info nanny | linux14:27
MonkeyDustauronandace  was faster :)14:27
xskydevilxWhat does "Sync to VBlank" mean?14:27
rebournllutz i try localhost:81 from ubuntu (base system) not inside the pbxware14:28
llutzrebourn: how should that work? localhost is local host, not guest14:28
IntuitiveNipplexskydevilx: it prevents display tearing at higher resolutions14:28
llutzrebourn: you have to use the vms external ip14:29
rebournlocal host meaning my local_IPadress:8114:29
xskydevilxIntuitiveNipple, And therefore can limit FPS, right?14:29
rebournllutz how do i find out the external IP?14:29
MonkeyDustrebourn  is that ipv6?14:29
llutzrebourn: inside vm, ifconfig14:29
IntuitiveNipplerebourn: localhost means the IP address - it is ONLY accessible from the SAME HOST14:29
rebournipconfig or ifconfig14:29
llutzrebourn: and if you need to access the vm from the host-system, you should use bridged-networking for the guest14:30
rebournIntuitiveNipple: bad choice of words, I ment the local IP on the router14:30
linuxi want to set up my  own webserver, but i dont have static IP what should i do?14:31
obscurant1stlinux: dyndns?14:31
gaston_I tried updating via update manager, but 3.2.6 isn't there, i need to dl and build it, right?14:32
llutzlinux: dyndns/no-ip account + portforwarding14:32
IntuitiveNipplerebourn: so something like  ?14:32
linuxwhat is dyndns?14:32
obscurant1stlinux: checkout their website14:32
auronandacegaston_: or use a ppa, which we can't support if it goes wrong14:32
llutzlinux: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS14:32
linuxportforwarding from router IP?14:32
obscurant1stlinux: portforwarding.com14:33
rebournIntuitiveNipple: yes something like that, llutz: Ifconfig is showing the vms int address as but also doesnt work14:33
=== railsraider_ is now known as railsraider
llutzrebourn: inside vm "sudo lsof -i :81"14:33
linuxobscrantlst: ok14:33
llutzrebourn: can you even ping from the host-system?14:34
obscurant1stsorry linux: http://portforward.com/14:34
drcodehi all14:34
IntuitiveNipplerebourn: If you're trying to access the virtual machine from a machine other than the host, you'll need to add a static route your network router or each device that needs to access it, something like ip route add via IP.OF.HOST.OF.VM14:34
drcodeI have unbunt 10.04 server insode vmware esx, how can I install vmtools?14:34
Anomie21When I export it as a DVD it makes the file extension .DVD14:34
nicolhi, every one14:35
Anomie21How do I make that playable on a DVD player? cant find via google14:35
obscurant1stAnomie21: rip that dvd14:35
IntuitiveNipplerebourn: you may also need to ensure that ipv4_forwarding has been enabled on the HOST14:35
Anomie21Ah devede, found it :)14:35
obscurant1stAnomie21: or write the image onto a dvd14:35
linuxobscurantlsl: ok i got that14:35
rebournllutz: no ping response, IntuitiveNipple: Its the same machine, ubuntu core system, gentoo in VM14:37
chilibluehow to I get out og a root terminal again?14:37
obscurant1stso anyone, what to do if the panel has no shutdown button?14:37
jrib!sudo | chiliblue14:37
ubottuchiliblue: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo14:37
obscurant1stchiliblue: exit14:37
llutzrebourn: do you use bridged-networking for the guest?14:37
jribchiliblue: sorry, I misread your question.  See obscurant1st's response14:37
rebournllutz im not sure14:37
IntuitiveNipplerebourn: Is there a route to the VM on the host (ip route show) ?14:38
llutzrebourn: check it14:38
chiliblueobscurant1st, ok, thought it might be more interesting than that14:38
rebournllutz: sorry, how14:38
obscurant1stchiliblue: ;)14:38
LuUserhey all i'm running lubuntu 12.04...i set up pgp keys in passwords and keys (seahorse) but how do i encrypt/decrypt messages?  when i right click on a text file i dont see the encryption options14:38
llutzrebourn: start "VirtualBox" and check the vm config14:38
theadminobscurant1st: If you're running gnome-shell, then the only sane way for shutdown I know is via GDM, that is, log out and... well14:38
llutzIntuitiveNipple: that's not needed if vbox is configured to use bridged-networking (vmnet does all that)14:39
obscurant1sttheadmin: well, I can power ff if I press alt without logging out14:39
rebournllutz: NAT is chosen, bridged adapter is an option if that is what you mean14:39
IntuitiveNipplellutz: ahh ok .... rebourn: brctl show14:39
llutzvboxnetdrv, sry14:40
obscurant1sttheadmin: But I would like to know if there is anyway to change that suspend to power off. As of now, "suspend" changes to power off if I press alt14:40
llutzrebourn: use bridged14:40
wookienzguys need some help with an upstart job. I have created a script and placed it in /etc/init/ however it doesnt run on boot. Infact even when booted and trying to TAB autocomplete in the /etc/init dir it doesnt see it.14:40
solsTiCehi. It seems I can't resize the icons of the unity launcher in 12.04. is it because it considers that every screen with 1024x768 reso must be a touch screen and don't need icon resizing ??14:40
wookienzdo i need to update anything after placing it there?14:40
theadminobscurant1st: I see, uh, that's a rather awkward key combo. Anyway, you can create a launcher for something like this: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest="org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit" /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop14:40
=== xpert is now known as zmaj
rebournllutz: promiscous mode: allow all?14:41
theadminobscurant1st: Well... That's the best I can suggest14:41
rebournllutz: or leave on deny14:41
llutzrebourn: whats default? use it14:41
obscurant1sttheadmin: oh ok! No problem then. Pressing alt is better for me! :) Anyway thanks mate!14:41
terry_wookienz: chmod +x new-script   ?14:41
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: The file ends ".conf" and has mode 644 ?14:41
theadminobscurant1st: No problem... Gnome3 is weird in some parts14:42
terry_wookienz: ls -l  new-script #see if it has executable bit enabled.14:42
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, yes. noone of the other scripts have +x eabled14:42
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: does it include "start on runlevel [2345]"14:42
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: that's correct - upstart scripts do not require +x14:43
obscurant1sttheadmin: I liked it actually. Its better for my use! Its a little bit more eyecandy. :P14:43
wookienzterry_, ls -l shows the script14:43
=== liz_ is now known as Atamira
terry_show me14:43
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: pastebin us the ls -l14:43
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, "start on started network-manager"14:43
rebournllutz: default was deny, rebooting server it will take a minute14:44
llutzrebourn: where does it ask this? what version of vbox are you using?  4.0.16 only has the option to choose a interface to be bridged, the adaptor-type and mac-addr14:44
llutzthe interface*14:44
=== darkham is now known as krabador
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, http://paste.ubuntu.com/979951/14:44
rebournllutz: 4.1.1214:44
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.14:45
llutzrebourn: too new for me :)14:45
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, the upstart job - http://paste.ubuntu.com/979954/14:45
Oprtzhi all14:46
Oprtz! help, i lose all hope to install the f..k intel wifi driver 394514:46
ubottuOprtz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:46
rebournllutz: you are a god!14:46
llutzrebourn: nope, i DO exist14:46
rebournllutz: a brother atheist :) thanks for the help, works like a charm14:47
llutzrebourn:  welcome14:47
djkQuestion: What is the reasoning for locking how small or big the Unity Launcher icon can be?14:47
Oprtzllutz:  can u tell me how to install Intel Wifi driver 3945 ? it drops wifi after 5 to 10 minute14:48
Oprtzand i am on latest 3.3 kernal14:48
auronandaceOprtz: you don't need to install intel wireless drivers14:48
Dr_willisdjk, locking? you can change the size of the left hand panel icons..14:48
Oprtzauronandace:  then what to install?14:48
obscurant1stOprtz: Sure you've checked your router?14:48
Oprtzobscurant1st:  what to check Sir?14:48
djkDr_willis: not below or above preset limits14:49
auronandaceOprtz: you don't need to install anything, they are there by default14:49
Dr_willisdjk,  so.. you want to go down to zero?14:49
obscurant1stTry connecting some other system to the router your're using. It could be the problem of your router14:49
djknot zero but it would be nice to go to 814:49
Dr_williswould a negative size go to the other side of the screen. ;)14:49
terry_wookienz: pastebinit davmail.conf14:50
Dr_willis8 would be about the size of the little arrow i see on my buttons. :)14:50
wookienzterry_,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/979954/14:50
=== chris_ is now known as Guest1762
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: It looks okay... how about replacing the exec line with a write to a log file so you know if the upstart job is being started?14:51
djkwell all I'm say is it should be permitted. 32 is huge on my old laptop 1024x76814:51
Oprtzguy i am back now, now on ethernet bcz wifi discnects14:51
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: also, Do you really need to be putting the job into the background with the &14:51
Oprtzso how to check router for wifi problem ?14:51
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, good idea. "exec echo >> /home/x/text" ?14:51
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: I don't see any other jobs doing that bg thing14:52
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, it is a headless server so need to display it to me14:52
obscurant1stOprtz: try connecting some other system to the router and check if the problem persists!14:52
wookienzunless i dont understand bg14:52
Oprtzobscurant1st:  i check my andriod mobile, windows XP machine both run fine except ubuntu machine :(14:53
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: yes to the echo. I don't see any other upstart scripts using "&" on their exec lines14:53
cuthbertenjoying with 12.0414:53
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, ok. it is funny my other two scripts i have written show up when i TAB for auto complete behind sudo service, but not this one14:53
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: I agree :s14:53
Dr_willisor the bash completion has some sort of cache so the new ones are not showing up yet.14:54
Sidewinder!yay > cuthbert14:54
ubottucuthbert, please see my private message14:54
obscurant1stOprtz: I cannot be any further help then!14:54
djkDr_willis: so my question what is the reasoning for limiting it to such high value. Flexibility is one the key benefits of Linux. restricted limits seem counter to it. recommended/guidance values sure but prohibiting?14:54
linuxi cant do portforwarding when after filling username and password it ask agian and again14:54
Oprtzobscurant1st:  thanks mate , will ask in room again :)14:54
cuthbertubottu, thank14:54
Shanthis there any linkedin client for ubuntu14:54
idioti did sudo chmod -r 777 /*. how do i fix this o.O14:55
cuthbertSidewinder, what do u mean14:55
obscurant1stOprtz: ;)14:55
BLZbubbaShanth: you mean a browser?  chromnium-browser14:55
idioti am sooo fucked14:55
llutzidiot: reinstall14:55
obscurant1stidiot: I don't think you can fix that! :/14:55
Shantha client for www.linkedin.com14:55
Dr_willisdjk,  the ubuntu mantra is 'have reasonable the defaults for most users' then  worry about configuration/themes/tweaking.14:55
Sidewindercuthbert, You said you were enjoying 12.04, no?14:55
Oprtz! Help, any one can help me installing windows wirless driver iw3945 ? it disconnect after every 5 minutes and i really lose hope :(14:55
ubottuOprtz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:55
idiotSidewinder: well, i current still connect via ssh, how do i back this up?14:55
cuthbertSidewinder, yes i have install few minutes a go14:56
true_techiewhat happened here? cat "@import 'bootstylus/bootstrap'" > styles/base.styl14:56
BLZbubbaidiot: the effort involved would be painful... but mostly doable if you have a lot of time14:56
BLZbubbaidiot: the deb files should have info on the default permissions14:56
cuthbertSidewinder,  gud features14:56
obscurant1stBLZbubba: idiot its not worht the effort imo.14:56
cuthbertSidewinder, nice interface14:56
BLZbubbaobscurant1st: definitely not, but it would be fun14:56
Sidewindercuthbert, Just a simple "Congrats",.. :-)14:56
llutzidiot: really "chmod -r 777 /*"?14:57
BLZbubbaok is there a way in precise to get a start menu so I can easily browse the installed apps?14:57
obscurant1stBLZbubba: hehe, yeah if only pulling your hair and smashing your keyboard is fun! :P14:57
idiotllutz: yes14:57
cuthbertSidewinder, why does ubuntu have  end of life of three years for desktop and 5years for sever14:57
llutzidiot:in that case " sudo chmod +r /*"    since the 777 has not had any effect before14:57
Oprtz!Help, any one can help me installing windows wirless driver iw3945 ? it disconnect after every 5 minutes and i really lose hope14:58
ubottuOprtz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:58
cuthbert Sidewinder, why does ubuntu have  end of life of three years for desktop and 5years for sever14:58
Sidewindercuthbert, Why, indeed..??14:58
llutzidiot: it should have given you an error about missing file 77714:58
Shanthempathy chat donot have support for Linkedin..14:58
cuthbertSidewinder,  i need to know14:58
idiotllutz:  sudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 0440 sudo: no valid sudoers sources found, quitting14:58
BLZbubbaShanth: what protocol does it use?14:58
obscurant1stBLZbubba: there is an extension which gives you the start menu like old days, by still keeping unity.14:58
djkDr_willis: right the reasonable defaults I understand but the tweaking isn't even possible from what I have been able to determine. The defaults are hard set no tweak possible14:58
BLZbubbaShanth: e.g. is it XMPP?14:58
cuthbertSidewinder,  am new in ubntu  so am in need14:58
IntuitiveNippleidiot: Install the same configuration and packages in a local virtual machine or chroot, then run a script to copy permissions across and report any files on the server that aren't in the VM/chroot14:58
llutzidiot: so you did chmod -R  not -r     then go and install from fresh14:58
BLZbubbaobscurant1st: what is it called?14:59
BLZbubbai guess I can grep around in /usr/share/applications/.......14:59
idiotIntuitiveNipple: can i do any of this from ssh?14:59
Oprtzguys plz help me , ! Help, any one can help me installing windows wirless driver iw3945 ? it disconnect after every 5 minutes and i really lose hope14:59
Shanthlinkedin is facebook like social network for professionaals14:59
Sidewindercuthbert, Then, you would need to ask the developers or the wonderful folks at Canonical. Why is there air?14:59
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, and in my haste to delete the offending file and re create it, i have deleted the entire init directory! Oooohhh F14:59
=== liz_ is now known as Atamira
lashermy xchat has no user list - just installed it. ctrl+f7 does nothing14:59
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: OMG ... meet idiot :p15:00
cuthbertSidewinder, foolish ans15:00
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, exactly! lucky i have a snapshot15:00
Dr_willislasher,  ive seen it get resized/moved all the over to the right. mouse around a bit and see if its just drug all the over to the right15:00
govatentHey. can someone point me to how an independent artist can upload their music to the ubuntu music store?15:00
cuthbertSidewinder, respect me as i give u15:00
Dr_willislasher,  pointer becomes a <--> arrow when you can ersize it15:00
IntuitiveNippleidiot: I'd build the chroot locally, then from the server mount the chroot using sshfs15:00
MonkeyDustgovatent  better ask in #ubuntustudio15:01
lasherDr_willis, I have and it just maximises this text window15:01
idiotIntuitiveNipple: can i do anything from ssh15:01
govatentCool. Thanks MonkeyDust15:01
idiotim currently connected via ssh, but if i close the connection then i can't reconnect15:01
=== darkham_ is now known as krabador
obscurant1stBLZbubba: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/6/applications-menu/15:01
IntuitiveNippleyes. well. depends. if you don't currently have su permissions!15:01
IntuitiveNippleidiot: I wouldn't drop that connection. And I'd start a screen session now just in case15:02
nliciHi!Can you please advice me which desctop remote control program i can use in ubuntu ?15:02
Oprtz!Help, any one can help me installing windows wirless driver iw3945 ? it disconnect after every 5 minutes and i really lose hope15:02
ubottuOprtz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:02
nlicithnx in advanc15:02
idiotIntuitiveNipple: what do you mean screen session?15:02
idioti dont' have access to this machine :|15:03
IntuitiveNippleidiot: the "screen" program15:03
idiotim on windows using putty15:03
Resistance!screen | idiot, fyi:15:03
ubottuidiot, fyi:: screen is a window manager for terminal sessions, also useful over SSH. The 'byobu' package provides very useful additional utilities. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Screen15:03
Resistanceidiot:  it works with putty15:03
IntuitiveNippleidiot: Using screen you can disconnect and the session will remain open15:03
idiotso i type screen?15:04
Sidewindercuthbert, No disrespect intended; you asked me a rather open ended and obscure question as to why 3 yrs. for desktop and 5 yrs. for server. I answered you as best I could (not being inside the minds of the developers), and suggested that you address your question to them. Not sure what else you want from be but I'm always willing to try. Shall we move on?15:04
peppermint_my wireless internet isn't working, where do I start?15:04
obscurant1stnlici: its already there. if you want something else you can try team viewer15:04
IntuitiveNippleidiot: Then when you reconnect over ssh  you can use "screen -R" to get back15:04
peppermint_lshw says it is unclaimed15:04
guest123peppermint_ > you are kde or gnome ?15:05
nliciteamwiever is not in the syneptic nor in the ubuntu sowftware center15:05
jribcuthbert: it's 5 years for both desktop and server on (new) LTS now15:05
Dr_willislasher,  you are using xchat, and not xchat gnome? ive defunatly seen that nick list get moved to far to the right15:05
nlicido i have to download it from the site ?15:05
idiotsudo: /etc/sudoers is mode 0777, should be 0440 can i fix this somehow?15:05
auronandacenlici: yes15:05
IntuitiveNippleidiot: But, it sounds as if you might need to run a recovery kernel/session on that server. Does the server host provide a remote  console?15:05
jribidiot: depends how you caused it15:05
idiotjrib: sudo chomd -R 777 /* :|15:06
peppermint_guest123, gnome15:06
theadminpeppermint_: Looking at both your nickname and your "real name", I can tell you're using Peppermint, which is not a supported derivative. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but just so you know, derivatives are unsupported here (except specific ones such as K/X/L/Edu-buntu)15:06
bourkeis there any other way to get attention on a bug other than clicking "affects me" ?15:06
peppermint_wait no it's disabled15:06
idiotIntuitiveNipple: i don't think so15:06
auronandaceidiot: just reinstall15:06
idiotauronandace: yeah. this is at work though. this is bad. really bad15:06
jribidiot: fastest way to fix it is backup and reinstall15:06
peppermint_theadmin, it's a general networkmanager problem, thought I might as well ask here15:06
idiotjrib: can i back up via scp?15:06
idiotlike, transfer everythig?15:07
guest123peppermint_> type lspci | grep -i "network"15:07
auronandaceidiot: why did you do it?15:07
IntuitiveNippleidiot: http://askubuntu.com/questions/50704/sudo-error-is-mode-0777-should-be-044015:07
obscurant1stidiot: you can do a dd!15:07
peppermint_guest123, 0b:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan] Network Connection (rev 02)15:07
nlicihow to open rpm file?15:07
jribidiot: uhh depends what you want to backup (does your user have access to everything you want to backup)15:07
obscurant1stnlici: rpm is for redhat, try .deb or src15:07
jribnlici: you should not use rpm on ubuntu.  What are you trying to intall?15:07
auronandace!deb | nlici15:07
ubottunlici: deb is the Debian package format, also used by Ubuntu. To install .deb files, simply double-click (in Ubuntu) or click (in Kubuntu) on them to start the GDebi utility.15:08
idiotobscurant1st: what is a dd?15:08
guest123peppermint_> yeah, it's the wifi card, now juest wait15:08
theadminpeppermint_: sudo lshw -C network | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us # Run this, paste result15:08
obscurant1stidiot: make an exact image of the disk and keep it for later use. You can even mount a dd image and use it.15:08
theadminnlici: You don't, Ubuntu has no support for RPM, basically.15:08
idiotobscurant1st: can i do that via ssh? everything depends on my ssh connection right now15:09
IntuitiveNippleobscurant1st: idiot has done this on a remote headless server15:09
IntuitiveNippleidiot: you will need to ask the server host to manually intervene15:09
obscurant1stoh ok!15:09
NarcHello everyone. I found no way to set Rhythmbox to convert automatically to ogg. Even though it's selected in "preferred format", it keeps converting them to mp3 when I sync my Android phone...15:09
nlicieasy deb open ?15:09
idiotok, so i need to back things up15:09
idiotwhat is the best way to do this15:10
peppermint_theadmin, http://sprunge.us/iUPf15:10
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning15:10
idiotvia ssh though15:10
auronandacenlici: install gdebi15:10
theadminpeppermint_: Uh, "disabled"... Is it hardblocked by any chance?15:10
noobfriendHas anybody ran ubuntu 12.04 with bumblebee yet?15:10
peppermint_shouldn't be15:10
obscurant1stnoobfriend: yep15:10
guest123peppermint_> type in root service network-manager status15:10
theadminpeppermint_: ...Do you have a wifi button? If so, press it15:10
peppermint_guest123, peppermint@peppermint ~ $ sudo service network-manager status15:11
peppermint_network-manager start/running, process 256315:11
Narcnoobfriend: I do, and it seems to work quite well.15:11
jribidiot: did your provider happen to set a root password?15:11
guest123peppermint_> ok ;-)15:11
auronandacepeppermint_: peppermint isn't supported here15:11
guest123peppermint_> so, your wifi must work15:11
obscurant1stNarc: any luck on trying to connect a HDMI extended monitor?15:11
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop normally, the backlight turns off on closing, but the laptop never stops running. I'm setting this install up for someone else I'd like to have the ability to just be able to close the laptop and it sleep.15:12
jribnlici: you really should be using software manager and not downloading debs manually15:12
auronandacejrib: he is trying to install teamviewer15:12
linuxfreakermy server has been hack by some hackers. Root password has been changed, and the hacker keeps changing it every time I regained access. how shall I handle this issue. I need to have everything back to normal and to kick the hacker out of my system15:12
guest123peppermint_> can you make a screenshot of your entire screen and publish here ?15:12
BLZbubbaobscurant1st: does that work with unity?  it is complaining that i don't have gnome 315:12
peppermint_theadmin, pressed it15:12
peppermint_no visible change15:12
llutzlinuxfreaker: set the system up from fresh15:12
jriblinuxfreaker: reinstall15:12
theadminpeppermint_: What about, uh, "sudo rfkill unblock all"?15:12
Narcobscurant1st: It works out of the box on my Asus laptop when I plug my TV in. And under Unity too which is quite a feat.15:12
linuxfreakerjrib: I have cPanel running15:13
obscurant1stBLZbubba: Ooops. Sorry mate, I am already on Gnome 3.15:13
linuxfreakerjrib: How can I secure my machine15:13
jriblinuxfreaker: do you know how the intruder gained access?15:13
auronandacepeppermint_: what is the output of uname -a15:13
obscurant1stNarc: whaaaat? It works for you? That leaves me pretty sad! :/15:13
noobfriendahhh i hate optimus technology for ubuntu15:13
noobfriendand UNITY!15:13
DarkasakerionzHi, I have a little problem with openvpn, I have 2 net interfaces, one for lan and the other for Internet, the thing it's that I install openvpn and the server-client works, but I can't access to the internet. http://dpaste.com/746067/15:13
androidbrucecould someone give some assistance with bind9 and 12.04?15:13
peppermint_auronandace, it says peppermint15:14
obscurant1stNarc: So do you use optirun, or it simply works?15:14
Sidewinderlinuxfreaker, What llutz and jrib said; however I am more than curious as to exactly how this occurred and what you plan on to prevent. TIA.15:14
linuxfreakerjrib: How shall I check that15:14
auronandacepeppermint_: please use the right support channel15:14
HariezgCan I upgrade Xubuntu LTS 11:10 to 12:04?15:14
theadminDarkasakerionz: Simply set a default route: sudo route add default dev pppX (replace X with your ppp interface... 1 I guess. Or 0)15:14
Narcobscurant1st: HDMI just works without optirun15:14
linuxfreakerSidewinder: How can I know how its intruding15:14
noobfriendobscurantlst: I use optirun and without it and both work15:14
luitei haven an ubuntu server with static ip (/etc/network/interfaces), but /etc/resolv.conf is overwritten every time. where do i make the dns configuration permanently?15:14
Hariezgcan i Upgrade xubuntu 11.10 to 12.04 LTS?15:15
obscurant1stNarc: your hdmi is on intel then, I suppose?15:15
jribluite: ubuntu version?15:15
peppermint_auronandace, peppermint is a fork, they didn't make any changes to networkmanager. ergo, I can use this support channel as a last resort since their channel is dead15:15
bazhangHariezg, 11.10 is not lts, 12.04 is, and yes you can15:15
obscurant1stMine is on Nvidia! :/15:15
luitejrib: 12.04 server15:15
Darkasakerionztheadmin, I don't have a ppp interface, i only have tun and eth*15:15
jribpeppermint_: unofficial forks of ubuntu aren't supported here15:15
auronandace!derivatives | peppermint_15:15
ubottupeppermint_: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition15:15
theadminDarkasakerionz: Doh, sorry, I'm used to PPTP vpn's, uh, whichever interface belongs to your VPN.15:15
theadminDarkasakerionz: The one for internet, that is15:15
noobfriendobscurantls: Mine too, optirun should do the job15:15
jrib!notes | luite15:15
ubottuluite: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0415:15
obscurant1stpeppermint_: try wicd as a last resort15:15
jribluite: see the release notes about resolv.conf15:15
peppermint_theadmin, no change except the bluetooth light came on15:15
Narcobscurant1st: I think it's on the Nvidia15:16
peppermint_obscurant1st, ok ty15:16
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, back up and running and works magic!15:16
Hariezg@bazhang apa ada cara khusus?15:16
obscurant1stnoobfriend: yours also works?15:16
theadminpeppermint_: I see... hm. Well, as many people mentioned, peppermint isn't supported here, I suspect a driver issue tbh15:16
bazhangHariezg, english15:16
peppermint_obscurant1st, how do I use it15:16
IntuitiveNippleDarkasakerionz: you've probably allowed the openvpn connection to set the default route. check "ip route show"15:16
obscurant1stNarc: its on nvidia? Man, I am doing a immediate reinstall then. I can live without it!15:16
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: Was it the stray "&" ?15:16
nlicihii i can not able to run the deb.file which i downloaded on my desctop .i tried directly double click but it gives a error . help please15:16
noobfriendobscurantlst: yes, with and without optirun it works. Mine is on nvidia15:16
threshhey. using 12.04 32 bit on eeepc 1201n, laptop doesnt suspend to ram. here's dmesg output after I do "echo mem > /sys/power/state": http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7yvC0FzD any suggestions?15:16
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, still checking15:17
obscurant1stpeppermint_: you google mate. I cannot help you further since this is not the support channel.15:17
theadminnlici: sudo apt-get install gdebi && sudo gdebi ~/Desktop/your_file.deb15:17
Picinlici: What deb? What error?15:17
obscurant1styou use* google15:17
peppermint_ok, I'll keep looking. thanks for your help theadmin and guest123 and obscurant1st15:17
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, i bet idiot cant fix his problem as quickly!15:17
noobfriendobscurantlst: i would not recomment installing the nvidia-current as is. I would follow all the instructions on the bumblebee wesite before doing any type of video card install15:17
kayveMy Classic Gnome on my newly update Ubuntu version is acting funny.  I can't send apps to workspaces properly.  Is this a good channel to ask or is there a better suggestion?   I am in #gnome with no feebaack15:17
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, also for some reason i can TAB complete the other script that wasnt working before!15:17
Narcobscurant1st: I'm not sure about the HDMI being on Intel on Nvidia though15:17
idiotwookienz: is there a quick way to fix this15:17
luitejrib: ah great thanks. i had already looked in the interfaces man pages but it looks like they're not documented yet15:17
obscurant1stnoobfriend: I have done the step by step process exactly as it is!15:18
idiotwookienz: because is there is and you are holding out on me15:18
auronandacetheadmin: shouldn't that be gksudo gdebi?15:18
wookienzidiot: do what i did - revert to a saved snap shot of the virtual machine!15:18
obscurant1stNarc ok!15:18
noobfriendobscurantlst: did you do any nvidia installation before?15:18
theadminauronandace: Well, "gksudo gdebi-gtk" if you wish ;), but I prefer the plain CLI "gdebi"15:18
idiotwookienz: does the system automatically take snap shots?15:18
IntuitiveNipplewookienz: sometimes computers scare me, they seen to know when to play up better than kids!15:18
idiotwookienz: i can't do anything sudo15:18
auronandacetheadmin: ah, yes, you are right, sorry15:19
obscurant1stnoobfriend: no, it was fresh install of ubuntu. I didn't even upgrade 11.* ubuntu15:19
wookienzIntuitiveNipple, yes just as you need to run out the door to do something.15:19
wookienzidiot, sorry mate, start again!15:19
obscurant1stpeppermint_: you're welcome!15:19
linuxfreakerGuys, I am unable to install Ubuntu 11.04 through UEFI mode15:19
sisarhi, i seem to have somehow inverted my mouse's scrolling. Downscrolling is actualling upscrolling & vice-vesa. How can i fix it?15:19
noobfriendobscurantlst: well, mine is from fresh install of 11.1015:19
obscurant1stnoobfriend: and it works?15:20
noobfriendobscurantlst: yes15:20
Frazwell i dunno what going on with my linux installation. when i go to recovery mode i get this.....15:20
Darkasakerionztheadmin, It still don't work15:20
theadminDarkasakerionz: Your nameservers configured correctly and such stuff?15:21
Frazany ideas?15:21
nlicithe error is like that15:22
Frazand i cant do anything from that screen15:22
Frazits just fozen15:22
nliciwrong architecture amd 6415:22
auronandacenlici: download the right one then15:22
josoygigihi everybody15:22
rollitupI just installed apache2 mysql and phpmyadmin, and also set-up a drupal site on the webroot but when I try to access the drupal site I get a file to download with a message that says "You have chosen to open which is a:PHTML file from:http://localhost please help15:23
Darkasakerionztheadmin, yep15:23
llutznlici: get a correct deb for your architecture then15:23
IntuitiveNippleFraz: that image indicates a USB device is plugged in that isn't working. Is there anything you can unplug from the PC?15:23
jrib!lamp | rollitup15:23
ubotturollitup: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)15:23
theadminnlici: So, get the 32-bit deb then...15:23
jribrollitup: follow the troubleshooting steps for that issue on the wiki15:23
IntuitiveNippleDarkasakerionz: Did you check the default route as I suggested? I didn't see any reply to my comment15:23
FrazIntuitiveNipple, well theres my phone usb cable, but its not tethered15:24
Frazand my keyboard usb extension15:24
Frazother than that just mouse and keyboard15:24
IntuitiveNippleFraz: some USB device is causing those failures... try unplugging everything you don't need. that will at least allow you to see the Recovery menu!15:25
Frazok thanks15:25
Frazback in 5 mins15:25
NarcHello everyone. I found no way to set Rhythmbox to convert automatically to ogg. Even though it's selected in "preferred format", it keeps converting them to mp3 when I sync my Android phone...15:25
IntuitiveNippleFraz: once you're at the recovery menu you can see what the options are and check the system logs to find out why the upgrade failed15:25
DarkasakerionzIntuitiveNipple, well... I can't do that, because i'm in gentoo15:26
jribidiot: what's the issue with backing up and reinstalling?  Or have you decided to do that?15:27
lousygaruai'm trying to use mpd, but, there is just no... well.. mpd --create-db15:27
kayveMy Classic Gnome on my newly update Ubuntu version is acting funny.  I can't send apps to workspaces properly.  Is this a good channel to ask or is there a better suggestion?   I am in #gnome with no feebaack15:27
idiotjrib: im just gonna back everything up. i am copying files over as i sill have a connection via winscp15:27
idiotthe good news is that this a local machine15:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:28
idiotso, onces everything is backuped up, i am good15:28
=== cuthbert_ is now known as tuff
jribidiot: keep in mind that you'll want to put "nicer" permissions on those files you are backing up eventually15:28
=== tuff is now known as tuffgong
idiotjrib: this only thing i need to back up is website stuff15:28
idiotand mysql database15:28
idiotthis is a hard lesson to learn15:28
jribidiot: maybe backup a list of your installed packages, so you can easily install them again?15:29
jrib!clone | idiot15:29
ubottuidiot: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate15:29
tuffgongjrib, look at this http://imagebin.org/21184215:29
jribtuffgong: well that's wrong15:29
idiotubottu: thanks!15:29
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:29
IntuitiveNippleDarkasakerionz: Gentoo doesn't have the "ip" command?15:29
tuffgonglook at the link15:29
jribtuffgong: I did15:29
nintethow can you configure pulse audio inputs?15:30
jrib!notes | tuffgong15:30
ubottutuffgong: Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) release notes can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.0415:30
tuffgonghave u confirmed that  desktop isnt supported for 5 yrs15:30
theadminnintet: You can try pavucontrol15:30
jribtuffgong: it *is* supported for 5 years.  Look at the release notes15:30
bazhangtuffgong, its five years for both. let s move on15:31
tuffgongwat about in ma link15:31
jribtuffgong: i'll update the wiki15:31
bazhangtuffgong, it's Wrong.15:31
IntuitiveNippleDarkasakerionz: I've been running openvpn links to my servers so we can probably compare configurations. I know I was once caught out by the client's auto-created configuration file including he "defaultroot" option15:31
tuffgongbazhang, look at this http://imagebin.org/21184215:31
bazhangtuffgong, I already did. it's five years for both. lets move on please15:32
FlamekebabJust upgraded 11.10 -> 12.04. LightDM just shows "out of range" once the system has booted up. GDM works fine. Help?15:33
thegladiatorwhat is the best way to manage mtp ?15:33
nintetthanks! pavucontrol was what i needed15:33
thegladiatori tried qlix but getting an error like15:33
thegladiatorLIBMTP PANIC: Unable to find interface & endpoints of device15:34
tuffgongbazhang, so does they late update15:34
jribtuffgong: I updated the wiki now15:35
profanephobiaHow can I configure sendmail (or eqv) to accept incoming messages and simply store them in a directory?15:37
IndustrialMy webhosts ssh disconnects me every 1 or 2 minutes. Mounts that I do with sshfs user@host: mountpoint will timeout aswell15:38
Industrialnow I can't unmount it, it says the device is busy.15:38
Industrial1) Can I get rid of / stop the current connection? 2) Can I keep the connection from timeouting or just log in again automatically every time I access it again in the future?15:38
IndustrialUsing gvfs works aswell but it's extremely slow compared to the sshfs mount15:38
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: Use "screen" to create a reconnectable session at the remote end15:39
Industrialjust changing files in vim locks it for 3-4 seconds15:39
IndustrialIntuitiveNipple: though a SSH mount?15:39
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: as to removing the sshfs mounts ... are you using fuser?15:39
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: I thought you were describing lost ssh user sessions as well as sshfs15:39
=== idiot is now known as phat4life
Industrialfusermount -u mountlocation15:40
IndustrialIntuitiveNipple: no, the sshfs mount is in limbo15:40
Industrialfusermount: failed to unmount /home/tom/Mounts/wf: Device or resource busy15:40
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: OK, I used to use sshfs like that myself, but I didn't have problems unmounting zombie connections that I recall15:40
K-RichHow do i get the indicator-weather to work, i installed it and no weather in the panel :/15:41
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: Is some process holding files/locks open inside that mount? have you used lsof to check?15:41
IntuitiveNippleK-Rich: fine outside :p15:41
IndustrialIntuitiveNipple: lsof how?15:41
K-RichIntuitiveNipple, rly?15:42
IntuitiveNippleIndustrial: lsof with various options allows you to see open files, you can grep the list for anything with a path in the ssfs mount path15:42
SidewinderK-Rich, You may need to put in a zip code (if you're in the US).15:42
IndustrialIntuitiveNipple: k15:42
K-RichIntuitiveNipple, not sure Intuitive should be in your name15:42
K-RichSidewinder, it shows nothing at all in the panel, where do i add the zip?15:43
JonEdneyWindows Update, brb15:43
=== MarkusHsauer is now known as MarkusH
SidewinderK-Rich, Not sure; preferences/properties?15:43
K-RichSidewinder, i also see no errors in dmesg, and where preference/properties? i have nothing to click on15:44
=== skarecrow is now known as Cyonx
=== Xeneth_ is now known as Xeneth
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop manually. When I close the lid the backlight turns off, but the laptop never stops running. /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state only lists the state as closed, no matter if the lid is open or closed.15:47
SidewinderK-Rich, Sorry, I can't give a more definitive answer; there are, to the best of my knowledge, quite a few different "Weather Screenlets", at least I assume that/they are what you're referring to. Also, I'm running 10.04 and you're prolly using 12.04. :)15:47
drPoOhow can I run a custom script at startup using the command line?15:47
invincible_Can anyone help me to get through some certain liberary error?15:47
K-RichSidewinder, i'm an idiot15:48
K-RichSidewinder, seems i need to add 'indicator-weather' to my startup lol15:48
jlb181ZetaRC121:  My wifes D-257 works.  Not sure how different they are.15:48
invincible_error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:48
SidewinderK-Rich, I'm glad you got it sorted; and, everyone's gotta' start somewhere. ;-)15:49
farblueHello all.15:49
time-lady-reilahiya, everyone.  linux n00b in the house....got a question for the resident gurus.  ALL HAIL!15:49
farblueIf I wanted to make a complaint about a packaging decision on the 12.04 upgrade where and how would be the best way to go about it?15:49
K-RichSidewinder, start, i've been using Ubuntu since warty (with an occasional sidestep to mint), and linux for 20 years.......15:50
SidewinderK-Rich, There was a guy (guess it was a guy) with a nick-name of "idiot."15:50
K-RichSidewinder, just a simple brain fart lol15:50
SidewinderK-Rich, Been there...15:50
bazhangtime-lady-reila, just ask15:50
farblueis there an official channel? it's not really a 'bug' etc.15:50
bazhangfarblue, file a wishlist bug15:50
bazhang!bug | farblue15:51
ubottufarblue: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:51
BLZbubbaman does the CFQ scheduler suck, why is it the default instead of deadline?15:51
time-lady-reilaweelllll...i've come across an issue with wine that seems to stem from an ubuntu bug with 64 bit processors.15:51
farblueIt's not really a bug15:51
bazhangfarblue, thus the wishlist nature15:51
farblueit's a decision that I strongly disagree with15:51
bazhangtime-lady-reila, the entire question, on a single line, please15:52
drPoOhow can I run a custom script at startup ??15:52
invincible_Hi K-Rich! hope I'm not disturbing you but could you please help me getting rid of a certain shared liberary error please?15:52
time-lady-reilaBasically, I'm getting an internal error--invalid parameters error.  Everything I've found on the forums says that it's an issue with ptrace.15:52
BLZbubbatime-lady-reila: what is the issue?  and have you tried #winehq?  it ls a lot less crowded15:52
K-Richinvincible_, maybe, what's the error?15:52
bazhangtime-lady-reila, what application15:52
rabbi1how to install nvidia graphics card (AMD) on 12.04 ? the default one from the Additional Driver doesn't get setup15:52
invincible_error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:53
time-lady-reilaWhat code do I use to edit ptrace?  I've tried logging in with sudo -i and regediting.  It won't allow it.15:53
bazhangrabbi1, nvidia is not amd15:53
Cyonx_Why isn't xchat showing up on my unity launcher list as an open app? every time I click on the icon, it wants to launch a new instance of the app. xchat windows aren't showing up on alt-tab either...15:53
rabbi1bazhang: i meant AMD processor with inbuilt nvidia graphics card..15:53
invincible_K-Rich error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory15:53
rabbi1bazhang: on the motherboard..... :D15:53
bazhang!nvidia | rabbi115:54
ubotturabbi1: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:54
K-Richinvincible_, which version of ubuntu ?15:55
K-Richinvincible_, and 32bit or 64bit ?15:56
rabbi1bazhang: this is not listed in there "GeForce 7050 PV / nForce 630a" :(15:57
invincible_K-Rich_ Ubuntu 11.1015:57
K-Richinvincible_, in a terminal (CTRL-ALT-T), type 'locate libstdc' and look for ummm libstdc++.so.6 or similar and paste me the path15:58
invincible_K-Rich Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric 32 Bit15:58
Cyonx_anyone have any idea why no xchat window indicator showing up on unity (12.04) launcher bar or in alt-tab other than the server connect window?15:58
OerHeksrabbi1,  you need the old 173 nvidiadriver fot that geforce 705015:59
rollituphow to uninstall and application that was installed using a .sh installer15:59
lord_why do i have a install release icon?15:59
rabbi1OerHeks: where can i find it ?15:59
tsimpsonrollitup: you probably have to just try and locate each file it installed and remove each manually. .sh "installers" usually don't have an uninstall option, which is why most people don't use them16:00
OerHeksrabbi1, well i am not sure it is going to work with Unity, it is in softwarecentre16:00
vbajpaiI compiled and installed a software (let's say foo) from source, it got installed at /usr/local/foo, i am interested in foo/bin, foo/include, foo/lib, how do I make the system learn of the files within these directories? manually symlinking /usr/local/{bin, include, lib}/{each item} -> /usr/local/foo/{bin, include, lib}/{each time} seems tedious16:00
invincible_K-Rich /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.616:01
rollitupdamn that sounds like a daunting task tsimpson16:01
Flamekebabalternatives to unity-greeter?16:01
rabbi1OerHeks: yeah, the software center driver din't work, found this .... http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/07/install-download-nvidia-driver-for.html16:02
OerHeksrabbi1, yes, i thought it will not work, succes.16:02
Frazi cant move the aselection up and down on the recovery screen16:02
invincible_K-Rich_ There's one more:   /usr/lib/ure/lib/libstdc++.so.616:03
OerHeksrabbi1, try a lighter DE16:03
trustedAfter i can't mount the other partition : mount: can't find /dev/sda5 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab16:03
KartagisATI website only has drivers for xfree86. where can I get one for xorg?16:04
trustedThis problem after chmod +s /bin/mount16:04
rabbi1OerHeks: I think that should do, coz the link leads to nvidia, and its official supported drivers, but the file is in .run format. what is that and how to run it ?16:05
magmahow can I open PDFs embedded in my browser firefox?16:05
magmalike it does on windows16:05
K-Richinvincible_, hmmmm..... not sure.... you could try 'ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3' ans see if it works, if not  'rm /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3'16:05
K-Richi have to go though16:06
kayveIs the Classic Gnome desktop still being supported?16:06
bazhangkayve, in 11.04?16:06
magmahow can I open PDFs embedded in my browser firefox?16:07
mbeierl magma - do you have the adobe reader installed?16:07
magmambeierl, no16:07
magmambeierl, is it available for linux?16:07
invincible_K-Rich_ I tried       ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3       and got     ln: creating symbolic link `/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3': Permission denied16:08
mbeierlmagma, yes it is.  not on my ubuntu system right now so I can't remember the package name16:08
KM0201magma: depending on what you're trying to do (sorry, i'm late to the party)... evince is in the repositories to read PDF's16:08
KM0201!info evince | magma16:08
ubottumagma: evince (source: evince): Document (PostScript, PDF) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 3.4.0-0ubuntu1 (precise), package size 202 kB, installed size 1053 kB16:08
OerHeksrabbi1, lot of howto's to find, see the answer of dani3l >>> http://askubuntu.com/questions/36911/how-to-install-new-nvidia-linux-driver-supports-ubuntu-11-04-series-270-41-0616:08
magmaKM0201, that will make firefox open PDFs inside it?16:08
invincible_K-Rich_ I also tried rm /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3      and got       rm: cannot remove `/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3': No such file or directory16:08
mbeierlKM0201, can evince be set to open a la ole inside the browser?16:09
rabbi1OerHeks: Thank you ...!!!16:09
KM0201magma: not sur eon that, i've always found browsing PDF's in a web browser, extremely annoying, so i download them16:09
mbeierlKM0201, ditto here.16:09
mbeierlmagma, but i do know that when i installed acroread, it started opening in my browser16:10
invincible_@K-Rich: Anyways, thanks a lot for your kind help.16:10
KM0201yeah, i think acroread does that16:10
bazhangmagma, acroread is in the partner repo16:10
mbeierlbazhang, thanks!  That's where it came from!16:10
bazhang!partner | magma16:10
ubottumagma: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »16:10
mbeierlso, magma, add the partner repo, then apt-get update, then apt-get install acroread, and that ought to do it16:11
linuxvlc is getting struck during playing16:12
bazhanglinux try with mplayer16:12
linuxhow to update vlc?16:12
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bazhanglinux, the odds are it's a corrupt source16:13
KM0201i swtiched to xbmc on my laptop.. it just seems to work so much better than VLC (but i still have vlc for some stuff)16:13
bazhanginvincible_, in channel please16:14
dodahi folks16:15
Cyonxnot that anybody answered, but the solution to missing xchat panel icon was apparently I needed to edit dconf entry for unity to allow 'XChat IRC'. is there any reason I wouldn't want to just change it to show 'all' ?16:15
invincible_@bazhang: Sure Sir.16:15
dodacan i add a different mirror in software sources ?16:15
KM0201Cyonx: i've been wondering that myself16:15
dodathat isn't in the official list yet ?16:15
KM0201how did you do that?16:15
trcoGood morning. I am running ubuntu 10.04lts and I have never had a problem with an apt-get upgrade before. But recently when I attempt the command it hangs on "0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (]" and then eventually just times out. Any way around this?16:15
Cyonxdo what, fix the xchat icon?16:16
dodacheck your internet connection trco16:16
KM0201Cyonx: where in dconf did you make that adjustment?16:16
trcododa: Seems to be working ;) I am here...16:16
KM0201Cyonx: affirmative16:16
dodasee if you can ping us.archive.ubuntu.com16:16
invincible_@bazhang: May I tell you about the error please?16:17
KM0201Cyonx: hmm, what do you do there?16:17
trcododa: It does not seem to ping however I can curl the url and get the appropriate response.16:17
gulzarPici: Hello. Remember I asked about creating symlinks. Here is what I wanted to do. Exactly what I wanted to have. When Main.sh is launched it shows this http://imagebin.org/211847 . When Accessories is clicked it shows this http://imagebin.org/211848 . Clicking on Arrow takes back to Main screen and so on it works. It is little bit like KDE-search-plasma .. just without search bar (thinking of adding that also) and much less RAM and CPU usage.16:17
Cyonxadd 'XChat IRC' to the end of the whitelist string. I then had to do an alt-f2 "unity --replace" to get it to take effect.16:17
bazhanginvincible_, describe to the channel exactly what you are trying to do when you get that error; if someone knows they will answer16:17
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KM0201Cyonx: hmm, won't let me edit it.. did you open it w/ sudo?16:18
dodatrco: try a different server16:18
KM0201oh wait, now i got it16:18
CyonxKM0201: using a dconf editor I installed with apt-get. I assume sudo is built-in to that16:18
unpersonI'm trying to make sure my cupsd configuration is sane from a security standpoint.  Cups server is on the LAN, but the machine is in the DMZ.  It's not clear to me if access from the WAN would actually be heeded, but I was wondering about using the Listen or Allow keywords to make certain such requests would be ignored.  Can anyone help?16:18
KM0201hmm, i'm moving about 200gigs of right now, i'll try when thats done16:19
invincible_@bazhang: I have a certain .elf file which is giving me the following error while I try to execute it:      error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.16:19
gulzarPici: anything?16:19
CyonxKM0201: things were a bit wonky after the unity --replace until I closed the open instances of xchat and restarted xchat. after that, works perfectly.16:19
trcoI just tried canada (ca.archive.ubuntu.com) but it doesn't seem to like that one either16:20
dodahm, wierd16:21
dodayou have set up a proxy or something ?16:21
prokaHey guys, does anyone know if it's possible to resize the root partition ( / ) by using some free space off the /home partition without reinstalling OS?16:21
trcoI am behind a firewall but that has never caused a problem in the past. I have my env set with the proxy info16:21
trcoI am behind a proxy I mean sorry16:22
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invincible_Somebody please help.    error while loading shared libraries: libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.16:23
kenny__nick kennynston16:23
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unpersonproka, I think the answer is yet, although if something goes wrong you may corrupt the partitions being resized.  You'll also probably have to perform the operation from a live CD.16:24
unpersonproka, Heh, I meant yes, not "yet", of course.16:24
tomasm-hi, can I use the standard ubuntu install CD to run gnu parted (command line is ok) or move my windows partition over to make room for linux?16:25
prokaunperson, I see. But if I backup everything with clonezilla I should be safe? I mean, the worst case scenario would be something going wrong, having to wipe everything, resizing the partitions in the process and then restoring whatever I want to from the Clonezilla images?16:26
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=== MrPen is now known as penreturns
mecoI have been given two different swapfile statements for my /etc/fstab. Can someone inform me what is the difference between them? First one: /swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0   Second one: /swapfile none swap sw 0 0   .16:27
unpersonproka, If you have a backup of the contents of any partitions being resized then you should be relatively safe.16:27
prokaunperson, Okay, thanks a lot :)16:27
unpersonproka, Assuming you can restore from the backup (sometimes people don't test this until it's too late) and assuming the backup is not *on* one of the partitions.  :-)16:27
XiaYixuanhow to install a tar.gz on Ubuntu 12.04?16:28
Myx0x3hi. a friend of mine cant install ubuntu-server on hes laptop.. it says something like "cannot read file content......" he uses unetbootin and "LiLi" to create usb disc..16:28
Myx0x3sorry: it says: "Failed to copy file from CD-ROM. Retry?"16:28
XiaYixuan./configure works not :(16:28
KM0201Myx0x3: why did he use Lilo?16:29
KM0201XiaYixuan: what are you trying to install?16:29
Myx0x3KM0201: in the documentation it recomends it16:29
auronandace!software | XiaYixuan16:29
ubottuXiaYixuan: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents16:29
KM0201Myx0x3: i've never read where unetbootin recommends lilo16:29
unpersoninvincible_, So you're having trouble with a missing library?16:30
ikoniait's not16:30
XiaYixuanKM0201: I'm a install QQ16:30
ikoniaQQ ?16:30
SidewinderXiaYixuan, You may wish to have a look here, as well: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware16:30
prokaunperson, Won't Clonezilla do a test right after it finishes making the images? And ofc they won't be on one of them :D16:30
Myx0x3KM0201: no, he created the usb in unetbootin AND LiLi: check here: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/download16:30
Myx0x3he tryd both16:31
unpersonproka, I don't know Clonezilla, so I'm not sure what it may or may not do.16:31
prokaOkay, I'll check in the documentation about that16:31
Kdee32I was sent an ubuntu disk with the company I currently work for and I changed the bios to cd mount like they said. My issue is the graphics. They are fuzzy and I have a rainbow color background16:32
KM0201Myx0x3: i dunno, never used Lili, but the first thought, but I've always used the USB creator off hte ubuntu website, and it gets me past that error w/ ubiuntu server16:32
Myx0x3hi. a friend of mine cant install Linux on hes computer he gets the error: "Failed to copy file from CD-ROM. Retry?".. he made an boot usb from unetbootin if it helps..16:32
unpersoninvincible_, So have you checked that libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 is present?16:32
Myx0x3wrong channel, sorry16:32
Saurabh_123Hey, will ubuntu 12.10 include HUD with speech?16:33
ZetaRC121anyone ever get an Acer Aspire One D-250 to sleep on closing? I can sleep and hibernate and restore from both states on the laptop manually. When I close the lid the backlight turns off, but the laptop never stops running. /proc/acpi/button/lid/LID0/state only lists the state as closed, no matter if the lid is open or closed.16:34
XiaYixuan./configure still doesn't work :(16:36
ikoniaXiaYixuan: what are you actually trying to install ?16:37
XiaYixuanI'ma install QQ messenger16:38
XiaYixuanbut I don't seem to succeed ._.16:38
Oprtz!Help, my wirelss connection restart after every 5 minute, i am using Intel Wirless 3945 driver, how to resolve this issue, i am on 3.3 kernal latest16:38
ubottuOprtz: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:38
auronandaceOprtz: why are you using 3.3 kernel?16:39
unpersoninvincible_, I'm not quite sure of the nature of the problem, but a reasonable first step may be to determine whether the library is present.  I'm trying to figure out precisely where libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 would be.  My first guess is simply /lib/libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.316:39
Oprtzauronandace:  because some one told me install 3.3 kernal it will resolve wirless issue16:40
auronandaceOprtz: how did you install 3.3?16:40
Oprtzauronandace:  google it and i found Terminal commands and follow the instructions, i am new to buntu dude16:40
unpersoninvincible_, Also, what version of Ubuntu are you using?16:41
SidewinderXiaYixuan, QQ instant messenger appears to be a windows/mac program; no wonder it won't compile..16:41
auronandaceOprtz: i suppose you are using a ppa then, if so you must seek support from the ppa provider16:41
KM0201Sidewinder: lol16:41
SidewinderXiaYixuan, This is Ubuntu/Linux. :-)16:41
Oprtzauronandace:  ppa ? wat is this16:41
auronandace!ppa | Oprtz16:41
ubottuOprtz: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:41
XiaYixuanSidewinder: I thought tar.gz always is Linux o.o16:42
Oprtzauronandace:  no its not PPA, just install ubuntu 12.04 one week ago16:42
Guest555hi room, im trying to use hdparm to adjust the IO_support settings of an external hdd however im getting the following error: HDIO_SET_32BIT failed: Invalid argument. Anyone advise what im doing wrong?16:42
XiaYixuanbut the title of the webpage is "QQ for Linux..."16:42
auronandaceOprtz: and added an unsupported kernel16:42
XiaYixuanrpm/deb easier to install?16:43
auronandaceOprtz: 12.04 uses 3.216:43
XiaYixuanwhat is "OS:Lemote loonux 1.0.6"?16:43
auronandaceXiaYixuan: why not just use pidgin?16:43
Oprtzauronandace:  this unsupported kernal makes one this thing good, sound from laptop speakers and headphones were comming out same time with this the issue is rsolve16:43
XiaYixuanauronandace: blah16:44
SidewinderXiaYixuan, Then, sir, I stand corrected; sorry that I have no experience with it. Did you read the link that ubottu gave you regarding compiling?16:44
Oprtzauronandace:  how to revert to 3.2 ?16:44
XiaYixuanSidewinder: yeah16:44
idiot_ok, so how vunlerable is my webserver now that i have stupdily done chmod -R 777 /16:44
XiaYixuanSidewinder: bundled with technical things ._.16:44
invincible_unperson_, Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric i386 32 Bit16:45
LordMaelHello :) has anyone had any issues with a lenovo t410 showing the graphics driver as unknown in system details?  It's an Intel Corporation Core Processor Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])16:45
SidewinderXiaYixuan, Well, sound like a challenge. I wish you the best of luck with it. :-)16:45
XiaYixuanSidewinder: thanks16:45
IntuitiveNippleunperson invincible_  libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3 in package libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2 in Dapper Drake16:46
XiaYixuanSidewinder: http://im.qq.com/qq/linux/download.shtml16:46
auronandace!ppa-purge | Oprtz16:47
ubottuOprtz: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html16:47
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, I assume that newer Ubuntus have a newer version of libstdc++?16:47
Oprtzauronandace:  wait for me i will follow the instructions u gave me16:47
CyonxLordMael: for whatever it's worth, my Dell Lattitude with an NVS160 does the same thing.16:47
Sidewinderinvincible_, You might try, using either Synaptic Package Mgr. or Software Center, looking for libstdc++-libc6.2-2.so.3, to see if it's installed. If it's not, install it. Hope that helps. :)16:48
IntuitiveNippleunperson: I  think the issue is that the library required is named as for a different distro, from what I am reading16:48
Fat-Thingi'm watching youtube video and then suddenly my music was gone.....what seems wrong with my audio?16:48
bakkerthehackerhello.  My ubuntu is not booting.  It shows the loading logo and a mouse on top and then it stops responding.  I can boot into recovery normaly.  Any ideas?16:48
unpersoninvincible_, Okay.  Let's see if I can figure out how to fix your problem.  Give me just a moment.16:48
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, Yeah, that seems right.  The naming convention I'm seeing on my Ubuntu is certainly different.16:49
Oprtzauronandace:  i dont know how to use these commands :( regarding removing PPA 3.3 kernal16:49
IntuitiveNippleunperson: see http://rpmfind.net/linux/rpm2html/search.php?query=libstdc%2B%2B-libc6.2-2.so.316:50
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, I have no idea how that version corresponds to the version in 11.10.16:50
Fat-Thingi'm watching youtube video and then suddenly my music was gone.....what seems wrong with my audio?16:50
xangua!details | Fat-Thing16:51
ubottuFat-Thing: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:51
IntuitiveNippleunperson: invincible_  see this thread to the end http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=151786316:51
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, Thanks.  Yeah, I see this is libstdc++ v2, whereas the current ubuntu uses v3.16:52
Fat-Thingim running ubuntu 10.04 lucid watching youtube videos and then my audio went off , volume icon is visible and not muted even in youtube volume tray it is not muted but yet my audio went gone16:53
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invincible_IntuitiveNipple: Sir, I've already been through the link and downloaded all the packages. But as I am a newbi, I don't have any idea about commands to install them. Can I get a push please?16:55
p0ckFatThing: Anything in messages about a crash?  sounds like something went goofy with a service16:56
p0ckii had similar issues with pandora on a centos box16:56
ringeBetween 3 pm and 4 pm today I saw extra much mail traffic on my server, now I find these log files empty: user.log messages mail.err mail.log mail.warn mail.info syslog auth.log mysql.log vsftpd.log daemon.log16:57
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, Any idea why they have him downloading the Debian packages and not the old Ubuntu ones?16:57
ringeShould I be worried, or could logroate make trouble?16:57
xanguaFat-Thing: no sound only for flash content¿16:57
tfitts_I'm trying to do a command-line update from maverick to natty and every time I try it for the last few days I get a bunch of 404 errors on this path and it won't continue.  what can I do? W:Failed to fetch http://s2plmirror01.prod.sdl2.secureserver.net/ubuntu/dists/natty/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages.gz 404 Not Found16:57
IntuitiveNippleinvincible_: it looks like it might be too difficult for a newcomer... the 'best' solution would be to ask the writers/publishers of the program you're trying to run to update their code to use a recent standard C library16:57
osseWhat is the easiest way to configure which daemons should start on system boot? I have install sshd and lightppd for testing purposes, but don't want them running all the time16:58
unpersoninvincible_, I think IntuitiveNipple is probably correct.16:58
Toph2recently , the sound on videos, both on Chrome and Firefox has become jerky, it pulses in and out,, and ideas? I have always had good sound before16:58
p0ckosse: chkconfig16:59
unpersoninvincible_, It *may* be possible to make it work, but the chances are probably not good except for someone with some very good computer skills (judging by the last post in that forum thread).16:59
IntuitiveNippleunperson: From what I could tell the packages had been deleted from the ubuntu archive servers.... thought I didn't notice if they checked  old-releases.ubuntu.com16:59
xanguatfitts_: already tried to change the download servers to the Main Server¿16:59
Fat-Thingxangua,  all16:59
tfitts_nope, my first upgrade attempt.  where do I do that?17:00
IntuitiveNippleunperson: if they're on old-releases.ubuntu.com then invincible_ could add a temporary apt repository entry to pull the required library in17:00
_Ethan_hi there17:00
xanguaFat-Thing: so have you maybe uninstalled pulseaudio or done soemthjing in sound settings¿17:00
_Ethan_what means "../" and "./" ??17:01
daviddoriaWhen I do "sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev", I get this error: http://pastebin.com/WJpAKwbY - how would I fix that?17:01
ossep0ck, brilliant! Thanks.17:01
tfitts__Ethan_: parent directory and current directory17:01
Fat-Thingnope i've done nothing just watching video and it's gone17:01
xanguatfitts_: in the update manager, clic the Preferences button, change to main server in the very first tab17:01
p0ckFat-Thing: nothing in messages?17:01
Boohbah_Ethan_: the parent directory and the current directory17:01
p0ckosse: np17:01
tfitts_xangua: This is server, no gui17:01
xangua,mmm shame on me17:01
_Ethan_tfitts_ and Boohbah  thank you so much17:01
invincible_@IntuitiveNipple & unperson: Actually its an executable from a challenge site HackQuest.com. Its a stegano decoder that needs to be executed in order to decode a certain stegano image.17:01
xanguatfitts_: don't know how to change the download server in...server :P17:02
tfitts_oh ok, I'll try to figure it out17:02
arooni-mobilehey folks;  want to do a fresh install of 12.04... i want to encrypt at least the home drive... and i'm wondering if the ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.isodisk has the ability to encrypt the whole disk or just /home17:03
IntuitiveNippleunperson: invincible_ The earliest versions I can see on old-versions.ubuntu.com is 2.3.2: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/glibc/17:03
arooni-mobileand i'm also wondering if worth encrypting the whole drive as opposed to just /home17:04
xanguaarooni-mobile: just home, if you want to encrypt all you'll need to use the Alternate installer17:04
arooni-mobilewhat are thoughts on encryping the whole drive versus just /home17:04
p0ckarooni-mobile: LUKS?17:05
arooni-mobilep0ck, huh?17:05
IntuitiveNipplearooni-mobile: I prefer selective encryption of LVM volumes. I generally don't encrypt / but do /var and /home and others17:05
p0ckarooni-mobile: LUKS encryption17:06
unpersoninvincible_, You said you'd already downloaded the files mentioned in that thread?17:06
arooni-mobileIntuitiveNipple, so u use alternate installer?  why do you encrypt /var17:06
idiot_what else should i transfer if i am trying to make a backup of my system17:07
idiot_is there a way to transfer usrs?17:07
idiot_from one machine to another?17:07
IntuitiveNippleunperson: invincible_ That program really ought to have beeen statically linked if it is to be widely distributed, not rely on system libraries if it is that particular about the supported ABI17:07
IntuitiveNippleidiot_: All of /etc/  some of /var/ all of /usr/local/ all of /home/, config from /boot/grub/17:08
unpersonIf you downloaded http://archive.debian.org/debian/pool/main/g/gcc-2.95/libstdc++2.10-glibc2.2_2.95.4-27_i386.deb you could try installing it.  I think you should just be able to find the file and double clikc on it.  That should start GDebi to install the package.17:08
invincible_@unperson: Yes Sir, I did. But I have no idea how to install it..17:08
Jerusalem420my samba just stopped working.17:08
lusersidiot_: /opt (if you have any)17:08
unpersoninvincible_, But there's a good chance it will not work.17:08
IntuitiveNippleunperson: I'm concerned, if invincible_ installs that libc .deb package it could replace some existing system library symlinks17:09
IntuitiveNippleunperson: which might render the system unhappy to say the least17:09
arooni-mobileIntuitiveNipple, what of /var/  ?  ;i'm doing something similar tomomrrow17:09
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, Yes, that's possible.  I thought it would warn him first.  No?17:09
unpersoninvincible_, Hold on a second.17:09
ringeHi, I really need some input: My log files are empty, should I worry?17:10
x-ipwhat program can i use so my workmates can control my machine connectin by the local lan and i can keep working without notice that ? i mean, if i activate vnc server with 'vino' app, they can use my machine but they disturb me while i'm programming17:10
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, Also, you're of course right that they should have statically linked the library.17:10
invincible_IntuitiveNipple & unperson: Sure Sir.17:10
x-ipthe idea is they connect to my machine in a new session17:10
IntuitiveNippleunperson: I'm not sure if it would warn ... running dpkg -i is pretty clear you want to upgrade/downgrade a package, after all17:11
K4kwhen installing libnss-ldapd you get a tui to select the LDAP lookups that will be enabled. How can you get to this same window without uninstalling and re-installing libnss-ldapd?17:11
dr_willisx-ip:  vncserver. or ssh with.x forwarding17:11
dr_willisx-ip:  not vino17:11
x-ipdr_willis, 'vino' is a vnc server right ?17:11
jpdsx-ip: Or xpra.17:11
unpersonIntuitiveNipple, True.  Yes, I agree that replacing libstdc++ would be bad.  I thought it would not overwrite any existing files installed by apt/dpkg without a warning, but I may be wrong.17:11
x-ipthanks dr_willis jpds , googling that =)17:11
jasonrogenadr_willis:how do you do ssh with x forwarding?17:11
dr_willisvino shares current desktoo. vncserver dies not17:11