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Threeseasperhaps the topic might be changed to mention the 12.04 release of Ubuntu Studio?14:06
holsteinThreeseas: its on the radar14:07
ThreeseasQuestion: as Ubuntu Studio is off general Ubuntu, what is the diff that using the low latency kernel on general Ubuntu 12.04 (blown speaker like sound out of rosegarden) vs Ubuntu Studio 12.04 (havent yet tried it but assuming it has good sound on my system)14:10
holsteinThreeseas: ubuntustudio is live now, so just try it14:10
holsteinThreeseas: you can try #opensourcemsusicians14:11
holsteinsounds like a JACK configuration to me14:11
holsteinlike you are expecting lower latency from an internal sound card14:11
holsteinthe lower latency kernels are *not* magic14:11
holsteinanyways.. wont hurt to try it!14:11
holsteinim running out!14:12
ThreeseasI'm Dl'ing it now but at work , not home where my system is. ... AHHH, yes... thanks... probably is a JACK configuration.14:12
govatentHey. can someone point me to how an independent artist can upload their music to the ubuntu music store?15:01
fidelhi - can you guys recommend me something similar to 'playitslowly' for linux?16:46
fidelbasically i am searching an application which allows me to pitch & speed audio-tracks live16:46
fidelplayitslowly is nice so far but lacks a) mp3 support and b) makes definition of start & end point somehow difficult - as it is not wave-form based16:47
fidelany recommendations?16:47
holsteini would just use a plugin or 2 from audacity fidel16:48
holsteinthat would be the easiest thing to just load up real quick and try16:48
fidelaudacity can't do that live afaik16:49
fidelwhich means: you have to apply filter - listen - apply again ....16:49
fidelor am i missing something in audacity?16:50
holsteinis that not going to work?16:50
holsteinfidel: that is going to be the easiest16:50
holsteinjust import.. do what needs to be done... apply and export16:51
fidelwell - play it slowly is then easier for me & my brain i guess16:51
holsteinit'll be free, and it'll work16:51
fideli am using pitch/speed to test ideas on samples16:51
fidelso the main workflow is to test different speeds/pitches -> based on that applying filters everytime doesnt feels perfect. but thanks for the suggestion anyway16:52
holsteinfidel: there are plenty of realtime tools16:52
holsteinjust not easy to use16:52
holsteinfidel: try over in #opensourcemusicians16:52
fideloh thanks16:52
fideljust as i am curious: what realtime tool would you suggest?16:52
holsteinfidel: any plugin that does that16:53
holsteini forget the names... and i dont need that functionality.. though i know we have the tools16:53
holsteinardour uses one16:53
fidelk - havent seen that in ardour so far- but havent spend much time with it on the other hand16:53
fidelgonna check it again16:53
holsteinim not suggesting ardour really.. just that there is a tool that ardour uses, that you can use as well16:54
mbeierlooo.  Anyone know how to add music to an ipod from ubuntustudio 12.04?  I did a fresh install of that, and am coming from a stock ubuntu 11.10 base where I could use gtkpod or banshee.  I've installed both on studio 12.04, but neither seems to see the ipod that used to work in ubuntu 11.1018:05
holsteinmbeierl: you can always use 11.10 live, and try and learn how it worked for you there18:06
holsteinyou can try #ubuntu or #ubuntu-beginners18:06
holsteinyou can try #opensourcemusicians18:06
holsteinyou can run lsusb and see if you see the divce18:06
holsteinafaik gtkpod should work as before18:07
holsteinyou cn try launching it from the terminal and see if you get any useful output18:07
mbeierlholstein, I watched the syslog and didn't see the usual usb connected messages.  So it might be more of a 12.04 thing than a studio vs. ubuntu thing18:33
len-dtfidel, just to add to what holstein said, jackrack or lv2rack should allow you to use any of the audio plugins in a standalone (live) manner.18:47

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